Steven Mack

Cost For My Service

Cost for my service varies from being paid on a reward only basis, to a search fee plus expenses. Each search is unique and I will let you know the costs, if any, after we talk.

Search Types

I can search just about anywhere you need, except water deeper than two feet. If on private property you will need to obtain permission.

Search Locations

Located In Yakima, Washington I service the counties of Yakima, Kittitas and Benton counties. If you have a need out of the area contact me and I will see what I can do for you" If I have to drive more then a 1/2 hour to get to you, there will be a call out fee of $25. to cover my transportation expenses."

Steven Mack's Bio

Sorry you have lost your treasure. I would be happy to help you find it again! I have been metal detecting for the past 10 years. What I enjoy most about this hobby besides finding what I am searching for is the hunt. Each one is unique and it keeps things interesting. Let me know if I can be of service to you.

Steven Mack - Recent Blog Posts

  • Ring Found Yakima Washington Snowman Still Missing (2016)

    I was called by a concerned husband. His wife had lost her ring while helping her children make a snowman. She did not notice the ring coming off, but did have a fair idea where it might be in the front yard.   It was tempting to wait until the snow melted, which would make […]

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  • Lost Ring Yakima Washington (2014)

    I received a phone call asking if I could help find a lost ring. The story was that she and her husband were on a short get away trip to try and relax. Her husband has been ill with cancer, and they needed a break so came to Yakima as one of their stops. Needing […]

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  • Lost Ring Found In the Lower Yakima Valley (2014)

    I was called to search around the horse stables for a lost ring. Apparently the ring had fallen off the husband while he was feeding the horses. This ring has a habit of falling off, but they were able to find it without help.  This time they could not locate it and found me on […]

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  • Found Ring Selah Washington, Yakima County (2013)

    I was out hunting an estate for lost treasure and was just wrapping up the hunt when I received a call for a lost ring. The women had tossed the ring out of her car window onto her front lawn to make a point. Then to her dismay she could not find it again.   […]

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  • Lost Key Found, Yakima, Yakima County (2013)

    The key to finding a lost item is knowing where you lost it. Sounds simple enough, and this one was. I received a call about a lost car key. The young lady had been sitting under a shade tree and when she got up to leave her key was gone, fallen out of her pocket. […]

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