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What To Do When Your Wedding Ring Is Lost In The Water In Sagle, ID …..FOUND IT!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Corrinne said she was desperate, her eyes were red from crying for two hours. I couldn’t see her eyes because we were talking on the phone. Although in her trembling voice I could hear a broken heart. I knew what I needed to do. Head straight to her and her husband Mike, and do what we Ring Finders do best…Find lost wedding rings. In the fading hours of the day I drove to Pend Oreille river and vowed to find Corrinnes lost wedding ring. We headed towards the other side of the channel which was a short boat ride. Mike and Corrinne both gave great directions on where to search. First I snorkeled and detected and then scuba detected. As night fell like a ring slipping off a finger into dark water, the hope of a recovery drifted into the blackness. I had to stop the search, 1000 psi in the scuba tank and no more strength to keep going. We were the last boat on the lake that night. Tired and distraught we all packed up and headed home. Remembering my vow I woke up the next morning and retraced my steps back to Springy Point camp ground on the Pend Oreille River. Corrinne and Mike showed up shortly after I arrived and we all had a very positive mindset. Mike took us on a quick boat ride over to the other side and parked where they were yesterday. Mike looked out on the water and said “here is your search area Luke”. So I got my scoop and detector and started to grid search along the shoreline. Mike was snorkeling in the deep section where I had been yesterday. I knew I needed to eliminate the shallow water before going back to the deep water. Just as Corrinne showed up on the bank I made a turn in my grid line by an old stump. My pocket was full of pull tabs already and as I turned I got another signal of 13-14. But as I sifted the sand through the scoop a rim of a ring sparkled in between the small stones. I honestly thought I had dug up a different ring . As I reached¬† for the ring, the ring fell over in the scoop. I then caught a glimpse of Corrinne’s one carat diamond.¬† The pure sound of joy erupted from my mouth. The fishermen on the other side jumped a little because of the sudden sound. Corrinne knew what I found and held out her hands to hold her wedding ring she has had for 15 years. Mike was still floating in the deep and only heard a muffled sound. So Corrinne and I yelled louder. His head popped up and he saw our smiles and he knew what all the yelling was about. Hugs, fist bumps, and photos, we all celebrated a Ring Finders Happy ending.