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Lost Gold Wedding Ring In Spokane Valley Wa….FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sherry was finishing up her day and had gone outside to start feeding the squirrels and birds. After grabbing all of the bags of food that she needed she made her way around her snow covered yard to each of the feeders. After finishing up this last chore Sherry made her way to the couch. Sitting there enjoying the last hours of the day Sherry had a startling feeling. Her ring was not on her finger. The search for Sherry’s ring begun. The ring wasn’t found anywhere in the house so Sherry and her husband Steve headed outside to look. Neither one of them saw the ring outside. So to the internet Steve went. He had the idea to search for a metal detector. Steve quickly realized he had no idea how to use a metal detector. Not to worry the internet showed Steve some YouTube videos from Chris Turner. Steve thought the Ring Finders looked promising. So that’s where I enter. With a few texts and a phone call I was set up to go to Steve’s house after work. I knew the back story of how the ring was lost so all I needed was to see the possible locations. Turning on my metal detector was problematic. It started looping on and off over and over. Good thing I had a back up detector. Oh yeah, and the fact that as I searched my way back to where the bird feed was kept, I spotted the ring sitting on top of the bark. With a huge grin I swung my metal detector over the ring and looked up. Steve and Sherry could tell I had found something special. They both headed over to me and Sherry quickly saw the ring she had lost. It was a little confusing as to how we all walked over the ring twice but sometimes swinging a metal detector focuses the eyes and finds lost rings. The snow and cold were at it again but nothing stops the passion of a Ring Finder looking for a lost ring.

Lost Platinum Ring at Loon Lake WA…FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

On the eve of the New Year with a high temp of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, Whitney contacted me about her lost platinum ring. See Whitney had gotten a diamond and platinum ring for Christmas. Loving it dearly she wore it while sledding with her family. With a quick adjustment of her glove the ring said “see ya” as it decided to go sledding too. But like all rings during winter time they come off the hand warmer then the outside temperature and the snow. So Whitney’s platinum ring sunk into the snow and wedged itself in between the rocks below. After I arrived and said “hello”, Whitney and I climbed the little sled hill where the ring came off. Whitney demonstrated the ring toss and I started my grid. Two grid lines down the hill led me to a 16 vdi signal. Quickly pinpointing, the snow showed me a shiny rim and just as I found the ring Whitney had gone back into her house. So I walked quickly over to the back door and knocked. Whitney was still taking off her boots when I held up my hand with the ring. Her mask hid her smile but her words, “Logan he found it!” let me know she was super happy to have her Christmas present back.

Company Car Keys Lost in North Spokane,FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

On this very cold night, Carlton learned how Newton’s third law works when you slip on ice. Carlton was heading out the door to his car when the 90 degree turn in the side walk covered in ice, took his footing away. His feet continued to move forward while his body fell backwards. In his right hand was the keys to his company owned vehicle. As he tried stopping his fall the keys went flying into the sky. The keys flew about 50ft away from where he fell. After Carlton and his family made several attempts to locate the keys with no success they decided to look on the roof. After that failed attempt, Google was the next step. They found a few metal detector rental location but no one was open at 6pm on a Sunday. Then Google showed them The Ring Finders. I answered the phone, and quickly found out where Carlton was located and headed his way. I could see when I got to the house the snow had been raked where the family thought the keys might be. I searched there with on luck and expanded my grid pattern to accommodate the force at which Carlton may have hucked his keys. I made about five passes in my grid pattern and got a signal that was 0 inches in depth. The pinpointer beeped with excitement as the black key fob popped out of the snow. Carlton may have lost his company’s vehicle key and also the way he was getting home that night. But The Ring Finders are always ready to help and return what was lost.

lost Silver Ring lost in CDA Idaho….FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sometimes lost ring searches arrive in our lives in the most unique ways, regardless of how they may come, recovering lost rings is The Ring Finders purpose.

Alex and Sam had a problem today. Sam had a cup in her hand and that cup had it out for Sam. See, Sam walked outside with her cup in hand and right before she reached her car the handle of the cup got snagged on her silver ring and the ring flew off into the freshly fallen snow. The frantic couple raked the snow with no luck. After no one would rent them a metal detector, Alex posted on facebook that a ring had been lost. That’s where I came into the story. I sent Sam a text and then we had a brief chat about where and when. I loaded up my gear and headed off to Cda Idaho. After reaching the destination of the couple’s front yard, I relived the moment with Sam of how she lost her ring. I quickly scanned the area where they raked and right at the end of the rake marks in the snow I got a hit in the high 80s on the vdi scale. The signal was reading less then an inch in depth so I turned my pinpointer and made quick work of revealing Sam’s lost Silver. I have to say her silver ring was one of the most beautiful silver rings I’ve seen. It had a large opal stone with silver facets that streamed across the tops of it. See the pictures. Sam told me that her mom had given her that ring 7 years ago when she was in high school. The back story coupled with the beautiful ring made my trip well worth it and is what makes The Ring Finders the best directory ever created.

Sam’s lost ring[/caption

Lost Silver heirloom earring…Found in Hillyard Wa.

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I think no matter what, when a Ring Finder hears of a lost piece of jewelry they receive an overwhelming feeling to jump in and help. Now place yourself in front of your mother and imagine she’s lost an inherited silver earring. In my mind mountains will move to recover what my mom lost. Luckily no mountains were involved just a really old house and the heater vent. After taking her earrings over to the hutch they have in their bathroom, a place she admitted she has never used to put on her jewelry. One of the blue opal silver earrings fell off the hutch and slipped effortlessly through the grates of the heater vent. So that’s where I began my search. I used my borescope to investigate the 90 degree bends of the duct work. When I spotted the earring I tried multiple attempts at grabbing it, sticking it with tape on a string and tape on a wire. All attempts failed at retrieving the earring but I did manage to collect a lot of lint and debris. I did not want to give up so Dad and I headed to the basement. I crawled into the crawl space and began to decipher the maze of ducting. Matching the orientation of the heater vent on the top side I disassembled the duct work to reveal mom’s earring. Now back to using the long grabbing tool I was playing the claw machine game in my parents basement. This time I didn’t need any quarters just a steady hand and a bright flash light. ” I got it” I shouted and handed the earring up through the hole in the floor to my mom. Usually strangers are calling us for a last ditch attempt to recover a lost item. But this Ring Finder’s call was close to my heart and my home.

Lost Wedding Ring in Priest lake Idaho, FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I had the ok from the wife and a wide open weekend to go scuba diving. So I got up early and set out to a local lake. As I was just about to head into the water I checked my phone one last time. Along with the I love you text from my wife, there was another text from a wife named Anne. She was asking for my help finding her lost wedding ring. Anne had lost her wedding ring while enjoying a late afternoon swim at a white sand beach. Anne tossed a frisbee back and forth and swam for about an hour. All that activity in 60 degree water made her 3 band white gold ring slip off her finger. Anne’s family searched and searched the water with no luck. Anne’s computer savvy neice found my Ring Finders profile and let Anne know that The Ring Finders could help her. After listening to her story I could hear her confidence in the details. So I loaded back up and headed to Priest Lake. Anne’s brother took us on his pontoon boat to the other side of the lake. As we passed over the white sandbar near the beach Anne’s brother pointed out where the family was playing. We docked on the beach and I made ready my gear to head out to the sand bar. A few directions were given and then I began my grid search. While swinging my Fisher cz21 around, I noticed that there was white sand with algae floating on it and white sand without. My thoughts were that, the sand without was where they were playing . So decided to searched around the rim of the disturbed area. One last check on my furthest location and then I was set on a grid that lead me too Anne’s ring. After sliding the ring on my finger I asked Anne if she would like to see what I had found. She quietly said yes and clutched her hands in excitment. Anne’s husband and sister in law were on the dock when we returned. The news of her ring found sent the sister in law into a screaming frenzy. It was all happy rejoicing from there on out. I even got the nickname scuba steve. So all in all my weekend of scuba diving turned into to a Ring Finder’s happy ending, and that my friends is a way to end a great weekend. Thank you Anne for trusting The Ring Finders and for the handsome reward.

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Lost white gold wedding ring Spokane Valley, FOUND!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

After a few closure searches a Ring Finder might be thinking he is on a losing streak. However today my losing streak stopped. Casey, Stefanie’s husband called me this morning with a request to find his wife’s lost wedding ring. Casey explained to me that the ring was lost in their car. I asked my normal questions of did she feel it come off, and did you look for it. All answers checked out, so I headed over to their house. Casey went over the whole scenario of how the ring came off and it involved a crying baby, some hand lotion and a quick reach to retrieve an item out of the back seat. So in the back seat is where I started my search. I looked up, down, left, right, up, down, left, right, and repeat. Your eyes are the detector when you are searching in a car. I cleared three seats and was just finishing the fourth when I had that moment. A Ring Finders recovery moment. I looked at Casey and said “I think I see it”. Casey was in shock and disbelief. So I asked him does it have two bands and he confirmed that what I was seeing was it. I told Casey that the ring was just under the left hand side 3rd row seat on the frame rail. However, the ring was sitting under the ledge of the rail. My fat fingers couldn’t grab it so we were forced to unbolt the back seat. After removing the two bolts and lifting up the seat I said, “I have to take a picture”. Because the ring was sitting on the rail just waiting to be picked up. After Casey went and got Stefanie I was able to place the ring in her hand. Her mourning tears dried instantly and their happy smiles came back. Not even a car can stop a Ring Finders happy ending. Thank you Casey and Stefanie for trusting The Ring Finders to find your lost ring.

Casey&Stephen smiles

Lost wedding ring in spokane valley Wa, Found !!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I know that all of the Ring Finders that live where it snows have come back home wet, cold and with a dull feeling of not finding the lost ring they were tasked with finding. However, as I sat at my dinner table eating my reheated dinner, I got a text from a lady who was wanting to know if I could help her nanny find her lost wedding ring. Knowing all the questions I had to ask would clog up a text message, I called the lady. After chatting about the lost ring and how they used hot water to melt away the snow without sucsses, I told her after work the next day I would come by. Before getting off the phone I asked her how she found The Ring Finders, her answer brought a smile to my face. She said her friend saw her post on facebook asking for help, and told her she had a great experience using The Ring Finders in San Antonio when she lost her bracelet. Hats off too all of the Ring Finders in San Antonio doing what we do best, finding smiles. Today after a wet and soggy day cleaning up metling snow off of our hanger floor, I made my way to a house on top of a hill. The couple Laura the nanny and Felipe her husband, joined me in my car and we made our way to an off the beaten path photo shoot location. As we scoped out the area where the pictures where being taken, Laura pulled out her phone and showed me a short GIF of her shaking the snow off her hands. How convenient, the exact time and position where Laura lost her ring. All I had to do was walk two feet and start scanning around the left side of where she stood. Easy enough right? Wrong! The ring on her left hand flew down and to the right. The whole search took three minutes max, but amazingly enough the ring was under the snow and in the forest floor about two inches. These fast searches blow my mind, but let the truth be told you cannot find a lost ring when there is no ring to be found. Laura’s and Felipe’s rings were made in Columbia four mounths prior. It’s amazing to think that her ring traveled all that way to be lost in a forest in Washington state. The Ring Finders, finding smiles and saving rings.

The moment when laura lost her ring

Laura and Felipe

laura’s Wedding Ring

Stolen Wedding Ring in Rathdrum Idaho, FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Life steals away lots of things, memories, happiness, and loved ones. However when an item is stolen from your possession by another human it leaves a sting that never fully goes away. Likewise when the item is stolen by a family member you are left with a hurting heart and the feeling of a hopeless loss. For Ric and Ronda the latter came true while the snow began to fall in Idaho. The full story of the how the ring went missing was validated by a lie detection test and a trip to the pawn shop. Both tests proved that the ring that was stolen, was pawned, bought back and then thrown into Ric and Ronda’s front yard. A metal detector was rented and use but the ring still remained lost. Ric was using google to find a better metal detector but found instead The Ring Finders directory. I called Ric as fast as my fingers could dial the number he left in his email. We discussed “the story” behind the stolen ring, then made a plan for me to come over the next day. I arrived to the snowy front yard of Ric and Ronda’s and began to ask my standard questions of what kind of ring was it and what kind of gold was it made of. Ric’s reply was let me go get a picture of it. Ric came back out of the house with the insurance pictures of a stunning yellow and white gold marquise diamond wedding ring. I knew if the ring was there I was going to hear a loud signal under the two inches of snow. I could see the path where the person with a metal detector was looking but knew my 18 years of detecting was going to find it even if a coil had already passed over the ring. So back and forth I weaved talking and keeping the mood light. I had just asked a question to Ric while kicking away the snow that was over a 53 vdi signal, I remember that I had said “her ring” in the question. However I can’t recall the question because when I looked back down at the snow I saw the top half of a large gold ring. I said “hey Ric Her Ring” and I kept repeating her ring until he came over to look. Meanwhile Ronda was quickly exiting the front screen door exclaiming did he find it? With the pure excitement of the whole ordeal Ric’s wide eyes could not see the ring laying in the grass and snow. My hand met his and pointed out the location of his Wife’s wedding ring. Tears, screams of joy, clutched hands shaking with relief, my big smile , all erupted and all happened in less time then it took for the ring to fly out of a car window and land at the edge of Ric and Ronda’s snowy front yard. The story of life has many twists and turns, some leading to a hurting heart but leading to the joy only a Ring Finders Recovery can bring. Ric told me he had set the stones in Ronda’s ring 20 some years ago. I could see the happy moment when he gave her that ring for the first time, return to his smiling face. Blessed are those to hold on till the end knowing that at the end true peace will be delivered.

Rhonda hold her ring

Silver Coins Lost in house fire, Found !! Washington

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Out of all of the texts and phone calls that I have received through The Ring Finders website, none of them took my breath away like the one that I received about a house that had burned down. The owners of the house had lost a large quantity of silver and were requesting my help to find the rest. Throughout the few texts and phone calls my remorse for their loss grew and grew. So I agreed to go to their house that day with my metal detector and try to recover what they had lost. While driving to the house I was trying to imagine what I would encounter when I drove into their driveway. However nothing I thought about could prepare me for what I saw. Where a once unique and timeless home stood, now sat the charred remains of brick and ash. After serving the basement where the house had fallen in on itself, I began my work with my metal detector. It blew my mind working in a house that had fully burned down. It was shocking to see only small fragments of wood that weren’t fully charred and finding hunks of metal that were fully melted to the point that they became liquid. My research of house fires revealed that an average house fire can reach between 1700 to 2000°F. Silver melts at 1763°F. So it’s likely their house fire could’ve easily have melted all the coins into one large clump. The other shocking detail is that the only items that were not turned to dust were nails, pipes and any other metal items that were inside the house. Using a Metal detector to find metal in a sea of metal is impossible. While scanning over the piles of soot and ash my white spectra V3i made an orchestra of sound. After I set it up to only find the silver that I was looking for I still had a problem. All metal detectors can’t see through metal. So using my metal detector was not a viable option. So I grabbed my sand scoop and began sifting. Each basket that I had scooped and shifted revealed a few pieces of silver. This ignited the spirit of the home owners and myself to further pursue the search for the lost silver. We looked for and constructed a lager but crude sifter. We placed two metal stove racks together and then began to shovel loads of rubble onto them. I was in charge of the shovel and the homeowner was holding the racks at an angle. This allowed the coins to be spotted as the debris slid down. Both our spirits hung onto every coin that revealed itself. When the coins stopped showing up, the overwhelming task of sifting out all the coins became daunting. However that was sober truth, no coin was going to be found if it wasn’t sifted out. So for the past three weekends I have loaded up all my gear, the 2×4 ft sifter I had made, two neodymium magnets, my whites spectra v3i, a rake and four five gallon buckets. I took all of these tools to help further my chances to find the coins. I also have to give credit to the homeowners, they knew exactly where in the house the coins were stored and gave me exact areas to start sifting through. The homeowners were the heavy lifters and I was the coin hunter. They would move all of the bricks and heavy metal items out of the way and I would sift through the nearly 863 cubic yards worth of debris. After sifting through where the coins should have been, I had to use my Ring Finders detective skills and think outside of the box. In one location the coins were above a set of stairs in a closet. If one could imagine them falling down they might have hit the stairs and cascaded in the opposite direction. In fact, as the second weekend concluded our shouts of joy rang out as a group of 30 coins was discovered. I was able to use my metal detector to find the group because the magnets I brought picked up enough metal to allow the metal detector to see the coins. In total I was able to extract 184 coins from the house achiving a 75% recovery of the total lost coins. The idea of the coins being lost for good might be hard to understand, however a large amount of melted globes of silver where also recovered in the ash. A once in a life time opportunity came to me because of a devastating event. However the faith of the homeowners to trust me to help them, shows me that the material possessions of this life are not as valuable as the act of trust and generosity to a complete stranger.