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Lost Earring Recovered in Lutz, FL

  • from Tampa (Florida, United States)

Earring recovered May 8, 2024. Kim called me for help finding a lost stud earring in her backyard. The evening prior, Kim had inadvertently knocked the earring out of her ear swatting at a mosquito that was bothering her.

Interestingly she had located the earring back, then dropped the earring back and found it again, but could not locate the actual earring. As you can imagine, stud earrings are one of the most difficult items to locate due to their tiny size. I was impressed she found the earring back twice!

We moved a bench that was in the way and I adjusted my detector to the most sensitive setting I could go, despite getting some interference or “chatter” in the headset.

I started searching the area and on my first target, located a flamingo dangle earring which appeared as though it had been there awhile! This earring was not hers, and must have been lost by the previous homeowner. What are the odds?

I continued on and got a faint signal a few minutes later and just a couple feet from where the flamingo earring was found. I had to search deep into the grass to locate the item, and was pleased to see it was the missing stud!

The type of grass commonly found in Florida can be very thick, and small items will easily fall through to the bottom and become obscured, as in the case of this stud earring. It would have been very difficult, if not impossible to find with the naked eye.

Stud Earring Lost While Shoveling Snow in Franklin, Tennessee… FOUND!

  • from Huntsville (Alabama, United States)

Christina McCree – Ring Finder/Metal Detectorist for northern Alabama and southern/middle Tennessee…call or text ASAP, anytime 24/7…610-504-6135

On Wednesday evening (January 17th, 2024), I received a call from Amy stating she had lost her white gold and diamond stud earring (which was a gift from her husband) while shoveling snow from the driveway of her home in Franklin, Tennessee.  On Sunday night into Monday evening, Tennessee and Alabama received a snow and ice storm along with artic temperatures that put the area out of commission for about a week.  I told Amy that I would make it out for a search once the roads were clear and I had time off from my normal day job.  It wouldn’t be until Sunday (January 28th), that I could safely travel the 1.5-hour drive to Amy’s house.

I met Amy at her home in Franklin, TN around 2pm on Sunday.  Outside, was a brisk 42 degrees Fahrenheit with no sunshine and occasional drizzle.  Since this earring was a stud, I was worried about the amount of metal and whether I could get a reading on my detector.  Amy had her second earring, so I scanned it with my Minelab Equinox 900 with the 6” coil.  I didn’t get a signal in any of the Park or Gold modes.  I then checked the earring with my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT and Nokta AccuPOINT pinpointers.  I received a reading on both, but the Nokta had the stronger signal.  I planned to use that pinpointer to scan the sides of the driveway.  This was definitely going to be a tough search considering how small the earring was, how large the driveway was, and that I had to use an almost 10-inch handheld metal detector.

I had Amy tell me exactly what happened.  Amy shoveled her driveway in two sections.  First was the steep driveway and the second was the steps to the house and outside the garage.  After finishing the first section of the driveway, Amy went inside the house to re-layer, and she put on a sweater.  She said she felt the sweater tug on her earring.  She went back outside and finished the second section.  Amy said the earring backing was still on her ear when she went back inside the house, but the stud was gone.  Since fingers shrink when they are cold, I felt her ear shrunk when she went outside, plus the earring was loosened up from the sweater, so I decided to start my search in the second section of the shoveled driveway.

I had Amy show me one more time how far she shoveled in the second section by the garage and steeper part of the driveway.  We were walking over, and Amy exclaimed, “there it is!”  Amy had eyeballed her own earring laying in plain sight on the driveway!  Amy told me that she couldn’t believe it because her husband had checked the entire driveway.  He even used a flashlight at night, hoping the diamond would gleam back.  Thankfully, the earring was not run over by a car and damaged, or even caught in the tire tread and driven away.  Amazing!  We celebrated for a few minutes, took some photos, and then I was on my way back to Huntsville, AL.

Maybe it was the heavy rain or wind that moved the earring into plain sight that day.  Or maybe and what I truly believe – is that it was divine intervention and the power of prayer.  I always pray before I leave for a search and when I get home.  I ask that the Holy Spirit guide me to the person’s lost item and then I praise God, the Father when it is found and give Him all the glory.  Truly a blessing being a member of Chris Turner’s The Ring Finders and getting to go on these adventures.  Looking forward to the next search…

Gold earring lost in Sausalito, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

Bay Area Ring Finders: Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590 

A very kind Susan contacted me on Memorial Day to assist in searching for her gold clip-on hoop earring lost at the Cavallo Point Lodge in beautiful Sausalito, CA.  She was spending the weekend there with her daughter and while out for a walk she felt her hair tugging at the earring. Just like that, she attempted to clear her hair from the earring and the rest was a blur.  The earring she had owned for 30 plus years and had been present for all the major events of her adult life was missing.  The mother and daughter duo spent hours searching for the lost gold hoop to no avail and a huge cloud loomed over the trip.

Susan had used a metal detectorist to assist locating a missing ring while on vacation at the beaches of the East Coast. She sought out a last ditch effort to recover the earring when she reached out to my friend and fellow  member Jes Muse.  Jes was kind enough to pass along my information to Susan, who text me right away and the next afternoon I’d make the hour and a half drive to Cavallo Point to meet with her and perform the search.  Susan reenacted the events of the night and the path she took.  She also established an appropriate search area, which was fairly small and our probability of the detection was pretty good. I spend 30 minutes or less metal detecting and visually observing the search area.

After searching the area, I could say with full confidence that the earring was not there.  At that point, she thanked me for my efforts and I could tell she was quite disappointed.  After she left, I couldn’t help but wonder that if I walked further along her route, what I could find find.  If there was a possibility that the lost earring event may have taken place further than originally thought and that was why the initial  search turned up nothing, I wanted to know.  As I walked further along the route, there laying in the road was the gold clip-on earring we had both sought out.  We had made the recovery!!!

Early in the search, Susan had stated that she had a dream that we located the missing item.  I remembered that statement when I called her to return to the Cavallo Point Lodge to collect her belongings.  She was ecstatic when I turned over the once lost item and I hope in some way it made the grey cloud over the Mother and Daughter trip depart.  Best of wishes Susan!

The gold clip-on as found in the road.

The missing earring.

The roadway that I located the earring.

Susan preferred not to have her photo taken, so here I am!

Bay Area Ring Finders: Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590 

Lost Earring Cedar Grove NJ…. FOUND!!!

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)
🍂🦃Shout out to John Favno, The South Jersey Ring Finder, for this lead!🦃🍂

John called me on Monday about a hunt that was just too far from his location. He gave me Dana’s number and I called her when I got off the phone with John. Dana had lost an earring while putting up her Christmas decorations. She checked to see if her earrings were still in place, as she often does, and only the back of her earring was still stuck to her ear. She had been going back and forth to the garage getting decorations for her back deck and had lost it somewhere along the way. She searched high and low and was only able to find the earring jacket. Her neighbors also came over to help hunt with a searchlight and still no luck. When I arrived on Thursday, she showed me the area she had been working in and also showed me where she found the jacket. It was a SUPER difficult hunt because there was tons of competing metal in the area, landscape lighting, paver barriers, and a ton of other stuff. So, I had to use my small 6-inch coil and go really, really slowly to rule out all sorts of other stuff. Thankfully after about 30 minutes of searching, I was able to locate the earring in a small pile of rocks and return it to Dana. It was probably one of the best starts to a Thanksgiving ever!! 🙂


Lost earring playing Beach Volleyball in Key Biscayne

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

Another quick recovery!!! She lost her earring while playing volleyball and I was able to run right over and find it.  If you lost some jewelry on the beach or in the water, give me a call and I’ll go out and help you find it.  Louis 305-608-1870

Lost Earring Groton, CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Keith Wille – Earring Recovery Specialist. Lost your earring? Call 860-917-8947. Lost earring stud found in the parking lot of CrossFit Inguz. Sam was adjusting her headband during a workout when she felt her earring stud pop out. She was able to catch the small back piece but not the stud itself. As the loyal Cross Fitter Sam is, she kept the workout going! Replacing this set of Disney Mickey Mouse earrings would not be easy. Sam loves Disney, and these sentimental earrings are the tokens that keep her close to the Kingdom even when she’s 1000 miles away. Sam knew where she was when the earring fell, so we began the search after the workout. Mickey must have gone flying because 10 minutes into the search, I ended up find the earring 30 feet from where we started. Mickey is safe and sound back on Sam’s ear, where he’ll hopefully live out the rest of his years!

How to Find a Lost Earring

Retrace your steps to the last known earring location. If you have the other earring, keep it handy to use as a reference against the search area. Periodically place the other earring on the ground and let your eyes adjust. If you need some help, contact a professional to discuss the next steps of finding your lost earring. I serve Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and short distances into other surrounding states. If you lost a ring or something of value, contact Keith Wille now | Call or text 860-917-8947 |



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Lost Earring, Found Hope: A Tale of Precious Recovery in Oxnard Shores CA

  • from Santa Barbara (California, United States)

Amidst the hustle of the afternoon, a frantic call from Laurie pierced through—a half-carat diamond earring lost, buried somewhere in her yard near the Oxnard beachfront. With desperation in her voice, Laurie recounted her frantic search, moving earth in a desperate bid to reclaim her cherished earring. Laden with sentimental value, the earring held a special place in Laurie’s heart, fueling her hope for recovery.

Armed with my trusty Minelab Equinox, I embarked on the mission, meticulously scouring the yard inch by inch. The delicate stem of the earring proved elusive to the detector’s grasp, necessitating a hands-on approach. Down on hands and knees, with my propointer in hand, I combed through the earth, sifting through layers of soil and debris.

As the search unfolded, rusted screws and forgotten staples emerged, teasingly leading the way. Despite Laurie’s insistence that the lost earring couldn’t be in the vicinity, an instinctual tug prompted a thorough investigation. And then, in a serendipitous moment, a telltale tone echoed through the air, signaling a breakthrough. With bated breath, I unearthed the buried treasure—a glimmering half-carat diamond earring, gleaming amidst the earth.

Laurie’s jubilation knew no bounds, tears of relief mingling with joy. In that moment, the profound satisfaction of aiding another in need washed over me—a sentiment that rings true to the essence of Ringfinders.

When cherished valuables slip from grasp, hope is not lost. Trust in the expertise of a metal detector expert to restore what’s dear. For lost rings, jewelry, and treasures buried beneath the earth, contact us at 805-290-5009 or visit Let us be your beacon of hope in times of loss.


  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

Susan called to ask for help in finding her husband’s lost tungsten wedding band.  It was slung off his wet finger a month before when opening their camper door. Carrie and I left the next day for the 70 mile trip. On arriving, we found the grassy search area to be small in the RV lot. We began the search of the lot. Next to the grassy area was a fenced area for a water system. Sid hunted the fenced area facing the RV. After 2 hours of searching and re-searching the yard and rock driveway, we had not found the ring. Susan, Carrie and Sid had gathered up near the rear side of the water system to discuss the next step when Carrie saw a sparkle from the rocks around the water system. In plain view laying on the rocks was the ring. Lost items are not always where you expect them to be. After the happy trio took pictures, we were on our way back home. Thank you, Susan, for your generous reward.



  • from Lafayette (Louisiana, United States)

After Brennon and Alyssa rode their 4 wheeler along the muddy trails, they decided to call it a day. They parked at the area used to wash off the four wheelers and themselves. While washing her hands with a hose, Alyssa felt her engagement ring slip off her finger. They and other riders hunted for it from 8 PM till midnight with no success. The next morning they returned with a newly purchased metal detector to continue the hunt. After finding only foil, pennies and pop tops, Brennon looked at a YouTube video for hunting hints. He saw a “The Ring Finders” decal on a car in the video and went to our website. We got the call from Brennon on Sunday morning. Carrie and I were able to load our equipment and be on site in 1 ½ hours. The hunt area was relatively small but had quite a lot of trash. It was hard bottom with dead matted grass covered by 2 to 4 inches of mud. After 20 minutes of getting everything, including us, covered in mud, Carrie found the ring, tangled in the grass, under the mud. After some happy tears and pictures (and washing off mud from us and our equipment) we were heading home feeling great after reuniting Alyssa with her beautiful ring.

Thank you for your generous reward. Best wishes for a long and happy life together.


Lost Diamond Earring found in Mt Prospect

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Lost Diamond Earring found in Mt Prospect
Doesn’t have to be big to mean a lot to you.
Received a call , when lost a diamond earring while cutting the grass.
Right off the bat I had 2 concerns, first concern was it was an earring (very small target), second concern she was cutting the grass.
Sometimes you just need a little luck.
After about an hour I hit it, she was a happy camper!!