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Lost Mens Wedding Ring In The Car Magnolia Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover this wedding ring lost inside a car.

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January 2022 Carlo contacted me explaining that three days prior he had lost his precious  gold wedding band inside his father’s car. He told me that he was fiddling with his ring when it fell someplace between the seat and center armrest. They heard a “clink” and that was the last know location of the ring, someplace hiding inside the car. This ring was very special having been custom made from family gold. A few other rings from family members were used to make his wedding band. His own parents has been searching the car with a  lot of effort and still no ring to show for all their combined efforts.

I set a schedule to meetup with his fatter, Jim, and the search was on. This was not a  quick five minute search either, even with my experience and fancy tools it still took several hours investegating every spot I could get my inspection camera shoved into and finally I spied the ring’s hideout. It still took a few focused minutes to get my gripper in position to latch onto the ring. Before long the wayward ring was captured and quickly taken into custody. We were all very happy on the fruits of our labors in having recovered yet another precious keepsake with so much sentimental value. Everyone was relieved and appreciative to see the ring in hand once again!

Watch this video to experience this search up close and personal.

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lost ring : Never Give up

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

The call I received was typical, the exchange of information was made. I headed to the parking where the ring was lost. However the person that was surprised on this ring hunt was not only the lady who lost the her ring but rather the Ring Finder himself. I’ll let the pictures tell you the details and add that she found this ring on the trip over to the parking lot where I was waiting. So this is why I say never give up even after a few rounds of looking for the item.

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