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Cobalt Wedding Ring Recovered from the Snow in Oakville Ontario

  • from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)

After being married for only 2 weeks he lost it in a friendly snowball fight.

After being married for only 2 weeks Bjorn lost his Cobalt Wedding Ring in a friendly family snowball fight. The family actually bought a cheap detector at a local Canadian tire and looked feverishly throughout the evening in the front yard. These types of detectors are very low grade and in about a foot of snow didn’t have any hope of hearing a signal. Along with lots of chatter and interference from the close by power lines to the house they put it back in the box. Know with shovels in hand they dug out the snow bank at the road from where the rally began and then combed the yard with no luck! Cold, wet, disappointed and frustrated they gave up went inside and looked online for an answer……… thats where they found me on the Ring Finders site. Fortunately we lived in the same town so he gave me a call and I replied straight away. I usually can get to a Ring Finder call within hrs or the latest by the next morning . After about 30 minutes of detecting the areas where Bjorn thought he lost the beautiful ring without any luck, I started an elevated peripheral grid search. Most times Rings are located almost the opposite direction from where people think they are. A few months earlier I located a ring using the same method 100 ft in the opposite direction that a client was sure it landed. Now as I was walking along the yard parallel to the garage in a small inconspicuous snow bank I heard that familiar low grunting sound on my detector.  As you can see on the following Youtube video the rest is what we were all waiting for….


Diamond wedding ring found Montrose Soccer field Chicago

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

I am beginning to LOVE SOCCER FIELDS.

I was contacted to find a women’s diamond wedding ring that a young child threw onto a kids soccer field in Chicago. I took both my Deus and my CTX to look for it. I showed the father how to use the CTX and I searched with the Deus. I have always thought that two detectors searching is better than one. I let him borrow one of my pinpointers,  and I used the other. He had never hunted before, so I guided him as to what to look for. I set my sensitivity low on both machines, since it was a surface find. I also set the gain low on the CTX so he could tell if something was on the surface or deeper. Sure as heck, he found the ring!! I think I have just converted another metal detectorist!!







Soccer Dad’s Platinum wedding band found Highland Park, IL

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

FullSizeRenderReceived a call from a dad who lost a platinum wedding band while practicing soccer with his son in Highland Park, IL.

He knew about where  he lost it so it was a quick hunt.

He considered renting a metal detector, but found me through the ring finders. He was very happy

School ring found after 42 years and returned

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Here is an article that Justin Breen a local reporter did on the story. Pretty much covers everything.


BEVERLY — James Murphy Sr. never gave up hope believing he’d find the 1970 high school class ring he lost in 1972.

Friday, with assistance from a Northwest Side man operating a metal detector, the gold ring was discovered at the same Beverly home where it originally slipped off the ring finger of Murphy’s left hand.

“It drove me crazy for more than 40 years,” said Murphy, 62, a retired Chicago Police officer who now lives in Mount Greenwood. “I knew it was in that yard. I’m in shock still.”

Justin Breen says Murphy was brought to tears:

On Wednesday, Murphy called Ron Shore, owner of Norwood Park-based Windy City Detector Sales & Rental, Inc., which helps customers find long-lost items. Shore referred Murphy to Jim Evans, an actor who in his spare time conducts “search missions” throughout the Chicago area to look for anything from diamond-studded earrings to car keys lost in the snow.

“Seventy percent of my calls are from what I refer to as anger management issues, where the wife gets upset with the husband and chucks her ring and then regrets it,” Evans, of Old Irving Park, said with a laugh.

Murphy has regretted losing his 1970 senior class ring from St. Bonaventure High School — a private school in Wisconsin — since it disappeared on a September afternoon in 1972. That day Murphy was washing his brand-new, metallic dark green Ford Pinto in preparation for a date when he dipped his hand in soapy water and then flung his hand in the air. When he did, the ring went flying as well.

He heard two dings and then nothing. For two full days, he searched every part of the front yard of the Beverly house his grandfather built in 1926 and where Murphy lived from 1952-73. No ring was found.

“I had worn that ring every day,” Murphy said. “It was my pride and joy.”

The house was sold in 1973 and Murphy said the owner wouldn’t let him conduct further searches. But earlier this year, it was sold again, and this time, the new owner was accommodating to his wishes.


A ring that was lost in 1972 was found last week by Windy City Detector Sales and Rental Inc. James Murphy (r.) was the owner of the ring, which was found by Jim Evanphoto 5 photo 6 photo 7 photo 9 photo 8

On Friday, Evans met Murphy at the house, asked him exactly where he was when the ring went missing, and then set up a 10-square-foot search grid with strings attached to stakes. Within 10 minutes, Evans located a metal button, a rusty nail, and then, buried six inches in the ground, Murphy’s ring, which was hidden in a clump of mud.

“I hugged everybody I could find,” Murphy said.

Evans charged Murphy $50 for the visit, and Murphy gave him $100 for finding the ring because that’s all he had on him. He plans to send him another $100 soon.

“I love this guy,” Murphy said. “I’m still as high as a kite.”

Shore said the key to locating lost items is to look for them right away. So he was shocked and thrilled Murphy’s treasured class ring was found after more than four decades.

“When he told me he lost it in 1972, it was a stretch that it would be found,” said Shore, who noted rings and other objects have a tendency to sink into the ground after a significant amount of time.

Murphy on Saturday took the ring to a jeweler, who cleaned and polished it.

And Murphy, who now has the jewelry back on his left ring finger, doesn’t plan to ever lose it again.

“This ain’t coming off again,” he said. “Maybe I’ll Krazy Glue it on.”


Lost Ring Found in Volleyball Court at Wisconsin Dells Hotel

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)



I got a call from Mark and Rachel, owners of the All Star Value Inn in the Wisconsin Dells.  Rachel said that her husband had been playing volleyball the night before with friends.  The court was recently redone and was part of their property in the Wisconsin Dells.  He did not remember it specifically flying off, but does remember having it on throughout the match.  Rachel said that he even thought to himself, “I should probably take off my ring so that I don’t lose it”.  Famous last words, right?   Seconds later, while about to serve, Mark felt two of his fingers rug together and there was no ring on his finger.

The good news is that they were the owners of the court, but how would they find it?   Mark had plans to rent a metal detector and find it himself.  However, he would have found out that operating a metal detector isn’t as easy as it might seem.  The average person wouldn’t believe how much junk is located in the ground, even in a freshly redone volleyball court.  Rachel went on Google and searched for “Rent a Metal Detector”.  One of the pages she found was, and there just happen to be someone specifically located in the Wisconsin Dells area.  She sent a quick email to me, and I immediately responded.  I set up an appointment the next day to take a look.

When I arrived, Mark and Rachel were having a friends and family picnic right next to the volleyball court.  My son and daughter were along for the hunt.  I started the hobby of metal detecting and ring finding as a way to spend time outdoors with my kids.  They love the hobby, and love helping others find what was lost.  My daughter was first on the metal detector.  We found 4-5 pieces of trash: a pop top, a Matchbox Car, some small metal objects, and a nail.  The mosquitoes were  pretty bad that night, but we kept on hunting.

All of a sudden we got a pretty strong signal from the metal detector, which is usually a good sign.  My daughter reached down, grab a fist full of sand and pulled out Mark’s ring!  We walked over to the picnic table and handed the lost ring back to Mark.  Everyone was surprised that we had found the lost ring, and so quickly.  Mark’s ring had a unique inscription on the inside, “P.S. I Love You”, so there was no question it was his.   My daughter was probably the most excited, as it was her first lost wedding ring recovery all by herself.

Mark and Rachel were generous with their reward for finding the lost ring.  They then asked if we had eaten anything that night.  I responded no, and that we had to head back home as my kids had started school already.  She asked if we had ever eaten at the Top of the Rock on the strip in Wisconsin Dells, which was their favorite place to eat.  We had never been there, so she called the restaurant and opened a tab with our name on it.  She said, “Order whatever you guys want and put it on our tab”.  What a cool reward.  We felt like celebrities when we walked in.  The manager of the restaurant practically greeted us at the door, “You must be the people who found that lost ring”.  We responded yes, and he showed us to our seats.  After a nice dinner, the kids and I headed back home.

So remember, don’t waste your time figuring out how to rent a metal detector, just rent a Ring Finder! 

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Lost Ring in Fitchburg Backyard Playing Football – Don’t Rent a Metal Detector, Rent a Ring Finder!

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

2014-04-19 Ryan Jason Allen Friend_crop

I often talk about my adventures as a Ring Finder with people at work.  Like most people, they love hearing the stories of lost rings, both wedding rings and engagement rings, being found and returned to their owners.  Every ring has a story and is so much more than just a piece of jewelry.  One day, Jason stops over and tells me that a friend of his lost his ring in his backyard.  He wanted to know if it was ok to give him my contact information.  He also wanted to know what I charged.  I explained that I ask for a small fee to cover gas and my time, and then a discretionary reward – whatever the person can afford and thinks is appropriate for the service we provide.

A couple of days had passed, and I hadn’t heard anything from Jason’s friend.  I asked if he had found the lost ring.  Jason said he had not, and would remind him to give me a call.  Jason had heard all of my stories and knew that we could probably find the ring pretty easy.  His friend Ryan was playing football with his kids in his backyard in Fitchburg.  On one throw, he actually felt and saw his wedding ring fly off and land on the ground.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find it.  In my experience, what typically happens when someone begins to look for their lost ring, is that they inadvertently step on it – pushing it into the ground.  No matter how hard you look with your eyes, you’ll never find it.

Another week passed, and I again asked Jason if Ryan had found his ring.  He said that he had not, and this time just sent Ryan a text message and included me on it.  I responded directly to Ryan that we could come out that night and take a look.  He responded almost immediately and we agreed on a time to head over after work.  As I typically do, I brought my kids along who love metal detecting and ring hunting.  I talked with Ryan before beginning the hunt.  He explained how he had lost the ring and that he was determined to find it himself.  He had told his kids that if they found his ring, they could have ice cream as a reward.  Funny, right?   He also had thoughts of renting a metal detector, but wasn’t sure he would know how to operate it. I explained that he made a good decision to not rent a metal detector.  I’ve heard countless stories of people renting a metal detector and getting excited the first time it goes off.  However, a typical home owner would be shocked how much junk is hidden under your yard.

I will never forget this hunt, because it was, and still currently stands, as our fastest recovery to date.  Ryan pointed to the area that he was standing when he threw the football, and literally within 3 mins we had a signal.  We could not see the ring with our eyes, and had to use a small shovel to pry up the ground … out popped Ryan’s ring.  He was in disbelief, as was his wife … Ryan said, “You’ve got to be kidding me” probably 4-5 times.   It took longer to take our picture and post it to Facebook than it took for us to find his lost ring!

Remember, don’t rent a metal detector, rent a Ring Finder!

Key ring lost in snow in Evanston, IL. Found for owner

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

Received a call about keys that had been lost in snow. Actually wasn’t sure if  that was  the case. Could have been lost else ware. Husband was using a snow blower. About 10 minutes later I found them in the snow bank. Used my CTX 3030. image image image

Diamond ring found for owner in Andersonville area in Chicago

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

imageimageReceived a text message at 7:30AM from the husband. Wife lost her ring while dusting off snow from her pants leg. They looked for 2 days with many people helping her. She was very worried. T searched the area w here she thought it had gone. Nothing. Lots of people had tried to find it unsuccessfully. I used my standard CTX coil. Nothing. I switched to my smaller coil and went close to a car parked on the corner. BINGO! The car had blocked signal to my standard coil.

Gold bracelet found for owner in Glenview, IL

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

While shoveling snow the owner lost 1/2 of his gold bracelet. This bracelet came unscrewed and fell off. His wife has the same bracelet.

The owner rented a detector but was unable to find it. I was the last resort. He had given up hope of finding it. I came out and searched in the late afternoon…nothing! I told him I would come back the next day. I took readings of the one part. They were all over the place!  Depending if the item was flat or on its side. No consistent read or sound.

I searched with all three coils and gridded the area several times. Because of the metal edging of the walkway I suggested that we use salt or water to melt the snow around the metal edging.


Took two try’s but I found it..imageimage

Same ring lost twice and recovered twice Arlington Heights,IL

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

imageimagePerhaps this ring looks familiar! It should . I posted it about july 12th 2012 when I first found it in the garden for a customer. Well, today I received another call from the same customer. This time the ring came off while hanging Christmas lights. Ironically, it was found about 3 feet away from where I found it last year!
Maybe I should consider a package discount. 😉