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How To Find a Lost Wedding Ring? In Post Falls, Idaho… Found It!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sometimes problems randomly come your way. Sometimes you create them by your own hand and they smack you in the face. For Brandon that hand that created his problem, now sat hovering over a keyboard. The word Brandon was searching for escaped his vocabulary. So he asked Google “what do you call a person who metal detects?” “A detectorist “, Google answered. Brandon now had a title to call someone who metal detects. Now he needed a name to go with that title. Google gave him mine and Brandon called me. Brandon asked me if I am able to be hired or rent out my metal detector? I told him “I was a professional metal detector specialist and yes you can hire me”. Continuing the conversation we discussed his situation.  Without hesitating Brandon told me he threw his ring, and no he wasn’t playing baseball. After setting up a date a few days ago, I finally made it out to his house. We sized up the search area, which was on the other side of the street in the neighbor’s yard. After swinging over all of the bushes Brandon showed me his best guess as to the splash down spot of the ring. I grid searched that area. Then began to grid search the two conjoined yard of Brandon’s neighbors. After Brandon had to take off to an a.m. appointment, his neighbor and I had a friendly conversation while I searched. Just as we were discussing the economy, I got a solid 20-21 vdi. Looking down I could see a dark rim poking through the grass. With complete shock and disbelief picked up his ring and realized his ring sat where it landed in the middle of the yard for a month. Lawn mowers, rain, and people all had been near and on top of that ring. However it remained untouched until I swung over it. What a crazy story that ring could tell if it could talk. Happily ever after would be it’s final words as Brandon slipped it back on his finger. Thank you man for trusting in The Ring Finders. Also being so happy, even after I did a Chris Turner fake out on you while giving the ring back.