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An amazing group of people on this site.

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540
An amazing group of people on this site. 

I can only speak for my experience with James Murphy, but if the
others are anything like him, this is one awesome group of people.
I found this site by accident while checking a lost and found
website, about a week after I lost my ring.  I called up James and
he was eager to get it found.  I'm sure my situation was much less
than ideal for him, a week later, me in another province, and
google satellite images drawn on saying 'I think it was around here'.
Even though it was all done through emailing pictures back
and forth, and me trying my best to recall just where I had been on
that beach, James found that very special ring, not giving up
after his first search ended unsuccessfully. The day I left that beach,
in the middle of my summer holidays, I truly never thought
I would see my ring ever again. Then I found this site and spoke
with James, he was confident, and that gave me a some hope. We got
it all lined up and he went for his search. Then I received an email
from him, with a picture and drawn out area of where he had
searched, coming back empty handed (well, I think he found a few bucks
in change). In that email he asked if I could send another
picture and try to give a more specific area of where I thought I had
been, as he would use that to go on for a second search.  tried my
best, sent the picture to some friends who had been with me, getting
their opinions on where we had been, and sent it off to James. When
I next heard from him, I was nervous to find out what he had to say, and then he gave me the news that I was so
happy to hear, he found it!!  I could hardly believe it!! The only thing better than that phone call was a few
days later when I got the ring back in my hands. I appreciate everything James did, and the effort he put into
his searches. Having this ring means an incredible amount to me and I have to thank James for getting it back
to me.

Kevin H.

Two rings found Gyro Beach Kelowna BC….no luck!

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540

Melissa contacted me  last week about her husbands wedding band lost in the water at Gyro Beach.  The ring is a Tungsten carbide ring and the couple have only been married for a couple of months.

Now as most MD’ers know, we can detect Tungsten carbide, but it’s a “Hard” ring to find… a little MD humour.  Now this was a long distance find, and what I mean by that is the person who lost the ring or item is not present to pinpoint the area.  So the search is a needle in the haystack because all we have to go on are aerial photographs from Google maps to get an idea of where it could be.  Most of us here know that this type of info can narrow it down to about… the size of a soccer pitch!

The first search was definitely not in the right area.  Both myself and Ken D. ( a MD’er in the area as well and member here on RingFinders) looked for hours and found nothing but change and clutter (caps, hairpins, pulltabs, ect)

After discussing the search with Melissa and her husband Andrew, we determined a different area with better detail.  So with this new information and location to search, we are at the task again the next day!  Hour and a half into the search I pull up a mens wedding band…. but it was Titanium.  At this point I thought I found it for sure… I just figured that they where wrong on the type of ring.  I sent Melissa an e-mail with the picture of the ring attached….”no I’m sorry, but that is not the right one…”  AAagh!

Ok well after we regrouped we arranged to meet at the beach the next day so that Melissa could point us in the right area without a doubt.

An hour and an half later.. I pull up another ring.  Big fat and heavy…but a little more shinny than I thought it would be…(they tend to look more dark and no scratches)…. then I noticed the symbol in the inside… it’s gold.  The first time I have ever been disappointed in finding a gold ring!

What are the odds of finding two mens wedding bands in the same area that the Tungsten one is lost in?

Well the two rings are posted up on under community lost and found and hopefully we can return them to the owners.

The moral to this story?….MARK YOUR SPOT!… CONTACT US ASAP!

If you notice your ring slip off or see it drop bellow the waves….Mark your spot!… Stand still, get someone to bring you something to mark the spot to get back to it later… A pile of stones… a stick out of the water….handfull of pennies…. anything to mark the spot…  Because at that point, it would take us longer to get there than it would for us to find it!… Just something to keep in mind.

In my books, no search is ever over until the item is found.  So this one goes into the cold case files and will be revisited at a later date…


Ring Found Round Lake Bague Trouvé Round Lake

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

On thursday (the 25th), I received a call from Bill, who wanted to know how the Ring Finders work. After speaking on the phone I arranged to meet Bill at his cottage at Round Lake located near Renfrew. This morning I got up early to feed my little baby boy (1 month old) it was 4h30 in the morning after the feeding i could’nt sleep I was tossing and turning knowing I had the ring search to do and could’nt wait to be there, so I got up at 06h00 and got my gear ready and left at around 7h00. approximately 2 hours later I pulled in to the driveway at the cottage. I met Bill and his lovely wife Ann. After speaking and showing me where the ring was lost, I grabbed my waterproof detector and headed out into the lake. The area was about a meter deep. Bill had put a marker where the ring was lost. I swept the area and decided to move about a meter further to where the marker was, and that familiar sound rang through my earphones, I grabbed my sand scoop plunged into the bottom of the lake, and there at the bottom of my scoop sat a beautiful mens platinum wedding band. Total time to find the ring ??? About 3 minutes. Bill and his wife were happy that the ring was found, he could’nt wait to call his son in Vancouver and announce the great news. If you know anyone who has lost a ring, bracelet chain or any other metallic item that is sentimental..give me a call Stephane of the Ring Finders @ 819-332-3116 Have a great day everyone !

Stephane Philippe 2010 Ring Finder of the Year !

Jeudi (le 25 Aout), j’ai reçu un appel de Bill, qui a voulu savoir comment les Ring Finders fonctionnait. Après avoir parler sur le téléphone je me suis arrangé pour rencontrer Bill à sont chalet situer a Round Lake tout pres de Renfrew. Ce matin je me suis levé tôt pour nourrir mon petit garçon (1 mois) il était 4h30 le matin après avoir donner sa bouteille j’etait plus capable de m’endormir (disons j’avait hate d’allez faire la fouille pour trouver la bague), donc je me suis levé à 06h00 et jai preparer mon materiel et j’ai decoller vers l’ai 07h00. Environ 2 heures plus tard me voila dans l’entre du chalet. J’ai rencontré Bill et sa jolie femme Ann. Après le fait de parler et le fait de me montrer où la bague a été perdu, j’ai saisi mon détecteur imperméable et me suis dirigé  dans le lac. La région était environ un mètre de profondeur. Bill avait mis un marqueur où la bague est tombé a l’eau. J’ai fouiller l’endroit et j’ai  décidé de me déplacer un mètre plus loin où le marqueur était et tout a coup le son familier a sonné dans mes ecouteurs, j’ai saisi ma pelle de sable plongée dans le fond du lac et là au fond de ma pelle s’est assis une belle alliance d’homme en platine. Le temps total pour trouver l’anneau ? ? ? Environ 3 minutes. Bill et sa femme étaient heureux que la bague a été trouvé, ils avait tres hate  d’appeler son fils à Vancouver et annoncer la grandes nouvelles. Si vous connaissez  quelqu’un qui a perdu une bague, un bracelet ou autre article métallique qui est .. sentimental STP appelez moi immediatement et demandez pour moi.. Stephane des les Ring Finders au 819-332-3116 !

Stephane Philippe le Chercheur de Bagues de  2010 !


If it’s there, we’ll find it!

from Salt Lake City (Utah, United States)

Having just joined the Ring Finders directory, I hate the idea of starting out with nothing on my blog, so I’ll tell the story of my first ring recovery from 15 years ago.

It was 1995 (I think), and I was spending some time with my friend and his family when I noticed that his wife, Amy, wasn’t wearing her heirloom wedding.  She told me she had lost it while babysitting earlier that summer while playing with the kids at another friend’s home.  It was early winter at this time and after searching several times throughout the spring and summer they had pretty much given up hope.  I’d only been detecting for a year or so, but I told my friends to remind me in the spring and I’d give it a go and see if I could find it for them with my detector.

Well, spring came and we couldn’t make the arrangements to get to the home where the ring was lost.  Then summer came, and I hadn’t forgotten the lost ring.  I was finally to arrange a time to go to the home where my friend lost the ring and start the search.  I didn’t have much to go on other than Amy thought it was lost in the back yard.  Luckily the yard wasn’t huge and I had gotten enough experience by that time to feel very comfortable with my detector.  I had never found any gold up to that point so I was a bit nervous but I had logged enough hours that I was confident if the ring were really there I’d find it.

As it turned out it didn’t take long.  Working a grid pattern across the yard, after only a few passes, I received a good solid signal.  I cut a small plug, and there tangled in the roots of the grass, was this beautiful band of gold with a shiny diamond.  I was really excited that I had found the ring after being lost for over a year; so excited that I remember the story 15 years later.

Amy was of course very happy to have her ring back, and I was hooked on helping people find there lost treasures.

I’d love to help anyone recover their special memories (or just your keys).

Lost something?  give me a call!

Found Wedding Ring Gatineau Trouvé Bague Gatineau

from Gatineau (Quebec, Canada)
Contact: 1-819 639 4908

Good Day everyone,
His has been a while since I’ve written for the blog, the ring searches have been really slow. I received 2 phone calls yesterday to do ring searches. The first search was done in Gatineau. Anick had hired me in the past to search for a ring in the thousand island about a year and half ago, to search for her husbands wedding band in the lake. Now it was her turn to search for a wedding rings in the front yard. While playing with her kids, she threw a toy and the rings came flying off the finger into the tall grass. She managed to find the band but no engagement ring. while searching for her rings someone accidently stepped on it and pushed it further into the ground. Anick called me at home and we made an arrangement to search for the ring after supper. Searching the spot she had lost her rings I warmed up my favorite machine my trusty White’s XLT that works like a pro. I swung the coil and within 2 minutes I found the ring. I pinpointed it and moving the grass to its side there was the ring. Anick was extremely happy to have the ring back. Anick lives in a area where there’s alot of trafic, anyone could have spotted the ring and picked it up ! If you know anyone who has lost a ring, bracelet, a chain or any sentimental jewelry please don’t hesitate to call me Stephane the Ring Finder @ 819-332-3116 or email me at Have a great weekend everyone !  I use a White’s XLT for my ring searches please visit for great detectors and accessories.

Bonjour à tous,
Sa été un bon moment depuis que j’ai écrit pour le blog, les recherches de bagues ont été vraiment lent. J’ai reçu deux appels téléphoniques hier pour faire des recherches de bagues. La première recherche a été effectué à Gatineau. Anick m’avait embauché dans le passé pour chercher un anneau dans Milles Iles il y a environ un an et demi pour chercher la bague de mariage de sont mari dans un lac. Maintenant c’était son tour de chercher un des anneaux de mariage dans la cour avant. Tout en jouant avec ses enfants, elle a jeté un jouet et les anneaux se sont envoler dans l’herbe haute. Elle a réussi à trouver une des bague mais pas de bague de fiançailles. tout en recherchant ses bagues quelqu’un accidentellement marché sur elle et l’a poussé plus loin dans le sol. Anick m’a appelé chez moi et nous avons fait un arrangement pour rechercher la bague après le souper. Jai réchauffé ma machine préférée mon white’s XLT pour faire mes recherches. Dans 2 minutes, j’ai trouve la bague. J’ai deplacer le gazon et voila enfoncer dans la terre etait la bague de fiancialles. Anick a été extrêmement heureux d’avoir la bague. Anick vit dans une région où il ya beaucoup de va et viens, n’importe qui pourrait avoir repéré la bague et le ramasser! Si vous connaissez quelqu’un qui a perdu une bague, bracelet, une chaîne ou tout autre s’il vous plaît ou tout autre bijoux sentimental, n’hésitez pas à me contacter Stéphane le Ring Finder @ 819-332-3116 ou écrivez-moi à stephane.philippe @ Passez une belle fin de semaine !

Lost Ring at SunSet Beach, Vancouver, BC…Found in 3 Feet of Water!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463

This was a 911 call at around 5pm when I was still at work, I talked to the young lady and she told me that she had lost a very special ring that was given to her by someone she loves very much! She spent hours searching in the water with googles and the ring as most do just disappeared into the sand below.

I assured her that as soon as I got off work that would be right there to find her ring, she told me that she knew the spot and I was hopeful for a very quick recovery… She waited at the spot for 4 hours until I got off work and arrived at the beach.

It was dark when I arrived,  I was sure that it would be a fast recovery as she showed me the area the ring was lost. Well it took 2 hours before the ring showed itself! I could tell that Tina was losing hope and I wanted to get a first time reaction so I told her my batteries were dying and I needed to change them.

As I got out of the water I started my video camera and started to talk to her about the search and about how many pennies I was finding…Then I reached into my scoop and held out her ring!

Her face lit up and the ring that meant the world to her was back where it belonged!


I love my Job!


Lost something? Call me ASAP!

You can watch the video of the search below…Thanks for watching!


RingFinder advertising ideas that work well for me!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

These are advertisement items that I  made up and had printed  by Vistaprint (cheap and free offers) Check with local authorities for permission and permits!

1) Large banner : 30×70 I use these on the roadways approaching the beach destinations.Frame is made using 3/4 pvc for disassembly and transport.Secure to ground with 2 rebar spikes and cord.

2) Small banner :36×20 Entrance and exit paths at the beaches.Also secured with rebar spikes.

3)Lawn signs :27×18 Also used at Beach pathways and also whenever I am on a recovery call I put it up where I’m hunting while I’m present. These work great!

4)Rack cards: Displayed in rack card holders throughout Diners,grocery stores,Welcoming centers,Car wiper blades at beach parking areas,bulletin boards,etc….

5) Small magnets(refrigerator magnets) These work great! Have them distributed at realtor offices to be included in welcoming packets for beach rentals,also I pass them out to people as they approach me while detecting on the beach or making a recovery.

6) Business cards: Anywhere that has those business card posting boards,leave them on counters,bars,windshields or doors,boardwalk.

7) Window decal: Mobile advertising! Great for when parked anywhere too! Peolple always comment on this and works real well!

Lost Gold Ring in North Vancouver, BC…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463









So last night before my night hunt for the two wedding rings I receive an email from a young lady who lost her gold ring that was given to her by her mother. After discussing the search we both knew it was a long shot due to she didn’t know when the ring came out of her pocket..

These kinda searches I call (closure searches) I will search the most likely areas where they think the ring fell out of her pocket. My chances are very low as its a needle in a haystack…The area was very big and to boot there was power lines directly above me. This drives detector crazy!

The only thing I could do for the first part of the search was use my pin pointer, as we moved away from the power lines I was able to use my detector by dropping the sensitivity  to almost the lowest setting. I would still be able to get a signal as the ring would be sitting on top of the grass.

The young lady was at work so her boyfriend met with me to show me the area they had walked when they realized the ring was missing.

After 30 minutes I got a great signal and as I bent down to use my pin pointer and move the grass there was here gold ring starring back up at me!!! Crazy, I was so happy and so was her boyfriend! I always give a 100% even if I don’t think I have a chance, today I was rewarded by finding this young ladies most cherished  gift that was given to her by her mother…




I love my Job!

Lost something? Call Me ASAP!

You can watch the recovery on the video below…


Found Wedding & Engagement Rings at The Dog Park, Kits Beach.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: (778) 838-3463









Just before I was getting ready to call it a night I received an email that a young lady had lost both her wedding & engagement rings at the dog park at Kits Beach. I emailed the person right away and asked them to call me, minutes later we were discussing the search.

Because the rings were lost at such a high risk area…(beach and by a log) I knew that we’d have to get out ASAP to search for the rings. The young man agreed to meet me at 11:45 pm, we met and he showed me the area he thought the rings would be in…

After a few swings of my metal detector and no rings I began to move to the front of the log where they never searched for the rings and within a minute I found one of the rings…



Minutes after the wedding ring was found I found the engagement ring! Smiles all around! The rings were not where he thought they’d be but its my job to think of why they’re not there and expand my search area. For some reason the rings were deep! After discussing the search he told me that they have a 70 lb. dog that was play right were the rings where found…


I love my job!

Lost something please call ASAP!

You can watch the video of the search below…


Lost Class ring on beach in Avalon,NJ recovered by TheRingFinders Ed Cropski

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

        I received a call from a woman who is a student at Georgetown University who while on vacation at the beach in Avalon,NJ had lost her 14k class ring in the sand.She had taken the ring off to avoid losing it in the ocean while swimming and had left it on her towel and forgot it was there when she picked the towel up at the end of the day and shook off the sand.Realizing what she had done she and her friends started searching for the ring but were unsucessful.Well she decided to resort to the internet on how to find her lost ring on the beach in Avalon and one of my recoveries from earlier in the summer just blocks away from her had popped up and I received the call.I met her at beach which was just getting dark and she showed me the area she had marked with a sand castle were she believed the ring was lost. Within minutes of turning on the detector she was reunited with her lost ring! Amazed with the speed and relieved with recovery she gifted me with a nice reward,Thankyou Christine! Happy to have helped you! Goodluck in school!