Lost Diamonds & Gold Wedding Band at Hilton Hawaiian Village...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Gabrielle who was on her honeymoon from Ohio. While relaxing on the beach at the Hilton Hawaiian Village she took her engagement and wedding rings off and placed them on a towel on her lap. After a period of time she got up and not remembering the rings were in her lap they fell into the sand. The engagement ring was easily spotted but the wedding band was gone. She googled losing a ring and got Dave Sheldon on Maui who told her to look up “theringfinders” and that’s how she found me. I told her I was just getting off work and could grab my Equinox and head down to the beach in about 45 minutes. When I arrived her husband took me down to the area of the beach they were lounging at. I asked to move the aluminum beach chairs then fired up the Equinox and started a grid search. It wasn’t but ten seconds I got a #7 on the Nox and two scoops down was Gabrielle’s ring. It was directly under the chair and someone must’ve stepped on the ring to push it that deep. Quick recovery and honeymoon restored to bliss. Hugs & handshakes. Aloha to Gabrielle and her husband!