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Lost Platnium and Diamond Ring Along with Platnium Wedding Band In Belmont, Massachusetts

from Plymouth (Massachusetts, United States)
Contact: 1-774-454-4544

On January 17,2011  One of my Metal Detecting partners and I  received an email from founder Chris Turner,asking for help in finding a lady’s  lost Rings that she lost in the snow.We contacted her and made a date for the following Thursday.We arrived around 8:30am and started our search of the snow banks and the snow in her yard.After about an hour we recovered both her rings,as you can see in the pictures,she was quite ecstatic about it.What a feeling  it is and it never gets old helping someone out.

My first Blog

from Sarnia (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: 1-519 541-1142

Just wanted to say hi to everyone from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I have been a member of the ring finders for close to a year now and just love what is represents. Chris Turner has done an excellent job building this great service. I love metal detecting as a hobby and nothing is better than helping someone find lost jewelry or keys that they think are gone forever. This year I was only able to do 2 searches for people, one was for an earring that I was unsuccessful with and the other was for 2 lost rings that had a great ending. The rings were tossed out a door in a moment of grief but then promptly searched for without success. The next day I was called. When the rings were tossed they were said to have hit a parked car and ricocheted off the car. I was able to locate the first ring on the other side of the car in the neighbours yard and the second ring was about the same distance in the total opposite direction. luckily both rings were found within about 20 minutes and needless to say the teary eyed owner was very happy. I am still working on getting some pictures which I will post soon after.

Found wedding ring in Mishawaka, Indiana

from Grand Rapids (Michigan, United States)
Contact: 1-616-406-6653

Today I met a young couple. Chris Turner called me at work last week and asked me if I could find a ring that a man had lost in the snow, I immediately jumped to the chance until he told me it was in Mishawaka, Indiana 100 miles south of my home. I told him I would contact the couple and see what the search would entail. I emailed the name that Chris had given me and it turned out to be a young woman named Monica, who had come from Venezuela a month ago to study English. In her email she said it would be easier to communicate with her through email than to talk to her on the phone because her English was not that good. Monica told me that after it had snowed last weekend her and her husband (Juan) had just returned to their apartment and feeling frisky in the new fallen snow, Juan made a snowball and threw it in Monicas direction. When he threw the snowball he flet his wedding ring come flying off. After searching for the ring, Monica went on line and found “theringfinders” website so she contacted Chris. I was the closest Ring Finder to them so he called me.

I told Monica I would travel the 100 miles to their apartment and find the ring. They agreed to pay my travel expenses. I arrived at their home and started my search. There was about 15 inches of snow plus some mounds from shoveling. I asked Juan to show me where he was standing and how he threw the snowball. I proceeded to search an area of about 20 by 50 feet. I set up a grid and after about an hour and a half and a break for hot chocolate, I got a beep on my Bounty Hunter Time Ranger and there it was. I presented it to Monica and Juan and they started smiling from ear to ear. I got a big hug from Monica and a big double hand shake from Juan.

Juan had purchased the 18K ring from Columbia and it contained a braid of pink gold and a braid of black gold with the band of yellow gold. He asked me if he could give me a reward besides the auto expense and I gladly accepted his offer. It is such a rewarding experience to find someones prized possession it is almost reward enough.

Lost Ring in Missouri or Kansas

from Lee's Summit (Missouri, United States)
Contact: 1-816-697-3646

Hello. My name is Kenny House. I’ve been metal detecting since 1985 and a member of  The Ring Finders! If you’ve lost jewelry I’ll do my best to find it. I search parks, beaches, tot lots and even in the water to 5ft deep. I work on a reward basis whatever your comfortable with. There is a minimum call out fee of $30 to cover travel expenses for local areas. I’ll search just about anywhere in central Missouri and central Eastern Kansas.  Just give me a call. My phone number is 816-697-3646 , email   Or go to and look me up. Thanks! Kenny

Lost Diamond Ring in South West Vancouver… Blog & Video

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

Tonight I received a call from a young lady who lost a very special ring, it was her diamond ring and she was heart broken that it was lost.

I was told by Jen that the ring came off when she was feeding crows from her patio, on the 4th floor of their apartment.  When she was throwing the food to the crows her ring came off,  she feared it may have landed on the apartment roof  next door.

We did a few test throws with a ring I gave her,  this  gives me the general direction and I started my search. Within 15 minutes I got a great signal that fell into the gold reading on my Whites XLT metal detector.

I moved some leafs and snow and saw the glint of white gold, I bent down to take a closer look and I could see the ring that was stuck into the ground, as it was walked on for sure by Jen and her boyfriend who had spent many hours with a rented metal detector, but had no luck finding the ring.

I was very happy to have found the ring for Jen, Its nice to know its back where it belongs.  It was nice meeting you Jen & Ryan! Thank you for generous reward Jen!

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my story!

Chris Turner

Lost Wedding Ring St. Paul Minnesota Recovered

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-829-4438

Chris recoverd Wedding RingMetal Detecting Lost Wedding Ring St Paul Minnesota

Melonie from St. Paul Minnesota called and said that her husband Chris had lost his wedding ring in a snowbank near an apartment building. They were “house sitting” for friends and while outside by the street; Chris’s gloves got snow in them and as he was shaking them off his ring flew off. This was a tough search because the ring was lost right were a car was parked and we couldn’t find the owner of the car to have them move it. As we all know, cars have just a bit of metal in them and we couldn’t get near it as the detectors go crazy. I decided to pull out my SunRay Probe and scan close to the car and after a 15 minute search, we found it. I really wish we could of taken a video of Chris’s reaction when we found it, he was so happy as this was a very special ring to him. The temp was so cold out that the video camera just wasn’t working out. Well…maybe next time. Hey Chris, happy we could locate it for you. Take Care.

Ottawa Barrhaven ring search Ottawa Barrhaven bague retrouvé

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

On the 22nd of December, something happened to Ari. While removing pet hair from the back seat of his car, his titanium wedding band flew off his finger right into the snow. Frantically, he had 3 pairs of eyes searching for ring in the snow. Knowing he had to leave to drive his neighbor to the airport, he returned home and searched for it again but to no avail. He went online and did a search, and found me. He saw my blog and The Ring Finders website.  That afternoon he sent me an email, I replied to him later in the afternoon. Later, I received a phone call from him and I took time off from my Christmas Holidays to help him out. We scheduled the 26th of december to search for his ring. On sunday afternoon I arrived at his home, spoke with Ari and he showede me where he had lost his ring. I pulled out my partner my wonderful White’s XLT and began my grid work. The area I searched was a 6 x 12 area. I noticed there was alot of interference in the ground (Water mains, electrical, and also cable too), I searched outside my grid area and right beside the paved parking a few inches from the edge I got a good strong signal. The White’s read a ring and I pinpointed it. It showed me a depth of 0.0 inches. I Pulled out my digger and slowly and carefully, removed the snow and ice from the area. There standing on end was a beautiful shining titanium band. It took me about 3 minutes to find it. I was happy, to give him a great Chritmas gift, by returning his lost ring. I love what I do ! If you know anyone who has lost his or her ring send me an email, or call me ask for me Stéphane I’ll be there to help you recover that lost sentimental jewelry.

Have a great New Year and I am ready for the 2011 season. Bonne Année !


Le 22 Décembre, quelque chose est arrivée a Ari. En enlevant les  poils d’animaux sur le siège arrière de sa voiture, son alliance en titane s’est envolé du doigt dans la neige. Frénétiquement, il a eu 3 paires d’yeux pour chercher l’anneau dans la neige. Sachant qu’il a dû quitter pour aller reconduire  son voisin a l’aéroport, de retour chez lui il recherche de nouveau , mais en vain. Il est allé sur l’internet et a fait une recherche, et il m’a trouvé. Il a vu mon blog et le site Web The Ring Finders. Cet après-midi, il m’a envoyé un courriel, je lui répondu plus tard dans l’après-midi. Plus tard, j’ai reçu un appel téléphonique de lui et je pris congé de mes vacances de Noël pour lui venir en aide. Nous avons prévu le 26 décembre pour la recherche de son anneau. Le dimanche après-midi je suis arrivé chez lui, parlé avec Ari et il m’a montré où il avait perdu sa bague. J’ai sorti mon partenaire mon White’s  XLT  et a commencé mon travail de la grille de fouille. La région que j’ai fouillé est un domaine de 6 x 12. J’ai remarqué qu’il y avait beaucoup d’interférences dans le sol (conduites d’eau, d’électricité, et également un câble de trop), j’ai cherché en dehors de ma zone de la grille de fouille et juste à côté du stationnement pavé à quelques centimètres du bord, j’ai reçu un bon signal fort. Mon XLT a lu  une bague. Il m’a montré une profondeur de 0,0 pouces. J’ai sorti ma pelle et lentement et avec précaution, retiré la neige et la glace de la région. Là,  une belle bande de titane brillant. Il m’a fallu environ 3 minutes pour le trouver. J’ai été heureux, lui donner un beau cadeau pour Noël, en retournant sa bague perdue. J’aime ce que je fais! Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu sa bague envoyer moi un courriel, ou appelez-moi et demander Stéphane, je serai là pour vous aider à récupérer les bijoux  perdu .

Passez de Joyeuse Fetes et une bonne année, je suis prêt pour la saison 2011. Bonne Année!

Lost Key FOB Minneapolis Minnesota found

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-829-4438

David was snowboarding at Auburn Park in North East Minneapolis when he realized his key FOB was missing. He searched and couldn’t find it on the sledding hill. He posted on Craigslist in the lost and found to see if anyone had found it. While posting an Ad for the Ring Finders on Craigslist we saw Davids Ad. We called him right away and found out more informatin on the location. It didn’t take too long and we got a nice hit and there was the FOB under the snow. We called David and he drove right down to the park and now has his FOB back where it belongs. Please tell everyone you know about the Ring Finders, people lose their valuables everyday and most have no clue where to turn to for help. We are a world wide service and can usually help out in just about any situation. take Care and remember

Lost Wedding ring Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota recovered

from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)
Contact: 1-651-829-4438

It’s been a cold & very snowy winter this year in Minnesota, and we still have a good 2 to 3 months left. Eric called the ring finders as he was at his parents house with family for Christmas and while out playing around in the backyard; His Gold Wedding band flew off his finger. The snow is very deep and trying to find it would be nearly impossible without the correct equipment. That’s were The Ring Finders Come In!! We arrived at the site and Erics parents showed us the approximate location of where the ring was lost, after 5 minutes we got a strong hit on the detector, a couple scoops of snow later and out popped the ring. It worked out great as Eric works right on my way home from his parents. We met at a gas station and I took the attached photos of his ring and with Eric holding his ring. Glad we could help and I hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas! Here is the video:

Ottawa Barrhaven ring search pending Ottawa Barrhaven recherche de bague en attente

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Good Evening,
                         I received an email from a gentleman who lost his wedding band while clearing snow from his car. I replied to him through an email and I’m waiting for a phone call from him to arrange an appointment to have the ring search. Will keep you updated. Merry Christmas Everyone !

Bonne soirée,
                          J’ai reçu un courriel d’un monsieur qui a perdu sa bague de mariage lorsqu’il a deneiger  sa voiture. Je lui ai répondu par un courriel et je suis en attente d’un appel téléphonique de sa part pour lui donner un rdvs. Je vous tiens au courant. Joyeux Noel a tout !