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Gold Signet Ring Lost for Four Years-Found!

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I received a call from Mike on Tuesday 28th and he said he had lost his gold signet ring in his backyard several years ago.  He said they were moving and the ring was a gift from his wife and he really wanted to find it before they moved.  We made arrangements for Wednesday afternoon.  Around four years ago he had been clearing brush in the backyard and towards the end of the day he noticed his ring was gone.  They had been piling the brush next to the street on the side yard, so that’s where I started my search.  I really didn’t think the ring would be there, but I had to eliminate that area of possibility.  The huge problem I had to deal with was underground power lines next to the street, (around 14 KV), and it was really messing with my detector.  I had to go very slow in that area until I got far enough away that my detector started to settle down a little.  After a little over an hour I finally eliminated the side yard.  The back of the house had a pretty steep slope that was covered in pine straw mulch.  I know from experience that pine straw on a slope can be very slippery.  He had mentioned that he had slipped a couple of times on that slope, but didn’t remember exactly where that happened.  That’s where I focused my attention next, and after I looked at it more carefully, towards the corner of the house the slope wasn’t quite as steep, so I figured anybody coming through that area would would pick that spot.  As I got halfway down the slope I got a consistent 12:20 on my CTX, and it was shallow, (showing one inch).  If you’re looking for a gold ring that’s a very good signal.  I brushed the straw away and didn’t see anything visible, but my pinpointer said there was something there just under the surface.  I brushed the soil a little with my fingers and saw the corner of a gold rim showing through!  I called Mike over, as he was just about to go back in the house.  His wife came out and she was elated!  She said she figured it was gone and never to be found again.  I think I was as excited as they were, because that was a tough search having to deal with the underground power lines.  Knowing your machine, and asking the right questions makes all the difference.  The entire search took around two hours.

Ring lost in Mission BC… Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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This search came from the Jon Cryer story about a month ago, the first time I went to look for the ring I spent close to six hours unsuccessfully. It was a difficult area to search due to all the blackberry bushes but Patti was not going to stop searching until she found the ring. This is how the ring got lost. Patti’s husband gave the ring to her to hold onto while he was helping their son-in-law build a barn. Patti took the ring and put it on her finger knowing it was very loose but keeping her hand clenched shut so as not to lose the ring. She walked over to a little shed where she grabbed a couple of apples to take to the horse but they were rotten so she decided to throw them into the bushes forgetting that she had her husband’s ring on her finger, at that particular time she felt the ring come off her finger and you can only imagine how that must’ve felt.

When she threw the apples she felt the ring come off, this is a horrible feeling! For anyone who has never experienced feeling a ring come off their finger and not being able to find it, it’s horrible. Patti told me she was throwing the apples up over the blackberry bushes which were close to 8 feet high at the time. When I got there to do the search she had cut back quite a bit of the blackberry bushes, giving me a really good chance to find the ring, after talking a bit more I found out that they had borrowed a metal detector from a friend of theirs but couldn’t find it, and that’s when they called me to come out and help.

Close to a 2-hour drive to get to Mission from my house and the first day no ring, six hours searching. Second time out over 4 1/2 hours still no ring. Patti had cleared more blackberry bushes, third time out I didn’t take footage of the search but I’m sure about three hours of search time. I’ve been getting a lot of calls and it’s hard to keep track due to the Jon Cryer story. Hard to imagine why I haven’t been able to find this ring, yes the area is very difficult to search and there are possibilities it could’ve got caught between roots and stems where I can’t get a Metal Detector in or pinpointed because of the prickles. I started thinking more out of the box, what if it went behind her to the right to the left, what if it went on the roof of that building so many thoughts crossed my mind but the biggest was why wasn’t I finding the ring?

Today was the fourth time out, it was a nice day and I was very hopeful, when I got there Patti was cutting back more blackberry bushes, I couldn’t believe how much she had already cut back and it made me believe there’s just no way the ring could’ve gone that far especially after hearing she is not right-handed and she threw it with her right hand. Even doing a test throw with a rock Patti couldn’t throw the rock that far.

For the what if factor I started checking the gravel driveway back to where the ring was handed off to her then I went back up to the hot zone and started grid searching while Patti was cutting back more blackberry bushes. As I was detecting near a smaller boulder I got a very faint signal beside the rock, I noticed a small crevice under the rock so I put my Garrett carrot in the crevice and  I got a signal. I found so much garbage here it didn’t mean much to me at the time, I just started trying to dig it out with the pinpointer and to my surprise, I pulled out the ring from under the boulder!!!!!

I was so excited but of course, I couldn’t show it right away because I needed to surprise Patti, she was still cutting back the bushes when I walked up to her and asked her a couple of questions and then put the ring in front of her to see her surprised look. I sure have fun surprising people and I got to tell you I felt so good to see that ring! Now to figure out how it made it so far back and so far under the boulder? After I got home that evening my thought was maybe a pack rat had taken it and put it there, any ideas please let me know.















I have the best job in the world and I love doing this more than anything I’ve done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what the ring means to them and how happy they are when I’m lucky enough to find it.


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Lost Glasses in the Sand at Huntington State Beach .. Found at Night with a Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)
















Craig called me at 6:30pm asking if I was available to help his son find his prescription glasses lost in the sand at Huntington State Beach. His son, John had lost the glasses in the sand while at a beach party with friends.

I was told by John’s father that the area of the loss was quite small but after 2 hours of searching they needed help. It was dark when I arrived and we still had two hours to search before the beach closed.

The possible area of the loss was much larger after talking to John which isn’t a problem. John believed his glasses may have fallen out of his pocket earlier while he coming from the parking lot to the firepit.  He said, he had to run across the sand to chase seagulls away from their food at the firepit. That was a couple hours before he realized the glasses were missing. He had also played some sort of game with a frisbee in another location.

It took about an hour to grid those first two areas. That’s when John’s father opted to leave wanting to thank me and call off the search. I was already on the site and felt another hour of searching would not be a problem. Twenty minutes later I got a nice signal that turned out to be John’s glasses. case of searching outside the box. They were about 30 or 40ft. away from any path that John had suggested. 

It was another fun search with the bonus of seeing a big smile from John who truly appreciated the work I did for him. His dad Craig was the hero for finding me at

Lost Diamond Ring in New Westminster, BC…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday I got a call from a young man who needed my help to find his girlfriends 2 rings that she tossed out of his SUV while driving down the road. People are human, its true! They get mad and when they get mad in most cases rings go flying! I’ve had many calls over the years for these types of recoveries. I’d say most times I’m unsuccessful because of the locations I search are not metal detector friendly. “NEWS FLASH” (While writing this post the couple called me and said that the other ring was found in their home! She has no idea how it showed up there as she is certain she threw it out the window with the other ring…Makes me feel much better! I hate the thought of not finding what I’m looking for).

Well that makes it a happy ending! I have met so many nice people over the years doing what I do and I look forward to meeting many more!


Here’s the couple and her beautiful diamond ring.









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