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Welcoming A New Ring Finder

  • from Kingston (Ontario, Canada)

Hi folks, I wanted to take a quick minute to let people know that I have partnered up with a good friend, wicked ring finder, and all round good dude, Ryan Pugh.

Ryan Pugh

Ryan started detecting around the same time I did, (just a few short years ago) As we all know the learning curve to knowing one’s machine can be a daunting task. Many hours spent digging trash, & trying to understand what your machine is trying to tell you. We know it takes time to understand how to detect properly, efficiently, and professionally.

Now after a few years have gone by, both Ryan & I have the confidence in our abilities to help people find their lost items, and have done so successfully on several occasions.

Both Ryan & I have been detecting every chance we get when we are not working, or have family obligations (speaking from my personal experience of course), life can get very busy at times.

Over the past year (2023) I have taken Ryan on several of my ring finder expeditions. Considering we hunt fairly often together, which in turn has resulted in Ryan coming, and helping on several of my ring finder hunts.

Ryan expressed a real interest in helping people recover items they themselves had lost, & yet, could not find. He has expressed interest in joining The RingFinders all season.

Recently with working shift work, going back to school “for work”, running a local metal detecting club, taking care of my 2 year old son, & making time for my wife & family, I have found that although I have been able to attend most of the requests that have come my way, I find I have been calling on Ryan fairly often to help out with some of my recoveries.

Ryan has been outstanding, not only has he been willing and able to take on each request, he is always at the ready to drop what he’s doing to go help someone in need. And that’s not all, Ryan’s success rate is very high to date. I have called on Ryan to make sure our clients get the quick, reliable, & professional service they deserve.

Working as a team this past year has worked out not only to our benefit, but to our customers benefit as well. Therefore it only seemed logical to make it official and team up with Ryan here on The Ring Finders to ensure our areas get the best service possible for any potential future clients.

“Thanks Ryan Pugh, and I look forward to seeing how collaborating as a team will work out for us in our RingFinding adventures”, also, Welcome to the largest team of RingFinders on the planet.