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Hurricane Ian Causes Total Destruction of House, Garden City SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call on the morning of Oct 1st from Harriet saying her brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Martha’s, house had burned down and was wondering if I could look for some family jewelry. Included in the jewelry were pieces that belonged to Martha’s mother and Joe’s father’s class ring. Totally destroyed house fires are so difficult to search. Not only is there the personal shock of someone losing everything, but the shear difficulty of trying to find anything in all the rubble. I told Harriet to have Joe call me so I could get further details.  Joe texted me later that afternoon saying, “hey Jim, this is Joe. My sister called you this am about helping me find some jewelry in the remains of my destroyed house. I have a good idea of where to look if you would like to call me when you arrive. I will send you some pics of the area. Thanks so much for your help!” We exchanged some more texts about what I was looking for. I also informed him that due to the heat factor, most, if not all, the jewelry would probably be melted. He fully understood and further advised me that there’d be a pass at the gate for me since this was a gated community. I contacted Matt Fry, TRF Myrtle Beach and asked him if he wanted to help, knowing that this was going to be a chore.

Sunday, I met Matt at his shop, and we headed out. Matt had heard the road we needed to take was closed so we’d have to make a few detours. Once we got in the area, detours were an understatement, it was a mess. The hurricane had pushed water and sand two blocks back from the beach. The road crews were working hard to get all the sand off the roads.  I think it took them 4 days to get it done.

When we pulled up to where the house was, it was as I expected. It was a 1 story house that was on 12–15-foot stilts that had collapsed to the ground. The area we needed to search was the rear left side of the house, not a big area, but still overwhelming. The first task at hand was to clear as much metal as we could.  Nails, mending plates, nail plates, bed springs, etc. I couldn’t find my big magnet before we left, but Matt had a makeshift magnet that helped clear most nails, but nowhere near all of them. Matt had his Minelab 30-30 detector, and I had my Equinox 800. Both of us were swinging the detectors and anything that rang up as a jewelry signal, we were putting in a big bucket. Problem was that we weren’t finding anything that wasn’t melted together with something else. After about 3.5 hours we were hot, dirty and pretty much exhausted so we called it a day. I had planned to go back the next day and finish up. Meanwhile, I had talked to Joe who told me that Martha had kept her jewelry in a couple of bags, which consisted of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and a watch. Joe also mentioned that his father’s class ring, which he was given, should be in a particular area.

Monday, I showed up and started clearing the area again.  I had found my big magnet and it was a Godsend. I ran the magnet through the area where Joe’s father’s ring was supposed to be and cleared more nails and plates. I did get a great signal in the area but other than what it rang up on the detector, there was no way I could definitively see or tell what the object was. Unfortunately, everything Matt and I found was melted beyond recognition.

Wednesday, I went back one more time to check the parameter (the soft sand) around the back side of the house. There was always a possibility the firemen might have blown something into the sand with the fire hoses. I did find a few more pieces, but think it was more junk, like aluminum, than anything else.

Saturday, I went through every piece, one by one, that we had found and started sorting it out by the various metals my detector was indicating it could be. I can’t say with absolute certainty everything we got was a piece of jewelry, nor can I say for sure that we got anything that was jewelry. I can say that we gave it our best effort and pray to God that we got some, if not all of their important treasures back. Luckily Joe has a best friend who is a jeweler that makes jewelry and maybe he’ll be able to melt this stuff back down and give a different look to their treasures.

Wednesday, Oct 12th, I was able to meet Joe in a parking lot to give him all the objects we had found. The picture of him shows him holding 5 separate bags. The bags were labeled with items containing possible yellow and white gold, silver, and a variety of other metals.

Matt – Thank you buddy, I know I can always count on you to lend a hand.

Joe and Martha – Thank you for trusting me to try and help find some of your lost treasures. I wish you only the best!



Lost late fathers gold wedding ring in Lincoln, Nebraska

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Ethan found us through ring finders after searching his best. He called me around 10:30 am and was flying out of town at 3pm. He gave me some details and my boy and I headed off. Ethan was loading some spring clean up into the truck and saw his late fathers gold wedding band that he himself used in his wedding 3 years ago was not on his finger. He did a great job explaining everything to us. We figured it should be a quick job. Ha, 45 minutes later we were dumb founded as to where it could be. Well 5 minutes later I wandered to where the truck was parked in the garage, concrete full of rebar and started the fun of watching for signals in-between rebar blasts. Boom 57 on the AT Max, it had landed in a crack between the garage concrete and the drive concrete and was covered by dirt and debris. I carefully extracted it and my boys will never forget his genuine smile as I presented it to him.









Just in time for Christmas…Lost gold wedding ring found in Sunriver, Oregon

  • from Bend (Oregon, United States)

It was a dark and cold Saturday evening – the first winter storm of the 2021 – when my text message alert went off. The text message was simple, “Are you the ring finder?” I answered affirmatively. Sam Owen’s wife had just lost her wedding ring, in a snow storm, at 4200 feet in elevation at the Sunriver Resort.

I suggested that he call. Emily, his wife, was quick to respond. On the phone, she told me that they were vacationing at the Oregon resort, playing in the snow behind the vacation home, building snowmen and having snowball fights, when she realized her wedding ring was missing. She was reasonably certain that it was in a specific area…they really hadn’t gone anywhere else during the day.

It was already dark at 545pm. The snow had started in earnest about an hour prior. There was more than an inch on the ground at my house, 45 minutes away. Sunriver is significantly higher in elevation than my home in Sisters, Oregon. The National Weather Service Advisory said expect 11-21 inches of snow and wind gusts to 50 miles per hour from 4pm to 10am. Time was definitely not on our side. In addition, I was booked at an educational event all the next day.

I told Emily I’d make the trek to Sunriver this evening, that it was probably the best chance of finding the ring promptly. She seemed relieved that we could jump on it quickly. I hurriedly grabbed my gear and headed to Sunriver.

The drive to Sunriver was harrowing…3-4 inches of heavy shush covered most of the roadway. Oregon Department of Transportation was obviously having trouble keeping up with the heavy snowfall. Traffic was moving slowly and slush streams from approaching semi-trucks were cascading over the divided center median into on oncoming traffic. It took a long hour to arrive.

Emily greeted us on the street. Sunriver had more snow than my house, probably 4-5 inches and accumulating fast, and definitely colder due to the elevation. The temperature was 23 degrees and falling rapidly. I pulled out my gear and fired it up. Emily gave us a quick lay-of-the-land.

The remnants of the snowman were easy to spot – a crumbly pile of compacted snowman parts now strewn in a lose pile as if met by tackling dummy practice during the snowball fight. The rest of the area was open, blanketed by several inches of fresh now…and more coming down by the minute.

I focused on the snowman first – back and forth, up and down. I thought I might get lucky. Generally,

lost rings are found in the area with the most activity. Certainly, the building of the snowman took more effort than the other activities. No luck!

So, I began a grid pattern. Up and down, across the open space. 6 feet paths, back and forth. Making sure to overlap both the swing of my coil and the median between my journey east and back to the west. Wow, a lot of metal in the ground. I could hear bottle caps, coins, pull tabs and sprinkler heads. This open space was obviously a well-used, grassy area during the warm summer months. This winter night however, the ground under the snow was frozen solid. It was easy to sweep the snow away and re-swing the area to see if the target was still there. If it was, it meant is was buried in the frozen earth and not the target we were looking for. Our target would be in the soft snow, or lying on top of the frozen ground.

Back and forth. 6 foot swaths. Up, down and up again. The temperature was dropping and my hands were starting to tingle even though I was using gloves. Back to the east, then the west again, making sure to overlap swings. Brushing snow away intermittently to check a target here and there. I was covering and area the size of a small soccer field.

Thud – goes my detector. Thud, thud, thud. Gold makes a significant sound. Not a high-pitched ring or chime like you’d expect…that’s silver or aluminum. It a thud. A somewhat dull mid-tone, but heavy.

Yes, there it is, again, again. Thud, thud, thud. I didn’t have to sweep this time. In fact, I didn’t want to sweep and risk damaging the ring. I bent down with my pin pointer and quickly located the source, excitedly. With the other had a plunged for a handful of snow and checked it with my pin pointer…yes, it was in my hand now.

Quickly crumbling the snow in my hand let most of the lose snow fall between my fingers and revealed a beautiful, ice-encrusted white gold pave ring with beautiful center stone. As I handed it back to Emily she was speechless, giddy and questioning – all at the same time…it was a stutter in disbelieve, “Did you, is that….REALLY!!!! Oh my.”

It’s always fun to return a lost item to the owner – especially something with as much sentimental value as a wedding ring. They are always hugely appreciative, often having given up hope of ever seeing it again. Often, I’m certain, I’m as excited as they are.

The trip home in on the snow-hazard roadways was uneventful. I nice leisurely drive, unlike the initial rush to beat the elements. Time to decompress, warm my hand and be thankful that another item of significant, and intrinsic value was not lost forever.

Congratulations Sam and Emily. I often feel that when I am successful finding a lost wedding ring it means you have a beautiful and lasting marriage.

Lost Jewelry in the Auburn, Alexander City and Montgomery Alabama areas

  • from Auburn (Alabama, United States)

I have just moved to Alexander City, Alabama. For the past several years I have been living in and servicing the San Antonio, Texas area. My metal detecting services are now available to all areas in and around Alexander City, Auburn, Montgomery and all places in between. Please reach out to me if you have lost any kind of jewelry, keys or other items made of metal. By using my metal detector I will do everything in my power to locate your lost item. You can find my info at The Ring or call me at 210-748-7271.

Lost diamond earring, Winter Park, Fl….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Sunday afternoon David gave me a call and asked if I could possibly help him find a very special lost diamond stud earring! Two days earlier, David’s mother in law, Mrs Susan, was getting out of her car and a small low hanging tree branch got tangled in her hair and she felt a slight tug at her ear and in the next moment her earring was gone! They immediately searched the thick low ivy bushes, along the concrete and even in the car thinking maybe it could have fallen in there as well. After an hour of frantic searching they could not find the lost diamond stud earring and decided to try again later.

As David thought about how to find the earring he went online and looked up where he could rent a metal detector and that search led him to “” and one of my recent search and recovery stories.

I met David at his mother in laws home and he promptly showed me the area where Mrs Susan lost her precious earring. The ivy ground cover was super thick and as I turned on my Garrett ATMax metal detector and tried to ground balance the machine I had a very difficult time finding an area free of metal. I then tested the matching stud earring and it gave a very weak signal because it contained such a small amount of white gold. Unfortunately the rebar in the concrete and other underground interference would not allow me to use my metal detector so I opted to go with my Garrett Pro Pointer AT. As I started working my way along the edge of the thick ivy ground cover, David squatted down just in front and to the side of me and began searching with his eyes and he said, “There it is!!” And sure enough, there was Mrs Susan’s lost diamond stud earring. We could hardly believe it…as David, his wife and Mrs Susan had searched the area a couple of times and had all but given up hope!

It was an honor to have a small part in helping find this beautiful earring and I hope and pray it remains in your family for many years to come!

Lost something recently? Call me ASAP! Mike McInroe….thankful to be a member of

Gold Cartier “Love ring” 18K Wedding Band Lost in Canal – found by Metal Detector Mark Greul of Naples – Florida

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

[March 22, 2019 – Naples, Florida] – GOLD WEDDING BAND LOST IN CANAL FOUND BY METAL DETECTOR – While closing the boat lift cover, Steve’s wedding ring suddenly slipped of his finger.  The heavy gold Cartier “love ring” hit the boat dock with a “ping” and he watched as it bounced into the adjacent murky canal water.  A quick call to Naples Ring Finder – Mark Greul and the rest is history.  “What was once deemed lost has again been found!”  Moving sand, driven waves, changing tides or environmental conditions can dramatically affect recovery success (or even fish).  Again, it cannot be stressed enough as to how critical time is – don’t hesitate or wait to call.

If you’ve lost a ring or sentimental item, don’t hesitate or wait to call.  With years of metal detecting experience, the best and most sophisticated metal detecting equipment, and numerous recoveries and even more finds, the testimonials and results are why you need a professional.  Call Mark (239)500-RING [7464], for professional metal detector services, rental – Naples, Marco Island, Ft. Myers, Bonita Beach, Estero, and greater South Florida.  It’s only lost until you call!

Lost gold ring in Naples canal found by metal detector rental

Gold Wedding Band Cartier Love Ring lost in Canal found by Metal Detector Mark Greul

Gold Diamond Stud Earring Lost in Sand Marco Island, Florida

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

March 16, 2019 – Marco Island / just south of Naples, Florida– LOST GOLD DIAMOND STUD EARRING – While doing a photo shoot on the beach in Marco Island, just south of Naples Florida, professional photographer Megan Noll noticed that her gold and diamond ear ring had fallen out and was lost in the sand.  If you find it or need help recovering lost gold, rings or jewelry, call Naples Ring Finder Mark Greul of and arrange for professional metal detection location services (239)500-RING (7464).

If you’ve lost a ring or sentimental item, don’t hesitate or wait to call.  With years of metal detecting experience, the best and most sophisticated metal detecting equipment, and numerous recoveries and even more finds, the testimonials and results are why you need a professional.  Call Mark (239)500-RING [7464], for professional metal detector services, rental – Naples, Marco Island, Ft. Myers, Bonita Beach, Estero, and greater South Florida.  It’s only lost until you call!

Gold diamond stud earring lost in Marco Island

Heavy Gold Bracelet Lost in the Bouganvelias Found by NaplesMark Metal Detector in Ft. Myers

  • from Marco Island (Florida, United States)

[April 13, 2019 – Ft. Myers, Florida]  While cleaning up after doing several hours of heavy gardening and planting bouganvelias, Jason noticed that his gold bracelet, the one he’d had since high school, was missing.  After retracing his steps without any luck, he searched the web and found website – calling the right person for help.  I was there within the hour and the rest is history, “what was once lost has been found.”  Another smile and huge sigh of relief, another happy customer and “Thank You!” says it all.

If you’ve lost a ring or sentimental item, don’t wait, for it’s only lost until you call.  With years of metal detecting experience and numerous recoveries and even more finds, the testimonials and results are why you need a professional.  Call Mark (239)500-RING [7464], servicing Naples, Marco Island, Ft. Myers, Bonita Beach, Estero, and greater South Florida.


Lost gold chain and cross in Lake Burkett, Winter Park, Fl……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Miguel was enjoying a warm spring day on his family’s dock with some friends and as they were getting ready to head up to the house, he asked one of his friends to toss him his shirt. Earlier, Miguel had laid his shirt across the back of a lawn chair and also had removed his gold chain and cross and placed it on top of his shirt. (This chain was very special to him as it was a gift from his mom 12 years ago and he has worn it ever since!) As his friend grabbed the shirt the chain slipped off and fell directly thru a crack between the deck boards of the dock. Miguel did not actually see the chain fall but he was able to hear the sound of his chain and cross as it fell into the dark waters below the dock. Stunned, he could not believe what had just happened! He mustered the courage to get into the cold water and made his way under the dock. There were lots of underwater plants growing up from the muddy bottom making it very difficult for Miguel as he tried to feel with his hands and his feet. Numerous shells, sticks and leaves mixed into the silty bottom was a very discouraging place to have lost his precious chain and cross. He searched for a while and soon realized the futility plus he was getting very chilled so he climbed out and tried to think of what to do next. This led him to do a search online for “How to find a gold chain underwater” and thankfully “” website came up. He clicked on one of my recovery stories and decided to give me a call.
The next day I met Miguel and he explained what happened and showed me exactly where the chain fell thru the crack in the dock deck. After suiting up I slid into the cold, dark water and made my way directly under the dock where Miguel figured his gold chain fell. There were allot of signals in the mud but one signal in particular sounded sharp and clear on my Garrett ATMax and after sifting out all the mud, shells and sticks there was his lost gold cross and chain! It was an honor to help Miguel and to see the joy on his face as he was reunited once again with his special gift. Maybe you have lost something recently or even years ago! Give me a call ASAP!
Mike McInroe….thrilled to be a member of

Northern Virginia Ring Finder featured in local paper

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)



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