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Lost Wedding Ring at New Symrna Beach, Florida……Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Shawn sent me a short e-mail stating that he lost his white gold wedding band at the beach and ended by saying, “This has caused great problems!” I responded the next morning and assured him that I would definitely try and help him find his ring. I asked a few questions about the details and what he remembered about where, when and how he felt he might have lost it. Shawn said that he and two of his best friends had lunch at the Breakers Restaurant in New Symrna Beach and afterwards headed out onto the beach to throw the football around and enjoy the water. It wasn’t long before Shawn realized that his wedding ring was missing. He desperately started walking back and forth looking along the waters edge to see if he could catch a glimpse of his gold ring. He even coaxed a few good hearted strangers to assist in the search but to no avail!
Before going home Shawn was able to file a report with the beach patrol–just in case someone found his ring and turned it in.
Later that night Shawn found theringfinders.com web site and sent me his first e-mail. It took four hours anddscf25771dscf2573-001 two searches to narrow down the exact area where Shawn and his buddies were tossing the football, but after doing a very tight grid search pattern I was finally able to uncover his ring. I immediately called Shawn and told him I had found his ring and he could not believe it! We met later that evening and he was almost speechless that someone he had never met before would actually look for, find and return his ring to him.
It was truly an honor and privilege to help reunite Shawn with his lost wedding ring!
Maybe you’ve lost something!
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Mike McInroe–Proud member of theringfinders.com

Lost Diamond ring in Chuluota lake, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Sunday morning I received an e-mail from Sonya asking if there was any possible way I could help her find her Diamond Pave wedding ring.  Apparently on Saturday she was helping put the boats into the dock area when all of a sudden her ring slipped off of her finger and dropped straight down into the murky water.  Without  hesitation Sonya jumped right in and immediately started to feel around for her ring. The bottom was full of small one inch size clam shells and sticks and such making it impossible to find her ring.  She tried using a mask and underwater lights but still could not locate her precious ring.

I assured Sonya that her ring was there and that the chances of finding it were very, very good!  So after church with my family and a quick lunch I drove out to meet Sonya and her family.  As she showed me the exact area where the ring fell into the water I slipped my scuba boots on and with my scoop and Tiger Shark in hand I lowered myself into the water.  The first couple of targets were elusive as the bottom was very uneven and loaded with small clam shells and debris.  My Tesoro Tiger Shark sounded off on a wrench, some assorted nuts and bolts and the occasional nail.  At this point I figured it was a matter of simply eliminating all the targets in the 6 foot area and sooner or later I would find her ring.  And sure enough after 15 minutes of cleaning the area out–there in the scoop was Sonya’s ring!  The joy mixed with relief was obvious on Sonya’s face as she immediately slid the ring back on her finger where it belonged.

It truly was my honor and my privilege to help you Sonya and thank you so much for your generous reward.

Do you know where you lost something and want to try and have it found?  Give me a call or send me an e-mail!blue camera pictures 229blue camera pictures 225

Mike McInroe, thankful member of theringfinders.com

Lost Wedding Ring in Daytona Beach, Florida surf…Found!!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Monday afternoon I received a call from Joe asking if I could possibly help him find his ring.  On Saturday he and his new bride of only 8 days, were swimming in the ocean when he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger and into the churning water!   He tried looking for his ring but the waves and surf were not co-operating and he soon gave up hope.  Two days later he found the ringfinders.com and gave me a call.  After hearing the details of how he lost it and the time of day I assured Joe that the chances of finding his ring were very good!

About an hour into the grid search my Dual Field detector gave off a nice clear signal and out popped Joe’s ring!  Joe was super thrilled to have his ring back and I was thanking God for another exciting and successful ring search!

Have you lost something valuable recently or not so recently?!!

Call me and let’s talk—there still may be hope!

I too really love my job!

Mike McInroe in sunny Florida

Joe writes:  Mike is an absolute saint!  Lost my ring the first day of my honeymoon and I found Mike on Google!!  He spent a long time searching and surprised me with the ring!  He’s a great guy and does a respectable thing!  Thank you Mike!


Lost Wedding Ring in Florida Lake….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Matt and his buddies made plans one Saturday to play some volleyball out in the middle of a small Orlando lake.  It was a hot day so the water felt cool and relaxing.  Unfortunately too relaxing as the combination of the cool water and activity made Matt’s wedding ring slide right off his finger and into the sandy bottom of the lake.  Matt and his friends spent the next few hours running their fingers through the murky sand trying desperately to find his ring!  Two days later Matt called me and we agreed on a time to meet and conduct a thorough search.

This search required the use of a canoe and kayak plus 4 pvc poles to mark the area in the 4 foot deep water.  Matt had to guess where the net would have been located as they used only temporary poles put in just for the day.  As I grid searched inside the 4 poles Matt maned the sifter.   I would dig each signal and dump the contents into the floating sifter and Matt would locate the target.  We found lots of junk in the soft sandy mud and after an hour of digging and sifting I heard Matt yell—“Here it is!!!!”

It is always a huge thrill to see the glint of gold in one’s scoop or sifter and this time it was extra exciting especially for Matt as he took part in the actual search and find!

Thanks Matt for your help in the search and I am so glad we were able to find your wedding ring.

Mike McInroe  Grateful member of theringfinders.commattimage

Lost Wedding Ring in Daytona Beach Surf….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Late one evening I received an e-mail from Marc asking if I could find his lost wedding ring in the surf at Daytona Beach.  Earlier that day Marc and his family were enjoying the waves when he realized his wedding ring was missing.  He spent an hour or so looking in the sandy surf when he realized it would be next to impossible to actually find it without the use of a metal detector.  Unfortunatly they were to leave very early the next morning for Toronto, Canada and that’s what led him to theringfinders.com.  Thankfully Marc was able to give me excellent directions and a very precise idea as to where he lost the ring.  It took 2 visits to the beach and a total of 7 hours, but miracles do still happen!  The following week I was able to send the ring by UPS and Marc was reunited with his lost wedding band.

I just love it when people’s stories have a happy ending and when vacations are not dampened by the loss of something so special!

Thank you Marc for your generous reward and for passing on the word about theringfinders.com

Lost something recently?  The sooner you call the better!

Mike McInroe proud member of theringfinders.comMarc --Toronto ringphoto-1marc toronto ring

Lost watch, Winter Springs, Orlando, Florida…..Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a call from Kathy asking if I could help find her lost watch!!  She explained how she and her husband had taken a walk and half way through their walk her watch was feeling a bit heavy and was clinging to her wrist, so she removed the watch and was carrying it in her hand.  Upon returning to their home the dog bolted from the house and the frantic chase began!   Her husband threw her the leash and as she tried to catch it with her left hand-she missed it and the leash landed in the St. Augustine grass.  (Northerners call it crab grass!)  Kathy was not sure if she dropped the watch at this point or if she dropped it across the street in the neighbors yard as she ran after the dog and was trying to put the leash on the frisky canine!  After realizing her watch was missing both she and her husband retraced their steps.  They walked and searched the grass and along the sidewalks but could not find her special watch.  This was not just any watch–it was a gift given to her by her loving husband when she retired and it had special meaning!

So I met up with Kathy and she showed me the areas where she thought the watch was lost.  I set up flags to mark off the places she walked through the yard, where she picked up the leash and where she went into the neighbors yard.  I combed the grass looking for the slightest glint of gold and listening for a good strong signal.  My metal detector was getting allot of interference from underground lines and I had to switch to prospecting mode on my DFX to get it to quiet down.  The neighbors grass was not as thick and I wondered how a watch could hide so well.  Kathy was looking a bit sad as I was finishing up the search.  I had circled the yard and was working my way to the center area when my eye caught a shinny glint of gold!  Could it be?  I motioned for Kathy to come over to where I had stopped, and she said, “What is it?”  I said I want you to be the one to pick it up and you should have seen the look on her face!!!   What an amazing feeling of relief and joy and thankfulness!

Thank you Kathy for your generous reward and for calling on me to help you!

Lost something precious?  Call ASAP!!

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