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How To Find A Lost Ring In Little Spokane River…FOUND IT!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Austin had found an oasis located in Waikiki Springs Trailhead. With its majestic green valley floor and gentle sloped mountains this park never stops delivering breathtaking landscapes. To add to the tranquillity of the park, a little river called the Little Spokane river offers its cool water to any hot and tired hiker. This little river is where Austin had taken his wife and mother to beat the summers heat. While playing in the shallow waters Austin had climbed and crawled through river rock. He also swam in a deep pool and waded in shoulder high waters. All this fun came to an end and Austin and his family went home. As Austin started fidgeting with his ring on his ring finger, he noticed a vacant groove where the ring had been for a year. Retracing his steps and looking back at pictures they had taken that day, Austin knew the ring was lost in the water. Austin began to think about how to recover his wedding ring. A few searches on Google allowed him to find a guy who has an underwater metal detector. Austin and I spoke a few days later and after work I geared up and headed to the park. We both grabbed my gear and made the 1/2 mile long walk to the waters edge. I had asked Austin about where he thought he was swimming. Then I began to grid search the area. I searched around the deep pool, the chest high water and in the fast current where Austin was playing in the rocks. However no ring was found. I was wearing my wet suit but was getting rather cold and Austin had gotten out, although it was cold I don’t give up that easily. I had asked Austin to recall that day again. Sadly I had searched most of the area he was playing in. We were both ready to leave and end the search, but one last walk in the shallow water was all that was left to search. Austin was walking in front of me and I was searching behind him. I could see him reliving his actions two days ago. He stopped about 10 feet from the waters edge. I was still searching but barely. Then like lightning I got an 18,20 signal at one bar deep. Removing a white quarts stone revealed his black tungsten wedding ring. High fives and cheers erupted from the middle of the babbling brook. We both were fully relieved and ready to get out of the water. We took pictures and gathered ourselves and then had a smile filled walk, back to our cars. Austin said he had learned his lesson about wearing his ring in the water.


Lost Mens Gold Wedding Band, FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

John, his wife and kids were out in the backyard enjoying the first day of heat this summer. Sunscreen, water and running around were the ingredients for fun that day. Little did they know, those ingredients are also how you make a ring disappear.  At 11 am John had his picture taken showing his wedding ring on his hand. By 6pm another picture of John was taken and his ring was gone. After realizing that his ring was gone John grabbed a rake and raked the whole back yard. With no luck, John put on a rubber band in place of his ring and went to work. As john sat at his desk brainstorming a solution to his lost ring problem, John thought about a  metal detector and decided to Google Spokane metal detectors. The Ring Finders popped up first and I got a text from John at 9 am. I made arrangements to be at John’s house by 11 and met his wife Angie at the front door. Angie told me where I should search in the backyard.  A few grid searches put me right over John’s ring. That thick green grass hid his ring so well. As   I bent down to pin point the ring I pulled back the grass.   Unknowingly the ring slid on to my finger. Thank you John and Angie for the reward and trusting The Ring Finders to have the recipe that solved a lost ring problem .

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