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How to find a ring after its thrown, Spokane Valley Wa

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Shawn had just about enough of the stress in his life. However Shawn knew he needed to cool down. So he went outside in the cool spring air and let his rage fly…along with his two rings. Two days later I was looking for another pair of thrown rings, when Shawn’s girlfriend asked me if I would look for Shawn’s lost ring on her property.  I quickly went over the area Shawn pointed out, knowing that the flat ground wouldn’t hide a ring. Within 10 minutes I had a beep in the tall grass and with a few swipes of my pinpointer one of Shawn’s rings popped up. Sadly the largest of the two rings flew off this planet when Shawn threw it, so that one wasn’t recovered.


Lost Sentimental Gold Wedding Band Found in the Snow, Portland, Maine.

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Monday January 23, 2023, I received a text from someone who lost a very sentimental wedding band, in the snow. Fred, had been cleaning the snow off of his car, during a storm that would eventually drop 10-12 inches of fresh snow on the area, along with sleet and freezing rain.  When Fred got back into his house, he noticed his custom made wedding ring was missing. He went out looking for it around his car but had no luck locating the ring. Fred states that he started to panic, as the plow would be coming back through and was afraid of the plow would take it down the road and be forever lost. Fred rust back inside and frantically searched online on how to find a lost ring in the snow. At that point, Fred found The Ring Finders website. Fred then contacted me with the text message. I immediately called Fred back and let him know that because of the snow day I would not be able to make it to Portland because I was home alone with my 5 year old granddaughter whose Kindergarten school had been canceled. The police were also asking everyone not to travel because of the weather. I then told Fred that if he could shovel the snow from around the car and throw it up onto the lawn, it would be safe from the plow and I could get out to his place the next day or so, if he so desires. Fred said he would let me know and went back outside and shoveled all the snow around his car, up onto the lawn.

I did not hear back from Fred until 3 days later , when he texted me and let me know that he and his wife had been sifting through the snow that he had thrown up onto the lawn and had found the priceless ring.
InFred’s own words.   “Just wanted to let you know that we searched the snow I put on the grass again tonight and found my ring! Thank you so so so much for that idea! I was totally losing my head and you helped keep me sane and I got my ring back thanks to your quick thinking! ”

Fred then went on to tell me how the custom ring was made.Again, in Fred’s own words.                        “It’s gold and white gold with a ruby. It was made along side my wife’s by melting down some old family rings that were given to us for that purpose.” “My wife’s is two rings. The engagement ring sits inside the wedding band. It’s rubies and sapphires.”

So even though I did not find his ring with my detector, I feel absolutely elated that this very sentimental ring is back where it belongs, on Fred’s finger. Fred sent me a photo of his ring and his wife’s custom made ring. Beautiful and now back together  



  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Shawn SGT Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Call/Text ASAP  Anytime 24/7   918-313-2202

After finding my previous ring that was lost for 15 years, a friend of that person’s saw his post and posted that they wanted me to try to find his. I reached out to them and found out his lost ring was lost for over 15 years. This time it was a NC STATE college class ring. Ed lost it while mowing and throwing limbs into the wooded areas. It took me four hours to find it after searching on the opposite side most of the morning. I finally got a VDI 68 range that wasn’t a piece of aluminum or a bullet casing. I had finally found it after an exhausting four hours of intense searching and dedication of moving leaves and limbs in one area. I was driven, persistent and determined to find his ring. He was 100% certain it was out there. I couldn’t give up, I just had to keep swinging, until it was found.




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