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Ultimate Find After Playing Ultimate

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Before playing Ultimate Frisbee, he took off his wedding ring and put it into his bag. When he next looked, it wasn’t there. Watch the video for the full story.



I lost my wedding ring in the grass after thinking I’d put it in my bag whilst playing sport. After searching for an hour and a half I gave Evan a call the following day. Evan was really helpful and diligent. He was positive and cheerful when I had somewhat given up hope, and he found my ring outside of the main area I thought it was in. I highly recommend his services. Thank you Evan for your expertise, experience, and support.

Snowshoeing Tumble = Lost Ring near Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

While snow shoeing, he took a tumble and his ring vanished. It wasn’t until he was home that he realized it was gone. A lot of questions and detective work, narrowed it down completely. Watch the video for the results

Lost RIng Recovered in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Wiping snow off a vehicle results in lost rings. It happens all the time. Call me asap and I’ll get it back on your finger.  She asked not to be shown. You can still watch the video though.

How to find a Lost ring in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)


Sometimes I get called to search for an item that “might” have been lost somewhere. When I become that last resort, I conduct a closure search, hoping to find the item but knowing that there is a good chance it won’t be found. In cases like this, I usually ask for a flat rate fee.  Recently I was called up about a lost ring in a parking lot. She was pretty sure she had the ring before she arrived and after running a couple of errands at a couple of locations, she realized it was gone. There was no certainty but she asked me to check the locations where she had parked. I did without success. Later I met with her and searched her vehicle using my endoscope (tiny camera). She had searched the car already but I was able to check all the nooks and crannies. Still not found. When I left, I told her that her ring was not in the locations where I had searched. There were two possibilities. Someone may have picked it up (I left notes at the businesses where we searched) or she may have lost it elsewhere.  Two days later, I received a text with a picture of her ring. She had found it behind some bins in a closet.  Turns out that after my search had eliminated what she believed may have happened, she began to rethink the events surrounding the loss and was able to focus her own search elsewhere. This led to the eventual recovery of her ring.  Just another example of how a recovery specialist can help you.

If you are in the Calgary area, please contact me or if you are further abroad, visit

Finding a Lost pendant in Calgary

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)



 A couple of metal detecting buddies of mine called me up and asked if I wanted to join in on a search. While out hunting they were approached by a man whose son had lost a cross pendant with his wife’s ashes in it. I didn’t have my equipment with me but seeing that the site was just off my route home, I stopped to say “Hello” and see how it was going. What happened next was very unexpected.  Watch the video to see the ending.

Wedding Ring Lost and Found at School

  • from Cochrane (Alberta, Canada)

Nina called me. Her daughter wore her wedding ring to school. During P.E. she played some frisbee and realized at the end of class that the ring was gone. The teacher was awesome and organized a hunt for it in each of his classes. The ring was never found.

That’s when they called me.  Mom showed me around but it wasn’t until Sophia showed up and explained what happened that I was put in the right area. Not long after, it was found inside the area that she outlined. It is back where it belongs.