Lost Again, The Ever Returning Bracelet. Dennis, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

While doing some yard cleanup Ted’s gold cuff bracelet slipped from his wrist off into the area of loosely blown leaves. This, a “lost” bracelet” was a happening that Ted was well aware of. Just after purchasing matching Figaro necklace and bracelet while on a trip to Italy was the first time his bracelet fell from his wrist. After a panic rush back to his rental car for a search not finding the bracelet Ted headed back to the airport. On the ride up the escalator he noticed the bracelet in the fold of a piece of luggage. Yes Ted did make the flight with his bracelet.

A visit to a jeweler supposedly fixed the clasp so the bracelet would never be lost again. It work for a few years until a Cape Cod beach tried its best to keep the bracelet that once again had slipped from Ted’s wrist. This time a friend was the savior, who found and returned the bracelet to Ted. On another trip to the same beach the bracelet again became unhooked and left Ted’s wrist. Ted noticed it missing as he was loading his car. This time Ted found the bracelet hanging form a beach chair he had been sitting on.

This was to be the last time the bracelet would ever have a chance to become unhooked and having to be found. Ted was sure that having the Figaro melted down and made into a cuff bracelet would end the frequent hunts for the wayward bracelet. Well, so Ted thought. This time Ted had to call in some help in finding the beautiful piece of gold jewelry.

My telephone began ringing as I was about out of the house for a quick trip to the store. I missed the call, but For some reason I went back into the house and called the missed message number. About an hour later I had finished my errand and was searching for the bracelet. Within 15 minutes I heard a solid signal, one that I was sure had been in response the coil of my detector passing over the gold bracelet. Yes, there it was. Again the bracelet returned to Ted’s wrist. I don’t know how many times a bracelet has gone missing from one’s wrist, been found and returned. How many ever it is, Ted must own one that is close to having the record.

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