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How To Find a Lost Wedding Ring? In Post Falls, Idaho… Found It!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sometimes problems randomly come your way. Sometimes you create them by your own hand and they smack you in the face. For Brandon that hand that created his problem, now sat hovering over a keyboard. The word Brandon was searching for escaped his vocabulary. So he asked Google “what do you call a person who metal detects?” “A detectorist “, Google answered. Brandon now had a title to call someone who metal detects. Now he needed a name to go with that title. Google gave him mine and Brandon called me. Brandon asked me if I am able to be hired or rent out my metal detector? I told him “I was a professional metal detector specialist and yes you can hire me”. Continuing the conversation we discussed his situation.  Without hesitating Brandon told me he threw his ring, and no he wasn’t playing baseball. After setting up a date a few days ago, I finally made it out to his house. We sized up the search area, which was on the other side of the street in the neighbor’s yard. After swinging over all of the bushes Brandon showed me his best guess as to the splash down spot of the ring. I grid searched that area. Then began to grid search the two conjoined yard of Brandon’s neighbors. After Brandon had to take off to an a.m. appointment, his neighbor and I had a friendly conversation while I searched. Just as we were discussing the economy, I got a solid 20-21 vdi. Looking down I could see a dark rim poking through the grass. With complete shock and disbelief picked up his ring and realized his ring sat where it landed in the middle of the yard for a month. Lawn mowers, rain, and people all had been near and on top of that ring. However it remained untouched until I swung over it. What a crazy story that ring could tell if it could talk. Happily ever after would be it’s final words as Brandon slipped it back on his finger. Thank you man for trusting in The Ring Finders. Also being so happy, even after I did a Chris Turner fake out on you while giving the ring back.

How To Find A Lost Pendant In Your Yard…FOUND IT Post Falls Idaho!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Like all good home owners Sarah was tending to the needs of her lawn. With her weed wacker in hand, Sarah had the forethought to stash her phone and 14k necklace in her brazier. After doing a bit of trimming by the fence Sarah walked over by a row of bushes. Her phone was needing her attention so she removed it from where it was stashed. Upon pulling the phone out the necklace that was wrapped around it got caught. With a quick tug the necklace broke. Freezing from the sudden snap, Sarah knew she shouldn’t move a muscle. Sarah called for her hubby Matt and he came over to give Sarah a pat down. After shaking her clothes, looking in and around her wardrobe, only left Sarah puzzled about where her pendant went. Both of the neighbors to the left and right came over to help, one with a metal detector and one with flood lights. Four hours went by with no luck finding the pendant. The neighbors to the left of Sarah’s house suggested she find someone to hire who had a metal detector. On the Google machine Sarah typed metal detecting services. My name and number popped up to the top of the list. A text, a phone call and the next morning, I made my way to Idaho. Arriving to Sarah’s house I met Matt and he showed me where the chain broke. Sarah had step out for a bit so I quickly got to work scanning the ground. The worst thing happened when I turned on my machine, the uncoordinated sound of EMI came through my head phones. Quickly I turned down the sensitivity, ground balanced, and ran the noise calculation. All of these adjustments proved useless. I put on a smaller coil to mitigate the EMI. Nope, the sounds of the interference still rang out. So on my hands and knees I went. With my Garret carrot I made sweeps left and right, top to bottom. This also failed to locate her pendant.  Thinking maybe her pendant was flung I expanded the search while still fighting the EMI. With hopes fading I asked if she had another piece of gold that I could scan. To my surprise this test showed my detector was not able to pick up that small piece of gold. I know for a fact that the Eqinox can detect small gold so it had to be the large EMI presence killing its ability.  Flipping through the frequencies didn’t help out the detector. The only remedy was to put the detector in prospecting one mode. I finally was able to get a hit on her other piece of gold. However researching the area didn’t reveal her pendant. I knew the EMI was still killing my detectors ability. So I asked if we could turn off the power to the house to cool off the underground power lines. After doing that I switched my detector to prospecting two and adjusted the sensitivity up until I got a good repeatable single on Sarah’s other piece of gold. One last search of the area where the chain broke gave me a new signal. One without EMI blocking it. With my pinpointer out I saw the unique shape of Sarah’s pendant sticking slightly out of the mud. Completely relieved I smiled and gave a fist pump at the porch where Sarah and my wife were sitting. Shocked Sarah made her way over to hold the pendant that was right under our feet. Luckily my 21 years of metal detecting experience gave me the wisdom to push past the EMI and find what was lost.

Stolen Wedding Ring in Rathdrum Idaho, FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Life steals away lots of things, memories, happiness, and loved ones. However when an item is stolen from your possession by another human it leaves a sting that never fully goes away. Likewise when the item is stolen by a family member you are left with a hurting heart and the feeling of a hopeless loss. For Ric and Ronda the latter came true while the snow began to fall in Idaho. The full story of the how the ring went missing was validated by a lie detection test and a trip to the pawn shop. Both tests proved that the ring that was stolen, was pawned, bought back and then thrown into Ric and Ronda’s front yard. A metal detector was rented and use but the ring still remained lost. Ric was using google to find a better metal detector but found instead The Ring Finders directory. I called Ric as fast as my fingers could dial the number he left in his email. We discussed “the story” behind the stolen ring, then made a plan for me to come over the next day. I arrived to the snowy front yard of Ric and Ronda’s and began to ask my standard questions of what kind of ring was it and what kind of gold was it made of. Ric’s reply was let me go get a picture of it. Ric came back out of the house with the insurance pictures of a stunning yellow and white gold marquise diamond wedding ring. I knew if the ring was there I was going to hear a loud signal under the two inches of snow. I could see the path where the person with a metal detector was looking but knew my 18 years of detecting was going to find it even if a coil had already passed over the ring. So back and forth I weaved talking and keeping the mood light. I had just asked a question to Ric while kicking away the snow that was over a 53 vdi signal, I remember that I had said “her ring” in the question. However I can’t recall the question because when I looked back down at the snow I saw the top half of a large gold ring. I said “hey Ric Her Ring” and I kept repeating her ring until he came over to look. Meanwhile Ronda was quickly exiting the front screen door exclaiming did he find it? With the pure excitement of the whole ordeal Ric’s wide eyes could not see the ring laying in the grass and snow. My hand met his and pointed out the location of his Wife’s wedding ring. Tears, screams of joy, clutched hands shaking with relief, my big smile , all erupted and all happened in less time then it took for the ring to fly out of a car window and land at the edge of Ric and Ronda’s snowy front yard. The story of life has many twists and turns, some leading to a hurting heart but leading to the joy only a Ring Finders Recovery can bring. Ric told me he had set the stones in Ronda’s ring 20 some years ago. I could see the happy moment when he gave her that ring for the first time, return to his smiling face. Blessed are those to hold on till the end knowing that at the end true peace will be delivered.

Rhonda hold her ring