Suncoast Research And Recovery Club (SRARC)

Cost For My Service

Our services are offered on a reward basis. If the item is not found no reward is expected. Any reward would go to the club treasury.

Search Types

Beach areas including the water (up to 5’ Deep), parks, playgrounds, schools, yards, camp grounds, etc.

Search Locations

Suncoast Research and Recovery Club (SRARC) has members throughout the Tampa Bay region from New Port Richey to Port Charlotte. This area includes Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Bradenton, Sarasota, and all areas in between

Suncoast Research And Recovery Club (SRARC)'s Bio


I am Tom Jones current president of Suncoast Research and Recovery Club.

We are a group of metal detectors dedicated to helping our communities by providing a venue for new members to learn the proper procedures and rules when metal detecting. We offer our services to the historic societies, law enforcement agencies, and general public in this area for recovery of metal items. Should you choose to request our services we will inform our members and all who are available will join the hunt for your lost item. You will have some of the best metal detecting experts in the area looking for your lost item.

We have found and returned many lost items and as a club encourages our members to always return their finds when they can identify the owners. Please visit our web site at the link below to see what we are all about.

Suncoast Research And Recovery Club (SRARC) - Recent Blog Posts


    SUCCESSFUL RING RECOVERY ON ST. PETERSBURG BEACH, FLORIDA Dan & Erin were at St. Pete Beach enjoying a hot August summer day. Erin had decided to take her rings off so as not to lose them in the water.   After leaving the beach, Erin noticed her rings were missing and remembered she had taken them off on […]

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    WITH HELP FROM FACEBOOK, SUCCESSFUL CLASS RING RETURN ON CLEARWATER BEACH, FLORIDA Jhazmine was throwing a ball in the water on Clearwater Beach, when her 2006 gold class ring slipped off her finger!  The ring was very special to Jhazmine as her father had given it to her.  A week later, Howard Metts was on a fun […]

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  • Family Heirloom Ring Recovered On Indian Rocks Beach, Florida (2017)

    Family Heirloom Ring Recovered on Indian Rocks Beach, Florida Future Florida residents, Mike and Courtney Chenkus, were relaxing on the beach at Indian Rocks and decided to have some fun tossing a football. Mike was about waist deep and tossing the ball when he was hit by a large wave and felt his wedding ring […]

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    LOST RING RECOVERED IN INDIAN SHORES BEACH, FLORIDA Fred was enjoying the beach with his partner, John, playing catch with a ball. When Fred went to make a catch. he felt his ring come off his finger.  The water was murky and too hard to search so they sadly went home without Fred’s ring. The […]

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    NOT …. HOPELESS IN CLEARWATER BEACH WITH RECOVERED RING! Having unsuccessfully hunted for Sarah’s ring several weeks previously, SRARC Ring Finder member, Stan Flack, had recommended that Sarah put an ad on Craigslist with just enough detail to describe her ring, a general location in hope that another detectorist might have already found it and would see it […]

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Suncoast Research And Recovery Club (SRARC) - Testimonials

  • To say that what they do is selfless and kind is an understatement. (2015)


    This is me and my fiance in the photo. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Mike and express our thankfulness for what he did for us.

    There’s not many words that can describe the hopelessness that we felt in the hours after the ring was initially lost. Searching on our own was proving futile and we had never heard of a service such as the one that Mike and his group provide.

    To say that what they do is selfless and kind is an understatement. He was compassionate and only wanted to see us reunited with the ring that meant so much to us.

    Watching him pull the ring up out of the water and smile as he held it high for us to see was an incredible feeling and the more we smiled so did he. When asked what we could do to repay him he responded by letting us know that donations for the club were accepted on the website.

    This is not enough but we have gladly donated what we could. We want Mike to know that he will always hold a special place in our hearts and will not be forgotten.

    Thank you so much to you and all those out there like you.

    Andrew & Danielle

  • What you did and do often is PRICELESS!!!! (2015)


    I am John’s dad I was there when both the ring was lost Playing football. The look on Laurens face when the ring flew off is something nobody wants to ever experience.

    All that were there search for hours and hours on end with no luck, most gave up thought it never be found again.

    But John didn’t want to give up posted something online looking for help, which I was very skeptical about him meeting “strangers” but then I must say that it turned out to be an awesome experience, by meeting Stan and to see his great attitude and willingness to help others voluntarily was amazing,I met a great guy yesterday, needless to say so did my son and Lauren.

    The rest of the family that was there also sends out their upmost gratitude!! What you did and do often is PRICELESS!!!!. You will be in our family stories for a lifetime. The world needs more people like Stan..

    Thank you so much,

    From the Frabotta’s, Gottschaulks & Nathan

  • I raced back to the beach and cried happy tears when my husband placed my ring on my finger all over again. (2014)


    The weekend before my vow renewal, a few of my friends and I decided to go out. We ended up at Jimmy B’s on St Pete Beach and after a few drinks and several hours of dancing; we decided a quick dip in the gulf would be wonderful. We were only in for a few minutes but when we came out and posed for a photo, I noticed that my wedding rings were gone. I cannot describe how surreal that moment was or how quickly the panic set in. We searched for an hour before they finally convinced me to turn in for the night. I lay in my hotel bed, unable to sleep, feeling absolutely naked without the ring that my husband had given me when he proposed. That ring stood for so much. He worked so hard, handpicked every stone, designed the setting, not like at Jared where you pick a pre-fabricated design, he drew it on paper and had someone make it. That ring symbolized eight years of love and friendship, five years of marriage , two children, hard times and amazing happiness. I couldn’t just lay there while it drifted in the ocean, so at 3:30 in the morning, I headed back out and spent the next several hours combing the beach with a flashlight (two days later my neck still hurts from looking down). I finally called my husband to share the terrible news at 6:45. Not only was he sweet to me and sad for me, he immediately took action. He sent out a text to everyone he knew asking for a metal detector. By 8:30 he had gotten into contact with someone who was going to meet us at the beach. I was fairly exhausted from both the festivities and several hours of searching the night before but perked at the possibility of a happy ending. I met Stan and my husband around 9:30 and Stan immediately set to work. He was methodical and friendly. He gave me hope. I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly where I was, I mean the beach is the beach right? Especially at 2 am. Still, Stan was optimistic. By 10:30 though, we were all feeling a little discouraged. I had to go check out of the hotel and as I was heading away from the water, I noticed my friend’s leftover drink from the night before. I flagged Stan down to show him that this was where we went in. I left the beach feeling terrible, so sure that ever finding my ring again was a lost cause. What would I wear at our vow renewal? I didn’t have a ring for my husband to place on my finger. How would we ever replace the ring that my husband had put so much effort and love into making? I could barely keep from crying. Twenty minutes later, while packing the last few things in my bag, I got a message from my husband. It was a photo of my rings! Stan had found them… both! I couldn’t believe my luck. I felt like a weight had been lifted (even though my neck still hurt). I raced back to the beach and cried happy tears when my husband placed my ring on my finger all over again. It was wonderful. I hugged Stan. I couldn’t be more thankful for his hard work and tireless effort to help a total stranger. His focus and compassion have given me a happy ending against truly unbelievable odds. Thank you Stan Flack!