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Platinum Engagement Ring Lost at High Tide, Found and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Ashley about 8:15 pm saying she had lost her engagement ring between 8th Ave and 10th Ave South and wanted to know if I could help. First thing I asked her was if she could narrow the distance down some, 2 blocks is a large search area. She narrowed down to around 9th Ave S. I then asked what time and how deep she was in the water. She said between 5-5:30 and ankle. Perfect, she was right at high tide. I told her I could be there in 15 minutes.

When I got to their rental and got out of the car, she met me in the driveway. She told me that a friend suggested she call Donnie, who he had worked for. I told her that Donnie was my son-in-law and had helped me before. Ashley and her finance, Cole walked me out to the beach and out to where Donnie was detecting. I told Donnie that Ashley had called me, but this was his search. We agreed that we’d split the beach in half and I’d go north and he’d take south. He had already done a north/south grid search down the slope, which cut out a lot of the area. I started an east/west search from his last grid line out to about thigh deep. After just a few minutes, I got a solid 10 VDI on the Equinox 800 which is what a platinum ring would show up as. When I met up with Donnie on the beach, he also had one of my granddaughters, Maris with him. When I started digging the target she came over with a flashlight. I got the target out of the hole and spread the sand out on the beach. I asked her for the flashlight, and then realized it was a pinpointer. I stuck the pinpointer in the sand looking for the target. As I found the target and pushed the ring out of the sand, Maris said “There it is!!”  This was her first ring recovery. She was so excited you’d think it was her ring we found. I gave the ring to Donnie to surprise Ashley when we got back to the rental. He got her, she was very happy. At some point she told me that they were getting married Sept 6th.

Ashley – Thank you for calling me, glad I could help!



Family Heirloom Yellow Gold Horseshoe Ring Lost in the Sand, Found and Returned Cherry Grove NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Bill inquiring about finding a lost ring. I explained how I operate and asked when and where the ring was lost. He stated that his granddaughter had almost worn it in the ocean. She remembered not to and walked back up and put the ring in a chair. At some point the ring went from the chair into the dry sand. It amazes me sometimes; how very good intentions go south so easily. I got the condo address and told him I’d be there in about 15 minutes.

When I arrived, Bill was waiting in front of the condo, and we walked out to the beach. I met Kinsley and her mother January. I could see where the family had tried to find the ring to no avail. I asked Kinsley a few questions, one being what kind of ring it was. She stated a yellow gold horseshoe shape with diamonds, or something to that affect. I looked at her and said, “how about we get the ring back on your finger in less than 2 minutes.” She looked at me like I was nuts. January told me that the ring belonged to Kinsley’s grandmother and the ring had been passed down to Kinsley. Now there’s a new twist to this ring find, a family heirloom that has got to be found. I turned my Equinox 800 on and started a very tight grid line. The first target was a pull tab which rang up as a 13 on the machine. A small gold ring could also ring up at 13. I took a few more steps and hit a solid 10. I knew I had her ring then. I reached down in the sand and instantly felt it. I pulled it up out of the sand and showed Kinsley who put her hands over her face. She was very surprised and happy to get her ring back.

Bill – Thank you for calling and trusting me to help find Kinsley’s ring. Hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your vacation.



2 Rings (Gold Class Ring w/Black Onyx and Gold Ring) Lost at Holden Beach NC – Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Lose a special ring or other sentimental piece of jewelry, cellphone, keys or other metal object. Call or Text Jim Wren ASAP at 843-655-5889.

On Tuesday at 6:28 p.m., I received the following text message. “Hi! My name is Leah. I am in Holden Beach until Thursday with some friends on a breach trip! We just graduated college and I lost my class ring in the sand. Was wondering if you were in the area/available to help me search??” I tried calling her and it went to voice mail. So, I responded to her text asking her to call me. When she called, she told me she had lost 3 rings but her and her friends were able to find 2 of them. She knew the area and they were lost in the soft sand. I told her it should be a piece of cake to find it and I could be there in 45 minutes. She agreed and said she’d pin the area and send it to me. So, I grabbed my 2 Equinox 800s (one as backup) and headed out.

When I arrived, I called her and she said she’d be there in about 5 minutes. She told me her rings were a little to the right of the beach access and straight out but not past the drop off (erosion). When she arrived, I was already on the beach doing an east/west grid search. We discussed the area and how she lost her rings. She moved me further to the west and stated that her rings were in a bag that had a hole in it, unbeknownst to her until she realized it later. She had marked the 2 spots where the other two rings were found, which helped. So, I refocused and changed me grid search to a north/south search. Within 4 grid lines I hit a little gold ring. Not what I was looking for, or so I thought. About 2 steps away, I hit another good signal and pulled her Gold Class ring w/black onyx out of the sand. I held it up and asked, “Is this yours?” She came running over with her hands over her mouth and said, “That’s it!” While we were standing there talking, I told her I had found another little gold ring. That’s when she told me she had actually lost 4 rings, but really wasn’t concerned about the 4th ring. She also said she wasn’t sure if it was gold or not. When I got the original signal, the tone and numbers from the machine indicated gold. But nonetheless she was thrilled she had all 4 of her rings back. She also told me she had just gotten her class ring in the mail a few days earlier. She was so happy and excited to get her rings back.

Leah – Thank you for trusting me to help find your lost treasures. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and have a safe trip home. Best of luck to you in your future!


A Little Tiff Sends Her White Gold Engagement Ring Over the Fence, Found and Returned Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Jed on Dec 20th asking if I could help find a lost engagement ring in a field. I asked him for details on how the ring was lost, when it was lost, and if the field had bushes and trees on it. He explained that him and his girlfriend, Benjetta had gotten in a little spat about 3 ½ weeks ago and the ring was tossed. Jed said the field had heavy undergrowth and that he had been in the field cutting down a lot of the growth. He also stated that he had looked for the ring himself with a Garrett 250 Metal Detector with no luck. Since this was in Myrtle Beach, I needed to call Matt Fye, TRF for Myrtle Beach. When I called Matt, he said he was extremely busy and to go ahead and take the call. I was up for an adventure since I hadn’t had a ring call for a while. I called Jed back and we agreed on meeting at 10 am the next morning.

We met the next morning and had to drive around the block to get to the field. Jed had done a good job clearing the undergrowth out in about a 10 x 10-foot square directly behind the projected ring flight. I asked Jed what metal the ring was, white gold, silver or something else. He wasn’t sure but ended up saying silver. I turned on my Equinox 800 and started searching. Not sure what metal I was really looking for, I cleared all the targets that I found. There was a lot of trash, pull tabs, bottle caps, cans, etc. I also had to contend with a metal fence that was about 10 inches behind their wooden fence. I tried to squeeze both the Equinox and my Gold Bug with a 5-inch coil between the fences, but the metal fence played havoc on both machines. There was a chance the ring could have ended up between the fences and settled in all the leaves that had accumulated in that space. While I was searching the area, I got to meet Benjetta when she stuck her head above the fence.  She filled in a few more details about the ring toss. During the spat Benjetta couldn’t toss the ring herself, so she asked a girlfriend to do it. Her girlfriend accepted the challenge, stepped out the back door and hurled it over their wooden fence. That added a little more to the story. I assured both Benjetta and Jed this kind of loss happens more than you’d think. They weren’t the first nor would they be the last to get angry and throw a ring or two. After a little over 2 hours of searching with no luck, I called it a day. I had intentions of returning but didn’t commit myself with Jed, as he was going on vacation the next evening.

That evening, I was trying to think of something to help me clear the area between the fences. I came up with the idea of using my shop-vac and sucking up the leaves and hopefully the ring, if it was there. I text Jed and told him my plan and that I’d be back out there at about 1 pm the next day. He said he wasn’t going to be able to be there and I told him it’d be fine, and I’d keep him posted.

I showed up and stopped by Benjetta’s house to plug in an extension cord and throw the other end over the fence. Pulled into park in the field and went to work. The shop-vac was working as planned, took a little longer because the leaves were soaked after a heavy rain. Cleared out and checked the piles of leaves for the ring and nothing! The day before, I had ventured out in both directions, from the suspected area with no results. So, today I planned on getting in the thick of things, literally. It took about 15 minutes, and I was under some heavy low hanging branches and got an iffy signal. I ended up moving a 4-inch diameter 8-foot tree branch lying on the ground. Swung my detector over the area and got a solid white gold signal of 8 on the VDI (visual display indicator). I carefully cleared the wet leaves and there was the size 6 ½ engagement ring staring up at me.  I took a couple of pictures and sent it to Jed. He had told me earlier not to tell Benjetta if I found it so he could surprise her. He was really surprised the ring was found. I packed up and drove back to Benjetta’s house to get the extension cord. She saw me and came out to see if I had found it. I felt horrible standing there lying to her and telling her I’d be back to look again. Jed had text me his address and I dropped the ring off to him on my way home.  He had a big smile on his face when I handed him the ring.

Jed – Thanks for giving me a call and I’m thrilled I could help find your lost treasure.

Benjetta – I’m so happy you’re getting your ring back and I’m so sorry I lied to you, but I didn’t want to steal Jed’s moment (again)!



Wedding Band Lost in the Driveway, Found and Returned Holden Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

About 9:30 p.m. on Friday night I got a text saying “Hi Jim. I found your number online at the Ring Finders. I lost my wedding band today somewhere on the driveway which is covered with gravel. I spent all day trying to find it and I couldn’t. Sadly, today is our last day. We only have until tomorrow before 11 a.m. to find it. We are staying on Holden Beach. I wonder if you would have time to help us find it.” I called the number attached to the text and talked with Angelica and asked for the details. She was right to the point, there was a little spat and she walked out on the balcony and heaved her Wedding and Engagement rings. She said she got sunburned from searching all day and found her engagement ring but couldn’t find the wedding band. I told her I could be there in 45 minutes. She sounded a little hesitate, but I told her with tomorrow being Saturday almost all the tourists are going to be leaving and traffic would be a mess. She agreed, so I grabbed my Equinox 800 and headed out.

I arrived at 10:15 and parked in the driveway of the house next to theirs, which luckily, was vacant. She met me in her driveway and showed me where she found the engagement ring. I tested her wedding band with the Equinox, so I knew what I was looking for. She showed me where she was standing on the balcony, and I started searching the driveway around where she found her engagement ring. After about 20 minutes of searching the driveway, the adjacent strip of grass and part of the next driveway, I wasn’t finding her ring. Then I thought maybe the ring hit either a railroad tie along the driveway or the sidewalk, so I expanded the search. I asked Angelica if she had checked the roadway during her search and she had. I started searching the small stretch of grass between the sidewalk and road and got the signal I was looking for. Angelica was using the flashlight on her cell phone and we both got down on the ground and saw her ring at the same time. BA-Boom!!! There it was, hiding under a clump of grass. Angelica snatched it up and was so happy it was found. Things were patched up with the spat, her rings were back on her fingers, and all was good!

Angelica – Thank you for trusting me and the ring finders to help find your lost treasure! Have a safe trip back home.



Teardrops Lost in the Tides Ocean Isle Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Monday, May 30th I got an alert that I had been mentioned on the Ocean Isle NC FB page. When I looked at the site, I saw a posting that stated. “Hi everyone we lost my late husband’s wedding band in the surf 2 days ago between the ocean isle tower and the beach access, at water’s edge. If anyone has found it please let us know. We would greatly appreciate it.“ Knowing that this ring held a great deal of sentimental value, I immediately responded saying “Call me if I can help,” I also sent a link to my blog page on The Ring page. As a follow up I sent her a private message with the same information. I got a text message back from her saying, “I will message you in the morning.” This morning she texted me with a little more information and added, “My son handed it to me. I was almost at water’s edge and it dropped and sank immediately, around 2 pm on Sunday.” A follow up text added “We are in town till Sat morning. My Husband passed away unexpectedly in March, meant a lot to my son so I appreciate you helping us.” We did some more texting back and forth and agreed that I’d be there at 12:45 p.m. to work the outgoing tide. Teresa also stated I could park in her driveway which alleviated me having to find a parking spot, which during this time of the year is almost impossible.

When I got there, I met Teresa, her father Richard, and her oldest son Derek. We all hopped in their golf cart and Derek drove us down to the beach. Once on the beach, Teresa led me over to the spot that was directly in line with where the ring was lost. Once there, Teresa explained that when her middle son, Daniel got married he didn’t have a wedding band to wear. His father’s wedding band no longer fit his father, so he passed it down to Daniel. When the ring was lost, Daniel was wearing it and was afraid of losing it while swimming in the ocean. So, in the process of handing the ring to Teresa for safekeeping, the ring hit her hand and quickly disappeared in the wet sand with the incoming tide. It was definitely one of those shear panic moments. Teresa said she looked for the ring for about 2 hours before giving up and then had a gentleman with a detector look the next day for quite a while with no luck.

It was time to find the ring, or at least give it all I had. From Teresa’s explanation of her husband’s 14K Gold Wedding Band, I knew that I was looking for a VDI (visual display indicator) on the Equinox 800 between 13-18, depending on the size of the ring. I started a little outside of the area Teresa showed me with a grid search parallel to the surf line. On my 5th line I got a loud and solid 16 VDI, I was 99% sure I had the ring. Two scoops and I had the target out of the sand and on the beach. I spread out the sand a couple of times with my foot before I saw the little shimmer of the gold ring. BINGO! I washed the ring off and saw that Teresa and Richard were praying to the Big Man upstairs as they were watching me from up near the dunes. As I’m walking their way, I did a little dance and I heard Teresa yell “Did you find it?” I held the ring up and she was literally overwhelmed with emotions, which made my eyes water a little bit. There’s no way to express what it means to find and return someone’s very special treasure. Teresa and I decided we’d surprise Daniel, so she called him saying that I needed to get some information from him. It took at least an hour for Daniel, his wife Ana, older brother Derek, younger brother Kyle and his girlfriend, Raina to show up. When they did, I showed Daniel the area I had searched and asked him if he thought I was in the right spot and anything else he might remember. Meanwhile, Teresa was standing behind us holding the ring up for the “aha” moment. It worked perfectly and was priceless!

Teresa/Daniel – Thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to find your very special treasure. It was truly my pleasure to get to meet all of you. Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your vacation.