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Tungsten and Damascus steel ring lost in the snow, Carpentersville, Illinois

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a text late lastnight (12-29-21) from Logan asking if I’d be able to help him locate his wedding ring. He was wiping the fresh snow off of his mailbox in front of his house. During the sweeping motion, his wedding ring came off and fell in the snow and immediately disappeared out of sight. We set up a time for this morning at 7 am to meet. After a quick explanation of the ring loss I turned on my detector, and in about 45 seconds, I had the ring!! This was the fastest recovery so far!!

“Salty” Ring Recovery. Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a email last night around 8 pm from Teresa asking if I was able to search for her husband Jake’s wedding band that he lost while he was throwing salt down in their driveway. I contacted her the next morning as soon as I seen the email. I assured her that it shouldn’t be a problem and that I was willing to come take a look for it.  So immediately packed up my gear and made the 30 minute drive over to their house.  After a quick introduction and explanation of the prior days shoveling and salting, (which is how we believe the ring came off), while throwing the salt. So I grabbed my detector (Equinox 800) and pinpointer and began searching the snow piles along the edge of the driveway.  I made one trip down the driveway searching along the side of the shoveled snow pile.  Then I went on the opposite side of the pile, and about halfway back down the driveway, I got a repeatable 17-18 signal. After sticking the pinpointer into the snow I could tell that there was something in the snow pile. After moving a handful of snow I seen the glimmer of gold!!

Took about 10 minutes or less!

Happy New Year Jake & Teresa!