Ken Dewerson

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis and 15% of all money made goes to charity... Penticton Children's Hospital.I have a call out fee of $25 if the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Lakes & Yards... I also have an underwater metal detector and can search up to 5 feet of water.

Search Locations

Okanagan, willing to travel anywhere.

Ken Dewerson's Bio

I run a metal detector sales and rental company out of my home. I have over 40 years of metal detecting experience, and I've been helping people find their lost jewelry for 11 years.

I'm a man with metal detectors and a desire to help people find what they have lost. I enjoy this service and helping people! That's why I joined The Ring Finders.

Ken Dewerson - Recent Blog Posts


    Over the Christmas Holidays, Dave was enjoying the recent six to eight inches of snow on the hills in Kelowna, with his son. Like most of us Dave took a few spills, only to realize when he arrived home that he had lost his iPhone. he looked up the lost location on icloud and went back to […]

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    After retrieving 2 cell phones in the morning, I get a call in the afternoon from Timothy`s father telling me his son lost his cell phone at the University condo parking. I told him I would be there in a couple of hours. Timothy was outside waiting for me to show me where he lost his cell […]

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    When the snow is on the ground is the time people lose items. Dawn called me to say she had lost her cell phone in her yard and could not find it with a rented metal detector. I told her I would rent her a detector that I guaranteed would do the job, the cell […]

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  • Lost Wallet & Cell Phone Lost in Golfing Incident. (2016)

    Rob was having a great day playing golf at Shannon Lake Golf Course, that was until his golf cart lost control. He was able to jump off before the cart drove into the Lake. Checking his personal effects after the incident he noticed his wallet with his waterproof cell phone were missing. The next day […]

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    Karen was playing ball with her granddaughter when she noticed her 14k gold ring was gone. The ring was promised to be given to the granddaughter, she spent one hour on her hands and knees in the grass searching for it, with no luck. She tearfully called me and I responded right away, I told […]

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Ken Dewerson - Testimonials

  • Ken was undeterred. "Oh I'll find it," (2016)


    Canada Day weekend our family was swimming in Okanagan Lake. I reached out to my son and was filled with terror as I realized my wedding ring was gone!

    A panicked search by my husband, son and several helpful beachgoers proved unsuccessful. That was when a gentleman at the beach told me about Ken. He responded to my email almost immediately and was in the water at 5am the next morning.

    He didn't find it that day, but Ken was undeterred. "Oh I'll find it," he said. Sure enough, Tuesday morning, deep in the waters of Okanagan Lake he got a hit and knew it was my ring. He was right!

    Besides the financial value, my wedding ring was created with stones from my mother and grandmothers jewellery and is very dear to me. I had lost all hope of ever finding it.

    Thank you so much Ken!

    Heidi Marshall

  • You are truly amazing... (2015)


    Thanks again so very much for your quick response time and determination to find my sons ring. You are truly amazing and we ALL thank you so ever much.

    Bless you, Ken


    Kelly Beier