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Lost Gold Wedding Ring In Spokane Valley Wa….FOUND!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

Sherry was finishing up her day and had gone outside to start feeding the squirrels and birds. After grabbing all of the bags of food that she needed she made her way around her snow covered yard to each of the feeders. After finishing up this last chore Sherry made her way to the couch. Sitting there enjoying the last hours of the day Sherry had a startling feeling. Her ring was not on her finger. The search for Sherry’s ring begun. The ring wasn’t found anywhere in the house so Sherry and her husband Steve headed outside to look. Neither one of them saw the ring outside. So to the internet Steve went. He had the idea to search for a metal detector. Steve quickly realized he had no idea how to use a metal detector. Not to worry the internet showed Steve some YouTube videos from Chris Turner. Steve thought the Ring Finders looked promising. So that’s where I enter. With a few texts and a phone call I was set up to go to Steve’s house after work. I knew the back story of how the ring was lost so all I needed was to see the possible locations. Turning on my metal detector was problematic. It started looping on and off over and over. Good thing I had a back up detector. Oh yeah, and the fact that as I searched my way back to where the bird feed was kept, I spotted the ring sitting on top of the bark. With a huge grin I swung my metal detector over the ring and looked up. Steve and Sherry could tell I had found something special. They both headed over to me and Sherry quickly saw the ring she had lost. It was a little confusing as to how we all walked over the ring twice but sometimes swinging a metal detector focuses the eyes and finds lost rings. The snow and cold were at it again but nothing stops the passion of a Ring Finder looking for a lost ring.

Lost Platinum Ring at Loon Lake WA…FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

On the eve of the New Year with a high temp of 5 degrees Fahrenheit, Whitney contacted me about her lost platinum ring. See Whitney had gotten a diamond and platinum ring for Christmas. Loving it dearly she wore it while sledding with her family. With a quick adjustment of her glove the ring said “see ya” as it decided to go sledding too. But like all rings during winter time they come off the hand warmer then the outside temperature and the snow. So Whitney’s platinum ring sunk into the snow and wedged itself in between the rocks below. After I arrived and said “hello”, Whitney and I climbed the little sled hill where the ring came off. Whitney demonstrated the ring toss and I started my grid. Two grid lines down the hill led me to a 16 vdi signal. Quickly pinpointing, the snow showed me a shiny rim and just as I found the ring Whitney had gone back into her house. So I walked quickly over to the back door and knocked. Whitney was still taking off her boots when I held up my hand with the ring. Her mask hid her smile but her words, “Logan he found it!” let me know she was super happy to have her Christmas present back.