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Lost Earring Cedar Grove NJ…. FOUND!!!

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)
🍂🦃Shout out to John Favno, The South Jersey Ring Finder, for this lead!🦃🍂

John called me on Monday about a hunt that was just too far from his location. He gave me Dana’s number and I called her when I got off the phone with John. Dana had lost an earring while putting up her Christmas decorations. She checked to see if her earrings were still in place, as she often does, and only the back of her earring was still stuck to her ear. She had been going back and forth to the garage getting decorations for her back deck and had lost it somewhere along the way. She searched high and low and was only able to find the earring jacket. Her neighbors also came over to help hunt with a searchlight and still no luck. When I arrived on Thursday, she showed me the area she had been working in and also showed me where she found the jacket. It was a SUPER difficult hunt because there was tons of competing metal in the area, landscape lighting, paver barriers, and a ton of other stuff. So, I had to use my small 6-inch coil and go really, really slowly to rule out all sorts of other stuff. Thankfully after about 30 minutes of searching, I was able to locate the earring in a small pile of rocks and return it to Dana. It was probably one of the best starts to a Thanksgiving ever!! 🙂


Lost iPhone West Orange…. Found

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

I saw a post in my local community group about a young girl that had lost her iPhone while sledding.  I responded to the post that I would be happy to help find the phone and left my link.  I was excited when I received a call from Anusha, the girl’s mom, requesting my help.  She said they had used the find my phone feature to locate the phone within about a 10-foot radius and offered for me to follow them to the location as there were several sledding hills on the road.  I followed them to the site and they showed me approximately where the phone was pinpointed with the find my phone feature.  I spent about 90 minutes working my way down the hill when I found the phone completely covered by snow!  I was happy to reunite iPhone and owner!