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Lost ring in Dublin CA, found.

from Castro Valley (California, United States)
Contact: 1-510-772-8159

Last Thursday at 730 pm, just when I was getting ready to start a meeting for the “Original California Searchers”, my phone rings.  Its a gentleman name Tony and while coaching his son’s soccer team he had lost his wedding ring.  He had purchased a metal detector, at a local store, and was not able to find the ring on his own.  So he googled “lost ring” and came apon “The Ring Finders”. He asked if I could help him.  I sat up a time to meet the next day.  We met at the park and Tony went over what he done and where the previous day.  I spent 15 to 20 minutes searching the area he played goalie to get a feel for the trash level, and to see if I could get a little lucky.

I determined I would need to set up a grid  and use a smaller loop(to many pull tabs and coins).  I set up the grid and dug everything that was in the gold range and with in 3 inches of the surface.  I found a half dozen targets, but no ring in the first three rolls.  I dug a couple of quarters on a second sweep just to make sure I was getting good readings(I felt the ring would be in one of these rows).

Then I searched the last row of my first grid.  Near the center, of my fist grid pattern’s fourth row, I got a solid 45 on the surface.  It was Tony’s  ring (the last row in fact),  I got a solid 45 near the surface.   Tony did a good job of putting me in the right area.   Oh by the way, I did have aconcern that the park might of be searched in morning by the retired gang.  A group of reired men that go out and hunt in the morning.  They hunt dublin parks mostly.

Lost ring in water 57th street Beach Chicago (Found and returned)

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a call about a husbands lost 14K White wedding band. He was in the water on Friday playing catch with his friends. He was just going to buy another, but wife wanted the original one back!!

She called  a Ringfinder, (James Evans 773-206-8476).

After extensive search I found it and returned it to her.

Thanks Lisa for contacting me.

Jim Evans



have you lost something in Grass Valley

from Spokane (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-509-263-8995

hi this is luke again.  i am also ready to find anything that is made up of metal that you have lost or want to discover. if its a set of keys or a property marker on your newly bought house i will be happy to help you find it. please check me out on the and call to set up a time i can come and look. Thank you.


What Is It About Stinson Beach?

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)
Contact: 1-408-256-3796
We found Josh's lost ring on Stinson Beach

We found Josh’s lost ring on Stinson Beach

What is it about Stinson Beach? Why does it steal so many people’s rings?

Josh enjoyed a day on the beach with his daughters. As he started to clean up, his ring slipped off his finger and was immediately swallowed by the Stinson Beach sand. He looked for it for over an hour without luck. A couple of weeks later, he found us on TheRingFinders website.

The good news was that Josh had taken three pictures with his phone that showed the family’s location on the beach. When we arrived, we carefully recreated the photos so we could identify the search zone. Then we placed stakes around the search zone, and two of us started a carefull gridded search. After a bit less than an hour, we found Josh’s ring under four or five inches of sand.

Stinson Beach is a very big place, but Josh’s photos led us straight to the right place. If you lose something in the sand, make sure you can identify the exact location with landmarks, photos, or better yet, GPS coordinates from your phone.


Lost wedding ring hidden in the sand

Here’s what Josh wrote:


Thank you again, so much.  My family was also blown away that you found it.

 I think it is so awesome that you are able to share your hobby with your daughter, and she can experience a selfless way of making people happy.

 Quick story of why my ring is so important to me.  My parents always had very simple gold bands as wedding rings.  My dad never took his off.  I was pretty young when it was at a point that he could not get it off anymore, and it was just a few years ago that after wearing it for 30 + years that he finally had to cut it off.

 I think that now I have worn my ring for 10 years.  All the great things my wife and I have experienced together and the family we have created.  I was wearing my wedding ring when my kids were born, when they took there first steps, the first stitches, when I taught them to ride a bike, the first day of school.  I hated to loose it and now I will be wearing it for all the “firsts” yet to come.


Gold Class Ring Returned From Freshwater Pond In Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-774-454-4544

A couple weeks ago i was detecting my favorite pond when i recovered this gold class ring. After enlisting family and friends i was able to find her, and she still lived in the area. I called her work and told her what i had and she seemed very puzzled that i had her ring. I went to her work this morning and gave her the ring. She still seemed very surprised that i gave it to her. After a thank you and a picture  i left hoping that it brightened up her day.

Lost my gold wedding band / ring in Calgary

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

If you have lost your gold ring or wedding band ,car keys. I will come out and find that item for you. I have found and recovered rings for other in the Calgary area. If you want to be happy call today and I will be glad to help you out.Kevin Niefer Ring Finders If you lost your ring in the snow call me ASAP.  I also have a underwater metal detectors and can search up to 5 feet of water  Calgary finding lost rings and valuables for people.metal detecting specialist

Lost ring, lost watch, lost brooch, lost pendant, lost jewelry?

Calgary hire a metal detector? Why not find a metal detecting specialist who can help you find what you have lost. By contacting one of the metal detecting specialists who have years of experience and the best equipment, you will have a much greater chance of success in finding your lost item.


Lost Gold Diamond Pedant in Calgary Alberta

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

I received a call a young lady. She said she had lost her gold diamond pendant. It was given to her from her boyfriend. She said she had lost it while she was riding her horse. She had been jumping her horse in the outdoor area plus the inside one.She said it could be anywhere even the barn. I told her I would start on the out door arena around all the jumps first and grid the whole area. It was a very hot day about 30 degrees.I started finding lots of stuff but it was a lot of nails which I picked up so the horses wouldn’t pick them up. I hunted for about 3 hours about to give up and I thought I would give it about another half hour. Just about the last couple of minutes bam I found it.So I went the the indoor arena where she was teaching young riders. She came over ans asked if I found it I showed her all the metal and nails.She looked sad and said thanks for trying.Then I showed her the gold diamond  pendant  she screamed your my hero I’m so happy thank you so so much. Well another successful hunt and a very happy girl. Kevin Niefer Ring Finders Calgary Alberta



Lost Ring in Grass Valley, California

from Spokane (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-509-263-8995

Hello, My name is Luke Schlining. I metal detect and have been for the last 11 years. I now feel it is time to give back to my community and offer my metal detecting abilities for hire. I want to help you find your lost rings or valuable items. please call or email me as soon as you can to maximize the probability of recovering your lost items, there are other metal detectors in this area but I want to return the rings and jewelery that I find. Thank you and remember, if you don’t want to lose it leave it at home.

Lost his Wedding Band in Riverbend Calgary Alberta

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496

This guy is one happy husband. While out having a smoke out on the back deck he tossed his  cigarret but into to snow and off went his wedding ring. He went and searched for a long time in the snow and was unable to find the ring. I recieved a call from Clarance in a panic had to find his ring out he would be in the dog house with his wife. He asked me if I could go and find it.He  explained he was at work and couldn’t get away.He told me the area where it might be. I headed ver right away and when I arrived I could see all the foot steps in the snow where he was looking.I started doing a grid and in about ten minutes I found the gold weddding band. I hoped in my car and headed over to his work.He asked if I found it.I held up the ring and asked him does it look like this.He oh way baby that’s it. H e couldn’t thanks me enough. As you can see how happy he was after I returned the ring to him. Good thing or he would have been sleeping out side.

Kevin Niefer Ring Finders Calgary Alberta

Lost Gold Wedding Band in Chaparral, Calgary… Found!

from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-968-1496





It was early Sunday morning I received a call I guy lost a ring. He left a message  telling me he lost his dad’s wedding band.I guess he lost it in the back yard while shooting hockey pucks with his son. He had just put it on the night before had it in a box for the last year and a half since his dad had past away.On the Friday night while out with friends his buddy was telling him how he wore his dad’s ring on a necklace around his neck to remember his dad.He liked that Idea so he just put his dad’s ring on his pinkie finger. Then that next day while playing with the kids the ring fell off.He looked for a long time couldn’t find it.He wasn’t sure if the lost it in the front yard backyard or if it went over next door.I called him back and headed out to his home.I got him to show me the area where he might of lost it. I guess the night before he couldn’t even sleep he was just sick to stomach.




The ring meant a lot to him and he had to find it. I searched the yard for about a half hour and found the ring for him.This guy was one happy dude after that.His dad had a big impact 0n him and the ring was one way to remember his dad. I was so glad to recover the gold wedding band / ring and return it to him. Kevin Niefer Calgary Alberta Canada

You can watch the video of the search below…