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Found Wedding Ring in Trophy Club,Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


We received a call from a lady who said “thank God I reached you”I have a lost ring for you to find.  I said OK and ask for the details.  She described it as a Men’s gold wedding ban.  I ask her where is was lost and she said in her backyard.  I ask as I always do, “are you sure that’s where you lost it” and she said she was positive.

I said OK then we can find it, then I asked the most important question.  How was the ring lost, what was he doing when he lost it……. there was a long silence and she said “I know it’s there because I threw it there”.  I said that was no problem and we would drive the 28 miles to Trophy Club,Tx around 7pm to let the heat go down, it was 101 degrees warm.

We arrived at a beautiful home, got our equipment out, the lady kindly showed us where she was when she threw the ring and then my wife her re-inact the event (this is a must we have learned).  We spent maybe 20 minutes detecting the yard and there was a lot of underground trash.  We knew the ring would “Hit Hard” on our detectors because it had only been 3 days since it was lost and men’s wedding bands are typically large in size.

We were correct in our assumptions and the Ring was returned for another happy customer for “The Ring Finders”.


Don & Ellen – The Dallas Ring Finders”

PS…. the husband was in counseling while we were looking for the ring.


Estate Search Richmond, Texas

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Service Call July 2013

The client in this case believed her mother may have buried Gold and Silver Coins on her property. An initial search revealed nothing, although we maybe looking at a few other locations in the future.

The client disclosed documents from several years ago indicating purchases of the Gold and Silver.

The mystery continues.
















Found White Gold Wedding Ring At The Greenville Mudrun

  • from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)





I received a phone call from Tim who had lost his white gold wedding ring in the Greenville Mud Run that Goodwill sponsors. Tim had lost his wedding band while battling through the three foot mud pit, that was part of the obstacle course. After setting up a time to meet, I met Tim and his wife at the designated area where it was located. After asking permission from the guards and waiting a few minutes, we were granted permission. After putting on my waders and using my Whites PI Pro metal detector, I walked into the mud pit. The first two signals were nails, the third signal was Tim’s white gold wedding band in the bottom of my scoop.  Tim put me in a good area and it made for a quick search. I was so happy to find Tim’s ring for him and his wife. I really love the expression on people’s faces when the ring is found. Maybe you can be my next success story!


Lost Earring Found..!! Pickering, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Andrea on Tuesday March 26, 2013 about her daughter’s lost earring.

Andrea told me that her daughter Bella had lost one of her earrings that she had just received as a birthday gift from her grandmother.


Bella left school on Monday, ran down a large grassy hill and met with some friends in a nearby playground that was covered in wood chips. Here, Bella said she pulled off her toque and threw it onto a bench. I was hoping it was in the wood chips and not on the hill as this would be the most logical place her earring would be.

After hearing the story at the school Tuesday evening , I searched the wood chips until it became too dark.

I returned to the playground again this morning for about an hour and a half and dug absolutely everything that even gave off a slight crackle in my headphones. Post earrings are sometimes very difficult to find because of the lack of metal and mass.

Anyway, after another faint crackle came though, I pin pointed the target with the probe and sure enough, Bella’s beautiful earring popped out of the wood chips.


This was a huge relief to find this one..!!



I met with Andrea tonight and returned the earring. I’m hoping Bella will be surprised to see her earring again.
I know she was very upset about losing something from her Grandmother.

Thank you Andrea for the nice reward.
Happy I could help out.

Take care,

Mark Ellis

Fireman Looses Grandfathers Wedding Band while Fighting Brush Fire, Fort Worth,Texas – Found!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

IMG_1268        IMG_1267


Fort Worth,Texas Fire Fighter Looses Grandfathers Wedding Ring in while Fighting Brush Fire!

On Friday afternoon we received a call from a Fort Worth fire fighter.  He said that he and his crew had been fighting a brush/fence fire behind a home where a woman had thrown out some 2-day old fireplace coals.  The coals had set the compost pile and fence and part of the yards of 2 homes on fire.  He said his buddy had lost his Grandfathers ring which he now wears as a Wedding Ring.  It was 3pm on Friday afternoon, they were 52 miles away across Dallas & Fort Worth and 5pm Friday afternoon traffic was a major contention.  I knew it would take a minimum of 2 hours to drive there so I asked if we could come on Saturday due to traffic, but the young firefighter had panic in voice and ask us to please come.

How can you say ‘no’ to a Fire Fighter?  It took us nearly 3 hours to get there due to the heavy traffic.

He was waiting for us when we arrived and explained that he had been inside the backyard of the home and was knocking out the burning fence slats with the palm of his hand while fighting the fire.   He knew exactly where he was standing (in the wet, smelly compost pile) when it came off, and it was lightly raining… Get the picture?, pretty much a yuck site.

With a desperate customer, our Garrett equipment and rubber boots we went to work.  Thinking the ring flew off some distance into the field behind the home, we searched everywhere.  Eliminating nails, iron, junk, etc. doing everything we could to find the ring.   After an hour it was starting to get dark and everyone was loosing hope my wife went back into the backyard and began slowly going through the compost pile with her detector and pinpointer.  Understand this compost pile was about 18-inches thick and 5-ft by 5-ft  in size.  It was soaking wet from the fire being put out, burnt from catching on fire and wet burned trash just really stinks. But this is what the fireman was standing on when he was knocking out the burning fence slats.  I was coming into the backyard to help her when I heard her yell out “I Found It”, the fireman was standing right there when she found his ring, he was so excited.  He kept saying “you guys are awesome, you guys are awesome, unbelievable!, wait till I tell the guys back at the station!”.

This was by far our dirtiest  hunt, but one of our most rewarding.

Our Firefighters across this country will run into a burning home or building for us without thinking twice about it, the least we can do is work through muck to find a wedding ring for them.

This was a very emotional find for us and we are so glad to be part of “The Ring Finders”.

Till next time, detectors ON!

Don & Ellen

Palladium Wedding Found in Double Oak, Texas

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)



We got a call from a wonderful lady that said her husband (a pilot) had lost his ring while working in their front yard.  He was standing in a culvert ditch tossing some large rocks from one side of the driveway to the other and felt his ring slid off; he said he heard it “tink” twice but never saw it land.  He and his family searched for months looking for the ring without luck. He bought a cheap metal detector himself  but without success, his father-in-law came over with another detector but had no luck either.  Months past and his wife was playing around on the internet and found “The Ring Finders” website and called us.

We arrived and met with the couple, I truly think the husband felt is was a lost cause.  The ring had be lost for over 6 months. With the snowy/wet weather we have had this year he felt it was lost forever.

My wife & I got our Garrett Detectors and went to searching; we checked everywhere the husband said he thought is might be but had no luck.  So we went back over to where he stated he had been standing originally when he lost the ring.   The ditch was knee deep in leaves, trash, mud and an 18-inch metal pipe that went under their driveway.   After scanning over that area many times we decided everything had to come out of the ditch due to way too many hits on trash.  So on our hands and knees we began to pull out all the leaves and junk using our Garrett pinpointers to check every handful of trash for the ring.  After a short time I saw something shiny and I told my wife “I Got It”.  There stuck in the mud, 5-8 inches down in the muck, right where the husband had been standing throwing the rocks was his ring.  The “Tinking Sound” he heard must have been the ring hitting the metal culvert not the driveway as he thought.  The ring was in great shape.

And for the fun part, we went up to the door and rang the bell, the wife came to the door and she said “No Luck Huh” and we just smiled and I open my hand revealing her husbands “Palladium Wedding Ring”, she said “Oh my gosh, let me go get him”  he was thrilled and we had “Another Successful Hunt for the the Dallas Ring Finders”.

God I love this hobby!

Till next time, detectors ON!

Don & Ellen

Lost Knife in Dallas,Tx Found

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

We received an email from a very nice lady stating that her husband’s small pocket knife was lost in their yard.   We thought it was a little unusual to get a call on a knife but we are always excited to help people .  As we talked further we found out that the family had gone out and cut down 2 Christmas Trees this year and had strapped them to the top of the family SUV.  Upon arriving at home the father had pulled out his very special 3″ knife that his wife had given to him as a gift on their wedding day.  He used it to cut the rope holding the Christmas Trees to the SUV and then gave it to his oldest 10yr old daughter Ally to cut the other side.  She cut the rope and put the knife in her top pocket of her jacket and helped her dad and sisters drag the 2 trees into the house.  After getting the trees inside, she realize the knife was no longer in her pocket.  After 3 days of searching the 3″ thick grass cover in large leaves they had nearly given up.  10yr old Ally was heart broken at losing her daddy’s special knife. 

Ally’s mom got on the internet and found our “The Ring Finders” website .  She called and my wife and I set a time come by.  Upon arriving at their home we had a roughly 80ft by 40ft area of thick grass and leaves.  We got out our equipment and I began the search.  My wife’s ACE250 was acting funny  and she decided to just let me hunt.  She had her pinpointer with her while talking to the customer.  As you can imagine at every beep our detectors or pinpointers made the 3 daughters were right their with us looking for the knife.  Finally I suggested to the mom that they go check the SUV one more time while we continued the search of the yard.  My wife just sat down in the beautiful yard and kinda of just moved her pinpointer around and it went off.  She said “Don, go get the girls, I GOT IT”.   Ally the daughter who lost the knife came running out and grabbed the knife out of the yard and held it to her chest, she was almost in tears.

Ally and her family thanked us and thank us and then even took pick pictures with us and our equipment so they could so their dad.  Just another happy customer for “The Ring Finders”.

This hobby is so much fun!

Don & Ellen Wilson

The Dallas Ring Finders!

Shannon’s Husband Wedding Ring Lost now Found!

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


Ellen & I got a call from our “The Ring Finders” website.  It as about 8pm on Sunday evening.  Shannon said that she and her husband had been at the local recreation center playground.  Her husband took off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket so he would not scratch it while working out using the playground equipment as a gym.

Upon returning home he realized his ring was gone.  He and Shannon searched for 6 days looking for the ring.  She found us on the web and called. I told her I would come on on Monday morning after 9am, but after hearing her voice and talking to my wife.  My wife convinced me to go do our 1st night search. We had our headlamps and our flashlight and the playground was in a nice area of town, so we decided to give it a try.

After 20 minutes of searching in the dark I hit something strong and thought to myself, I got it… but no it was a child’s charm bracelet.  I stood up and got another hit just 2 feet from the bracelet.  I bent down using my pinpointer and light and there was the ring.  I had to use the flashlight to be sure I had Shannon’s husband’s ring.  It was.

I called Shannon at 9:30pm and she seemed concerned when she realized it was me,  I said hello and ask her if she would like to come up to the park playground and pick up her husband’s ring.  She was estastic.  She said she would be right down.   She arrived in 15 minutes and was extremely grateful.  This is my favorite part of this hobby, seeing the smiles, seeing the relief, it is a win, win moment for everyone.

Now I thought this adventure was over, but on Monday I received a very special text message from Shannon.  I have pasted the text in below…

 “” Thank you again sooo much, Don!! I surprised Aaron with his ring when he got home from work last night…. I sat him down and proposed to him :).  Luckily he said yes 🙂 We are both so happy to have his ring back. You and your wife are so wonderful! It was an honor meeting you two! “”

Another successful NIGHT find for The Ring Finders”

Don & Ellen Wilson – Dallas,Tx



You Lost Your Ring in the Bathroom???

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)

You Lost You Ring in the Bathroom???Lost Ring in the Bathroom????

We received an email from a gentleman named Les, he said that he was changing clothes in his apartment bathroom and when he went to pull his shirt over his head his wedding ring slipped off and hit the floor.  He said he actually heard it hit the floor.  He decided to finish dressing and then find the ring.  Mind you this is a very small apartment bathroom.

Les looked and looked for the ring, he and his wife checked everywhere.  They even had the maintenance men come and move their washer and dryer in the attached room to see if the ring was underneath.  Les lost his ring on his ONE MONTH wedding anniversary.  It has been 3 months since the ring went missing and he found “The Ring Finders” on the internet.  He lives literally 5 minutes from my home.

My wife, Ellen, and I arrived about 7pm not really believing we would have much luck.  Metal detectors are not of much use inside a home let alone a small apartment bathroom.  But Les was so nice and asked us to try so we agreed.  We took our Garrett Pinpointers and our Detection Camera Scope.  Upon seeing the size of the bathroom we knew it had to have bounced somewhere strange.

      In looking at the bathroom we found a small open lip under the cabinet where the kick plate is. It was only a 1-1/2 inch opening that I could not even get my hand into, I got out my 3ft Detection Camera scope and worked it into the slot, nothing at first but on the second side, there in the dark glowing under the light from the camera scope was Les’s Platinum Wedding Band.   I said, ‘hey Les, take a look at my detection screen, is that your Ring?’  He was so excited, he and I had to break loose the baseboard under the sink in order to reach it.  He hollered for his wife, “they found It, they found it!”  Another successful hunt for “The Ring Finders”.

Don & Ellen Wilson

Dallas, Texas

Wedding Ring Found..!!! Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario.

  • from North York (Ontario, Canada)

I had a call from Dave on Saturday August 11, 2012 where he told me that his sister, Pascale had lost her wedding ring on the beach while playing soccer.

Pascale and her husband Fabrice are here visiting Dave and family as they are on holidays from France.

They had all attended Sandbanks Provincial Park for the day on Saturday, playing on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear water.

Fabrice stands in the grid where ring was found

Pascale had been swimming for a while and got out of the water to join the soccer game. She was convinced her ring was still on her finger as they played on the beach.

Fabrice happy to see Pascale’s ring again

I was able to finally make it down to Sandbanks today along with my dad, Peter.

Pete….”The Grid Man”


He thought it would be fun to come along as he had never been on a search with me.

I picked him up early at his home this morning and we headed out.

We met a few hours later with Dave and Fabrice at Sandbanks.

After giving me the story again, they gave me my parameters

for my grid on the sand which turned out to be a fairly large area.


My dad offered to start making my grid lines for me in the sand while I started searching. This saved me a lot of time…!!

After five minutes into the search on the beach, not a single target.  ????  Nothing. Very strange to have a busy beach like this so clean. Finally, a few targets appeared, a pull tab or two, a stainless steel spoon, and a hair pin.

After about an hour into the search, I finally got a nice, solid signal. After pin pointing the target in the sand, I reached down to grab it and lifted out a beautiful white gold and diamond ring. The ring, they explained earlier is set in some kind of black shell material. This was definitely what we were looking for.

I was very relieved to find this one..!!  It had been sitting on the beach now for four days and was barely even covered with sand.

I’m still stunned that no one had stumbled across it by now.

Anyway, we got it and that’s all that matters.

So glad we were able to find it and Pascale can now return back home to France on Sunday with Fabrice and her beautiful ring.


Thank you very much Fabrice, Pascale and Dave for the generous reward..!!

These nice rewards help me keep my service going.

Thanks Dad for your handy grid work.!!

Take care,

Mark Ellis