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Beausoleil Island, Port Severn, Ontario~Lost late Grandmother’s 18k white gold engagement ring in waters of Georgian Bay

from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-647-383-6891

2017-09-04 Beausoleil Island, Honey Harbour, Port Severn, Ontario

Received a phone call from Zac that his girlfriend Lauren was washing her hair in the water when her dog jumped in and her late Grandmother’s recently gifted to her went flying off her finger. Lauren was devastated!!!

So I made arrangement to come flying up Hwy 400 that day and meet Zac at the boat launch as we were headed to an Island cottage.

Lauren explained the area and I was limited to half of a scuba tank. I started grinding and pulled up some crazy items….large nails, old brass table light switch, some coins and lots of metal. Zac had said to try further over. After an hour he jumped it and used the small Scuba Tector I had brought along while I continued with the Minelab Excallibur 2. I went back to the original location and within 20 minute….B-O-O-M….FOUND Lauren’s late Grand Mother’s engagement ring. WHAT A BEAUTY. 18k WHITE GOLD ….. PRICELESS XO

I secretly hinted to my Daughter to start filming….and then SURPRISED THEM. Lauren shrieked in sheer relief. She was very grateful.


One relieved client

Lauren’s Heirloom

Family heirloom ring recovered in Loveland, Colorado

from Denver (Colorado, United States)

A couple of weeks ago Susan lost a family heirloom ring while doing yard work. She rented a detector and didn’t have luck finding her ring. She then purchased a detector so that she could take her time searching the yard, still no luck. Then she contacted me to hopefully get an experienced detectorist to help her. She called me and we set Tuesday morning for my search.
Upon my arrival at her house she showed me the back yard with a couple of piles of yard clippings and a large trash can half full of yard refuse. We search the clippings and the contents of the garbage can, with the same result she had. I looked over her yard and told her that it will take a little over an hour to search that large of a yard. Susan was starting to head in doors as I began my search near where the piles of grass clippings were, that area was near the metal yard edging. My CTX was giving me a smear reading from the edging but there was a definite signal in the gold range. I peered down into the grass and there laid Susan’s ring. I had found it on the first pass of the coil. Susan was all hugs and shed a few tears when I handed her the ring.

Ring recovered 5-9-2017

Lost Gold Family Heirloom Lake Minnetonka, Minnetrista Minnesota

from Liberty (Missouri, United States)
Contact: 1-612-998-7850

20150809_16455120150809_164611Baham from Minnetrista, Minnesota lost his family heirloom that was handed down to him. Bahram was climbing up the rear of his boat and the medallion caught the platform of the boat and dropped into Lake Minnetonka, His wife’s friend looked up the Ringfinders on the web and contacted me, I was there the same day with the scuba gear and the underwater metal detector. This was a nice dive and a great recovery.

Military dog tag returned to Highlands Ranch Family

from Denver (Colorado, United States)
On january 12 I was asked to look for a military dog tag that belonged to a young man named Jordan. It was his grandfather’s dog tag from when he was in Vietnam, unfortunately Jordon’s grandfather passed away this past September. The dog tag was lost the previous weekend either playing football or possibly while sledding. I arrived at their house a little before 9:00 AM and we talked about their efforts to recover the dog tag. Jordan and his family had spent several hours searching the neighbor’s yard in search the mis-placed dog tag with no luck. The neighbors who own the house where the football game occurred also spent several hours searching the yard as well. After nearly an hour of searching my hands were beginning to get numb from the cool temps and the windy conditions, I spotted the dog tag just as my coil passed over it. Jordan and his family were very happy to get this family heirloom back. Mary, Jordan’s mother, commented that she was surprised as to the diligence of my search. I reassured her that when I get asked to search for an item I treat that search as though it is the most important search I will ever conduct.
Dog tag recovered January 12, 2014
Jordan happy to get his grandfathers military dog tag back.

Jordan happy to get his grandfathers military dog tag back.