Steven Mack

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Cost for my service varies from being paid on a reward only basis, to a search fee plus expenses. Each search is unique and I will let you know the costs, if any, after we talk.

Search Types

I can search just about anywhere you need, except water deeper than two feet. If on private property you will need to obtain permission.

Search Locations

Located In Yakima, Washington I service the counties of Yakima, Kittitas and Benton counties. If you have a need out of the area contact me and I will see what I can do for you" If I have to drive more then a 1/2 hour to get to you, there will be a call out fee of $25. to cover my transportation expenses."

Steven Mack's Bio

Sorry you have lost your treasure. I would be happy to help you find it again! I have been metal detecting for the past 10 years. What I enjoy most about this hobby besides finding what I am searching for is the hunt. Each one is unique and it keeps things interesting. Let me know if I can be of service to you.

Steven Mack - Recent Blog Post

  • Ring Find Along Yakima HWY 97 (2017)

    I received a phone call requesting help on finding a ring that had been lost along the highway in Yakima County. This was a wedding ring of white gold and diamonds. The couple had already searched the area looking for the ring for three hours and had not been able to find the ring. The […]

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  • Ring Found Yakima Washington Snowman Still Missing (2016)

    I was called by a concerned husband. His wife had lost her ring while helping her children make a snowman. She did not notice the ring coming off, but did have a fair idea where it might be in the front yard.   It was tempting to wait until the snow melted, which would make […]

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  • Lost Ring Yakima Washington (2014)

    I received a phone call asking if I could help find a lost ring. The story was that she and her husband were on a short get away trip to try and relax. Her husband has been ill with cancer, and they needed a break so came to Yakima as one of their stops. Needing […]

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  • Lost Ring Found In the Lower Yakima Valley (2014)

    I was called to search around the horse stables for a lost ring. Apparently the ring had fallen off the husband while he was feeding the horses. This ring has a habit of falling off, but they were able to find it without help.  This time they could not locate it and found me on […]

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  • Found Ring Selah Washington, Yakima County (2013)

    I was out hunting an estate for lost treasure and was just wrapping up the hunt when I received a call for a lost ring. The women had tossed the ring out of her car window onto her front lawn to make a point. Then to her dismay she could not find it again.   […]

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