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Heirloom Diamond Engagement Ring Found after Lost in Surf at Huntington Beach, CA.

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** Melody had been at Huntington State Beach in Southern California. She had walked down the the surf line to get her feet wet with no intention to go any deeper in the water. As she stood there, she made a slight jester with her hands and her engagement ring flew off her finger into 6 inches of water. The ring disappeared immediately into the wet sand and water as the wave washed down the slope.

Her friend tried to recover the ring for several hours as the tide was coming in. The beach closes at 10 pm which stopped their search that night. Early the next morning Melody went to a sporting goods store to purchase a metal detector. Her parents were going to drive her from San Bernardino, CA. back to Huntington Beach to continue the search. She was devastated because this engagement ring was irreplaceable as the diamond was actually her fiancés’ late grandmother’s. 

As they were driving Melody found my information on line. She called and I agreed to meet them at the location. Sometimes these can be a quick recovery. That was not the case this time. She list it a a very high tide in shallower water. We were there at the next lowest tide. Two hours searching a double grid pattern and going way outside the area where they thought the loss occurred no success. I even told her that I had done all I could do for this search . After I finish the last 20’x40’ grid, I would return tomorrow, hoping the next high tide might put the ring within detecting range.

Not five minutes later I got a great signal, which turned out to be Melody’s ring. It was way down the slope and in an area that I thought I had gridded thoroughly. Just a reminder that we are looking for the “ needle in the haystack “ .. Also a reminder that it is possible to miss a target even in a known area of the loss.  

Always awesome to help someone like Melody find her very special ring. So far it never gets old.