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how to find a buried water spigot in Valley Wa.

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Excite, hopeful ,looking toward the future Sandra stood with her husband in front of their newly purchased home. As the couple took it all in the pervious owner gave them the run down on the homestead. He reminisced about growing up there and it being like new back in the 1930’s. Sandra asked the man if there was ever a water spigot further away from the home. He squinted his eyes while looking south. Raising his arm in the air his bony finger pointed toward the middle of the yard.  “Somewhere over there”, he exclaimed with a precise approximation. So with that lump of information Sandra began digging. “I felt like I was  digging to China” Sandra said as I began my search. See Sandra gave up on her search and found a guy with a metal detector…Me. I quickly made my grid search over Sandra’s dig site. Expanding the grid I noticed a wet patch of dirt. Low and behold a massive signal was near the wet dirt.  My shovel made a loud thud as I plunged it into the wet dirt. With a quick square cut into the sod Sandra’s spigot appeared. Smiling and excited Sandra’s shed idea was becoming fully realized.

Thank goodness for Ring Finders and good people

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Thank goodness for Ring Finders and good people. Luke was eager to drive 45 mins to come look for my ring and he was equal parts professional, friendly, and caring. I had never met Luke before but a Google search brought me to his Ring Finders page.

Visibility was less than 4 inches and it was amazing that he was able to find my ring considering the conditions he described above, not to mention the ring sat on the bottom in the muck and slime for 7 days before I had a day off to go out there. The lake bottom is littered with old cans, bottles, coins, etc and I was actually getting fairly discouraged after sitting on the dock for 1.5 hours or so, getting sun burnt and feeling bad about my lost wedding band. Luke was positive the whole time and like he said, after taking a 15 minute break to regroup, he picked up the signal and somehow got it back to the shallows, basically working blind, without dropping it. At first I was in disbelief and I think he celebrated more than me for the first few seconds! The people on the public dock 10 yards away must have thought we were crazy jumping up and down and high-fiving, hooping and hollering. When we told them what the commotion was about, they were yelling too! It was a great time.

You can bet I’ll be recommending Luke’s services to anyone in the Spokane/CDA area that needs this type of help. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to work with. Good work! (and thanks for getting my wife off my back!)