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Lost Wedding ring found and returned Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Adam gave me a call yesterday telling me that last winter while walking down the back alley by his work he slipped and fell and when brushing himself off he lost his wedding ring. He tried finding it but no luck. Rented a detector in the summer and still no luck. I’m pleased to say that after about 45 minutes I found his ring and returned it to him.

Lost 24k Gold Ring Recovered in North Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Ms. Fakha was doing her annual Autumn tidy up in her front yard. She hadn’t noticed while she was busy her ring had fallen off, it had a lot of sentimental value and was given to her in India by her late husband. When I arrived at her home she showed me the areas where she had been working.

It seems to very common for folks to lose rings in the autumn, they don’t realize there hands are getting cool as they work and the rings just slip off their fingers while they work.

I had finished metal detecting the east side of the pathway and started on the west side when I got a nice loud tone. When I looked down and parted the grass slightly the sparkle of the large diamond and sheen of the 24 karat gold band reflected the setting sun brightly.

Ms. Fakha was very happy and grateful to get her ring back. Another successful recovery by The Ring Finders.

24 Karat Ring Recovered

24 Karat Ring Recovered

Lost Wedding Ring Recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Tina, her 84 year old Dad had lost his wedding ring in the yard while doing some fall cleanup. They were hoping I may be able to find it for him. Edward was crushed when he lost his ring as his wife had passed away just four years ago and the ring meant everything to him.      I went over the next day, we discussed where he remembered having it on last he explained, he had been doing some gardening in the back yard and didn’t notice the ring was gone until later when he was in the house.   Fortunately the yard was nicely lawned and there was only a few trees.  I started scanning the lawn with my Garret ATPRO and after only 3 passes across the width of the yard I got a loud gold signal and saw just under the thatch the glimmer of his gold ring.  Edward was so happy to get it back .  

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Lost Wedding Ring Recovered

Another satisfied customer of The Ring Finders.

Edward was thrilled to get his Wedding Ring back

Edward was thrilled to get his Wedding Ring back

Lost Wedding Ring – Recovered in Elbow River

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Shiver me Timbers, that water’s Cold!

I received a call from Alex last night, he was concerned that his Wedding Ring was lost forever, he had their wedding rings custom made to match out of Silver and Gold.  They had gone out to the Bragg Creek area just outside Calgary and were swimming in the Elbow River when he noticed his ring was missing.  They tried to search for it with masks and snorkels but the current is so swift there that it was hard for them to stay in any one spot to search the rocks properly.

Alex searched on line and found me, I advised that I had just finished two successful water hunts and would be able to search for his tomorrow, he had to work but his wife  Katie was able to meet me in Bragg Creek and take me to the site of their swim only 20 minutes away.

The Elbow River is glacier fed at it’s source and the river was quite a bit higher than had been the day before when they were swimming.  We put parking cones along the river bank to mark the area I was to search, then I started into the water for the search.  The water rose quickly as I walked toward the centre and it was painfully cold, I could only scan with the current but this time then current was stronger than previous searches, I had to really watch my step as I would end up down stream somewhere if I slipped.

I slowly searched away from the bank then turning around back to were Katie was stood, she was apologizing all the time for the temperature of the water, which she had no control over . Once I got back to the bank I would climb out warm up and then repeat.  After an hour, I had searched an area of the Elbow River approximately 50 feet by 15 feet ( 15 meters x 4 meters ) when I got the loud crisp signal of Silver from my Garrett ATPRO metal detector, just to be sure I scanned twice more then peered into the water and saw a gleam of silver about 3.5 feet ( 4 meters ) down in the rushing water, it took me 3 tries to pick it up but I finally got Alex’s beautiful Silver and Gold Wedding band.  Once I got to shore and handed it to Katie she was over come with joy and gave me a big hug ( Gosh I love my job, just look at the smile on her face.  Thank you Alex and Katie for trusting The Ring Finders to find your precious ring and thank you for your generous reward.

If you have lost a ring on land or in the water, go to www.TheRingFinders.com and look for one of us in your area, “We Can Find It!

 Katie with Alex;s Ring Alex;s Ring