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Lost engagement ring found in Arcadia Mi with a metal detector

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Ruth that her son Henry and future daughter-in-law Garrity were in the water in Lake Michigan. Garrity felt her engagement ring slip off her finger. She and Henry frantically looked for the ring. The correct was too strong, and waves from Lake Michigan crashed into shore.

Ruth found me on The Ring Finders site and gave me a call. I agreed to meet after I got out of work that afternoon.

Once on site, I met with Henry and Garrity. They walked me to where the ring fell off Garrity’s finger. I had Garrity put a marker in the ground to give me a reference point to work from. I started a grid pattern, walking 10 feet to the drop-off, then turning around. As I turned around, I got a very faint gold signal. I thought this could not be the ring down this deep in 5 hours. That target turned out to be the ring. It was already down 5-6 inches after being lost for 5 hours. This is why ou have to get on calls as fast as possible. A combination of the strong river current and the incoming waves rove the ring down. If we had waited a couple of days, the ring would have been too deep to get with a detector.

This was a fun, quick recovery after work.

Wedding ring lost in a local Traverse City lake for 20 days found with a metal detector

I received a call from Jen about her husband losing his wedding ring in a local Traverse City lake.

The search area was a large sandbar area about waist-deep water. I had to use my boat to drive out to the area.

The first time I went to look for the ring, I had winds and big waves blowing across the area. I searched for about 3 hours without finding the ring.

I took my detecting buddy Dave the second time out because the search area was so large. Dave ended up finding the ring in the end of a log after about 2 hours of us searching.




Lost ring in Frankfort, Mi found with a metal detector

I received a text from Valerie saying her husband lost his wedding ring in a local river.

The ring was lost in the area of the SleepingBear Dunes Federal Park. Metal detectors are not allowed in the area. I work with the head ranger to get permission to use a metal detector in the area needed.

I went out the first time in the area Valerie highlighted without finding the ring. We talked and narrowed the search area down for the second trip to look for the ring. I was successful in finding the ring on the second trip to look for it.

Valerie and her husband were back home after vacation, so I ended up mailing the ring back to them.




Lost ring in Long Lake Grand Traverse County, Mi found with a metal detector.

I received a call from Dave about a sentimental ring lost in Long Lake in Grand Traverse County, Mi.

I knew from the story this is one ring I had to find. They thought the ring had flown off a finger by a sweeping motion with her hand.

I told Dave the ring is there, I would find it. The only issues are all the stuff in the water over the years to sort through.

I told him this could take 10 seconds or 10 hours. I did find a lot of stuff in the water. Old coins, matchbox cars, screws, bolts from the dock, washers, nuts, and a shotgun shell casing.

I searched the primary area they set out and did not find the ring. I then decided to search under the dock; after 2 hours of searching, I finally found the ring at the edge of the dock, making everybody very happy.



Lost wedding ring found in the garden in Traverse City Michigan with a metal detector

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call today from a very distraught Lisa. She was working outside today cleaning up leaves and also working in the garden. When she took a break, she noticed the wedding ring she inherited from her mother was missing from her finger. I arranged to meet her later in the day to search for the ring.

I met Lisa after work to do the search. She wanted me to start in the garden area surrounded by a metal fence. I got a lot of signals from the metal fence and metal stakes in the ground. I made one pass, turned to start my grid back the other way, and got the gold signal that I was looking for. I brushed the leaves away from the signal revealing the ring to Lisa. After Lisa said “no way” ten times, I told her these calls could take ten seconds or ten days. We got lucky with a short search. I had a fun time on this quick search and love the vintage looks of her ring.

Lost ring found at the Torch Lake sand bar with a metal detector in Torch Lake, Michigan

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Matt needing help finding his wedding ring. Matt was with family/friends enjoying the day drinking some adult beverages while throwing a football out at the Torch Lake sand bar. (I highly recommend people drinking adult beverage and throwing a football. Its very good for my business). On one of the throws, Matt noticed his ring flying through the air. He and his friends looked for the ring but could not find it. They did save a google location on Matt’s phone, making my job a lot easier. Matt sent me the google location they were anchored at. I reassured him, I was very familiar with the exact spot the ring was lost and finding it should not be that hard. I headed out to the Torch Lake sand bar right after work to start the search. I got to the spot and found 2 pontoon boats anchored on the spot.  It was just before dark when I arrived and they were packing up to leave for the night. I waited for them to leave, then went to the spot and found the ring in 10 minutes. Matt did a great job on saving his location.

Matt was already back home and wanted me to ship the ring back to him.

Matt thanks for trusting me to find your ring and the generous reward.

Gold ring lost in Traverse City, Mi found in the water.

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

I received a call from Katrina who needed help finding a ring she lost in shoulder deep water. She was kayaking and fell out of the kayak, loosing her ring and a silver bracelet. She found the bracelet, but could not find the gold ring.

I met Katrina and her family at their cottage on Grand Traverse Bay. We had to kayak a couple hundred yards to the area they were kayaking in. It was raining pretty heavily, making it difficult to see the bottom of the lake. Katrina’s husband had put a marker buoy out making the spot from the day before. He used a bucket with a large black rock in the. When we got to the spot the buoy and the bucket were gone. Katrina and her husband searched around the area and could not find the rock due to the waves and rain. I searched the general area gridding for about an hour then the rain stopped and the water cleared up. Katrina’s husband found the black rock and called me over. I started a new grid search around the black rock and found the ring about 10  minutes later.

Katrina it was a pleasure helping you and meeting your family. Thank you very much for the generous reward.

Platinum engagement ring taken back from the woods in Ellsworth, Mi with a metal detector.

I received a text from Ali she had lost her engagement ring in the woods when throwing leaves down a hill. Ali was going to be out of town for a couple days, she wanted me to communicate with her fiance Nick. I got a picture of the location she was throwing the leaves down the hill. The area was about 50 feet wide and the hill is very steep at about a 45 degree angle. They had rented a metal detector and tried for 10 hours to find the ring but had no luck.

Nick had to work Saturday but let me get started before he got home from work. I wanted to get started early just to have more day light to work the steep hill.

I started the search and realized I needed a rope to stop me from going down the hill. I brought my anchor from my boat the wedged it between two trees. Wrapped the roped around my free arm then started a grid pattern as best I could. I searched about two hour with no luck. I started another grid search at a 90 degree angle to the previous search. A good grid search was impossible due to all the small trees and brush. After searching the new grid pattern for an hour, I got the signal I was looking for and saw a small portion of the ring sticking out of the leaves. I moved the leaves away and found the ring.

I thank Nick and Ali for trusting me to find her lost ring and the generous reward.

Lost wedding ring found at the Torch lake sand bar with a metal detector

I received a text that Rickie had lost his wedding ring at the Torch lake sandbar playing catch on July 4th. The Torch lake sand bar is like being at a Nascar race for boats.

The Torch lake sand bar gets detected every day by multiple detectorist. For that reason, I wanted to get on this recovery asap. I loaded up and headed out to Torch lake and got on location about 8:00 pm on July 4th. It was a pretty interesting night. It was like being at a Nascar race with fireworks.

Rickie had text me his location he saved when he lost the ring. I used my Kayak to get out to the spot and started the search. I searched for a couple hours and had no luck. The spot was about 1/4 mile off shore on a sandbar off the main sand bar. At 10:30 pm Rickie sent me a picture he took off the boat he was on. As soon as I saw the picture, I knew the original location he sent me was no where near the spot the picture was taken. I know the shapes of the sandbars around the main sandbar just from experience detecting the area for the last 5 years. I could not do anything due to it being dark out so I returned Tuesday morning to continue the search. When I got home I blew up the picture and identified 4 spots on the picture to get a location off. 2 placed tree trunks line up with the side of house. 2 other spots tree branches line up the windows. Tuesday morning I took the kayak out to the spot the 4 marker in the picture line up. Unfortunately a boat was anchored right on the exact spot. I did not know how far Rickie got away from his boat so I ended up searching all around the anchored boat and had no luck. The boat ended up moving right after I was finishing up detecting around it. I moved into the area the boat was anchored and found the ring. This call ended up taking about 9 hours total to find the ring due to an extremely large area and being off shore.

Rickie was not it the area any more he had return home. His uncle ended up meeting me and getting the ring to get back to Rickie. Rickie is supposed to send me a picture when he gets the ring back.

Lost keys and cell phone rescued from Bass Lake in Traverse City, Mi with a metal detector.

I received a call that Hugh lost his keys and cell phone in Bass lake. Hugh was anchoring his boat in waist deep water. When, I got to the location Hugh’s wife told me off the right side of the dock in waist deep water. The muck was about a foot deep in the area. The keys and phone disappeared in the muck as soon as they hit the bottom. I got the waders on and headed into the lake. The first target was an old ice shanty. I moved out a little further then found the keys. I found the phone right next to the keys. A nice easy call, I was in the water about 10 minutes.