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  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday July 7th, I was in Dover, New Hampshire, searching for a lost Engagement Ring. I checked my phone and saw, I had a text message, from 3:09pm. It was now 4:01pm. The message read as follows,

“Hello ring finders,

Hello, my husband just lost his wedding band at Scarborough, Maine beach this afternoon. I know what area of the beach we were swimming in, it was high tide and I’m thinking at low tide there will be a chance of finding it. Is this something you can help with?”

I replied

“So sorry to hear this. I am actually searching for a ring in Dover l, NH, at the moment. May I call you when I finish here and on my way home?”

The message came back as yes and I continued searching, in Dover, NH for another 1+ hours. During that time we messaged each other back and forth, as I had a few questions. I found out that the ring belonged to Riley and his wife Marybeth, had found out about my Emergency Metal Detecting Service and contacted me.

Marybeth and Riley had gone to Scarborough Beach State Park, for the day, to enjoy the beautiful weather and were surfing from approximately 11:30am to 1:15pm, when Riley noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding ring. They then got out of the water and searched the area, as best the could, but the tide was now, at high tide.
Once I got home from Dover, we started communicating again. Marybeth told me that she and Riley, were returning back to Scarborough Beach State Park and were performing a visual search, in the hopes they would find the ring. They were not able to find the ring and it was now, that Marybeth took a video of the area, they were surfing in and sent it to me. It was an extremely large area, perhaps 500-600 feet long and the width was approximately 150 feet. I sent her some aerial shots of the area asking her which area were they in, so I could better understand where they were. Marybeth also told me the following

“We were Past section 4 on your map, the surf section .
It’s a gold men’s wedding band that has a unique ridge/twist on it
We just got married a few weeks ago. We did a private ceremony and our reception party is coming up in August so we are really hoping we’ll have the ring back for that 🤞🏼
Thank you so much for your help!
1) the deepest we went out was 6 feet deep. I know that for sure because that’s how tall my husband is and the deepest we went was him just barely being able to touch the bottom

2) we know for sure it came off in the water. We went out surfing at 11:30 am and he was wearing it. We noticed at 1:15 it was missing and so we stopped surfing then

3) yes section 5

WHAT? NEWLYWEDS!!! Only married a few weeks and they have their upcoming reception party. I really need to find this ring, for them.

With the video to watch and the map now confirmed as Section 5, The surfing section, I told Marybeth I would arrive at SBSP, around 5:45am, to take advantage of the low tide.
I did arrive at the location, parked my car and walked down to the surfing section, a walk of almost 1/2 mile. Once I arrived at the Surfing section, I saw just how large of an area it was and came to the realization, I was going to be here, for a while. I decided the area was too big, to do all at once. I would cut the area, in 1/2 and start searching, mid beach, where the tide was now lapping over. I would perform a horizontal grid search, to the shore and search as much area as possible, just knowing, I could come back the next day and finish, if necessary.

Once I started my search, I dug a small hole and threw the sand up, into a pile. This would be my starting point and a marker for me. I always dig a small hole and make a small pile of sand, at the end of each grid line, turn around there, take a 1/2 over and go back towards the previous pile of dug sand, dig hole, turn around again and continue repeating this method, so as not to miss any area. It has worked well for me, in the past.

I had now searched approximately 50-75 feet, of my 1st grid line, when I received my 1st signal. It was a little scratchy , in sound, but the VDI was a decent 12-24, on the VDI Screen. Definitely in the gold range. I dug into the sand, with my scoop and threw it up, into a pile of sand. I couldn’t see any target, so I pushed some of the sand, out of the way, with my foot. I then saw a very small piece of something gold, in color. I reached down and it was a 14k Gold Ring and it looked just like the one, in the photos, that Marybeth had sent me. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. Not even two minutes and I had found the wedding ring. I just need to have Marybeth, to verify this was Riley’s Ring. So I made a video and even though it only 5:56am, I didn’t think anyone would mind, if I sent them a text, of the video. I then sent the video and 5 minutes later received a reply, from Marybeth

“No way! That is amazing!!! 😭♥️
Can you send another picture to confirm that’s it? It appears to be!”

After sending 4 photos and asking her if there was an inscription (There Wasn’t), I received another reply

“Yes that’s it! The only engraving would just be the 14k stamp. I am so grateful! ♥️ I will coordinate with my husband on when works best for him to pick it up from you in Saco.”

Thank God! Riley would be getting his wedding ring back, in time for his August reception. I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel, to be able to help people out, in their time of need.

Plans were made to return the ring to Riley, on Tuesday, July 9th, once he got out of work. When Riley arrived, he was just so happy, that he was getting his ring back. A ring, he put on his finger, for the first time, on May 8th, his wedding day. He told me that he thought he would never see that ring again.

Marybeth, texted me and told me

“Again, we are so grateful for you and all of your help! When we give a speech at our reception party in August, I am going to share this story and how grateful we are for you 🥰”

Gold Wedding Ring, With Diamonds, Lost In The Sand, At Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport, Maine, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and Return #43

I saw a missed call and voicemail, on my phone, from 11:42am. It was now 12:11pm and 29 minutes had passed, since the missed call. I immediately checked the voicemail and this was the message,

“Hi good morning my name is Chris M***** and I was on Goose Rocks Beach yesterday. I took my wedding ring off and put sunscreen on and I never put the ring back on . I realized, when we got back to the hotel, that it was gone. We went back to look for it , but I’m sure it kind of fell off my lap and chair and went down into the sand . I kinda know exactly where I was when I was sitting. The trouble is where we have to be on the road at 2: 30 PM today to head towards the Portland airport to go home , we live in Ontario, California . A couple of people suggested I give you guys a call and see if maybe we could find my wedding band. My number is 9 0 9- ***-**** and my name is Chris Thank you…”

WOW! Chris had to be on the road, in just over two hours, to catch his flight, to California. This was going to be a challenging search. I need to drive, from my house, to Goose Rocks Beach, in Kennebunkport, meet up with Chris, to find out where he was on the beach and I still needed to contact Chris. I immediately called Chris back, but the call went straight to voicemail. The pressure was on to get this ring, in 2 hours and I don’t know where it was lost.

I decided to just start driving to Goose Rocks Beach and I would continue attempting , to contact Chris. As my wife and I pulled out of the driveway, I called again, straight to voicemail. It was now, 12:23pm. Another call, about 5 minutes later, straight to voicemail. I was now approximately 10 minutes from GRB , when my phone rang. It was Chris. Chris asked me how this works and I told him that I was already on my way to GRB and would be arriving in 10 minutes. Chris was ecstatic knowing, I was already on my way. Chris told me he and his wife would leave their Hotel, immediately and be there in 20 minutes. He and his wife would meet us, in front of The Tides Club, a Restaurant and Beachfront Hotel.

My wife and I arrived and parking, as usual, was a nightmare. I decided to ask Goose Rocks Beach General store, if it would be alright to park, in their lot. I told them the circumstances and they were totally on board, for me to find the ring, and fast. THANK YOU! The store was a 1/3 of a mile from The Tides Club and I had to move fast to get there. Chris called me and told me they were there. I told Chris, I was walking there at the moment and would see him shortly. I saw Chris standing at the beach access entrance and we started towards the area he had lost the ring in. It was now 1:05pm and less than 1 1/2 hours before he had to leave and catch his plane. I started my Minelab CTX-3030 metal detector up, as Chris showed me the general area. I started performing a grid of the area and then a heard a nice low tone signal. I tried checking my VDI Screen but couldn’t see it in the extremely bright sun. I ran my coil over the area, once again and a nice signal was still there. At that point, my coil had moved the sand, just enough, for me to see a small piece of a silver colored ring. I turned around, and asked Chris to come over. When he arrived, I pointed the the shiny object and Chris reached down and pulled out his stunning White Gold Wedding Ring with Diamonds. I had found Chris’s ring. Chris clenched the ring in his had and threw his fist, into the air. YES, YES, he said out loudly. He couldn’t believe it. It was now 1:08pm. It took just 3 minutes, to find his ring, with 1 hour and 22 minutes to spare. PHEW! Chris felt so out of place, without his wedding ring, he actually had purchased a ring, the night before, just so he would not feel naked, without his wedding ring. Chris was extremely happy and was in disbelief that the ring was found and found that fast. He continued to express his gratitude to my wife and I, as we walked off the beach. I felt so relieved to have found it, before his flight. The stars were aligned!
A lot of things came together, to make this happen. Being retired, gives me the ability to just up and leave, whenever I get a callout. GRB General Store allowing me to park there, to help Chris. Chris telling me that multiple people told him about me and to call me. Chris had no idea that such a service existed. So, a big shoutout to Retirement, GRB General Store and to all the people, who referred me and encouraged Chris to call me.
At 2:18pm, I received a text from Chris. It said

“Thank you again Dennis for today. I went back into town and told several shopkeepers about the good news. I’m still stunned we found it.
Chris and Julie M*****”

I just absolutely love being able to help people, like Chris. Have a safe flight home.

This was my 2nd recovery today. I will have the details of the 1st recovery, this morning, at 6:00am, as soon as I return the ring to the owner. We are in the process of setting up the time.

Custom Gold Wedding Band Lost In Lac Ste Anne Lake, Gunn Alberta,

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Megan called me yesterday afternoon requesting my service to locate her husband’s custom gold wedding band lost in the lake.  After asking Megan my usual questions I agreed to drive out.

I meet Megan at her cabin and we drove down to the boat launch.  Megan showed me the area off the dock where the ring could possibly be as her husband, Stephen, had been kayaking and when he returned he capsized the kayak in approximately 3 feet of water.  Stephen discovered his wedding band had fallen off his finger into the lake.

Megan and Stephen seached the lake bottom for two hours with no luck! I searched along the dock where they said the ring could be and all I was finding was trash. I could see on Megans face when I scooped the junk up how disappointed she was.  She was slowly loosing hope that the ring would not be found.

Megan had taken photos of Stephen in the kayak, he had the ring on and he was close to the dock where he had tipped the kayak.  After studying the photo I was convinced the ring had fallen off around fifteen feet away from the dock and not close to the dock.

I expanded my search outwards and recived the sound I had been looking for!  When I reached down with my pin-pointer, it was Stephen’s ring! Megan was over the moom that I had found his ring and that it was back on his finger.

Thank you Megan and Stephan, for entrusting me to find your ring.


Lost 1982 Class Ring Found in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, with a Metal Detector. Returned to Owner

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Friday , February 9, 2024, I decided to brave the cold windy beach conditions and take advantage, of the negative low tides , here in Maine. We have had some big winter storms in the last month and a lot of sand has been moved.

I found lots of crusty coins, a Milwaukee Electric Saw (crazy things under the sand) and a 10K 1982 Class Ring. As soon as I got home, I got the magnifying glass out and determined the ring was from Billerica Memorial High School, in Billerica, Massachusetts. Billerica is approximately 90 miles from the resort town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, that I found the ring in.

The ring is very small and most likely a woman’s ring. I then searched the inside of the band, saw a 10K mark and the initials of JMG. I then performed an internet search and to my amazement, I found an online yearbook, for the 1982 school year. I found two different students, with those initials. One was a male and the other a female. I just knew it had to belong to the female, because of the very small size.

On Monday, when the school reopened, I sent an email to the principal, of the High School and explained I was trying to return the ring and if they could help with contact information. His reply was that they do not have contact for past students, but the Alumni Association, may be able to help. I contacted the Alumni Association but they would not respond, other than one time and never responded back to me again.

I then posted the found High School ring on many of the local Billerica Facebook groups, including Billerica Memorial High School Class Of 1982. I received lots of comments and everyone knew that the ring must belong to Jean, a 1982 graduate. I was able to get a phone number and when I called, I was able to speak with Jean’s Husband, Bill. I explained to Bill what was going on and he wasn’t sure if Jean had ever lost her ring, but he would ask her when he got home.

Bill called back and yes, Jean did not have her ring, as it wasn’t in her jewelry box. As a matter of fact, Jean didn’t even know that the ring was missing. When I told them the ring was found in Maine, Bill told me the only place it would have been lost in Maine, was in Old Orchard Beach, where they often went to, on vacation. When I mentioned I found the ring with my metal detector, down in the wet sand, at low tide, I was told they the family would always lay on the beach, in front of Palace Playland, an amusement park, right next to the Old Orchard Beach Pier. Well, that is exactly where I found it. As far as Jean not knowing the ring was missing was easily explained. Jean’s daughters would often wear the ring and also a granddaughter. They were allowed to wear it but were to put it back, when not wearing the ring. Although, none of the daughters or granddaughter will admit to it, It most likely was being worn by one of the girls, when it was lost, as they swan, in the water. The ring was most likely lost sometime between 2012 and 2019, as the family hasn’t been back to Old Orchard Beach, since Covid started.

On Saturday, March 16th, my wife and I drove to Billerica to return the ring. Unfortunately, something unexpectedly came up and Jean could not be there to get her ring back personally. She instead, sent her Husband, Bill and youngest daughter, Katie. Although it was disappointing not to meet Jean, I was extremely happy to have returned the ring to her family.

There is no better feeling than to return these precious items back to the rightful owner.

Men’s Wedding Ring Lost In The Snow, While Ice Fishing On A Maine Lake, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday January 21, 2024, I saw a text, on my phone, that had come in at 10:44am. It was now 12:40pm, 2 hours later. The message stated

“Hey, I lost my wedding ring yesterday while ice fishing in east waterboro. I am relatively certain that it is somewhere on this approximately football field sized patch of ice underneath an inch or two of snow. I found your number online. Do you have the opportunity and ability to search for it at some point”?

I immediately called back and told Luke that I was available to go search and could be there around 2:00pm. He had lost his ring, he thinks on Little Ossipee Lake, in East Waterboro, Maine. This was about 20 miles from my home. Luke told me he was home with his infant daughter and would not be able to meet me at the location until his wife, returned home , in the late afternoon. Luke sent me a photo of the area he had been ice fishing in, along with the address, of his friends lakefront camp, they had been at.
I arrived at the address right at 2:00pm, after a 30 minute drive. I saw the tracks and ice fishing holes, on the ice, that were in Luke’s photo. I texted Luke and let him know I had arrived and with such a large area to cover, should I start on the right side of the area or the left. Luke said the drilled holes on the right side 1st and drilled more holes to the left. The area may have contained 10-15 ice fishing holes, plus all the tracks going from hole to hole. I decided to start where Luke had started and detected the tracks, to the holes on the right side, of the area. Being a frozen lake, with approximately 2 inches of snow on it, I was moving along quickly, with my 17 inch CTX-3030 coil. Being above the lake, I was receiving absolutely no signals at all and this expedited the search.
After approximately a 1/2 hour, I received the unmistakable low tone sound of gold, along with a VDI reading of 12-19. Definitely a great Non- Ferrous target, in the gold range. I took out my Garret Pinpointer and located the target. I started wiping the snow away with my pinpointer and I saw the outline of a Gold Wedding Ring. I had found Luke’s Wedding Ring.
I sent Luke 2 photos of the ring and his reply was “You Are The Man”. I then asked Luke if he lived local because I could bring him the ring, where his wife was still not home. Luke provided his address, about 10 miles away and I drove right over and gave him his ring back. Luke was smiling ear to ear and said his wife is going to be so excited and happy.
I just love being able to help and return such sentimental and precious items to people. Although the temperature was only 16 degrees and I was detecting in the wide open, in the shade, I warmed up really fast when I saw the ring. Another happy day, all around.

Men’s 14K Wedding Ring Lost on Old Orchard Beach, Maine Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

I received a call from William on Monday morning, 9/11/23. William had lost his 14K wedding ring, the previous night, as he and his wife Sarah, enjoyed their last evening in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  After leaving a local restaurant, William and Sarah returned to their oceanfront hotel for their last night in town and decided to sit on the beach and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views, around 8:30pm to 9:00pm. When they decided to go back to their room, they were covered in sand, from where they were sitting. William brushed off the sand from both his and Sarah’s pants. Once they got back to their room, William noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding ring. He and Sarah immediately went back down to the beach to search for the ring, but with no luck. William then tore his hotel room apart, praying it was in the room, but still no luck. They both searched the beach again, the next morning,  9/11/23, still no success. William then called me after receiving a couple of very strong recommendations and referrals.
I told William that I would be right there to meet him, as I live less than 5 miles from their current location and being retired, I am able to just get up and leave. He and Sarah needed to start their 5 hour drive back to Sherbrooke, Quebec but would stay to show me the location. Once I arrived, about 10 minutes later, William showed me the area where he thought they were sitting but it now looked different because of the daylight and the tide was different. I searched the area where they thought they were sitting but absolutely nothing. He then said they 1st went to a bench and then moved down to the sand. Still nothing around the bench. At this point, I knew I would need to perform a grid of an area of about 75’ X 75’. I started near the bench and searched down to the high tide line, then back up to the sea grass, turn around and back to the high tide line, etc.. I was finding the usual trash of pull tabs and tent stakes but not much else. After about an hour and as I was at the top of the slope, heading to the high tide line. I received a very loud low tone on my Minelab CTX-3030. VDI screen was reading a very solid 12-24. I stuck my pinpointer into the dry sand and found my target. I caught a small glimpse of yellow and I just had to break out in a big smile. I pulled the ring out of the sand, turned around to show William and Sarah, who were now sitting in the sand up near the sea grass and said, “I got it”. As William saw the ring, he jumped up and said “No Way” and broke out in a smile from ear to ear. He then came over to where I was and we shared a nice big enthusiastic high five. The ride back to Sherbrooke, Quebec just became much more bearable. A Beautiful Day indeed

Handmade 14K Wedding Ring with Diamond Chip Lost While Bodysurfing in Scarborough Maine, With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday night 9/3/23, which is also Labor Day Weekend, I received a call from Ric. Ric told me that while Bodysurfing at Scarborough Beach State Park, in Scarborough, Maine, his wedding ring fell off, into the very rough surf water. Ric said he was referred to me by members of the lifeguard crew, including Greg, the supervisor.
As it was already closing in on 4:30pm and the State Park closes at 7:00pm, I told Ric that because I wouldn’t be able to make it from my current location, to the State Park until close to 6:00pm, I would go down 1st thing in the morning and perform a grid search, at low tide. Ric was not going to be available to show me the location of where the ring was lost, but gave me a very detailed description of the location. He was just to the left of the webcam pole and approximately 50-60 feet out into the water, approximately “mid chest deep”.
I arrived at Scarborough Beach State Park the next morning at 8:00am and was greeted by Greg. Greg told me that he didn’t see Ric lose the ring but that it was in the general location described by Ric. I decided to overshoot the area by about 30 feet on each side of the Webcam pole, in case the ring was moved by the rough and strong surf. Starting down near the low tide line, I slowly gridded the hard packed sand, up towards the shoreline. I was finding a few trashy targets, like lobster trap bits and small pieces of aluminum, mostly likely from discarded cans. As I worked my way up towards the shoreline, I finally received a great sounding low tone. Looking down at the CTX-3030’s VDI Screen, I saw a reading that put a smile on my face. I had a great sounding low tone and a 12-19 on the VDI screen. Definitely in the gold range. I pressed my scoop into the sand, with my foot and dumped the sand out next to the hole. I ran the coil over the dug up sand and got the signal. I still couldn’t see it so I pulled my pinpointed out and ran it through the sand. Once I found the target, I put my fingers into the wet dug up sand and pulled out a large chunky ring with a small diamond chip in it. I had Ric’s ring. I called Ric and then sent a photo to him. He replied “That’s it, 100%”. We then made arrangements to meet in 20-30 minutes at a local restaurant, on my way home. The exchange was made and Ric explained that the ring was actually handmade, by a friend, and presented to him for his wedding. As The Ringfinders say, “every ring has a story “ and this one has a very sentimental story. Another great happy ending.

Water Shutoff Valve Found Outside The House In Old Orchard Beach, Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Tuesday August 1st, 2023, I received a text message from Tish. She and her husband needed to find the outside water shutoff valve, at their home in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. She told me they were available until 11:00 am and it was 9:00am now. I immediately texted her back and told her that I would be there in 15-20 minutes. This call out would be a first for me. I had never tried to find a water shutoff, in the past. How hard could it be?

Once I arrived, Tish and her husband explained that their inside water shutoff was rusted and could not be shut off, in the case of an emergency. They wanted to find the outside valve to shut water off to the house, so that a new inside shutoff valve could then be installed. As I started detecting the area, I started getting lots of hot rocks that had been placed over the lawn, and we removed them as I found them. I also found an old, large rusty railroad spike and lots of old rusty nails, but no shutoff valve. As the trash was being removed, I received a very loud signal on the CTX-3030, showing it to be in the iron range and at a depth of 0-1 inches. We scraped back the rocks, dug a very shallow hole and the spade hit something solid. Scraping back a little more soil brought the water shutoff valve into the daylight. Now Tish and her husband may contact the local Water Company to come shut their water off and have their new inside shutoff installed.

Two Lost Gold and Silver Family Birthstone Rings Found in The Sand and Returned

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Thursday July 20, 2023, I received a text, just after 8:00pm, from Leslie. Leslie’s text stated, “Hi! I’m on my annual girls’ trip. At the beach all day and accidentally lost my two family birthstone rings in sand. Can’t find them. Retraced my steps. It’s getting late and I think they go over sand in the early morning. Can you help me? – Leslie”. She is concerned that the town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine cleaning machine would be there early in the morning and swallow up her rings and they would be gone forever. I immediately made plans to meet Leslie at 8:45pm, at the location where she lost the 2 rings. When I arrived , just prior to 9:00pm, I was surprised to see so many people at the beach, sitting on blankets and listening to music from a local beach bar and awaiting fireworks that were to start in less than an hour.
Leslie explained that there were 11 friends sitting around all day and she had taken the two rings off to apply suntan lotion and placed them in the cup holder, on her beach chair. As the day progressed, she had forgotten the rings were in the cup holder and when it was time to leave, folded up the chair and left. Once she realized the rings were missing, she and her friends searched the area they had been sitting in, without any success. They also retraced her steps after leaving the area with the chair, again, with no success. Leslie then attempted to find and rent a metal detector in a Beach store, next to where she was staying. The beach store owner told her they didn’t rent metal detectors but knew of me and recommended that she contact me and he gave Leslie my contact information.
Once Leslie showed me where they were all gathered and sitting for the day, I immediately started to grid the area. After about a 1/2 hour, I had covered the area they had been sitting in. She then told and showed me thecpath she took after leaving the area, with the folded up beach chair. Unfortunately, the path she took was full of people sitting around , listening to music and waiting for the fireworks to start. Still cognizant of the fact the beach cleaning machine would be cleaning the area, early the next morning, I told Leslie that I would be back down at 5:00am and search the area, before the beach cleaning machines could rake the area.
I arrived back at the beach, just before sunrise and immediately started to grid the area. I needed to be fast and through as I could see a beach cleaning machine just about 100 to 150 feet from where I was. I decided to re-grid the the area I had done the previous night, as this was the area where the cleaning machine would be heading next. Still nothing in the area I had done last night but I received a signal about 3-4 feet outside the area I had gridded the previous night. The signal was jumping all around and was not repeating. I slowly passed the coil lover the area and I received a nice solid 12-13 on the CTX-3030. I brushed some sand around and saw the gold ring. Passed the coil over the area again and received a very strong 12-47 and I just knew it was the silver ring. Brushed some sand away and there was the silver ring. Both rings were within 6 inches of each other. Being it was still only 5:20am, I sent a text to Leslie to inform her of the good news. Leslie replied a little while later and was ecstatic. We then made plans to meet up in the early afternoon and she would be reunited with her rings. Upon receiving the rings back, Leslie explained that the gold ring with three stones were the birthstones of herself, her mother and father. Her mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Leslie had expressed her deep gratitude to me for finding her such sentimental rings.