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Lost iPhone X surprise – FOUND!!!

from Pensacola (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-850-346-1736

It’s funny, sometimes you don’t even know you need the RingFinders but… the RingFinders find you.  😃 I was deep in the middle of trying to find Allan and Ami’s wedding band when I came across a great signal worth digging. When I pulled it up I saw that it was an iPhone in a lifeproof case and there was some sort of card holder on the back. I put it in my pack and finished finding Allan’s ring. When my wife and I left, I pulled out the cards to see if there was an id but there were only names on credit cards. My wife went into Facebook detective mode and looked at a few profiles. One girl looked promising but she was living in CA.  However, we saw on a public picture that she had recently done a Spartan run and that was the image on her phone case. 👍. I thought it appropriate to reach out via FB messenger. Victoria quickly replied back and said, “Omg!!! Did you find my phone with my cards?!”. To which I replied, “Haha , yes i did“. Too cool. Well the Rest is boring but to sum it up, I sent an iPhone X and some credit cards to California and Victoria was absolutely thrilled to get them. I think she was most shocked that I found it in deep water, buried 6-7 inches in the sand right where she lost it well over a week before.  I love being able to help people out with my hobby!  😃 Congrats Victoria!!!


IPhone Lost and Found in Sand .. Newpot Dunes Resort .. Newport Beach, CA. ..

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

I received a call at 7am from Katlin apologizing for the early call. It is important to me to get a call as soon as possible, even a half hour can make a difference between a successful or unsuccessful search for losses on So.Calif. beaches.
The caller ID showed the the phone number was a Massachusetts number. Katlin was calling from her friends phone because she lost her iPhone the night before in the sand. I held my breath hoping it wasn’t a location across town. When I asked her where the phone was lost, she told me Newport Dunes Resort. Perfect, I live within 2 blocks from where she knew it had dropped in some soft sand.
Smart phones hold a lot of personal information but this loss so important because it had Katlin’s credit card and her photo ID. She would need all these for her flight home the next day. We met on the beach a half hour later. The security guard asked what we were doing and sarcastically said good luck. She put me right in the general area. Ten minutes later Katlin had her iPhone with all her important cards. I made it a point to show the security guard that we did have good luck.
It was a pleasure to help Katlin find her phone and to hear how she didn’t know our service existed until she googled lost iPhone in the sand.