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Lost Diamond Earring found Oxnard Shores

I got a frantic phone call from Laurie this afternoon about her lost half carat diamond earring that she was pretty sure was lost somewhere in her yard near the beach in Oxnard this past Sunday. She informed me she had moved a lot of the dirt in a panic to try and find her earring. The earring had special meaning to her and she was hopeful I would find it. The stem was so small that my Minelab Equinox really couldn’t pick it up so I had to get down on my hands and knees with my propointer and go inch by inch through the side yard. After finding a few rusty screws and a staple I was just about to finish up the location and move to another spot in the yard as Laurie was adamant that she hadn’t been in the area I was in and it wasn’t there. Something told me to check it further and literally 3 seconds later I got a tone, pushed the dirt around and pushed the earring out with my probe.

Needless to say Laurie was overjoyed and the tears were flowing. There is hardly a better feeling in the world than helping someone in need and being part of Ringfinders does it for me.