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Lost wedding ring in the grass, Orlando, Florida….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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I received a text from Marcia wanting to know if I could possibly help her find her lost wedding ring in the grass in front of her business. I answered immediately with a few questions of my own…like what were you doing when you lost your ring? And when did this happen and did you actually feel it come off? Marcia responded saying she felt it come off and knows the exact area where she was standing when that happened and I assured her that it should be easy enough to find her lost ring? There are times when trying to locate a lost ring that it can be very difficult and the answers to all my questions help me determine the likely hood and possibilities of actually finding it. Marcia was thrilled to hear that I could come out the following day and conduct a thorough search.

After meeting Marcia and hearing the details of how she lost her ring I began my search. She said her ring was loose and on the small side…a size 5 to be exact and made of white gold. It took about 10 minutes to cover the small target area and I thought I had checked thoroughly every target that rang up in the small gold range but I was not able to find her lost ring. So I expanded the search area thinking that maybe it flew further than what we first calculated…and still I came up with no ring. This prompted me to grid search the same target area again only this time going perpendicular to my original search. I again checked every obvious and some “not so obvious” targets and then..BEEP, BEEP! A reading of “44” on my ATMax, Garrett metal detector in ZERO Mode indicated a good, shallow signal and there was Marcia’s lost wedding ring just hiding down in the grass. I wondered how I actually missed it the first time but the most important thing was…that we found it! I left it right there in the grass and had Marcia come and look where it had landed and we marveled at how easily it had vanished in the grass! After 27 years of married life she was able to wear her ring without that sinking feeling of having lost it. It truly is an honor to help those in need of theringfinders unique services and I thank God for leading me to Marcia’s lost ring and for the opportunity to be a blessing in her life.

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Lost Wedding Ring, Ormond Beach, Florida….Found by Happy Owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

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Elaine called me to ask for help finding her husbands wedding ring that was lost “somewhere” either in their home or outside of their house! (That sort of information usually indicates that a thorough search could take hours!) So we met Elaine and her husband Bill and asked lots of questions about the day his ring went missing. Bill had done a bunch of work in one of their rooms…like tearing up old carpeting and hauling it outside along with a big mattress and other items. One thing he did remember was when he was showering he recalled scrubbing his hands with a small scrub brush and while drying off he noticed that his ring was not on his finger. This is his wedding ring that he has worn for 46 years and he rarely takes it off. So we took up the drain cover in the shower thinking that just maybe it fell down the drain while scrubbing his hands and showering. But after running my endoscope down as far as possible and not seeing it we determined it must be somewhere else. We looked outside everywhere that Bill remembered going on that day and then we searched inside as much as possible. It is a large home…10,000 square feet to be exact so there was allot of area and after a few hours we called it quits.

I tried to encourage Bill and Elaine that there is always hope of finding it and not to give up hope. Reminding them to be sure to call me if and when they do find it! And….8 days later I get a call from Elaine saying they found it under a pile of old sheets and curtains that came out of the room that they are remodeling! It is always a pleasure to help folks find and locate their lost item whether I am able to find it myself or help them find it on their own.

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Lost Kerikeri Ring Found in Car

  • from Paihia (New Zealand)

Karen contacted me this afternoon asking if I was able to find a very sentimental silver ring that had ‘Just disappeared’ inside her car.

She remembered taking her ring off in the car to place it in the centre console before going to work, but when she went to put it on at the end of the day, it had ‘disappeared’.

She had searched the whole car to no avail, and in desperation phoned me to see if I could help.

I offered some likely places to look, but she had already tried those.

A few hours later, I was firing up the Ferret remote camera to search those sneaky areas inside the car that humans are unable to reach…

Late into the evening, the ring was spotted – tangled in the carseat rails.

Unfortunately the ring had been crushed by the seat moving in the rails, but at least it is salvageable.

A bittersweet victory, she had her precious ring back and is going to make an appointment with a jeweller to restore it to its former glory.

Successful Car Search for Diamond Engagement Ring Using a Endoscope Camera.. Ontario, California

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




















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*** Eniola was desperate to find her diamond engagement ring , lost in her car a week before celebrating the first year anniversary since her fiancé proposed. She was very emotional when she contacted me. I took the time to find out that she had put it in a sunglass holder attached to the rear view mirror. 

When she reached up to get her ring, it fell from the rear view mirror into the front seat area. She definitely heard it hit something solid. After telling her the metal detectors do not work inside cars but I have endoscope cameras to search inside cars. These small rings can find many nooks and crannies to hide. They also move around as the car is driven. Searching with a endoscope camera is tedious and I can’t alway feel that I didn’t miss the lost ring.  Having a mechanic to remove seats, etc. can be an alternative but could be expensive. 

She agreed to meet me that afternoon to do a search. The car was a 2014 Dodge Charger. I began a quick search of the passenger side as Eniola believed that where the ring fell. Some of the carpets and trim had been pulled up during her search of the interior. After the first 30 minutes I moved over to the driver’s side for another quick scan. Not successful, it was a general scan. Eniola was had a look of doubt on her face. I told her I was about to get serious. I went back to the passenger side telling her I was starting this as a new search.

It only took 15 minutes into the new search to see the ring deep into the seat cover. The ring found its way trough the safety belt latch hole into the upholstery. It never reached the floor of the car.

I called her over to look at the picture of my endoscope and she broke out into tears of joy. Later Eniola told me she never cries. We were both overwhelmed. It took another 15 minutes to retrieve the ring without tearing into the upholstery. A special search for sure. These searches are not as easy as metal detecting a yard, beach or park..  

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Hand Lotion In The Car Loses Same Engagement Ring Twice

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter searching the neighborhood for this lost gold diamond engagement ring.

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March 2022 Joe contacted me asking if I could do a search for his wife, Jenn’s, lost wedding ring. He stated they had a neighborhood location they thought the ring might have been lost at while getting out of the car. 

Right now we’re with Joe and Jennifer. Can you share a little bit about how we arrived at this point?

I lost my ring in my car visiting some friends just up the road from our home. I was the passenger and Joe was driving. We stopped and as he went in to pickup the pizza I think that is when I took my ring off, placed it in my lap and put some hand lotion on. When he came back he handed me the pizza boxes and I put them in my lap. Looking back that was likely enough distraction to have caused me to forget about my ring. When we reached our friends home I got out of  the car and I’m pretty certain this is where I lost the ring.  The next day, Saturday when I realized my ring was gone it made since to me that this is what happened because it’s happened to me in the past with the same ring using lotion in the car.

Watch this episode of Lost Item Recovery and see how we track Jenn’s lost diamond wedding ring down. 

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Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Washington DC…Found in Toyota Corolla

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Bebe’s exquisite 14 karat white gold 2.5 carat solitaire diamond engagement ring with 2 carats worth of diamonds set in the band

Bebe excitedly showing off her most beautiful engagement ring that was presumed missing forever until ring finder Brian Rudolph came to the rescue!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a desperate call for help from John who lived in Colorado. He was calling on behalf of his fiance, Bebe, who lost her engagement ring while visiting her sister and girlfriend in Washington DC. The couple was to get married in less than 2 months. The two of them were devastated over the loss of the very sentimental and priceless jewel.

While Bebe and the others were taking photos by the Washington Monument, she realized that she was not wearing her 14 karat white gold, 2.5 carat solitaire diamond engagement ring with 2 carats worth of diamonds that were set into the band. With little panic experienced at that time (because she thought that maybe she had left the ring on the nightstand at her sister’s house), the young lady (along with her entourage) walked back to her friend’s car to see if the ring was lying near the curb on Constitution Avenue (because she remembered hearing something fall on the concrete just as she was getting out of the car when they first arrived). Unfortunately, the very sentimental and expensive keepsake was nowhere to be found. However, as I mentioned, Bebe wasn’t too concerned about it since she still thought she may not have worn the ring out of the house that day.

That night, the women searched the apartment for the missing ring and still it did not turn up anywhere. This started to worry the young bride-to-be. Then, in the middle of the night, Bebe, who couldn’t sleep at all, remembered that she had applied lotion to her hands in the backseat of the vehicle just prior to taking the walk onto the Washington Mall grounds. It was then that she began to panic. She woke her best friend up and the two of them went down to the car to check around the back seats hoping that the engagement ring ended up somewhere on the cushions or on the floor. Again, Bebe came away with nothing. It was at that point that the friends took off into the night and searched along Constitution Avenue in the vicinity of where they had originally parked the car the day before. Sadly, the bride-to-be had to call her fiance up in Colorado to let him know that the ring was gone and that it had presumably fell out of the vehicle after applying lotion in the car prior to touring the Monument grounds. John was crushed because he had spent a great deal of time searching and purchasing the diamond ring and planning how he was going to ask his sweetheart to marry him. Now, it appeared that the jewel was gone forever… until a glimmer of hope appeared…THE RING FINDERS, the elite international directory of metal detectorists.

As soon as I got the call from John who found me on THE RING FINDERS website, I instructed him to publish a Craigslist ad in the attempt to get word out to the public just in case an honest person was searching for the owner on the online website. I told him that I would not be able to get out to the site until later that evening due to having another client for the remainder of the day. So, later that evening, I drove to downtown Washington DC and searched all along the street and grassy areas between the curb and the sidewalk. Ironically, I did find a ring but it was not the one we were looking for.

After completing the search on Constitution Avenue, I called my client and let Bebe know that I didn’t find her engagement ring anywhere in the area. I advised her that it would be a good idea for me to check her girlfriend’s vehicle just to make sure that the ring did not end up in some unexpected crevice or crease in the backseat. She told me that she was pretty certain that they cleared that area when they looked back there in the middle of the night, but she said she would welcome any more support possible just to make certain that the ring wasn’t in the car.

The next morning, I met up with Bebe and her friend to inspect the Toyota Corolla. First I checked the floor and under the front seats from the rear side. The jewel was not in those places. Next, I used my endoscope to check inside and under the rear seats. I spent about 45 minutes placing the probe into various spaces and creases with the hope that I would discover the diamond ring somewhere in one of the crevices that I explored. Just as I was about to wrap up my investigation, I decided to check one more place deep down beneath the rear seat where Bebe had been sitting when she applied lotion to her hands just after taking her engagement ring off. My scope showed nothing unusual for most of the time that I was monitoring that particular spot, and then something curious appeared on my screen! The video probe picked up what looked like a piece of jewelry in the shape of a halo. After adjusting the endoscope for a few minutes just to get the right angle to see what exactly I was observing on my screen, I couldn’t believe what I had discovered! I did it! I discovered the gorgeous 4.5 carat diamond engagement ring! Apparently, the sentimental keepsake must have rolled off of Bebe’s lap when she was getting out of the vehicle and then it fell down into a hole located to the left of the seat belt lock. Most of the time, rings that are placed on laps end up coming out of the vehicle and dropping onto the concrete below. In this particular case, Bebe’s ring stayed in the car!

Once I identified where the ring was hidden, I used my special tools to grab the jewel from under the right rear passenger seat! My client and her friend were in a state of disbelief! They couldn’t believe the news that I shared with them that I had identified and recovered the missing ring! We all celebrated with a feeling of elation that I had not experienced in some time! It was just one of those moments that I will never forget! I had found the ring in a place where no one would have searched and certainly no one would have ever found it! That incredible piece of jewelry would have ended up in the salvage yard once the Toyota Corolla had its final day on the road.

Just a few minutes after I returned the ring to its rightful owner, the three of us Facetimed John and surprised the living daylights out of the depleted young man! The look on his face was incredibly memorable! He could not believe that the nightmare was over and that the presumed unrecoverable ring had been pulled from Bebe’s girlfriend’s car! He could not have been happier with the news and he looked as shocked as the rest of us were!

My client told me over and over again just how grateful she was that I never gave up when I didn’t find the missing ring downtown and that I then suggested searching the Corolla! And when I didn’t find the keepsake in the vehicle for so very long, I still did not give up the fight but I continued until that exquisite “symbol of love” was surprisingly located and recovered! I was very proud of my work that morning and I certainly will never forget this particular search!


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Lost Mens Wedding Ring In The Car Magnolia Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover this wedding ring lost inside a car.

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January 2022 Carlo contacted me explaining that three days prior he had lost his precious  gold wedding band inside his father’s car. He told me that he was fiddling with his ring when it fell someplace between the seat and center armrest. They heard a “clink” and that was the last know location of the ring, someplace hiding inside the car. This ring was very special having been custom made from family gold. A few other rings from family members were used to make his wedding band. His own parents has been searching the car with a  lot of effort and still no ring to show for all their combined efforts.

I set a schedule to meetup with his fatter, Jim, and the search was on. This was not a  quick five minute search either, even with my experience and fancy tools it still took several hours investegating every spot I could get my inspection camera shoved into and finally I spied the ring’s hideout. It still took a few focused minutes to get my gripper in position to latch onto the ring. Before long the wayward ring was captured and quickly taken into custody. We were all very happy on the fruits of our labors in having recovered yet another precious keepsake with so much sentimental value. Everyone was relieved and appreciative to see the ring in hand once again!

Watch this video to experience this search up close and personal.

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lost ring : Never Give up

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

The call I received was typical, the exchange of information was made. I headed to the parking where the ring was lost. However the person that was surprised on this ring hunt was not only the lady who lost the her ring but rather the Ring Finder himself. I’ll let the pictures tell you the details and add that she found this ring on the trip over to the parking lot where I was waiting. So this is why I say never give up even after a few rounds of looking for the item.

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