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Tungsten and Damascus steel ring lost in the snow, Carpentersville, Illinois

  • from Rockford (Illinois, United States)

I received a text late lastnight (12-29-21) from Logan asking if I’d be able to help him locate his wedding ring. He was wiping the fresh snow off of his mailbox in front of his house. During the sweeping motion, his wedding ring came off and fell in the snow and immediately disappeared out of sight. We set up a time for this morning at 7 am to meet. After a quick explanation of the ring loss I turned on my detector, and in about 45 seconds, I had the ring!! This was the fastest recovery so far!!

Lost Wedding Band – Pensacola Beach – Found!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

We live in a beautiful place!  I had a long day at work and was just settling in at home when I got a call from Chris. He had been out on Pensacola Beach enjoying the Gulf while vacationing down from Ohio. Chris was packing up everything from his day with the family and as he grabbed a chair he watched his gold band go flying in the sand. He quickly learned that even after searching with several pairs of hands for a half hour, those rings are impossible to find without a really good saltwater metal detector. Luckily someone at the resort gave him my number and he called. Very rarely do I get to take my wife with me and since this was a pretty straightforward return she decided to video the entire thing.  Check out the link below. It’s my attempt at video editing 😁 and look at the huge smile on Chris’ face when he gets his wedding band in his hand. Thanks for calling Chris and congratulations.

Chris’ Ring