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How To Find A Lost Ring In Little Spokane River…FOUND IT!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Austin had found an oasis located in Waikiki Springs Trailhead. With its majestic green valley floor and gentle sloped mountains this park never stops delivering breathtaking landscapes. To add to the tranquillity of the park, a little river called the Little Spokane river offers its cool water to any hot and tired hiker. This little river is where Austin had taken his wife and mother to beat the summers heat. While playing in the shallow waters Austin had climbed and crawled through river rock. He also swam in a deep pool and waded in shoulder high waters. All this fun came to an end and Austin and his family went home. As Austin started fidgeting with his ring on his ring finger, he noticed a vacant groove where the ring had been for a year. Retracing his steps and looking back at pictures they had taken that day, Austin knew the ring was lost in the water. Austin began to think about how to recover his wedding ring. A few searches on Google allowed him to find a guy who has an underwater metal detector. Austin and I spoke a few days later and after work I geared up and headed to the park. We both grabbed my gear and made the 1/2 mile long walk to the waters edge. I had asked Austin about where he thought he was swimming. Then I began to grid search the area. I searched around the deep pool, the chest high water and in the fast current where Austin was playing in the rocks. However no ring was found. I was wearing my wet suit but was getting rather cold and Austin had gotten out, although it was cold I don’t give up that easily. I had asked Austin to recall that day again. Sadly I had searched most of the area he was playing in. We were both ready to leave and end the search, but one last walk in the shallow water was all that was left to search. Austin was walking in front of me and I was searching behind him. I could see him reliving his actions two days ago. He stopped about 10 feet from the waters edge. I was still searching but barely. Then like lightning I got an 18,20 signal at one bar deep. Removing a white quarts stone revealed his black tungsten wedding ring. High fives and cheers erupted from the middle of the babbling brook. We both were fully relieved and ready to get out of the water. We took pictures and gathered ourselves and then had a smile filled walk, back to our cars. Austin said he had learned his lesson about wearing his ring in the water.


how to find a buried water spigot in Valley Wa.

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Excite, hopeful ,looking toward the future Sandra stood with her husband in front of their newly purchased home. As the couple took it all in the pervious owner gave them the run down on the homestead. He reminisced about growing up there and it being like new back in the 1930’s. Sandra asked the man if there was ever a water spigot further away from the home. He squinted his eyes while looking south. Raising his arm in the air his bony finger pointed toward the middle of the yard.  “Somewhere over there”, he exclaimed with a precise approximation. So with that lump of information Sandra began digging. “I felt like I was  digging to China” Sandra said as I began my search. See Sandra gave up on her search and found a guy with a metal detector…Me. I quickly made my grid search over Sandra’s dig site. Expanding the grid I noticed a wet patch of dirt. Low and behold a massive signal was near the wet dirt.  My shovel made a loud thud as I plunged it into the wet dirt. With a quick square cut into the sod Sandra’s spigot appeared. Smiling and excited Sandra’s shed idea was becoming fully realized.

Man Loses Wedding Band in Washington DC Park While Playing Ball with Dog…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Charlie’s 18 karat white gold wedding band which professional ring finder, Brian Rudolph, recovered for his client after 4 hours of metal detecting in Washington DC park.

Charlie excitedly holds up his irreplaceable wedding band that was lost while throwing an oversized tennis ball to his dog. Hope came his way when he called member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Charlie threw an oversized tennis ball to his dog at a park in Washington DC. During one of his throws, he lost his 18 karat white gold wedding band which slipped off of his finger as Charlie’s hand moved forward. The proud canine owner searched for the missing keepsake for hours along with the help of 15 other people who were walking their dogs in the same vicinity at the time of the band’s disappearance.

Later on that same night, Charlie returned to the park with a flashlight and searched for his wedding band for another couple of hours. Sadly, all of his efforts still led to no avail.

The next day, during daylight, again the distraught young man continued his attempts to recover the irreplaceable jewel by raking leaves all over the park to try to locate the ring. Still, there was no ring to be found. Charlie began thinking that maybe somebody had already picked it up, so he started posting signs around the area.

When Charlie got back to his place late that night, he contacted me after somebody in the park recommended THE RING FINDERS – an elite international directory of metal detectorists. That individual had utilized the service of a professional ring finder somewhere else in the world. We set up the appointment to come out the very next day.

At 7:30 a.m. the next morning, I wheeled all of my equipment over to the section of the park where I would be meeting up with Charlie. As soon as my client arrived, he showed me where he was standing and how he threw the tennis ball over to his beloved four-legged friend at the moment when Charlie’s band flew off of his finger. Then, I led us in a prayer to the Lord to help me become a ring hero for my client. Soon after I got right to work.

Charlie thought that he saw his ring move forward and to the right. I told him that people’s recollections can be quite different than where these “little guys” actually end up. I shared that many times the the ring ends up behind the person rather than it propelling forward.

During my four hour metal detecting search, I laid down grid line tapes and covered an area that was 100 feet by 65 feet. People walking in the park probably thought there was some crime investigation going on! Indeed I take my work very seriously! Diligently, I metal detected the entire area of that section of the park.

As the hours progressed, I could tell that my client was giving up hope by the minute. He was certain that I would have found it by that time period. However, I explained to him that doing a search like this could take many hours and that doing a detailed grid search like this one will absolutely not miss an inch of territory. He was worried that someone had eyeballed his special little treasure and carried away forevermore. I told him to remain hopeful.

Towards the end of the four hour mark, I am happy to share that I did in fact recover Charlie’s very handsome 18 karat white gold wedding band! My metal detector picked up the ring’s precious metal signal out in the grass, under some leaves exactly 35 feet on a diagonal right angular path behind where Charlie threw the tennis ball! So not only did the left hand go back and release the ring behind Charlie, but it went over 10 yards to the right of the very perplexed dog owner! Just like I said to him before I started the search, sometimes these rings end up behind the client and not in front or to the sides of where they were standing.

I could not have been more excited when I saw that nice sized silver looking halo just sitting under the leaves and grass waiting to be discovered and returned to its rightful owner!

Charlie couldn’t believe where I found his sentimental keepsake! The two of us gave thanks to the Lord for helping me become a ring hero for my client! Charlie was so grateful that my faith, my unrelenting attitude to find missing jewelry and my years of expertise with finding lost rings led me to the unraveling of this very curious ring loss mystery!


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Parents of American University Student in Washington DC Lose Engagement Ring on Campus…Found After Hiring Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Debra’s exquisite platinum engagement ring with hinged band and 2.75 carat cushion cut diamond… miraculously recovered from the road after the jewelry was run over by vehicle tires!

Debra and Mark so very happy that their very special diamond engagement ring was recovered – both band and stone!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Debra and Mark flew in from San Diego, California to visit their daughter at American University as she was settling in at her new school. The three of them went for a tour around the campus and during that time Debra lost her beautiful and most sentimental keepsake – her engagement ring. The piece of jewelry consisted of a platinum band with a hinge (for opening and closing the band over the knuckle of Debra’s ring finger) and a 2.75 carat cushion cut diamond secured within the lovely setting.

The family walked about 200 yards from the university school buildings down to a grassy area where the three of them sat and relaxed in a lovely serene environment. Then, they returned to the main campus drive and walked back up a steep hill in the direction of the educational buildings that they had originally came from.

As soon as the family reached the top of the hill, Debra realized that her irreplaceable diamond ring was missing from her finger. She had suspected that the hinge on the band must have opened up while she was brushing off some dirt from her pants when she stood up off of the grass down by the pretty field where they sat. Immediately, the group headed back to the grassy area to look for the lost jewel, but unfortunately all of their efforts led to no avail.

Sometime during that same day, Debra and Mark went on to the internet and searched for help and that’s when they found the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. Soon after searching for a local metal detectorist, I was contacted by the couple.

I was so happy to come out to American University in Washington DC to assist Debra and Mark in their quest to find their lost sentimental keepsake. When I arrived, I contacted the couple and we arranged a place for us to meet. They would be coming from one of the educational buildings and would walk down the same hill where Debra realized that her precious jewel was no longer on her finger. I encouraged the couple to keep their eyes focused on the concrete just in case the hinge of the band opened up somewhere on their walk back up the hill after hanging out in the grassy area.

I am so excited to share that as I met up with Debra and Mark in the middle of the road, part way down the hill, there it was…the hinged band… right there in the middle of the concrete paved drive! As I studied it carefully, it was quite apparent that it had been run over by a vehicle at least once! I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! However, just when one would think that there was light at the end of the very dark tunnel for my clients, unfortunately that light turned out to be another oncoming train! Upon looking at the damaged platinum band, there was no diamond secured within its setting! It was gone! The immediate thought was that perhaps a tire tread picked up the 2.75 carat cushion shaped diamond and carried it away up the campus road! That very moment was extremely stressful for the couple in realizing that If that theory was accurate, they would never see their special jewel ever again!

Even in the midst of such a crisis, everyone leaned down towards the road and carefully searched for the diamond. Then, perhaps a minute later, Debra let out an overwhelming cheer and an extreme sigh of relief! She found the diamond, her precious and most beautiful piece of ice was lying on the concrete perhaps a foot or so away from where the band had been identified! All of us together could not believe the outcome of this unbelievable recovery! The couple thanked me over and over again for encouraging them to keep their eyes to the ground and for my assistance as we all rendezvoused at the spot where the jewelry was found!

For the next 45 minutes, there was such a spirit of elation that each one of us experienced right there on the American University campus! It was an indescribable time of celebration and excitement! In less than 24 hours, my clients would be leaving on a plane bound for their home in San Diego and Debra and Mark would be boarding with that beautiful “symbol of love” that represented that special moment in time when Mark popped the question…and Debra of course answered a resounding ‘yes’!


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Lost Family Heirloom Ring on Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland…Found by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Kristen’s Beautiful Family Heirloom Topaz Diamond Ring Recovered by The Ring Finder’s Detectorist Brian Rudolph

Kristen and Nygel Smile Brilliantly as Grandma Dorothy’s Ring is Held Once Again by Her Beloved Granddaughter!


Kristen and Nygel drove from Baltimore to Frederick Maryland looking forward to celebrating Oktoberfest out on a farm. In the six years that the couple had been dating, neither one of them encountered a situation quite like this one. Just moments after Nygel parked the vehicle on Summers Farm’s grass field, Kristen lost her very special yellow gold ring with a large blue topaz and two diamonds (one on each side of the center stone). The young lady inherited it from her late grandma Dorothy who passed away the previous year.

Luckily, Kristen knew the very moment when the ring slipped off of her index finger. Just after she got out of the vehicle and began adjusting her pants, Kristen felt the ring come off. However, when she looked down on the ground to recover the jewel, it was nowhere to be found. It was if the family heirloom disappeared into thin air.

Nygel came around the car to assist his girlfriend and for the next hour, the two of them searched for the missing ring. Unfortunately, none of their efforts proved to be successful. The couple decided to leave the grassy parking lot for the time being in order to make the most of their visit to Summers Farm and they decided to deal with any further search attempts following their special autumn excursion.

During Kristen and Nygel’s time out on the farm, they played in the cornfields, shot apples from the pumpkin canon and enjoyed eating all of the fun fall foods provided at the refreshment stands. Though the couple was quite entertained by all of the autumn festivities, the loss of Grandma Dorothy’s ring weighed heavily upon Kristen’s heart and mind.

Once Kristen and Nygel got back to their vehicle, the two of them searched for another hour with no happy results. They realized that they would have to return to the farm the following day with a metal detector in hand in order to try again to recover the gold topaz diamond ring. It made Kristen sick to her stomach to have to leave her precious keepsake behind until the next day. She couldn’t even be so confident that the ring was still there in the grass. It could have already been spotted and picked up by someone else. Nonetheless, the two hoped for the best and planned to return the next morning.

Later that night, Kristen and her boyfriend searched online with the purpose in mind to find a metal detector rental service. Instead of locating a rental shop, THE RING FINDERS website popped up on the screen. They had never heard of the international directory of metal detectorists who specialize in finding lost rings and other precious keepsakes. They figured instead of trying to learn a detecting device that they knew nothing about (and with no guarantee that the detector would even help them find what was lost), they decided to seek out the professional help of one of the directory’s ring finder in the local Frederick, Maryland area. This is where I come into the story.

Kristen contacted me immediately and I asked the distraught young lady every question regarding her particular situation. She did a great job of painting a clear picture as to what happened and what the environment was like where the ring was lost. Because I am familiar with Summers Farm, I knew that it was essential for us to meet at the farm as early as possible before the grass and dirt-covered parking lot would start to fill up with cars and trucks. I received the initial text from Kristen sometime around eight in the morning and by 9:30 a.m. I was already pulling into the farm’s entrance and meeting up with my new clients.

The day was quite lovely outside and I remember encountering special feelings that rushed through my mind as I reminisced about the days of old when my family and I visited Summers during the Oktoberfest time of year. It brought me so much happiness to experience such a sentimental journey in returning once again to the same farm in order to help Kristen with this very important search.

Just as I was driving up the hill to the parking lot section where the couple directed me to meet them, I began to light up with the greatest smile ever due to what I witnessed in front of me. The couple was sitting in two chairs that were facing each other, separated by approximately 30 feet of grass between the two of them. They were guarding the search site, making certain that nobody would be able to park in the area where they believed the ring was lost the day before! I was very impressed! Also, I learned that Kristen and Nygel were sharp enough to think of tying some markers around the place where their vehicle was parked the day before so that they would know exactly where to resume the search the following day! That was brilliant thinking on their part! I commended both of them for taking that step to bring clarity as to where the ring was originally lost. The couple told me that they were doubly convinced that there was no way that they would find the ring after they searched for another 30 minutes while waiting for my arrival. They were so happy that I was willing to come to their rescue!

Once I got all of the details regarding where the couple believed they were parked and approximately where Kristen was standing when the ring fell off her finger, I returned to my vehicle to retrieve my metal detector and other gear to help me with this particular search. Methodically and consistently, I swung my detector’s coil from left to right as I moved straight ahead towards the end of the first grid lane before turning around and beginning with the second grid line. I knew exactly the type of numbers and sounds that I was looking for on my machine and I had all the confidence in the world that if the ring was still there, I would eventually find it!

After I completed searching several more grid passes, I eventually hit a target signal that I was quite certain that it would end up being Kristen’s ring. To my excitement and joy, the target that I knelt down to investigate with my handheld detector did in fact turn out to be Kristen’s grandmother’s ring! My eyes beheld an exquisite yellow gold band with a beautiful blue topaz and two diamonds flanking the large stone! The pretty jewel was hiding under some blades of grass that were bundled together and camouflaged amongst the dirt and wild plant life! I was so relieved that not only was the ring still there and that nobody found it, but also I was thrilled to discover that there was no damage to the family heirloom had a couple of radial tires trampled over it!

What a fun moment it was for me to recover such a priceless “symbol of love” that was handed down to Dorothy’s beloved granddaughter a year earlier! I will never forget the tears that began to flow from the young lady’s eyes and the smile that I could see on Nygel’s face (even though his countenance was mostly covered by a face-mask) as I presented the keepsake back to its rightful owner! It’s precious moments like these that constantly remind me why I love serving people in this way…recovering “lost stories” and returning smiles to people’s faces like Kristen’s!

Before I left the farm, the three of us thanked the Lord for answering our prayer that we jointly offered up to God prior to starting the search! Kristen and Nygel thanked me several more times for helping them recover the ring. In addition, we all agreed that though this problem occurred (which was quite stressful for the two of them to go through), at least it brought us all together and also we were at least surrounded by God’s beautiful creation out on Summers Farm’s property while conducting the search that morning! Lastly, with a giant smile on my face, I told Kristen and Nygel that I hoped that their next ring story would be a happy one – perhaps something to do with Nygel placing an additional band (engagement ring) on Kristen’s finger sometime in the near future! I can’t wait to hear that special news one day!


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Lost white Gold Diamond Wedding ring in the Snow, Regina, Saskatchewan

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Lost white Gold Diamond Wedding ring in the Snow, Regina, Saskatchewan

Judy sent me a text yesterday at supper, she had lost here white gold diamond wedding ring in her back while untangling the dogs chain it was dark out side. She was distraught over loose. They purchased a cheap metal detector from Canadian
Tire but had no luck finding the lost 1 carat ring. She googled and found my info on The Ring Finders Website.

I called Judy immediately and arranged to meet her the next day at her home in Regina. When I arrived Judy showed the approximate area in the snow that it was fell of her finger. the out side Temperature was -14 and the was about 2 inches on the ground. The ring was found 10 feet from the original location and rang up a solid 44 on the AT Gold.

Judy was very happy and could not believe I had found it.

Lost Gold Texas A&M Aggie Class Ring in Laurel, Maryland…Found in Snow by Ring Finder!

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Rohit’s A & M 14 Karat Gold University Ring

The Eastern coast had an entertaining snowstorm the week of Sunday January 13th. Our area got around 11 to 13 inches of snowfall. For our area of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia that’s pretty significant! I got a call the day after the storm from a nice young man named Rohit, living in the Laurel, Maryland area. He sent me a text and left a voicemail message around 11am sounding quite distressed about what had happened to his ring. He said in the text, “Hi Brian, my name is Rohit and I lost my univelost ring in snow, Laurel MD gold university ring, Brian - The Ring Returner finds ring in snowUniversity Ring Found by Brian Rudolph, lost ring in snow, lost and foundrsity ring in the snow, yesterday night in Laurel. I found you through The Ring Finders service on Google. Do you think you can help me find it today?”

I immediately called Rohit and scheduled to meet him near the location of where he lost the ring. It turned out that he was taking a walk in the snow with a friend around a community lake late at night during the snowstorm. Rohit recalled to me that he remembered making his way up a snowy hill when he slipped and he believed his Texas A&M University ring slipped off his finger at that point. He searched for a good long while with his friend in desperation of recovering his very special gold ring that he obtained upon graduating with a doctorate degree at Texas A&M University. Unfortunately, to no avail, and Rohit was empty handed that night. He said he barely could sleep as he thought about the possibility of not retrieving his priceless reward for all his hard work over the past many years.

As I shared, the snow fell heavily the night before and we had quite a bit on the ground and on the roads. But I managed to get over to his Laurel, Maryland housing development and met him over on the other side of the lake where he lost the ring. Rohit walked me between some houses overlooking the lake and over to the hill where he believed that the ring was lost. After asking him a long list of questions, I agreed

lost A & M ring found in Laurel MD, metal detecting in snow

Rohit so happy to have his ring back! Thumbs up!

Best metal detector, Brian Rudolph, how to find a lost ring in snow, How to metal detect, lost ring in snow, metal detector rental Laurel, metal detecting for gold, theringfinders, Where to buy a metal detector

that it was best to start the search in the vicinity of where he was most certain that he lost the ring. I started at the top of the hill and then worked my way down. I was so hoping that there wasn’t too much traffic of people walking the same path after the snowfall. There were quite a few boot tracks left in the snow from the night before and in the morning.

Within no time, as I neared the bottom of the hill, my detector picked up a signal that matched what a heavy University gold ring would match up to. I didn’t even need to dig in the snow because just as I bent down to have a look at what my detector was picking up, I saw a glimpse of gold coming through the ice! It was Rohit’s beloved ring! I was so happy that I found it for him! It probably took less than 10 minutes of searching! As he was holding some of my photography equipment, I requested that he come down the hill and take a look at what I discovered. I know Rohit was getting excited as he took each step towards where I was standing. And just as he reached the place where I was standing, a huge smile came on his face

how to metal detect in snow, lost ring in snow, university ring found by Brian Rudolphbecause he was looking directly at what I had discovered

lost ring found in Laurel, MD, happy smile returned to ring owner after university ring goes missing

Thumbs up for Rohit as he wears his A & M ring, Laurel, MD

moments earlier! It was just the best scene to see him reunited with his university ring!

I was so happy for him and I was overjoyed at being able to return such a priceless possession back to the hand that had worn it so proudly

The Ring Returners, The Ring Finders, find my ring, how to find a ring in the snow, Laurel, Lost & Found Rings, Lost ring Laurel MD, lost university ring, metal detector rental

before this incident occurred.

Rohit kept thanking me and I told him it was my pleasure to assist him in recovering the ring.

I am confident that if Rohit had waited much longer to call me and if I was not able to get out when I did to try to find the ring, someone else would have discovered his ring because as the photos reveal, it was a large shiny gold ring for any eye to easily behold! Enough boots had walked over it so that some of the gold was already peeking through the snow and ice.

Once we got back to my car I invited him to take a seat on the passenger side so I could drive him back to his place. I had no idea that he was going to walk around the entire lake to meet me earlier! Now, he was returning back home with his ring which was returned to his finger! He gave me a big bear hug

Rohit Stands at the Place Where Ring Finder – Brian Rudolph Recovered His Ring

of thanks as we said our goodbyes and then I was off to Virginia to another appointment.

Another smiley face made for one happy Texas A & M University graduate! Rohit said, “I’m going to sleep a lot better tonight!”



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How to Find a Lost Ring in Snow/ White Rock, BC…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Victim #4 (Lost Ring) due to the latest snow storm… Very shortly after my third successful recovery as I walked into my place to sit down and start the video process for my recent recovery, no sooner do I sit down, I get another phone call for a lost ring not far from where I live. I got a tell you, I love each and every call, the excitement of going out to help someone…The young lady who lost the ring her name was Alana, but I was on the phone with her mother who told me her daughter bought a metal detector to search for a diamond ring her grandmother gave her just the day before… I could tell by the tone of her voice that she believed the ring was gone. After talking for about 10 minutes I was confident that the ring would be found.

I asked her where she had lost the ring, she said one of 3 places…House, car, snow. Snow makes the most sense to me, so I arrange to come and meet them and search around the car we’re she was scraping snow off the windshield. When I first got there I met Alana and we discuss the possibilities and where we should start the search. She takes me over to the car we’re she was scraping snow off the windshield. Alana and her mother watch on as I begin to metal detect that area.

The first target signal turned out to be a target in the grass, not her ring. A few steps after that another signal and Bang! found it! This was a very quick search, most of our time spent was discussing where the ring could be, and it was where I thought it would be.

Picking up the ring without them knowing and then surprising them is always fun for me. I feel as good as the person I found it for!!!










I love my job! If you lost your ring call me ASAP 778-838-3463

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Lost Gold Wedding Band in Surrey/Langley…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Victim #3 (Lost Ring) due to recent snow storm… I got another call from Royal who told me that he possibly lost his ring while he was scraping snow off his truck. He said there was a possibility it may have been lost in his house, but him and his wife searched his place pretty thoroughly and could not find it. He was at work when he called and asked me if there was a chance I could come down and meet him so he could show me where he was parked. It was bothering him so much at work thinking it maybe on the road somewhere.

I told him I’d come out right away to help him search for his lost ring. Anytime a ring his lost in the snow on the side of the road, its important to get there as quickly as possible to make sure the ring is not driven away by someones truck tire tread. Also you want to make sure you beat the snow plow as it can push a ring hundreds of yards down the road, into a pile of the snow.

I met Royal a short time later at his place, he showed me where his truck was parked and also where he went to another vehicle and where he walked from the house to that vehicle. I started my search where he was scraping the snow off of his work truck, still no ring. I started to grid search from the vehicle furthest away towards his truck, as I passed by the truck that he was scraping the snow off …Bang! found it. Very close to the road!









You can watch the video and see the surprise look on his face when I showed him his ring! He had already given up the thought of finding it as it was already 30 minutes into the search.

I love my job! If you lost a ring call me ASAP 778-838-3463

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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in North Surrey…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Another victim of our February snowstorm…I received a call from Linda who was extremely saddened by the recent loss of her Tiffany diamond engagement ring that she received at Christmas. After talking to her on the phone for around 10 minutes I learned that she had bought a metal detector, took the day off work and searched with friends but could not find her engagement ring. It’s not uncommon for people to rent or buy a metal detector thinking they will find their ring themselves. Most people don’t realize it takes practice to use a detector and I have over 40 years of practice.

It was snowing out pretty hard, I jumped into my car and headed to North Surrey to help her find her diamond engagement ring. The side roads were a bit of a challenge in my car but I made it to her place, She showed me the area where she was scraping snow off of her car and where her dad was shovelling snow. I started my search in the area where we believe the ring should’ve fallen and after 15-20 minutes and no ring I started searching away from the hot spot.

Not long after I heard that sweet loud and proud target signal and Bang! Found it…

I had one very happy young lady! I love my job! I get to make people Smile!










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