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Men’s platinum wedding band reunited with owner in chicago, IL

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)


The ring was lost while cleaning out the back of his SUV. He had just transported a grill and it had some residue in the back that he was sweeping out with his hand. I searched the area that he told me that the ring had landed in. He said that he saw it bounce off the grill and it landed in a very specific area. Two and a half hours later, having gridded the area numerous times, NOTHING! I even hunted in all metal. Dug lots of junk.
I basically was giving up and walked over to tell him. The ring was sitting right on the surface in a completely different area!

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14K Mens Wedding band Found in Streamwood, Illinois

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call from a gentleman who had lost his ring while mowing the lawn. When I arrived I asked him what type of mower he used and did it pick up the cuttings. Since it did bag the clippings, I asked him where he dumped the cuttings.He directed me to a compost and said that he had checked it. He pointed to the area that he had checked. I turned on my detector and searched the whole compost. I told him that I detected something metal six inches down. I used my handheld, reached into the grass and pulled out his ring. Total time on site 5 minutes or less.

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Diamond Engagement Ring found in Fire Pit in Batavia Illinois

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call to look for an engagement ring that was lost on the lawn while collecting leaves.

The client was throwing some leaves onto a fire pit and later discovered that her diamond engagement ring was gone. She searched endlessly on her knees an even used a metal detector to search for it. They had dumped the ashes from the fire pit and could find nothing.

I arrived and asked her about what she was doing at the time. I immediately told her to put some water in the fire pit and we emptied the water. Nothing! I search the yard. I gridded it for over an hour, Nothing. Then I went back to the pit. The interior was metal so I could not use the handheld pinpointed. I looked very closely at the silt that remained in the pit. BINGO!!

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Platinum Wedding Ring found and returned in Lake Shore Park Chicago

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received an email from a young man who lost his Platinum wedding band last Thursday while playing softball in the Lake Shore Park, behind the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chicago. He had never taken it off in nine years. His weight loss, combined with his enthusiastic softball playing, resulted in the loss on his ring. He had conducted a search himself with his new Ace 150, which he had just purchased from Windy City Metal Detectors in Chicago. He was unsuccessful in his endeavor.

Next step: contact a RING FINDER!

At 6:00 AM I met him at the ball field. He had been playing right-field, but didn’t know if he had lost it while Batting or walking around. The outfield was all lush grass as you can see in the backgound . After 2 hours of searching I located his ring. His comment: “thats just about where I was standing” He has been converted to  a metal detectorist! His wife who had been a little skeptic of finding it, was delighted also.


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Lost Ring Found at Erin’s Snug Irish Pub, Madison WI

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)


I typically look forward to getting calls from The Ring Finders directory for lost rings, lost keys, lost cell phones, you name it.  However, on this day I was a little hesitant to answer the phone.  You see, it was not just a typical WI winter day … it was -10 degrees below zero outside!  Brandon had lost his ring in the parking lot of Erin’s Snug Irish Pub and Restaurant in Madison, WI.   On the call, he explained that he was wiping the snow off his windshield wipers when he lost his ring.  He did not have any gloves on (what was he thinking!) and when he went to flick the snow off his hand … he ring flew off.  He knew right where it was, but after digging for awhile gave up.

Gold is extremely heavy, and when dropped into a snow bank, will drop pretty quickly to the bottom.  Even though Brandon saw the entry point, he could not find the lost ring in the 4 foot snow bank.  He searched on Google hoping to rent a metal detector the next day.  He entered a bunch of different phrases, “rent metal detector”, “metal detector rental” and “how to find my lost ring”.  Fortunately for him, he found The Ring Finders Page and my blog.  He said he couldn’t believe such a service even existed, and there was a member right in Madison.  He couldn’t believe it.  He also couldn’t believe that I was willing to head out that same day … the same day that it was -10 degrees below zero!

I brought my son along on the hunt, and after bundling up, we headed out.  We hunted in 5 min increments, because it was that cold.  I am a pretty tough guy when it comes to cold weather, but with temps -10 below zero, you don’t want to mess around.  We kept our van running to warm up.  The problem with hunting in a parking lot in the winter, is that all the junk from the parking lot is picked up by the snow plows and dropped right on the curb.  This is of course right where Brandon lost his ring.

My son and I are usually not quick to give up, we don’t like to leave a lost ring that we know is within reach.  However, did I mention it was cold.  We agreed to do one more 5 min search.  Good thing we did, because we got a strong signal on the metal detector … and pulled out Brandon’s ring.  We didn’t even look at it closely as we both ran to the van to warm up.  Our first stop was McDonald’s for some hot chocolate, then to Brandon’s house to return the ring.  He gave us a very generous reward for our hard work and an extra bonus seeing it was so cold.  He could not have been more appreciative for our hard work and for finding his lost wedding ring.

Remember, don’t rent a metal detector, rent a Ring Finder!