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How To Find A Lost Pendant In Your Yard…FOUND IT Post Falls Idaho!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Like all good home owners Sarah was tending to the needs of her lawn. With her weed wacker in hand, Sarah had the forethought to stash her phone and 14k necklace in her brazier. After doing a bit of trimming by the fence Sarah walked over by a row of bushes. Her phone was needing her attention so she removed it from where it was stashed. Upon pulling the phone out the necklace that was wrapped around it got caught. With a quick tug the necklace broke. Freezing from the sudden snap, Sarah knew she shouldn’t move a muscle. Sarah called for her hubby Matt and he came over to give Sarah a pat down. After shaking her clothes, looking in and around her wardrobe, only left Sarah puzzled about where her pendant went. Both of the neighbors to the left and right came over to help, one with a metal detector and one with flood lights. Four hours went by with no luck finding the pendant. The neighbors to the left of Sarah’s house suggested she find someone to hire who had a metal detector. On the Google machine Sarah typed metal detecting services. My name and number popped up to the top of the list. A text, a phone call and the next morning, I made my way to Idaho. Arriving to Sarah’s house I met Matt and he showed me where the chain broke. Sarah had step out for a bit so I quickly got to work scanning the ground. The worst thing happened when I turned on my machine, the uncoordinated sound of EMI came through my head phones. Quickly I turned down the sensitivity, ground balanced, and ran the noise calculation. All of these adjustments proved useless. I put on a smaller coil to mitigate the EMI. Nope, the sounds of the interference still rang out. So on my hands and knees I went. With my Garret carrot I made sweeps left and right, top to bottom. This also failed to locate her pendant.  Thinking maybe her pendant was flung I expanded the search while still fighting the EMI. With hopes fading I asked if she had another piece of gold that I could scan. To my surprise this test showed my detector was not able to pick up that small piece of gold. I know for a fact that the Eqinox can detect small gold so it had to be the large EMI presence killing its ability.  Flipping through the frequencies didn’t help out the detector. The only remedy was to put the detector in prospecting one mode. I finally was able to get a hit on her other piece of gold. However researching the area didn’t reveal her pendant. I knew the EMI was still killing my detectors ability. So I asked if we could turn off the power to the house to cool off the underground power lines. After doing that I switched my detector to prospecting two and adjusted the sensitivity up until I got a good repeatable single on Sarah’s other piece of gold. One last search of the area where the chain broke gave me a new signal. One without EMI blocking it. With my pinpointer out I saw the unique shape of Sarah’s pendant sticking slightly out of the mud. Completely relieved I smiled and gave a fist pump at the porch where Sarah and my wife were sitting. Shocked Sarah made her way over to hold the pendant that was right under our feet. Luckily my 21 years of metal detecting experience gave me the wisdom to push past the EMI and find what was lost.

Lost Gold Cross Pendant w/Birthstones, Found in Bristow, Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

Call Ray @ MyGoldFinder for lost items 571.258.7217.

I received a text from a couple, John and Amy in Bristow, Virginia. Amy had been doing some gardening in the back yard and as she walked around the side of the house she realized her chain was dangling from her neck, but the gold cross charm was missing. After searching for hours they placed a notice on their community website asking if anyone had the ability to assist. One of the neighbors suggested they reach out to theRingFinders.

I’m about 45 minutes from their location so I was able to head early after work the next day to do a recovery search with the hopes of finding it quickly as the area was not too large. Once I arrived Amy gave me the rundown of what she was doing and where she walked, so  initially conducted a quick search in the grassy area where she realized the charm was gone. No hits in this area so I decided to go right to the garden bed in the hopes it fell into the mulch/soil she was seeding for green beans and carrots. As I was working the bed, Amy was literally a foot and a half away from me and shouted, “I found it!! While watching me she happen to look down near her feet and there it was just laying in the grass. Great Karma, lucky find and glad to see her smile so big. Amy’s had the cross for 20 years and it holds the birthstones of each of her children, a very treasured item to say the least.

Gold Cross pendant with Birthstones

God Bless and happy Hunting!!


Wedding Charm Sails Away from Wedding Bouquet: Barnstable, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Karoline’s day was going perfectly, family, friends, food, beverages, weather, entertainment, you name it it was all perfect, well almost. It seems a bit of wind had untied the knotted string holding a family heirloom, a gold sailboat, close to the bouquet. The sailboat ran aground mooring itself in the soft sand which was soon to be covered by water of the incoming tide.

Many eyes searched and fingers sifted the sand to no avail. As a last resort I was called. My search lasted a bit over two hours covering both the area on the beach and yard also to no avail. About ready to call it a day Karoline’s sister came running and said we have a neighbor’s pictures, some 135 of them, and one shows the sailboat at the feet of the bride and groom. The entourage was on the way to the beach.

Trying to match the photo up with the landscape was no easy task. After the third area was isolated, and I searched it, an area only about 3 inches from one of my previous search marks, the commandeered sailboat was scooped from the fluffy sand. Now I had the fortune to return it to its rightful mooring. One can talk about a million in one, finding the sailboat in the one picture was one of those winning odds.

Necklace lost at North Island Breakers beach Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Vanessa and her two children were spending the day at the beach on NAS North Island Breaker’s Beach. She had with her a necklace that was a recent gift. It was in a pouch, inside a box, then inside her bag. Should be safe there huh? Not with an active 1 1/2 year old toddler it isn’t! Apparently the child had gotten into the bag, box and pouch, finding the necklace and deciding to play with it in the dry sand. Once it was realized what happened, too late, the necklace was nowhere to be seen. I met Vanessa outside the gate so she could get me on the Navy base. We proceeded to the beach where the search area was defined. Lots of dry sand to sift and lots of junk targets to raise and dash our hopes. As you can see, after expanding out from ground zero, it was eventually found and a relieved Vanessa could head home happy. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

Lost Gold Diamond Pedant in Calgary Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call a young lady. She said she had lost her gold diamond pendant. It was given to her from her boyfriend. She said she had lost it while she was riding her horse. She had been jumping her horse in the outdoor area plus the inside one.She said it could be anywhere even the barn. I told her I would start on the out door arena around all the jumps first and grid the whole area. It was a very hot day about 30 degrees.I started finding lots of stuff but it was a lot of nails which I picked up so the horses wouldn’t pick them up. I hunted for about 3 hours about to give up and I thought I would give it about another half hour. Just about the last couple of minutes bam I found it.So I went the the indoor arena where she was teaching young riders. She came over ans asked if I found it I showed her all the metal and nails.She looked sad and said thanks for trying.Then I showed her the gold diamond  pendant  she screamed your my hero I’m so happy thank you so so much. Well another successful hunt and a very happy girl. Kevin Niefer Ring Finders Calgary Alberta