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How to find a Manhole Cover or Water Turn Off Valve with a Metal Detector.

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Over the years I have been hired by contractors to find buried manhole covers and water turn off valves. I have the best equipment and over 45 years of experience in finding lost items, such as diamond engagement rings and gold & platinum wedding bands.

Sometimes locating a water turn off valve can be just as important to find as a diamond ring, for some people… Especially if your basement is flooding and you can’t find the turn off valve.

In the pictures below both the water turn off valve and manhole cover were accidentally covered up by grass and gravel.

If you find yourself in this predicament please call me anytime, I look forward to helping you.


Lost Gold Chain, Kits Beach…Found!

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After getting an early morning wake up call the day before at 4:15 AM to search for Lost Ring that I had found for a young man, then heading off to another site to look for a water main that only took a few minutes to find, I went home made a video, did a blog, spend some time with my wife, had some dinner and went to bed early. I was woken up to a phone call from a young man who lost a gold chain at Kits Beach, it took me a few seconds as I was a little out of sorts and not sure what time it was, he told me it was 10:45 pm. After chatting with Zach I knew it was important that I head out to the beach right away, arriving at the beach shortly before 12 AM I was greeted by 2 detectorists, Steve & Rick. We said our hellos and I asked them if anyone had found a gold chain? Steve said he had found one but he thought it was a junker, I took a look, hard to tell at night with a headlight, still not sure hope it was for him, but it wasn’t the one I was looking for.

I met Zach at the beach and he took me to the area he was sitting, unfortunately, he could not pinpoint the area exactly so I knew I had to put on a very slow methodical grid search. After an hour and a half, my headlight was getting weak so I went back to my car to get some batteries and change out detectors. I wanted to use my dual field to get rid of all the junk in the area and then hit it again with the equinox 800. Zach had brought a rake with him and asked if he could wake up the area that I had grid searched, I said yes for sure, the problem with raking an area to quickly is you might spread out the chain and it will become even harder to detect. When I got back with a brighter headlight and my other detector I was checking out the area Zak had raked and as I was looking I caught a glimpse of what I thought may have been gold.

I walked up to it bent down and pulled out his beautiful gold chain, it was nowhere near where Zach thought it would be, this is very common when people come back at night and try to find the spot they were at originally. I was so happy for him as I knew how much this meant to him. We both were very excited to see it and it took approximately an hour and 45 minutes to find this beautiful gold chain. Tonight was teamwork, Zach had most likely pulled up the chain with the rake to a point where I could see a little glint of gold. It was great to see how happy he was and to see his big smile!












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Watch the video of the search below…


How to find a Lost Ring at Jericho Beach…

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I’m having a good sleep and the phone started vibrating at 4:15 AM I checked it and saw a local number, I knew this would be a 911 call for a Lost Ring. The young man asked if I was the guy who finds lost rings, I said yes. He apologize for calling so early and explained that he’s been on the beach for four hours looking for his lost ring. He went on to tell me that he was throwing a stick and the ring came off, he could not find it with the help of his wife and others on the beach at around 11 PM. He took his wife back home and came back to the beach and started searching with a flashlight. Around 3:30 AM he went home and got onto the Internet and found TheRingFinders. After discussing the search for a few minutes a got dressed and jumped in my car and headed straight out to Jericho Beach in Vancouver. Normally this drive would take me over 45 minutes due to traffic but this morning it only took 30 minutes.

We met at the beach and the young man took me to the area where he remembered sitting, however, he would be off by about 20 yards. After close to an hour and 30 minutes a lot of nails, pull tabs, and bottle caps, I finally stumbled onto his ring, he was one happy camper!!! The reason it took so long was because he felt it was in a different area which made me focus harder in that area knowing when I did not find it there I had to expand my grid search because most people can’t put you in the exact spot even though they think it is. The young man didn’t want to be on my video and didn’t want to picture for the book of smiles, that is his choice and I have to honor that, so you’ll see a picture of me with my tired smile and the small platinum ring I found for this young man.


After this recovery, I headed out to search for a water main that was buried under 1 foot of earth, that search took me one minute to find.












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Watch the video of the search below…




Lost Ring Kits Beach…Found

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Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Call ASAP  778-838-3463

This afternoon I received a call from a young lady who’s husband lost his ring in shallow water while paddleboarding at kits beach. She told me her husband was still in the water with others searching for the ring. I told her to tell him to relax and that I’d be there in 45 minutes,  I assured her I would find the ring if it was there.

The most important thing I told her was to mark the location where he belived it came off his finger. So many times people panic and forget to make mental notes of the approximate location the ring came off which makes it very difficult as we are looking for something very small in the ocean.

When I arrived and met Sam we talked a little bit and he showed me where the ring came off his finger. I grab my gear and headed into the water and after 15 minutes I tightened up my grid search and ask more questions, there’s a lot of iron pieces, pull tabs, and bottle caps in this area. I knew I would find his ring and I was listening for a very loud short signal in about 25 minutes I got that signal and pulled out Sam’s beautiful white gold wedding band. Sam was spot on with the location the only thing was that the tide went out by the time I got there and the ring was found close to shore.

I’ll never get tired of what I do, I absolutely love finding people smiles and seeing the reactions when I find their ring and put it back in their hand. I also get to meet some amazing great people and Sam is one of them, I have the best job in the world! Thanks for the virtual hug Sam and the kind reward, historical times this COVID-19.










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Metal Detector Rental Vancouver, BC.

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Why rent a metal detector when you can hire a metal detecting expert who has found & returned over 500 lost rings to their very happy owners!

Most people think of renting a metal detector when they lose their ring, the problem is if you’ve never used one you can be walking away from finding your ring. Its not as easy as it looks and if you’re a first timer it can be confusing, that’s when a metal detecting expert comes into play.

This call was to find a lost diamond ring that has been handed down from generations, three to be exact. I’ve always said that every ring we find for someone has an amazing story attached to it and how that story ends if we can’t find it. This call was to help find her ring in the ocean at English Bay and how she went and bought goggles and searched for hours with no luck! Thankfully we live in the computer age and people have a second chance to find what they thought was lost forever!

I drove to the beach right away and met the young lady and her friend and they showed me the area they believed the came off. It took me maybe 10 minutes to find and the look on her face was priceless when I showed it to her!












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Lost Engagement Ring in Snow… Found in Langley,BC

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Dec.23 was our Christmas day with our Grandson and we were having a spectacular day playing with all the toys and watching how excited this little 4 1/2 year old was, it really really melted our hearts! Around 1 PM I received a phone call from a young lady who said that she needed my help finding a lost diamond engagement ring in the snow.

She went on to tell me that they were taking pictures of her engagement ring in the park and it fell into the snow and they couldn’t find it. Her fiancé bought a metal detector and search for approximately 3 hours with no luck. She went online and found and contacted me to see if I was able to help.

I was already booked to go to Pemberton for a search but called and postponed that search till the next day…Good thing I did, because they found their ring in the house and not the yard were they thought they lost the ring.(saved me 6 hours of drive time there and back) I asked my grandson if it was okay that papa could go out and help find a lost ring for a young lady, he said it’s okay Papa you go find the ring.( He wanted to stay home and play with all his toys) I jumped in my car and in 40 minutes I had arrived and met the young lady in the parking lot and we went for 10 minute walk through a beautiful forest to where they had lost the ring.

I got to the location where I met her fiancé and we discuss the search, it took about 20 minutes and I found a beautiful diamond ring!













The young lady went back to her car to get something so we packed up and headed towards the car, we met her halfway in the trail. I had asked her fiancé if we could pretend we didn’t find the ring and that we were going back to my car to get batteries for my metal detector.

Then we surprised her with the ring! She was so relieved! I have the greatest job in the world I get to make people smile.

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Lost Wedding Band at Jericho Beach, Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a phone call from a friend that I work with that told me that his friend lost his wedding ring at Jericho Beach when he was swimming. He goes on to tell me that he’s at the beach the next morning searching for it because his friend couldn’t be there as he had to work… Then it hit him…I know  a guy who finds lost rings! (Me) He tells me that his friend had lost his ring while they took a swim and that he was married for over 25 years so it was extremely sentimental.

I happen to have the day off so I rushed out there to help him find his friends lost ring. When I get there the tide is slowly coming in and he shows me an area where he believes the ring was lost.

After 10 minutes of searching I found a silver native carved ring so I popped it out of the sand and left it were it was found so I could come back and film it. Later Marty goes to move the bag closer to shore and see’s the ring. He thinks its the native ring that I told him I found the day before at that beach…I told him that I found that one but I thought that he told me that it was a white gold ring that I was looking for…




Well we decided to call his friend to see what his ring looked like and this was the match! I don’t get to meet his friend but here is the picture of  a good friend, who did what he could to do to help find his buddies ring for him…




He also made a donation to my charity(Children’s Hospital) because I wouldn’t except anything for my time…Thanks Marty!!!Lost something? Call me ASAP!I love my job!


You can watch the video below…