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Gold ring lost in San Francisco Bay….RECOVERED!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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The sun had set 30 minutes earlier and the fog meant no moonlight would be available.  The tide was going out of the San Francisco Bay at a rapid clip.  The water temperature was approximately 53 degrees and the ambient air was about 55 degrees.  I dressed in my farmer john wetsuit and fired up the Equinox 800 knowing that this recovery was possible, but would likely be difficult.

Earlier in the  evening, Ben contacted me stating that he had lost his heirloom gold wedding band at a private beach club while performing a “plunge” in the bay.  He could narrow the search to a 10×10 foot area of water about waist deep.  The request was made for immediate mobilization for a recovery effort.

After meeting Ben at the Aquatic Park, he escorted me to the beach location… a beautiful little private section of the beach along docks housing historical ships for the maritime museum.  An aesthetically pleasing and adventurous treasure hunt was now under way.

I entered the water for a hasty search of the area and made 4 passes from the top of the beach to chin deep water.  The only light was provided by the headlamp I donned on my head.  The water was void of any targets.  I had to test the coil against the sand scoop to be sure it was functioning proper.

On the 5th pass I hit a jumpy 16-17-21 target in chest deep water, the only thing I had detected in 30 minutes of searching.  It would take several attempts to collect the object in the sand scoop, but upon inspection…a ring, a gold band…WE HAD MADE THE RECOVERY!!!

If I’m being honest, this was one of my proudest recoveries.  I felt the part of a true treasure hunter searching cold water, in the dark, beneath the tall ships of the maritime museum.  The owner of the ring, Ben was both astounded and grateful that the ring he once thought lost was back in its rightful place on his finger.

Thank you Ben for entrusting me with the recovery of your very precious ring.  It was a pleasure to assist you.

Ben was ecstatic to have his 10k heirloom wedding band back on his hand!


Bens 10k Gold Heirloom Wedding Band.


Night Shot of the search area.


Search Area without supplemental lighting.


As seen with headlamp.

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Three gold rings thought to be lost in Alamo, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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A physiological response to real or perceived threats and stressors is that the body increases electrical activity in the brain and produces adrenaline and cortisol.  This is a basic fight or flight response.  Memory loss can also result if that process occurs when fear or anxiety is excessive and (or) persistent.

This seems to have been the case in a number of searches I have been called upon to perform.  Individuals state with absolute certainty that this is where or what they had done with their ring(s) only to later realize that what they perceived to be fact was incorrect. The stress and anxiety of loosing such a valuable and cherished item can cloud the memory of what actually took place.

This was not the case with Caeti!  She contacted me after misplacing 3 of her 4 rings during a trip to the nail salon including her beautiful wedding band with 7 diamonds.  She goes on to explain that she placed all 4 rings into a sunglasses case and then into her purse during the trip.  Once her nails were done, she returned to the car and opened the case to put her sunglasses on for the short return trip home.  Once home, she went to put her sunglasses away in the case and retrieve her rings.  Remember that physiologic response I babbled about above, that is where this kicks in.  Upon opening the sunglasses case, only her engagement ring was found.  The other three rings seemingly vanished and panic set in as she retraced her steps all the way back to the nail salon. A search of the salon and the parking lot produced nothing.  A search of the vehicle produced nothing. The driveway, the house, the purse…all nothing!

The next afternoon I joined the investigation into the missing three rings. I went to the salon and spoke with them, I searched the parking lot, talked to other businesses in the same shopping center, all with no results.  I then made my way to see Caeti.  She was clearly upset about the loss and resolute in the fact that the rings were indeed placed into the sunglasses case.  As I prepared to search her vehicle I recommended a look at the purse and sunglasses case.  She promptly produced both and as I looked down into the sunglasses case I also saw the tiniest of gold peaking out.  All three rings had slipped behind the satiny lining inside the case cloaking themselves from vision.  We had made the recovery!!!

In Caeti’s case the stress and anxiety did not cloud her memory of the events in the least, rather the shock of not initially finding the ring within the glasses case derailed her from what she already knew.  The rings were indeed placed into the case and there they remained.

I’m very much excited that I was able to help locate these (3) rings and get them back into (or onto) the hands to which they belonged.  Caeti, I wish you and your new family a very exciting future and am glad that your tale of woe has transformed into a funny story about that one time…


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Platinum Engagement Ring Lost in San Francisco, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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When Danett was told that she couldn’t wear any jewelry to a recent procedure, she gave pause to whether or not to leave her ring behind. What would she do with her engagement ring? The item came with a proposal this last New Years Eve exactly 1 year after meeting her fiance.  It was brand new and very sentimental, and leaving it behind just didn’t seem right. Begrudgingly she removed her Platinum engagement ring and placed it on the night stand inside her studio…or did she?

I was contacted by Danett after my friend and colleague Jes past along my information.  Her Platinum engagement ring was missing and herself, her fiance, and a friend had all searched for the special item with no luck.  Things were getting desperate despite the fiance being very calm about it and the ring being insured.  I told her that I was glad to assist in any way I could and the following evening I headed to San Francisco for the search.  I brought all manner of tools and equipment not knowing what the search might hold.

Early on it was revealed that there were pets involved and I suspected they might have played a role in the missing ring.  I owe Angel, their dog, an apology.  I was almost certain he had possibly lapped up the ring. Detecting over his favorite potty spots cleared his name.

After an hour of searching the little studio, Danett shouted “I found it!!!”  The ring was in a cardboard ring box that once sat on the nightstand.  It was moved to a shelf during initial searches for the missing ring.  We had made the recovery!!!

Danett was very kind and sweet.  She had told me that she was extremely distressed about the missing engagement ring, but you would have never known it. She told me that my demeanor and confidence kept her calm and focused so we could smoothly and systematically search and that having a professional there soothed her nerves. Ultimately, the ring was found and that was the common goal we shared.  She was very happy to be reunited with her ring and I felt joy in play some part in the story this item now continues to tell.

Best wishes to the couple and my new friend Angel the dog!


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Lost wedding band in Oakley, CA…Found

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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My children and I established a Treasure Tuesday ritual in which every Tuesday we find some sort of treasure hunting/learning activity.  Sometimes it’s panning out pay dirt for gemstones, fossils, and even gold.  Some times we crack open geodes to reveal the crystals within.  In some instances we get out to metal detect a park, a field, a backyard. On one occasion we sought out stones to toss into the rock tumbler.  It’s been a fun and interactive way to spend family time with my boys.

This Treasure Tuesday I was requested to Oakley, CA to search for a missing wedding band lost during an allegedly wild backyard soiree.

Will had text me the prior day seeking out my services and availability. Permission was to be requested for access and the next day we would search.  It was a pleasant afternoon when I arrived and the scope of the area to be searched was much larger than expected.  The ring was known to be lost at the party, but exactly where in this large area was a mystery.  Luckily, as I started a grid search of one of the suspected locations, the home owner, who was wandering around the field along side of Will, was able to locate the missing ring laying on the surface.  We had made the recovery!

I did request to run my Equinox 800 over the ring to aid in my data collecting.  It was a solid 14 VDI in Field 2.

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Lost Diamond Studded Nose Ring…Found in the East Bay!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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Now offering Metal Detecting, Video Endoscope, and Magnet Fishing services!

On 9-14-2022 at approximately 9 pm, I was contacted by an individual looking for someone to search his vehicle for a lost diamond studded nose ring.  The individual knew that he had misplaced the item within his vehicle but was unable to recover the item on his own.

It was another 4 days before our schedules aligned to perform the search using a video endoscope.  I searched, unsuccessfully, for quite a while and was about to call it off, but opted to question the individual one last time.

An important new detail was revealed in that he had thought that he put the nose ring in the drivers side door pocket.  He and I had both performed an inspection of this pocket by touch and nothing was in the pocket.  In the name of being extremely thorough, I scanned the pocket with the video endoscope and found that the door pocket itself was made up of two pieces and that there was a small crease between the two plastic door moldings.

The other thing we noticed was a strong shimmer of light reflecting back out of that crease, but how to retrieve it?

I popped the plastic door panel away from the door and out of the corner of my eye, sighted the tiniest of objects fall to the pavement. I never imagined how small it would be, but after a good hard search and just before the skies opened up with a heavy deluge…We made the recovery!!!

This call to service reinforced the fact that continuous questioning can often times lead to new and unexpected recollections that can ultimately make or break the success of one of these searches.

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The recovery that started it all: Lost diamond engagement ring lost in Milpitas, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

I had seen the call for help go out over one of my many metal detecting groups.  When I offered my assistance I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity and thus went about packing for my Mount Diablo overnight with my boys and some friends.

When another md’ing friend asked if I was still available and that another of our piers had searched but had no luck, I again offered my assistance, packed some gear, and off I went.

The client took me to the 5th floor balcony from which the ring was lost and we observed the location from above.  After moving back down to ground level it was revealed that two rings went over the edge and one had been recovered that night from the planter bed.  Now, knowing that a searcher had previously swung over the area, I knew that if we were going to find it, it was going to be found within one of the many plants and bushes in the planter bed.

I offered the client the opportunity to assist by using a Garret pin-pointer to start probing the area including the foliage.  I did the same, and within 20 minutes or so, an ecstatic client exclaimed, “I’ve found it!”  It was indeed within one of the plants of the planter bed.  The stoke was high on both our parts and he requested “Can I give you a hug?” To which I replied “of course.”

The successful search and recovery sparked really good vibes that carried me throughout the weekend. This would serve as my first search as a member of The Ring Finders team and…we made the recovery!!!


Lost Engagement Ring In Fairfield, CA…Found!!!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

After receiving a call from an obviously disappointed individual who had lost her engagement ring, I made my way out to Fairfield to conduct a search.

The family had spent numerous hours previously looking for the lost ring with little luck.

When I arrived the individual explained the circumstances and sequences of events that led to the somewhat mysterious disappearance.

I searched a good amount of time and was almost at the point of conceding when…

there it was!!!  We made the recovery!!!

Testimonial for Brendon Chapman via text message:

“I would recommend Brendon to anyone in the CA Bay Area who needs help finding lost precious jewelry such as wedding and engagement rings.  He is prompt in responding, empathetic, and sincere.”  “Thanks again. And g’luck in future findings.”


Heirloom Confirmation Ring Lost in Pittsburg, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

It was a routine day at my office where I’m a Project Manager for a steel erection company.  In between writing up change order requests and preparing for an annual Quality and Safety Management Systems Audit I received a text message from the Dunmore Family in Pittsburg, CA.  The text was requesting someone to locate a children’s ring lost in the backyard.

I promptly contacted the family on the phone for more details and to schedule a time for the search.  I explained the service I could provide and the contract that would be required once I arrived to the site.  Once a time was decided upon, I requested the family to confirm the appointment and their address via text message.

Arriving at the location, I was greeted by the family and we discussed more details about the missing ring and how it was lost.  It was revealed that the ring was a gold heirloom “Confirmation” ring that was once a gift to the son who was preparing to pass it down to his son at an impending Confirmation Ceremony.  The child was wearing the ring while playing with a soccer ball in the backyard when it flung from the youngsters hand. The family searched and the ring was not recovered.

Before I searched, I explained my process to the family and we had the child duplicate his actions and the location to the best of his ability.  After approximately 15 minutes of being on site and maybe 6 minutes into the search…we made the recovery!!!


Dunmore Family Testimonial:

Thank you Brendon! Thirty years ago our son received a gold ring from his Godmother and was passing it down to his Son. We were all heartbroken when informed it had flown off his finger in the backyard. We searched without success when I googled how to find lost rings and came across “theringfinders.” Brendon responded promptly and showed up the next day and found the ring in minutes. He was timely and courteous and we appreciated the explanation of how he would search the yard and what the different metal detector sounds would mean. Thank you Brendon for finding the ring which will allow it to continue being passed down for generations.