Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kualoa Regional Park...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I received a text from Michael who was visiting Oahu from Kansas City, Missouri. Working as a Government Contractor for the US Army he had some free time to visit Kualoa Regional Park before Hurricane Lane assaults the islands. While he was walking near the waters edge he stumbled and to break his fall he put his hands down in the water that was full of coral & sand. At that moment his Gold Wedding Band came off and disappeared. He immediately and for the next hour searched in vain for his ring in the 1-2 feet of water. His eyes were burning rom the salt water and he eventually gave up. He called his wife to tell her the bad news but she was very comforting and said just get another one. It was too sentimental so Michael did a google search and found theringfinders. I called Michael that evening and with Hurricane Lane bearing down on the island we decided to meet the next morning at 6am at the Park. When we arrived the gate was locked and wouldn’t be opened until 7am. We decided to park along the street and walk into the park. Michael took me to the spot where he stumbled and at low tide the water was barely ankle deep. I fired up the Excalibur and 5 seconds later “BOOM” super loud target. This place is full of fishing lead so I thought I was going to be detecting for awhile. As I scooped the target and lifted it out of the water I could see a gold ring glinting in the rising sunlight. Whoa! That was some good luck. It was Michael’s ring and also in the scoop was a 1 inch by 4 inch piece of copper roofing material. That was the “Boom” only the ring was in the same spot. Michael was very grateful and we shook hands and bid each other safety from the oncoming storm. Aloha to Michael!

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