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Lost Ring in Fitchburg Backyard Playing Football – Don’t Rent a Metal Detector, Rent a Ring Finder!

from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)
Contact: 1-608-492-1070

2014-04-19 Ryan Jason Allen Friend_crop

I often talk about my adventures as a Ring Finder with people at work.  Like most people, they love hearing the stories of lost rings, both wedding rings and engagement rings, being found and returned to their owners.  Every ring has a story and is so much more than just a piece of jewelry.  One day, Jason stops over and tells me that a friend of his lost his ring in his backyard.  He wanted to know if it was ok to give him my contact information.  He also wanted to know what I charged.  I explained that I ask for a small fee to cover gas and my time, and then a discretionary reward – whatever the person can afford and thinks is appropriate for the service we provide.

A couple of days had passed, and I hadn’t heard anything from Jason’s friend.  I asked if he had found the lost ring.  Jason said he had not, and would remind him to give me a call.  Jason had heard all of my stories and knew that we could probably find the ring pretty easy.  His friend Ryan was playing football with his kids in his backyard in Fitchburg.  On one throw, he actually felt and saw his wedding ring fly off and land on the ground.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find it.  In my experience, what typically happens when someone begins to look for their lost ring, is that they inadvertently step on it – pushing it into the ground.  No matter how hard you look with your eyes, you’ll never find it.

Another week passed, and I again asked Jason if Ryan had found his ring.  He said that he had not, and this time just sent Ryan a text message and included me on it.  I responded directly to Ryan that we could come out that night and take a look.  He responded almost immediately and we agreed on a time to head over after work.  As I typically do, I brought my kids along who love metal detecting and ring hunting.  I talked with Ryan before beginning the hunt.  He explained how he had lost the ring and that he was determined to find it himself.  He had told his kids that if they found his ring, they could have ice cream as a reward.  Funny, right?   He also had thoughts of renting a metal detector, but wasn’t sure he would know how to operate it. I explained that he made a good decision to not rent a metal detector.  I’ve heard countless stories of people renting a metal detector and getting excited the first time it goes off.  However, a typical home owner would be shocked how much junk is hidden under your yard.

I will never forget this hunt, because it was, and still currently stands, as our fastest recovery to date.  Ryan pointed to the area that he was standing when he threw the football, and literally within 3 mins we had a signal.  We could not see the ring with our eyes, and had to use a small shovel to pry up the ground … out popped Ryan’s ring.  He was in disbelief, as was his wife … Ryan said, “You’ve got to be kidding me” probably 4-5 times.   It took longer to take our picture and post it to Facebook than it took for us to find his lost ring!

Remember, don’t rent a metal detector, rent a Ring Finder!

Key ring lost in snow in Evanston, IL. Found for owner

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a call about keys that had been lost in snow. Actually wasn’t sure if  that was  the case. Could have been lost else ware. Husband was using a snow blower. About 10 minutes later I found them in the snow bank. Used my CTX 3030. image image image

Diamond ring found for owner in Andersonville area in Chicago

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

imageimageReceived a text message at 7:30AM from the husband. Wife lost her ring while dusting off snow from her pants leg. They looked for 2 days with many people helping her. She was very worried. T searched the area w here she thought it had gone. Nothing. Lots of people had tried to find it unsuccessfully. I used my standard CTX coil. Nothing. I switched to my smaller coil and went close to a car parked on the corner. BINGO! The car had blocked signal to my standard coil.

Gold bracelet found for owner in Glenview, IL

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

While shoveling snow the owner lost 1/2 of his gold bracelet. This bracelet came unscrewed and fell off. His wife has the same bracelet.

The owner rented a detector but was unable to find it. I was the last resort. He had given up hope of finding it. I came out and searched in the late afternoon…nothing! I told him I would come back the next day. I took readings of the one part. They were all over the place!  Depending if the item was flat or on its side. No consistent read or sound.

I searched with all three coils and gridded the area several times. Because of the metal edging of the walkway I suggested that we use salt or water to melt the snow around the metal edging.


Took two try’s but I found it..imageimage

Same ring lost twice and recovered twice Arlington Heights,IL

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

imageimagePerhaps this ring looks familiar! It should . I posted it about july 12th 2012 when I first found it in the garden for a customer. Well, today I received another call from the same customer. This time the ring came off while hanging Christmas lights. Ironically, it was found about 3 feet away from where I found it last year!
Maybe I should consider a package discount. 😉



Men’s platinum wedding band reunited with owner in chicago, IL

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476


The ring was lost while cleaning out the back of his SUV. He had just transported a grill and it had some residue in the back that he was sweeping out with his hand. I searched the area that he told me that the ring had landed in. He said that he saw it bounce off the grill and it landed in a very specific area. Two and a half hours later, having gridded the area numerous times, NOTHING! I even hunted in all metal. Dug lots of junk.
I basically was giving up and walked over to tell him. The ring was sitting right on the surface in a completely different area!

image image


14K Mens Wedding band Found in Streamwood, Illinois

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a call from a gentleman who had lost his ring while mowing the lawn. When I arrived I asked him what type of mower he used and did it pick up the cuttings. Since it did bag the clippings, I asked him where he dumped the cuttings.He directed me to a compost and said that he had checked it. He pointed to the area that he had checked. I turned on my detector and searched the whole compost. I told him that I detected something metal six inches down. I used my handheld, reached into the grass and pulled out his ring. Total time on site 5 minutes or less.

LOVE this Business!!IMG_1299

Diamond Engagement Ring found in Fire Pit in Batavia Illinois

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received a call to look for an engagement ring that was lost on the lawn while collecting leaves.

The client was throwing some leaves onto a fire pit and later discovered that her diamond engagement ring was gone. She searched endlessly on her knees an even used a metal detector to search for it. They had dumped the ashes from the fire pit and could find nothing.

I arrived and asked her about what she was doing at the time. I immediately told her to put some water in the fire pit and we emptied the water. Nothing! I search the yard. I gridded it for over an hour, Nothing. Then I went back to the pit. The interior was metal so I could not use the handheld pinpointed. I looked very closely at the silt that remained in the pit. BINGO!!

IMG_1321 IMG_1323 IMG_1328IMG_1329


Platinum Diamond Ring Found on the Beach

from Santa Cruz (California, United States)

Julie-bridgeJulie was enjoying a day at the beach at Crissy Field in San Francisco with friends. Then the suntan lotion curse hit: She removed her diamond ring to apply lotion to her son, and the ring disappeared into the sand.

The first thing she did was to search for metal detector rentals in San Francisco and San Jose. But when she rented the metal detector and brought it back to the beach, she discovered that it isn’t so easy using an unknown metal detector when the pressure is high. After searching without luck for a few hours, she returned the metal detector rental and started over.

That’s when she found TheRingFinders. I met her at Crissy field, right in front of where the America’s Cup races would be held the next day. She showed me where she had been sitting, and I marked out a search zone about ten yards long by 30 yards wide. My main concern was the size of the ring: small platinum jewelry can be hard to detect.

The good news was, there was very little junk in the sand. In the first 30 minutes, all I found was a penny, a hair pin and a small American flag lapel pin. Then I got a faint signal with the right tone. About three inches down, there was Julie’s ring, right near the limit that I could detect such a delicate ring.

Everybody went away happy!


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Platinum Wedding Ring found and returned in Lake Shore Park Chicago

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-206-8476

Received an email from a young man who lost his Platinum wedding band last Thursday while playing softball in the Lake Shore Park, behind the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chicago. He had never taken it off in nine years. His weight loss, combined with his enthusiastic softball playing, resulted in the loss on his ring. He had conducted a search himself with his new Ace 150, which he had just purchased from Windy City Metal Detectors in Chicago. He was unsuccessful in his endeavor.

Next step: contact a RING FINDER!

At 6:00 AM I met him at the ball field. He had been playing right-field, but didn’t know if he had lost it while Batting or walking around. The outfield was all lush grass as you can see in the backgound . After 2 hours of searching I located his ring. His comment: “thats just about where I was standing” He has been converted to  a metal detectorist! His wife who had been a little skeptic of finding it, was delighted also.


IMAG0289 IMG_1500