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Northern Virginia Ring Finder featured in local paper

from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)
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Buried Car Keys Lost .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found in Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Annenberg Community Center.. Jenifer Buried her car keys in the sand while she went surfing then couldn’t get back to the location in the dark.

After helping Marie find her pendant lost in the sand at Malibu Lagoon State Beach, I stopped by a beach at the north side of Santa Monica Beach. I wanted to search the low tide where a ring had been lost in the water last month.
I was just finishing my search when Jenifer came running up to me in the dark. She was panicking because she had buried her car keys in the sand under her beach bag while she went surfing. Upon returning to her car with her belongings, she realized her car keys were still buried back on the beach somewhere, two blocks away from her car.
I told her I would help her if she could get me back to the general location. Easier said than done, there were absolutely nothing to reference where she had been, just flat dry sand. I picked out a place to start a grid search explaining that I could not just randomly wander the large search area. I was going to be like mowing a lawn. Once I finished one part of the search area, I could confidently move to the next section. I estimate that it takes about a hour to search a basketball court size area. (approx. 90’x 50′)
Jenifer started her own grid shuffling her feet in the sand. I was tempted to break from my grid and wander in random directions but I know it could be disastrous. Patience and persistence is the the rule. Sometimes I tell people that watching me grid search may drive them crazy. I need to overlap each swing of my search coil. The metal detector coil only can find metal under my 11 inch coil. You won’t believe that some people do not know this.
After about 45 minutes I got a good signal that turned out to be Jenifer’s car keys. No tow truck, no expensive car key replacement, now we can both get home. Jenifer was a happy surfer lady. It was a special pleasure to meet her and help her retrieve her keys from the sands of Santa Monica Beach.img_3987img_3935

Wedding Ring Lost in Backyard .. Huntington Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Mike emailed me in the morning after finding my contact information on He included his phone number which I used to reply to his request for help. After hearing his story, I explained how the metal detector works and with the information that he gave me, I should be able to find the ring..
The day before, Mike had been doing some gardening in his backyard. He actually felt his gold wedding ring fly off his finger. There were lots of dead leaves and soft soil in the area he thought it may be. He spent some time that evening searching the garden and the grass in front of the planter with no success.
We met the next day after he got home from work. Seeing the small search area I put a 6 inch coil on my CTX metal detector to begin the search. Unable to get a signal in the planter, I was about to use my pin pointer to search in the plants and against the wall. Before shutting the detector off, I passed it over the grass in front of the planter. “Boom” gold ring tone from my detector with a 12-13 ID number. The ring was well hidden in a depression in the lawn. Mike told me he had raked his fingers through the grass several times before calling me. He did call the gardener that morning telling him not to do the backyard that day, which could have been the difference of this being a successful search or a failed search. It was an easy search, but after seeing how well the ring was hidden, I doubt that it would have been recovered without a metal detector..imageimage

Ring Lost after Jumping Off Roof .. Malibu, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Olivia called me asking if I could help her find a lost gold ring. I asked her for some details, where, when and how. She said it was lost two days before when she jumped off a roof in her backyard. She felt it fly off her finger as she landed on the ground. Because it was not a public place and she was certain that the ring flew off her finger at that moment, we decided to meet the next day.

It always a mystery what kind of search area I will find when I get to the location. I was a little concerned why Olivia would be jumping off a roof and how she didn’t injure herself. Olivia couldn’t meet me, but had her friends meet me. When I met her friends Bethany and Sam the next morning, they showed me a small storage shed that was built into a slope hillside planter. The roof was only about 3 feet above the planter with landscape plants.
Several people had searched for the ring, looking at the dirt around the foliage. They felt that possibly the ring was in the plants or someone had stepped on the ring, burying it in the soft soil. I set up my Minelab CTX detector with a 6″ coil planning to grid search around all the plants. Then I would use my pinpointer to go through each of a dozen plants.
Halfway through my search over the soil around the plants, Sam walked over to asked me how I was doing. As he stood there looking at planter in front of where I standing, he saw the gold ring glimmer in the afternoon sunlight. It was 3 or 4 feet in front of the direction of my grid.
It was not laying flat on its side in the soil. The ring had landed with the round flat side down, making it difficult to see when looking straight down.
This not the first time someone else spotted the ring before I got my coil over it, but the main thing is that the ring is back where it belongs. Bethany and Sam were happy that we had found Olivia’s very sentimental ring. I love being able to help people find their lost keepsakes.

Lost Jewelry Found near Morrisville Vermont

from Burlington (Vermont, United States)
Contact: 1-802-461-8359

I got a call yesterday around lunchtime from a lady who had lost her pendant while mowing her large lawn with a riding mower. She got into a tangle with her apple tree and the chain holding her pendant got damaged without her knowing it. After she had finished and gone indoors she realized her pendant was missing.
This pendant was very meaningful to her because it was given to her by someone who was a special part of her life years ago. He had died unexpectedly at the young age of 40.
She searched hard for it and was about to go buy or rent a metal detector when she discovered my ring finding service. She lived about 40 miles away, so I left immediately. My cousin’s husband, a longtime metal detectorist, was available and joined me for the search. I was hoping to find it right away under the apple tree, but knew it could be anywhere on the property. We searched the entire afternoon with no luck.
This morning I got up early to go back and search again. The forecast was for rain all day, so I packed the rubber boots and rain gear. I always bring 2 detectors in case one is better than the other for the conditions. Knowing it could be a long day, I offered to let her use the second one. She also was very interested in the machines because she used to be a mineral and gemstone hunter.
I searched the back lawn and she searched the front and side lawns. After an hour or 2 I heard a scream and saw her running around the house towards me! She had found it where she had parked the car on the front lawn and had washed it after mowing the grass. She was shaking from the excitement! I was very happy for her. Happy endings are great!

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How to Find a Lost Ring in the Snow, Hartford Connecticut

from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)
Contact: 1-252-775-1307

It happens all the time – people brushing snow off their pants, scraping ice off their car windows, throwing snowballs at friends, your ring goes flying never to be seen again… How to find a lost ring in the snow? Call a member of The Ring Finders!

Its official! I’ve expanded my services through The Ring Finders to reach more of Connecticut, and even into the bordering states. I have previously made long trips to help reunite people with their lost valuables, if you or someone you know has lost a sentimental item and thought it was gone forever give me a call and I’ll help you find what you thought was lost forever. (252) 775-1307

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