Ken Dewerson

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a reward basis and 15% of all money made goes to charity... Penticton Children's Hospital.I have a call out fee of $25 if the ring is not found, this covers my fuel expenses.

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Lakes & Yards... I also have an underwater metal detector and can search up to 5 feet of water.

Search Locations

Okanagan, willing to travel anywhere.

Ken Dewerson's Bio

I run a metal detector sales and rental company out of my home. I have over 40 years of metal detecting experience, and I've been helping people find their lost jewelry for 11 years.

I'm a man with metal detectors and a desire to help people find what they have lost. I enjoy this service and helping people! That's why I joined The Ring Finders.

Ken Dewerson - Recent Blog Post

  • Kelowna. Horse arena rings found for a second time (2021)

    Last December I assisted Natalie to find her wedding ring in a horse arena, she took the rings off, and put them in her pocket so as not to lose them during her event. Today her husband called me on The Ringfinders to say that she was embarrassed because she had done it again, only […]

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  • Ring lost in the Kelowna snow, found & returned weeks later (2021)

    An ex Westjet flight attendant friend of mine, who knew I was a member of The Ringfinders, called me to ask if I could help her friend Pam locate her lost ring. Pam loaned her mothers ring to her daughter to wear. Playing in the snow throwing snowballs, the daughter lost the ring on a […]

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  • Lost Wedding ring found in Kelowna Horse Arena (2020)

    Natalie spent an hour riding her horse around the arena, when she got home she noticed that her white gold wedding ring was missing. Her husband found The Ringfinders site and sent me an email, I responded the next day and met Natalie at 4pm when the classes for the day were finished. I started […]

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  • Lost Ring in Skaha Lake found by long time member of The Ringfinders. (2020)

    Chad was in Skaha Lake behind his family home teaching his daughter how to swim when he realized his !8k White Gold wedding ring was missing,  he searched the water to no avail. 3 weeks later he found me on The Ringfinders website. The day I got the call I was searching Okanagan Lake for […]

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  • Metal Detector finds ring lost in Lake Okanagan (2020)

    Brittany and family where playing ball in the water when she saw her rose gold Diamond ring fly off her finger in 4 feet of water, her husband called me for assistance, I responded the first thing the next morning. Knowing the approximate location is always a big help, and withing 10 minutes Brittany was […]

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Ken Dewerson - Testimonials

  • great services and very friendly... (2020)


    I lost my ring playing catch in the water I was absolutely devastated my significant other Google’s ring finders and Ken’s names popped up Highly recommended 10/ 5 stars found the ring within 10 minutes I was so amazed great services and very friendly, I cannot thank you enough!!

  • Thank you so much Ken!! You are amazing!! (2019)


    No amount of words that I have could properly thank Ken for finding my ring. It is a native carved wrap humming bird ring that my aunt Allison gave to me for grade 12 graduation. A ring that I could never find a replacement for.

    I was out at the beach tossing sticks for my two dogs who absolutely love the water when I felt the ring being tugged off by a knob on the stick. Automatically I slid my thumb to my ring finger to feel for the ring already my heart had sank because I knew that I wouldn’t find it there. That particular evening the wind was blowing and the waves were crashing on the beach. There would be no chance to find the ring as I couldn’t even recall hearing a splash in the water giving the rings general direction. Out of chance it didn’t go far my husband and I scoured the surrounding beach with no luck. The next morning bright and early I went back to the beach with a rake but I knew that with the crashing of the waves and the water movement I wouldn’t find it without more help. I reached out on FB and a friend directed me to The Ring Finders. The next day Ken found my ring with his underwater metal detector (and a lot of garbage… so sad) in the Okanagan lake. It wasn’t an easy find because I didn’t really know where it was, just where I was when I lost it. Ken wouldn’t give up until he found it! Thank you so much Ken!! You are amazing!!

  • Our son rented a metal detector but we found what we really needed was an experienced operator. (2017)


    Very tired at the end of a day of filling bags of leaves, I was very much disturbed to discover my ring finger bare of my wedding ring and was downhearted as I contemplated the daunting search of our yard. Our son rented a metal detector but we found what we really needed was an experienced operator.

    Ken was more than that. He was eager, dedicated, and determined to find my missing wedding ring. Perhaps he was a bit sentimental, too, as he and his wife were also married in 1964. After first searching our front and back yards without success, Ken promised to return to empty and search each of the twenty bags.

    As good as his word, Ken returned, persistently emptying each bag until he picked up a signal in the lucky thirteenth bag! Thank you, Ken!

  • Ken was undeterred. "Oh I'll find it," (2016)


    Canada Day weekend our family was swimming in Okanagan Lake. I reached out to my son and was filled with terror as I realized my wedding ring was gone!

    A panicked search by my husband, son and several helpful beachgoers proved unsuccessful. That was when a gentleman at the beach told me about Ken. He responded to my email almost immediately and was in the water at 5am the next morning.

    He didn't find it that day, but Ken was undeterred. "Oh I'll find it," he said. Sure enough, Tuesday morning, deep in the waters of Okanagan Lake he got a hit and knew it was my ring. He was right!

    Besides the financial value, my wedding ring was created with stones from my mother and grandmothers jewellery and is very dear to me. I had lost all hope of ever finding it.

    Thank you so much Ken!

    Heidi Marshall

  • You are truly amazing... (2015)


    Thanks again so very much for your quick response time and determination to find my sons ring. You are truly amazing and we ALL thank you so ever much.

    Bless you, Ken


    Kelly Beier