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Gold earring lost in Sausalito, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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A very kind Susan contacted me on Memorial Day to assist in searching for her gold clip-on hoop earring lost at the Cavallo Point Lodge in beautiful Sausalito, CA.  She was spending the weekend there with her daughter and while out for a walk she felt her hair tugging at the earring. Just like that, she attempted to clear her hair from the earring and the rest was a blur.  The earring she had owned for 30 plus years and had been present for all the major events of her adult life was missing.  The mother and daughter duo spent hours searching for the lost gold hoop to no avail and a huge cloud loomed over the trip.

Susan had used a metal detectorist to assist locating a missing ring while on vacation at the beaches of the East Coast. She sought out a last ditch effort to recover the earring when she reached out to my friend and fellow  member Jes Muse.  Jes was kind enough to pass along my information to Susan, who text me right away and the next afternoon I’d make the hour and a half drive to Cavallo Point to meet with her and perform the search.  Susan reenacted the events of the night and the path she took.  She also established an appropriate search area, which was fairly small and our probability of the detection was pretty good. I spend 30 minutes or less metal detecting and visually observing the search area.

After searching the area, I could say with full confidence that the earring was not there.  At that point, she thanked me for my efforts and I could tell she was quite disappointed.  After she left, I couldn’t help but wonder that if I walked further along her route, what I could find find.  If there was a possibility that the lost earring event may have taken place further than originally thought and that was why the initial  search turned up nothing, I wanted to know.  As I walked further along the route, there laying in the road was the gold clip-on earring we had both sought out.  We had made the recovery!!!

Early in the search, Susan had stated that she had a dream that we located the missing item.  I remembered that statement when I called her to return to the Cavallo Point Lodge to collect her belongings.  She was ecstatic when I turned over the once lost item and I hope in some way it made the grey cloud over the Mother and Daughter trip depart.  Best of wishes Susan!

The gold clip-on as found in the road.

The missing earring.

The roadway that I located the earring.

Susan preferred not to have her photo taken, so here I am!

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Lost Platinum and Diamond stud earring on Pleasanton, CA Soccer Field…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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When Aditi contacted me on the 7th of May, I had no clue about the new lesson I was about to be taught.  At this point, I did not even know the issues that existed that would lead to the lessons I would be learning during this recovery.

Aditi requested help locating her platinum and diamond stud earring. The stud had been displaced from her ear by one of her young sons.  They were in a large grass field observing a soccer match when the incident occurred and she had visually seen the disposed earring fall into the grass. Now, these were very nice earrings, but what made them even more special was that these were a 10 year anniversary gift from her adoring husband. After searching for some time the family sadly left the park and Aditi sought out an alternative solution.  A google search put her on The Ring Finders page and in contact with me.  With the last of the days light waning, it was determined that I would perform the search the following afternoon.

The next day was beautiful and I had high hopes for a successful speedy recovery, though I knew that a stud earring in a grass field might be extremely difficult.  I met Aditi’s mother at the sports fields.  She too, had been there the day prior and assisted with the search.  A boundary was set and I grid the search zone with cones I carry in my kit.  I was utilizing my Equinox 800 with the large coil and searched in Park 2.  Additionally, I was using my Garret pin pointer to scan the lawn when potential signals were noted. After 1 hour, the mother suggested we conclude the search but I stayed with it another 30 minutes before calling it off to regroup. I sent a message to Aditi letting her know what I had done and that I had been unsuccessful, but not to lose hope.  I knew that I was going back.

Back home I ran a series of tests with different coils and different settings on my wife’s stud earrings.  I contacted a few trusted detectorists for advice.  The first lesson I discovered in this process was that these stud earrings were very difficult to pick up regardless of settings and coils.  The second lesson I learned was that the Garret pin pointer could not pick up the greater majority of the stud earrings I tested.  This meant that all of the would-be-targets that I did detect and used the pin pointer to clear, it gave me a false probability of detection. I would be going back to the field.

The next opportunity I got, I made the trip back to the sports park and reestablished the grid in the defined search area. I also utilized the 6″ coil in the Gold 1 setting which I found to be the most useful during my testing.   This time I painstakingly visually searched the grass beneath any and all promising targets. About 45 minutes into this trip I had a booming repetitive VDI of 1, I got down low and combed through the tall, thick, green grass and that was when I knew, we had made the recovery!

Before removing the item, I tested the pin pointer…nothing!!!  I took a series of photos and sent a text to Aditi wishing her a Happy Mothers Day followed by images of her once lost and now found platinum and diamond earring.  I’m hopeful that it helped make her day just a little bit brighter.  Thank you Aditi for trusting me with the recovery of your jewelry!  I do not take that trust lightly and will always do my absolute best to prove that.


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