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Lost Wedding Ring Southwest Houston (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Received a call from Kathy who advised her husband had lost his wedding ring in the backyard of their residence. Kathy said her husband was shooting some hoops when the ring had come off his finger and disappeared in the grass. Kathy said they were unsuccessful at finding the ring and later found on an internet search..

The photograph tells the rest of the story.



























Equipment used on this search CTX3030





Lost Silver Ring Found and Returned

from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-361-8666

IMAG0097 web


















Joyce was dead heading her flowers on her second floor deck and was tossing them over the deck railing, you get the picture, the Ring went with it. Joyce enquired about renting a metal detector and was told they are not easy to use, they take much practice.

Joyce Kopan Emailed after her sister saw the article in the Saanich News about my metal detecting. I called her and arranged a meeting after the rains stopped, it had been three weeks so a few more days would not change too much.

Well today the Sun came out and I headed over to Joyce’s house. After a quick demonstration on how and where Joyce lost her ring I got to work.

There was far too much junk in the ground to use my detector so I got on hands and knees and used my pin-pointer. After about twenty minutes I moved to the neighbors yard , Bingo I found it.

Joyce was so happy she had to hug me, thanks Joyce, I enjoyed this hunt!


IMAG0094 web

Ring lost 7 years, found in Kentwood, MI mobile home park.

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

We just found a ring today that was lost for 7 years. A metal detecting friend of ours named Mike had a son-in-law who lost his ring while changing oil in his car. His son-in-law has since passed away and Mike wanted to find the ring for his grandson who was 9 years old at the time the ring was lost. Mike wanted to find the ring to give his grandson as a keepsake of his fathers. Mike is legally blind and needs a little help getting his detector gear ready. We, (Dave B. and myself), got started at a mobile home park in Kentwood, MI. We spread out on the small lot which was now vacant and about 20 minutes into the hunt Mike came up with a beautiful gold ring with 6 diamonds. We continued to detect around the lot and the adjacent lot to see what else we could find. After coming up with coins, toy cars and pull tabs we went over to his daughters and presented her the ring. The following pictures says it all, the ring and Mike with his daughter.


Wedding Band lost at John’s Pass, Maderia Beach, FL

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

John and his recently married wife had just returned from their honeymoon and were settling into their home together. They decided to take a break and spend a day at the beach. After they arrived at Maderia Beach and setup a spot on the beach they ventured out into the water. They were just cooling down in neck deep water when John’s wife noticed his wedding ring was missing. They tried to locate the ring in the murky water but had no luck. John’s wife found us on the Ringfinders site and contacted us. We responded the next day with a small team and in about an hour we recovered the ring. Needless to say, John was overjoyed!

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Lost Rings … Newport Beach, CA. … Found in Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2013

I checked my emails about 9:30 pm Sunday night. Jordin had emailed me about 6 pm. Inquiring about how “The RingfFinders” service works. I wrote a reply with a short explanation, asking her to call me at any hour. She called me about 7am. Giving me directions to where she lost her rings two days before. Again I raced to the beach trying to beat the beach cleaning machine or possible another hobby detectorist that doesn’t know how to return a sentimental piece of jewelry.

Jordin is from Bakersfield, CA.,visiting her father in Newport Beach and will be returning tomorrow. Saturday, she took her children to the beach and had put her rings in her backpack with the kids toys. When she got to the beach she dumped the toys on the sand. She did not realize till Sunday morning that her rings were lost.. She spent several hours Sunday sifting through the sand and went that night with a flashlight hoping to see a reflection from the diamonds. Her search was not successful and she did not want to tell her father. The larger of the two rings was her mother’s wedding ring and her mother had past away when she was 3 years old. The ring was given to her when she turned 18 years old. How could that ring ever be replaced ?

After following the directions that Jordin gave me over the phone. I was at the beach within 30 minutes and both the rings were in my scoop after grid searching about 20 square feet. I took a photo and sent it to Jordin with a message. Just after I sent the message she came walking towards me from across the beach. When she got to me I asked her if she got my message. She said she had not recieved it.  Then I held up her two rings.. That turned on her tears of joy..

The next day, I came to the same beach area and I could see where the beach sifting machine had passed over the same area on the beach where I had recovered the rings. It feels so good to be able to use my years of using a metal detector to help Jordin and others..

IMG_2585 IMG_2570

Platinum Wedding Band Recovered near Wye Mills, Maryland!

from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)
Contact: 1-410-215-7826

I’m happy to say that the 100% success rate is still going strong!!!!! With that said, I was fairly confident on this occasion that we would find the lost wedding band simply because of the conviction the owner had.  As you have probably seen mentioned many times here at the Ring Finders, being able to describe in detail how, where and when you lost your valuable is the biggest factor when it comes to a successful recovery. Jeff had two of those three things going for him. He was able to describe in great detail exactly where and what he was doing when his wedding band slipped off his finger. Unfortunately Jeff did not hear of The Ring Finders until recently and despite losing the ring almost a YEAR ago, I was able to get it back where it belongs! Jeff was fortunate that this happened in a secluded, wooded area and not a community park, playground or ball field as the result could have been quite different. With that said, if you are reading this and think too much time has passed since you lost your valuable, keep in mind that might not be the case! Here is how things went down in Jeff’s own words…..


It was around a year or so ago when I went hunting near Wye Mills, MD (across the bay bridge). It was getting late in the day when I shot a deer, then had to field dress the deer in the dark. I walked into the woods and threw away the insides of the deer, and then wiped my hands with some old hickory tree leaves. After getting the deer back to my Jeep and driving for a while I noticed my wedding ring was missing! I sadly had to tell my wife that I lost my ring. We both were pretty disappointed, but I had hope because I was going to go back the next day to search for it….on my hands and knees for hundreds of yards. No luck finding the ring, but I still would not lose hope. I knew in my heart it was there in the woods, or somewhere in the field where I was hunting. Every time I would go hunting in that spot, I would always look in the direction of where I thought the ring was.

A year goes by, always thinking what if? I was reading an article on Yahoo about a woman who lost her ring, and how she used “” to find her ring. I immediately thought to myself, this is my chance….no way! I contacted several members and Jim Wagner (who had a 100% success rate) was the first to call. I gave Jim my story, and I said I know it’s there or that’s what my heart tells me. Jim said, “If it’s there, I will find it”!! Wow, was he right! Lance and Jim started their search, and BAM… Jim says to me, your search is over! He found the ring!! I was in tears and so thankful that I never lost hope. I was also very happy that their 100% success streak  is alive and well!

Both me and my wife are so thankful for Jim and Lance! We will always be thankful to both of them for returning the ring in style. I have been telling everyone about these guys. What a awesome end to a search that was going on in my heart! They are simply the BEST, and two of the kindest people I have met. Jim and Lance, you guys are definitely classified as “Lord of the Rings”! Wow……  


Jeff and Senayit


It’s always a great feeling to return a lost item to anyone, but it was a little extra special with Jeff because you could see how much his marriage and the symbol of the marriage really means to him!

Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in Victoria B.C.

from Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-361-8666

DSC01493 web


















Sunday September 29th @ 12:27 P.M. I received a call from a Frantic Kyle Cameron. Can you help me find my Platinum Wedding Ring?

I gathered up my equipment and drove to Esquimalt Lagoon and met up with Kyle and Christine and the little dog. Kyle explained that while playing with his dog on the beach he got his hands covered in sand and while cleaning them he lost his ring.

I searched for 1 1/2 hours on the beach and in the surf and Bingo the detector rang out crisp and loud, found it. Talk about excited, Kyle said he could kiss me, I declined that but shook his hand and returned the ring.


photo webDSC01495 web

Wedding Ring Lost In Sarasota Yard

from Tampa Bay (Florida, United States)

Pete Nicolai was busy cleaning the gutters on the roof when he wiped his hand against his pants to dry it off and BINGO his wedding ring was gone!!!!!!!  He heard a ping when the ring hit the ladder below him and never caught site of where it landed. He searched for the ring in the yard and surrounding bushes but had no luck. He went home and broke the sad news to his wife and then they returned and searched with no luck. A few weeks later, Pete read an article on Yahoo about “The Ringfinders” and when he went to the web site he found Michael Miller listed as a resource for finding lost items. He contacted Mike and they made arrangements to meet at the site. Doug Brozek joined Mike in the search and within 15 minutes Doug recovered the ring and returned it to a very happy Pete.

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How To Find A Lost Ring At Spanish Banks Dog Park, Vancouver

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I went out on a ring search at Spanish Banks dog park in Vancouver. I talked to Patrick over the phone and he gave me the details in regards to where he believed the ring was lost and how to get there. He sent me a google earth picture of the location and that sure helped! But that being said you still have to ask the question or you could be out by a little and that’s all it takes when you’re looking for something so small.He told me that I was looking for a white gold ring with six small diamonds that he lost while throwing a ball for his dog. He told me soon after he realized his ring came off the whole group of people he was with doing exercises held hands and formed a long line (15 people across) and did a grid search of the area…trying to eyeball the ring. Unfortunately the ring was not found so Patrick went home and found a place to rent a metal detector and came back and searched for five hours with no luck…A little about metal detector rentals…Yes, you can rent a metal detector but in most cases if you’ve never used one it may be a little overwhelming with all the signals that you are getting. You’re renting a very inexpensive metal detector that is going to be beeping every foot or so.That’s why there’s ”The Ring Finders”…A metal detecting service with metal detecting experts using the best equipment to find what you thought was lost forever.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love hearing the stories of about the rings I find and how much it meant to the person to have it found, and all so about the person that gave them the ring and how happy they will be when they get the good news. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI found the ring on my 3rd grid line in about 15 minutes! I never get tired of finding peoples lost rings and seeing the smiles it brings to a person when you hand it back to them. I have personally found over 300 lost rings for people and I look forward to the next 1000!Thanks for reading my blogs! I love my job!If you have lost something cal me ASAP!Best Regards, Chris Turner/CEO/The Ring FindersWatch Video of the search below…

Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Lost in Barcelona…Found!

from Provence (France)

???????????????????????????????On monday, my wife and I just returned from 2 hrs in french class and a 2 hr round trip drive and was looking forward to some relaxation.. When we got home, we received a voice mail message from a gentlemen (Fred) in Ireland (we live in southern France) asking for help in locating 2 Platinum wedding bands (one with a diamond) lost by his wife while they were attending a friend’s wedding in a town near Barcelona, Spain. He said that they were getting ready to leave Barcelona when they decided to just take one more dip in the sea and it was during this last dip in the sea that his wife lost her rings. She apparently was crying when she realized she was going to leave Spain without her rings. Fred had just returned to Ireland and said the rings were lost in 4 1/2 to 5 ft of water. He said some of his friends and a scuba diver all assisted him in searching for the rings without success. I told him that unfortuately, Spain is VERY restrictive to metal detecting and permission by the government is very difficult to obtain. Furthermore, I am more than a 4 hr drive from Barcelona. After some discussion, I told him that if he could get the local police to allow a search, I would respond if my costs were covered. When he called back, he said the police would not give permission but…. as long as they did not get any complaints, they would kindly ‘look the other way’.  So, late monday evening, my wife, I and my dog left for a small town near Barcelona arriving there at 10 pm. Fred prepaid 2 nights at a 4 star hotel and I met his friends (the couple who got married) at the hotel. The next morning I started detecting in the dark at 5:15 am. I searched 1hr 45mins WITHOUT GETTING ONE TARGET!!! I couldn’t believe it and kept checking my Surf PI Dual Field thinking something was malfunctioning… nope, the detector was working fine!  I was getting really depressed because this was such an important search and I was coming up empty handed. I have never seen a beach so ‘sterile’ of targets!! Finally, after 1hr 45 minutes I got a decent target near the place where the ring was reportedly lost. When I sifted the sand out of the scoop (in the dark) I reached into scoop and felt the target and determined it to be a ring. I then took out my waterproof flashlight to look at the ring and when the light hit the ring, all I saw was a diamond!! Thank God.  I remained in the same spot and reached out with my detector in all directions and found the other ring about 2 ft away. When I got back to my room (still in the dark) my wife determined the rings were the correct ones and sent Fred a photo with an e-mail.  Fred apparently was just waking up (time zone 1 hr earlier) but was quick to respond stating he could not believe it.. I was told that Fred’s wife was overjoyed upon hearing that the rings were found and needless to say, all the people in the wedding party were elated and the hotel staff were astonished.  No one could believe the rings were found. You can imagine my sense of relief in finding the rings. The wedding couple said they know who to call if this ever happens again. Fred was very nice paid all my expenses (and a nice ‘bonus’ to boot).  I only wish that I could have personally delivered the rings to the owner.. I gave the rings to the recently married couple and found that the rings will be personally delivered to the owner today.. Hope today is a joyful one for Fred and his wife…..

Response from Fred & Louise…. both preferred to not post name and photo but they were kind enough to post this e-mail…

We spent a weekend at a friends wedding in Barcelona. When throwing a ball In the sea I lost my wedding and engagement rings. Over 20 friends spent 2 hours searching but couldn’t find them. 2 local divers from the neighbouring boatyard then tried with scuba tanks but had no luck. We got on our plane back to Dublin thinking we’d never see the rings again.

My husband found Larry’s details online and after explaining the story, Larry and Marilyn, canceled their plans, jumped in the car and drove an amazing 7 hours to Barcelona. The next morning we woke to find an email from Larry with a photo of the rings

Amazing. Thank you Larry and Marilyn