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Found White Gold Wedding Ring At The Greenville Mudrun

from Greenville County (South Carolina, United States)
Contact: 1-864-905-0297





I received a phone call from Tim who had lost his white gold wedding ring in the Greenville Mud Run that Goodwill sponsors. Tim had lost his wedding band while battling through the three foot mud pit, that was part of the obstacle course. After setting up a time to meet, I met Tim and his wife at the designated area where it was located. After asking permission from the guards and waiting a few minutes, we were granted permission. After putting on my waders and using my Whites PI Pro metal detector, I walked into the mud pit. The first two signals were nails, the third signal was Tim’s white gold wedding band in the bottom of my scoop.  Tim put me in a good area and it made for a quick search. I was so happy to find Tim’s ring for him and his wife. I really love the expression on people’s faces when the ring is found. Maybe you can be my next success story!


Diamond Ring Found… Seal Beach, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

Annika called me at 11:30am , just as I was leaving my place to go metal detecting. I was able to meet her at 12 noon it was only  a 14 mile  drive. She was in Seal Beach and had lost her diamond wedding ring while teaching a fitness class on the beach. This is her regular job and she always puts her rings in a zippered pocket in her workout pants. This time she had not zipped it totally closed and one of her rings fell out into the sand while doing some of the exercises. It was lost in an area about half the size of a football field.  I started  in the middle of the field and began a spiral type grid. It took an hour and a half to locate the beautiful ring. Everyone was happy and there were plenty of smiles.  This was another time we beat the city sand sifting machine to get the ring..

IMG_1994 IMG_1991


A Ring Finder in Puerto Rico

from Grand Junction (Colorado, United States)
Contact: 1-970-773-8913


Puerto Rico BeachThis Ring Finder has made it to Puerto Rico for vacation with metal detector in hand. I love the beaches here and love bringing my metal detector to comb the beaches for lost rings and jewelry.

The entire island is my playground, as well as Culebra and Vieques. I’m on the island from April 10th through the 18th. Feel free to give me a call if you have lost a ring or jewelry on any of the islands. I would love to find it for you.

Ring Found.. Balboa Beach, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

At 6:30pm  I was detecting at Newport Beach, when I received a phone call from Monique. She spent the day at the beach near Balboa Pier. While putting on sunscreen she had lost a ring that belonged to her mother . She drove home, more than 30 miles from the beach, believing that the ring was lost forever. She found The RingFinders site on her computer and my cellphone number. Even though she was very distraught, she was able to give me a very good description of the area where she lost it. I was only two miles from Balboa and was able to drive to the area and found the ring within 25 minutes. I called Monique and we set up a meeting place and she had the ring by 8pm that same night.. I know she was very happy and for sure she slept well.                                      I also know that the area where she lost the ring is worked everyday with the beach sifting machine and many other people with metal detectors, so it was very important to be able to get there as soon as possible.

Monique sent me a thank you letter that she said I could share on my blog. Here is her story:

Dear Stan,

I can’t thank you enough for finding my mother’s ring.  This ring means so much to me as my mom passed away on December 17, 2012.  This ring was her favorite ring as she designed it her self from different rings she had and my dad who passed away on February 12, 2013 was the one who had it made for her.
My kids and I had spend the day at the beach.  My mom would always tell me to remove my rings when I put on cream, wash dishes or take a shower.  She said it would get dirty and my rings wouldn’t shine.  So, when she passed away I wanted to make sure I honored her wishes and I always take off her ring when I do any of these things.  I took off the ring to put on sun block and put it on my lap.  I must have got up for something and it must have fell.  We were at the beach for about 4 hours when I remembered it was in my lap. When I looked down it was gone.  My kids and I looked for over an hour.  We asked the life guard if he had a metal detector and he said no, but let us know people come with metal detectorsin the morning.  When I called my husband he said we had to go right away and wait for someone with a detector.  I gave up hope figured it was gone and I would never see it again.  I was so sad and mad.  I prayed at the beach it would be found and on the way home.
When I got home I was so sad crying and upset.  I looked up what to do when you lose your ring in sand and the Ring Finder website came up.  I wasn’t sure about it, but figured what do I have to lose the ring is already gone.  I called Stan and explained where I was at and he said he would get over there right away before anyone else worked the beach and before it was combed.
Not even an hour went by and Stan called me to let me know he had found the ring.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was shocked.  How was that even possible.  My husband and I met with Stan and he returned the ring.
Thank you Stan for your honesty.  I am so glad that there are people like you in this world. You are one of a kind.


Wedding ring in the surf

from New South Wales (Australia)
Contact: 0405 779977

On a family trip five years and one day after Josh and Christine were married, Josh’s platinum wedding ring slipped off his finger in knee-deep water at Pilot Beach on the mid north coast of New South Wales in Australia.

Christine’s email arrived in my inbox four days later closely followed by that “it’s on” feeling I’m sure we all experience at the start of a search.

Pilot Beach is about a ninety minute drive north from my home and it is probably best described as a semi-surf beach lying inside two break walls at the mouth of the Camden Haven River.

After speaking to Christine and gathering  information on the time of loss, surf conditions, tide height and the arrival of  Google Earth photos of the location and several family photos from the day we set off to search for the ring. Christine expressed gratitude that someone would drop everything and head out looking for something for a total stranger and I suspect that she was not overly hopeful that the mission would be a successful one.

Searching for lost items with no direct contact with the owner can be difficult and Christine was speaking to me from Sydney but her photos and maps and the accuracy of her memory of the location that became apparent on arrival at the search area provided the confidence I needed.

With the search area pegged out from the maps and photos I went to work with my Minelab Excalibur. Encouragingly there were few signals from the detector in the upper sector of the search area and with one possible target marked in the mid sector in about a foot of water. Digging here was futile as the surf returned most of the sand dug right back into the hole so I completed the lower sector in waist deep water as the tide dropped locating one bottle top for the rubbish bin.

A few minutes of careful digging and scanning back  at the marked signal uncovered a  platinum ring with the inscription confirming that it was the target ring approximately one foot from the surface of the sand. A quick message to Christine on the phone while dodging the beginning of a thunder storm saw us back in the car for the return journey. Mission accomplished thanks to The Ring Finder


Lost Ring in Calgary Condo – Recovered

from Airdrie (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-403-701-1739

This Lost Ring was nicely chilled

I got a call out to find a white Gold and Diamond Ring this weekend unfortunately it was inside a condominium today, they knew the ring is still in the apartment as he had given it to her the evening before and they hadn’t left home at all.  I explained that finding rings in doors can be troublesome due to all the other metal holding the place together giving the Detector false signals , but I agreed to go out and try.

The young couple explained that they hadn’t left the unit since it went missing so I asked when she saw it last, it was the night before when he had given it to her, he even took a picture of it on her hand, which he showed me.  I asked what had she done after, putting the ring on her finger.

She explained how she had gone up to the kitchen and made lasagna, then after went and had a bath.  I asked if it could have come off her finger in the bath, but she didn’t think so, as that was when she noticed it missing.

I asked about the lasagna, if it could have ended up in the dish, she said maybe she had  made two, they had eaten one but there wasn’t a ring in it.   So, we scanned the glass dish the other lasagna was in but nothing. I asked if she had prepared anything else, and she explained a salad and the left overs were in the fridge, which she took out in a Tupperware container.  BINGO!!! Yep, you guessed it!  The ring was in the salad, she was ecstatic to get her ring back and so was her fiancé.  I love giving people their smiles back!

Found Ring Lost Ring

For Service in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane,  Crossfield, Carstairs, Irricana, Beiseker, Didsbury, Olds, Bowden, Innisfail and Red Deer .  .  .
Call Bill Jones ( The Detectorist ) 403-701-1739  or Email

Lost Ring Palmer, Alaska

from Grand Junction (Colorado, United States)
Contact: 1-970-773-8913

I have been finding lost rings for over ten years and just recently joined The Ring Finder. As spring fever has really gotten to me, and just before the snow started falling again, I was out with my trusty metal detector hunting up an area that has seen a lot of winter activity in town. The ground was still frozen with the exception of the first quarter inch of ground and the water holes that have developed, this, however; did not deter me as the sun was shining and the wind warmer than usual. It was a great day to get out and detect the sunken snow mounds and the park grounds.  My detector picked up a lot of potential finds, but the ground too frozen still to dig, but I will return to see what lies beneath.

I enjoy getting out and looking for lost treasure. If you have lost a ring or jewelry in or around the Palmer area and need it found asap, call me, I would love to help!

Ring Found!.. Keyboard used in locating ring! Owner and Family Ring Reunited!

from West Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: 1-250-859-4540

Well this one was a first for me.  I have often wondered about this type of find, but I never thought I would see one.  Let me set the story.  I was working on an “angle search”.  What I mean by angel search is that the lost item was lost in such a location, or in certain circumstances that it is highly unlikely to be found by us.  Either it was picked up by Joe public because it has no place to hide, or the search area is the size of a city, like in this case.  I was contacted by a lady that had lost a ring somewhere around Kelowna… Right away I know this is an angle search.  It is not uncommon, I mean you get used to having your ring on and don’t really think about it until you notice it’s no longer on your hand.  Then you frantically go back in your mind to where you last remember paying attention to it still being on.  In this case it was before going shopping down town in Kelowna for the day and noticing it is missing when she arrived home in Vernon.  Utilizing the power of the Internet, I was able to connect the person who lost the ring, with the person who found it!  Now I can’t tell you how this is done because it’s a trade secret, and in the wrong hands, could be dangerous.

Safe to say, I then phone up the lady who lost the ring and promptly told her that her ring is found, but that it’s in Saskatoon because the people who found it have already returned home from their vacation.  After a few phone calls and e-mails, the lady who lost the ring will be reunited with her family ring on the 20th of this month, from the people who found it.

No metal detectors were harmed in the search for this ring.

Pictures are promised for our smiles section of our site and will be posted after the 2oth

When you loose your ring… anything is possible, and never give up hope!  I love what I do, and every ring has a great story.


Lost Ring in Orlando, Florida

from Orlando (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-407-506-4225

Hello my name is Roland Davis and I joined The Ring Finders Directory of metal detecting specialists to help people find their lost wedding & engagement rings.

If you lost your ring at the beach or park, give me a call ASAP and I’ll do my best to find what you thought was lost forever.

I look forward to helping you!

Regards, Roland Davis

from Spokane (Washington, United States)
Contact: 1-509-263-8995

Hey Ring Finders, its Luke here. I have not posted anything in a while… mainly because I have not been able to help anyone. I did today however, go and look for a piece of a ladies ring. It broke at some point in time during a full day of hiking and yard work,  but she felt it had to be in the yard somewhere and I looked everywhere. I felt that there would be enough metal that came off the ring to detect, but if that piece was not there, then I couldn’t and didn’t find it. I did some time ago look for a mans tungsten wedding ring. He took it off and set it on a bench before putting on some sun screen. That was the last time he saw it. I looked all around the bench area and made a 100 ft circle around it . With no luck in finding it he and I both came to the conclusion that it grew legs and walked off sometime after he left on that busy 4th of July day. That has been it for me in almost a year of being on the website. I have  nothing against the ring finder and I will keep my post going and maybe someday I will be able to show you guys a happy person to have their ring back. Thank you Chris for setting this site up and giving people a way to have a better chance of finding what they have lost.