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Heirloom Diamond Engagement Ring Found after Lost in Surf at Huntington Beach, CA.

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** Melody had been at Huntington State Beach in Southern California. She had walked down the the surf line to get her feet wet with no intention to go any deeper in the water. As she stood there, she made a slight jester with her hands and her engagement ring flew off her finger into 6 inches of water. The ring disappeared immediately into the wet sand and water as the wave washed down the slope.

Her friend tried to recover the ring for several hours as the tide was coming in. The beach closes at 10 pm which stopped their search that night. Early the next morning Melody went to a sporting goods store to purchase a metal detector. Her parents were going to drive her from San Bernardino, CA. back to Huntington Beach to continue the search. She was devastated because this engagement ring was irreplaceable as the diamond was actually her fiancés’ late grandmother’s. 

As they were driving Melody found my information on line. She called and I agreed to meet them at the location. Sometimes these can be a quick recovery. That was not the case this time. She list it a a very high tide in shallower water. We were there at the next lowest tide. Two hours searching a double grid pattern and going way outside the area where they thought the loss occurred no success. I even told her that I had done all I could do for this search . After I finish the last 20’x40’ grid, I would return tomorrow, hoping the next high tide might put the ring within detecting range.

Not five minutes later I got a great signal, which turned out to be Melody’s ring. It was way down the slope and in an area that I thought I had gridded thoroughly. Just a reminder that we are looking for the “ needle in the haystack “ .. Also a reminder that it is possible to miss a target even in a known area of the loss.  

Always awesome to help someone like Melody find her very special ring. So far it never gets old.

Beach Party Interrupted by Engagement Ring Lost in Sand .. Doheny Beach, Dana Point, CA.

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****’Kerry and her fiancé Ben were attending a beach party at Doheny State Beach Campgrounds, Dana Point ,CA.  She put her platinum/diamond engagement ring on her lap while applying sunscreen. After getting up, the ring fell into the sand. She didn’t notice her ring missing for about an hour after getting up. Even though she knew the small area where the ring should be, neither she or any of her friends could find it.

One of the friends in their group told Kerry to call TheRingFinders. So Kerry called me asking me if I was available to help her find her engagement ring. I was just finishing another search, so I met her an hour later.

It was a happy group of beach people waiting to see if I could find the ring that everybody had tried to find. I just told them that I have the best tool to find rings and I know how to operate it. Fingers do not work well to find rings in the sand. I started in a straight line towards the suspected zone of the loss, when I got a signal. About 10 or 12 of the group got excited when the saw me pause over the signal. I just said, “calm down, this could be a pull tab or a platinum/diamond engagement ring” … Boom !!!  Kerry’s ring in the scoop.  She lit up like a Christmas tree, big smile and relieved that she had her special ring back where it belongs. It’s nice to get an easy search now and then. The unsuccessful searches take hours and we don’t write about them in our blogs. 

Gold Heirloom Ring Lost in Sand at Santa Monica, CA. Recovered

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When Martha called me I could see that she was calling from an international phone number. Martha is from the UK and will be returning the next day. She had just dropped an heirloom gold ring in the sand while watching people working out on the athletic rings near the Santa Monica Pier. This ring was very sentimental to her as it was passed down from her mother. She was devastated.

Some local people told her how to contact me. When I talked to Martha she was concerned how long it would take me to get to the location.
It was late afternoon with Los Angeles traffic I couldn’t give her an accurate arrival time. After hearing how she lost the ring, I did assure her that if she stayed at the location I could find her ring.

I was able to get there without any traffic delays and found parking only a block away. The search was quick, finding her ring right against the wall separating the walkway from the sand. I could only get a decent signal by swinging my coil with the tip of the coil facing the wall.

Martha’s face lit up with a big smile which made my day. She was a little late for a family dinner but she would not be going back to England without her ring. It was a pleasure to meet her and help make her trip to California a good memory.


Family Hierloom Ring Lost .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found 6 hours before Flying to the U.K.

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I received an email from Annabel just before 11pm the night before she had to return home to the U.K. She didn’t have regular celphone service as she was on vacation.

Hi Stan

I got your details but from the ring finders website and I know it’s a long shot but I really need your help!

I was at the beach today in Santa Monica and lost my nans engagement ring and searched and searched through the sand and couldn’t find it. I think I know the small area where it was probably lost as I took my ring off (with my watch) before going into the ocean and when I came back I could only find the watch in my bag, so it must have slipped out.

Would you be around tomorrow morning to help? The only problem is that I fly back to the uk tomorrow and need to leave at 4 for the airport! If you are able to help at such short notice, how much do you charge?

I know it’s a long shot but thought I would see if you could help.



I was on the beach at 6am, and began my search before Annabel arrived. We had a mix up about what lifeguard tower she was near when the loss occurred. When we got to the right location the first 30 minutes did not turn up the ring. I asked her which way she walked off the beach. That was the right question and it only took a few minutes to find this very sentimental ring. The ring had come out her beach bag as she walked off the beach. Another nice lady that I had the pleasure to help find such an important piece of family memories. I know how much a person can worry about the loss of this type keepsake. I’m sure her trip home was much happier than it would have been if she didn’t find it. 


Rose Gold Wedding Rind Set Lost in Sand .. Pacific Beach, CA. ..Found

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Barbara called me about 6:30pm.. Telling me how she lost her wedding rings earlier that afternoon in the sand at Pacific Beach located in the SanDiego area. She took them off putting them on a towel while applying sunscreen.. Barbara was upset with herself but I assured her this was so common she shouldn’t be so hard on herself. I was also able to convince her that metal detectors work very well to recover rings lost in the sand. Our chances were good to find her rings as it had only been a few hours sense the loss.
Timing is important and getting close to the general area they were lost would have a lot to do with recovering the rings. She said that they could meet me after they got home from dinner commitment about 10 pm. Perfect for me because I could return a ring to a lady that lives in San Diego, saving her a trip to Newport Beach.
Barbara and Dan met me and I followed them to the north end of Pacific Beach. We walked a few blocks to some landmarks they had remembered. Barbara pointed to an broken pair of sunglasses and a rock they had placed each side of where they were sitting. Dan was interested in how the detector worked so I took a few moments to explain what it was telling me as a dug a few pieces of trash. Then I got two solid gold tones with nice ID numbers that matched. I scooped one ring and marked a spot for Barbara to find it with her fingers. I told her to grab with her fingers not drag her fingers through the sand. She got it and we took pictures. Returned to our cars to head home. I asked them to tell their friends and post on their social media about I’m one of 400 members located all over the country.


Lost White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring in Sand .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found

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Crystal found my contact information on line. She told me that she had put her two rings on a towel that was on her beach chair. Later, when she went to move her chair under the shaded canopy, she grabbed the towel throwing it in a small tent they had set up for her young child. Crystal was holding her young daughter in her arms when she move the chair with the free hand.
It was just a few minutes after moving into the shade that she realized what she had done. Everybody jumped in to help and they were able to find the double wedding band, but couldn’t find the larger diamond engagement ring.

I was confident this would be an easy search judging by past searches.. Not so easy, I was begining to lose hope that the ring was still in the area. It was a white gold with large solitaire surrounded by quite a few diamonds, possibly it was buried deep by the other people searching by hand. I’ve also read that these solitaire rings may be lying in a vertical position, heavy end down. Three or four passes changing my settings on my detector to optimize detection depth with no success. I could see the look! from others that were watching me. ” Does this guy know what he’s doing look?”
As last resort we moved 35 feet away from where the first ring was found to check under the shaded canopy. Three or four swings inside, I got a strong solid hit, a nice low tone (12-03 TID).
A beautiful white gold solitaire diamond ring in my sand scoop.
We think that the ring may have dropped on her daughter or stayed on the chair till she brought everything inside the canopy. Another example of why I should not assume that both rings fell at the same time in the same place.
It was a challenging search that had me wondering if my equipment was working properly. My next move would have been to get one of my other backup detectors. Pulse induction detectors that get all metals with a little more depth.
Everybody seemed to be impressed that the ring was found and they said they would tell their friends about