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Gold Wedding Ring Lost In A Maine Lake Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday evening, August 6, 2023, I received a text from Andy. In Andy’s own words, “Hi Dennis. I’m Andy. I found your contact info on ring finders. I lost my gold wedding ring today in Bunganut Pond in Lyman. I was hoping you could do the impossible”.  I called Andy back immediately and asked him a few questions about depth of water and if this a private property or public beach. Andy told me it was a public beach and the ring was lost in waist deep water. My concern now was that I would have less than an hour’s worth of sunlight left, once I arrived at Bunganut Pond, in Lyman, Maine. It was a 30-35 minute drive to get there. Andy explained that he lived 2 hours away in Nashua, NH and needed to get back home and would prefer to not stay the night but would, if necessary. I really didn’t want Andy and his wife to have to stay an extra night. I told him we would be there as soon as possible. My wife and I loaded my Excalibur II, my long handled scoop and off we went. We arrived at the pond at 7:20pm and I was in the water at 7:25pm. Andy and I immediately headed to the spot he thought he lost his wedding band. After a few minutes, with only 1 target (a piece of aluminum), Andy asked his wife if the area we were in looked correct from her vantage point on the shore. She told us she thought it was about 15-20 feet to our right, as we faced the shore. Andy’s wife then entered the water and went to the area she thought it was in. As I was working my to the area, still no targets. When I got to the area she thought the ring was in, I received a very solid sounding target. I put the scoop in and pulled it up, shaking the sand out, into the water. I got a great view a a new shiny gold ring in the bottom of the scoop. It took all of 7 minutes , in the water to find it. I had Andy’s ring and his wife and he started screaming with joy. I love this job.
Andy and his wife were very very elated and couldn’t contain their excitement of getting Andy’s ring back. Andy told us that he and his wife were just married, in March, less than 6 months ago. Here is wishing them many many years of love and happiness.

Lost Wedding Ring, Skeleton Lake! County of Athabasca, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Zack called me requesting my service to locate his wife’s (Brooke) wedding ring lost just off the boat launch in Skeleton Lake.

After asking Zack a few questions I agreed to head out to Skeleton Lake approximately 160km NE of Edmonton.

I meet Brooke at the lake and she showed me the approximately area that her ring slipped off her finger. It was roughly 40 feet from the shore line in 4.5 feet of water! Brooke told me they had bought a metal detector and had searched for a few hours with no luck at all.

After about 1.5 hrs searching the sandy gravel bottom of the lake I finely received the sound that I was searching for from my detector. I used my scoop and scooped Brooke’s ring from the bottom of the lake where it had been for the past 24 hours!

I called Brooke over and asked her to look in the scoop! The look on her face was indescribable and she had tears of joy to have her ring back on her finger.

Thank you Brooke and Zack for allowing me to retrieve your wedding ring from the bottom of Skeleton Lake.

How To Find A Gold Wedding Ring in Priest Lake.

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

The newlyweds Ryan and Sarah were enjoying a perfect summers day at the lake. After taking a few gorgeous photographs, Ryan took a dip in the cold water of Priest lake. Taking a brief swim Ryan exited the water missing his newly received gold wedding ring. With shock and disbelief Ryan got back in the water for another swim to try and recover his ring. Borrowing a set of goggles from a nearby boater and wadding around in the four feet of water, Ryan didn’t find his ring.  Let’s just say the boat ride back was quiet. After arriving to his camping trailer and sharing his news with fellow campers his mother said find a man with a metal detector. Promptly Ryan did what he was told. After reading Ryan’s text we spoke on the phone and made plans for the next morning. I headed to Priest lake early in the morning. After meeting Ryan and his wife we set sail on a pontoon boat. I jumped in the 60 degree water and was directed to the drop zone by Ryan and the other sailors on board. I was using my Equinox 800 and a guide line to keep a true search heading. In the first 30ft circle I made, I found a bullet and a crude weight. Expanding that search zone and focusing in on the northern part of my circle I made half moon shape paths. At the conclusion of that search I was very cold but not wanting to quit. So I reeled in my guide line and asked for advice on one more zone to search. I backed up away from my weight, guide line in hand and asked the crew members to tell me when to stop. They all agreed and Ryan said stop . I headed to the south for my first pass and as I made three steps I saw a perfect round object sitting in the sand. I gave the boat a huge smile and dove down to retrieve Ryan’s wedding ring. With pictures and champagne the boat crew and I celebrated . Within one week of getting his ring, Ryan had thought he had lost it forever. Within a day, he got it back. The thought of his ring being gone forever, erased by another ring finders smile.


The newly weds showing off their rings