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Lost 3 Karat Wedding Ring near Alpine, Utah- Found

I received a call from a woman that had been looking for her lost wedding ring for over two months in her backyard. As the story goes, her niece likes to play with her ring when she comes over and so as she was walking to sit down in a chair in the backyard, she gave her niece the ring. As she got to the chair, the ring was already missing. Concerned that her niece might have ingested the ring, they took her to the hospital to do x-rays. The X-rays came back negative so they started the search in the backyard. The distance walked was only 20-30 feet and in just those few seconds, the ring was gone! They had everyone looking for it and at one point used a detector themselves to try to locate it. The ring had a 2 karat center stone diamond that they got while traveling through Israel. There was also a ring of diamonds around the center stone that looked like a sun with about 1 karat of diamonds.

When I got there, She showed me the area and I started to search. For some reason, my detector had not charged and the battery light was already blinking indicating I had probably less then 5-7 minutes. I quickly started to search for low tones ranging from 8-13 on the detector as that is usually where most thin gold rings will show up. On my 3rd signal, just barely a foot from where she said she started to walk, I found her beautiful ring that had been missing for over 2 months. Check out the video below to see her reaction when I surprised her with the ring!

Massive 3+ Karat Diamond Ring lost in Alpine, Utah- Found

On Saturday, I was heading to run some errands with my 2 year old when I received a call regarding a lost diamond wedding ring. While babysitting a neighbor’s puppy, She went out into the yard to do some yardwork and took off her rings. After finishing, she went back to where she had put down her rings and could only find the wedding band. She went back inside to review the security camera footage and saw that the puppy had gone over to where she had put down the rings and immediately thought the puppy had swallowed the ring. In a panic she rushed the puppy over to the vet to have x-rays done. When the x-rays came back negative, she searched all night around the backyard for the ring but was unsuccessful. She even borrowed a metal detector from a neighbor but still no sign of the ring.

Since I typically have my detector in the car for situations like this one, I quickly drove over there to see if I could help. I met her and her sister and went over the area of where potentially it was lost. They were so kind to bring out some toys and watch over my son while I detected the grass. Fortunately, It took only about 10 minutes to locate the beautiful 3 Karat diamond ring. As you can see by the video below, everyone was very happy! Enjoy!


Holiday Light Hang-Up! Lost Platinum Diamond Ring – Found, Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA.

I was contacted by a young lady who said she had lost her diamond ring while hanging up Christmas lights the day before. Her and her husband had searched for it but were unable to locate it. I hopped in car and went down to have a look. It was a rather small yard with a bit of a hill and some landscaping, while she was not 100% sure she lost it outside I was feeling rather good about finding it if she did. I had been out on two searches the day before and came up empty so I was hoping for a quick search and recovery. They did not have a lot of lights out so that made me feel even a bit more confident that I only had to check a small area. I quickly got to work and in no time at all I was through the search area and had found nothing. I stopped for a minute to make sure I had checked everywhere there was lights and to survey the area before starting my second sweep. Suddenly when I looked up at some of the lights with some greenery I noticed something small and shiny. There – right in front of me – caught up in the lights and greenery was the ring!! I rang the doorbell and told her that I had found the ring – no metal detector needed! She came out and could not believe where I had found it. It was great to be able to return her ring to her and she was very happy and grateful to have it back. As always, it is great to meet warm and generous people and even better was to have helped make the holidays a little brighter!

Lost Ring in Grass After Bee Attack…Found in Great Falls, Virginia

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Doug’s 14 karat yellow gold wedding band found by metal detectorist Brian Rudolph (a proud member of THE RING FINDERS) after 1 hour of searching Doug and Jenna’s Great Falls, Virginia property.

Doug and Jenna happily showing off the 14-karat gold men’s wedding band that was lost in their backyard during a vicious bee attack! Metal detectorist, Brian Rudolph, known as THE RING HERO, recovered the sentimental keepsake on the 1 acre property belonging to the couple!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Cliffs, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

Jenna called me on behalf of her husband Doug who lost his 14 karat yellow gold wedding band somewhere out on his 1 acre property. Here’s the backstory.

The couple went to church earlier that morning. They returned home and Doug immediately headed outside to cut their lawn with his push mower. In the process of being so diligent, the young man got attacked by a swarm of bees that came out of a tree at the top of the hill.

Doug swatted the attackers with one hand while still having the other hand free to operate the mower in order to keep the engine running. Even when he turned around and retreated approximately 30 feet away from where the bees had initially invaded his space, some of the unrelenting insects followed him across the lawn.

Immediately, Doug stopped the mower because he felt a bee entering into his boot. He took his footwear off, removed the ruthless attacker and then continued mowing the lawn with a huge sigh of relief.

After waving goodbye to Doug’s family who were taking off to go on an errand, the diligent groundskeeper continue cutting grass until the mower completely ran out of fuel. According to my clients, Doug filled up the gas tank in front of the house and that’s when he realized that his precious wedding band was no longer on his finger.

Immediately, the concerned young man went back to the rear of the house and began searching the grass for his very sentimental keepsake. When all of his efforts failed to recover the ring, Doug decided to go to a local sporting goods shop and he bought a Bounty Hunter Tracker 4 metal detector.

Doug returned to his house where he spent an hour scanning is 1 acre yard for the missing wedding band. Eventually he had to give up the search because a heavy rainstorm fell over the area and so he returned inside the house for the rest of the afternoon.

Doug’s wife Jenna wasted no time in seeking another solution in finding Doug’s lost wedding ring. The young wife googled: “How to find a lost ring in grass”. She figured that maybe she could give her husband a few tips on how to effectively metal detect for a lost piece of jewelry. Immediately, an article popped up on the screen which was published by one of the members of the elite international directory of metal detectorists called THE RING FINDERS. Jenna realized at that moment that she could search the directory for a local ring finder to help the couple recover the lost ring instead of Doug trying to find it on his own with his cheap metal detector.

Jenna then searched for the closest ring finder in the area and my contact information popped up on the screen. In no time, the two of us connected by phone and we made arrangements for me to come out later that evening. The family was heading to Boston to visit family and friends and it meant a lot to Jenna to recover Doug’s lost wedding band before they took flight the next morning.

When Doug found out that Jenna was on the phone talking to me, he was extremely grateful for her sleuth work in finding a potential answer to their frustrating problem and he too hoped that I could make it out later that day rather than wait until they returned home from their trip. When Doug sent over the search form which I request from my clients, He added these words in the email, “Thanks again Brian (for being willing to come over tonight at the last minute), your attitude has made a huge difference and we are hopeful that you will find the ring before we leave town”.

Later that evening, I arrived at their Great Falls, Virginia house at 7:00 p.m. to conduct the search. The weather forecast said that the rain would subside around sunset and then begin again a couple of hours later. Therefore, I had a certain window to work with before things got ugly out there again.

Doug came out of his house and showed me around his one acre property. As he recounted his steps all around the lawn area, I marked each key spot with an orange plastic tent peg.

My client returned to his house as I began the first phase of the recovery project. I conducted an air grid search where bees first attacked my client. The area was a section that spanned approximately 30 feet by 50 feet.

When I did not have any luck discovering the ring in the first part of the property, I moved on to the second phase of my search by detecting down the hill towards the right side of where Doug was attacked by the swarm of bees. I covered a 20 by 50 foot area of lawn and still the “symbol of love” was nowhere to be found.

The third leg of my project consisted of scanning the lawn behind the area where the initial bee attack took place. Another 50 by 30 foot search section covered places where Doug stood while he said goodbye to his family and the piece of real estate where the young man retreated to When he stopped the mower to inspect his boot.

I’m happy to share that my metal detector picked up a very promising signal just 2.5 feet from one of my orange markers that was placed in the ground right where Doug said he had checked his boot for a stray bee that had made its way inside of it. When I knelt down to inspect the exact place where I detected the piece of metal with my machine, my eyes immediately beheld a very handsome classic yellow gold wedding band that was hiding below the many blades of grass! I was so excited! I found Doug’s lost ring! The entire search took about 1 hour to complete and I couldn’t wait to surprise the couple with my encouraging find!

So as it turned out, Doug’s ring came off his finger exactly at the time when he took off his boot to remove the stray bee that made its way inside. After the reveal (which brought such smiles to The couple’s faces, I took Doug out to the spot where I found his very sentimental piece of jewelry. The three of us rejoiced and thanked the Lord for helping me recover the lost ring!

The timing of finding the ring when I did could not have been more perfect in two ways. First, I was able to return the band to its rightful owner just prior to the family leaving for Boston for a week. And secondly, moments after I revealed the ring with the couple and we thanked the Lord for assisting me in the search and recovery process, the sky opened up and buckets of rain began to pour down uncontrollably for the rest of the night! The whole experience was truly providential and extremely gratifying for me to help Jenna and Doug recover their irreplaceable piece of jewelry!


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Lost Gold Diamond Family Heirloom Ring on Washington DC Lawn…Found by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Ashley’s Sentimental Family Heirloom Ring Found by Member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph

Ashley Excitedly Shows Off Her 14 Karat White and Yellow Gold with Diamonds Family Heirloom Ring Recovered by Brian Rudolph After Missing for Over a Week!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a young lady named Ashley who lost her 14 karat white and yellow gold diamond family heirloom ring. It had been missing outside for over a week. She and her girlfriend were hanging out on the Ashley’s side lawn of her Washington DC row house when her beloved keepsake that had been passed down the family line from her grandfather, grandmother, mother and then to Ashley went missing somewhere on the property. Ashley shared with me that she was playing with the ring in her hand when it slipped from between her fingers and landed somewhere on the ground. The two friends searched for hours on their hands and knees with much confidence that they would eventually find the precious jewel. However, as it turned out, all of their efforts led to no avail.

Sometime later that evening, as Ashley was searching online for answers to her problem, she came across the elite international directory of metal detecting specialists called THE RING FINDERS. She did not realize that such people existed and immediately contacted me to inquire about my services. I told Ashley that I am constantly doing search and recovery operations and that I was happy to help her in any way possible. She decided to go forward with my help the following day and I could not wait to try to solve this particular mystery.

The next morning, I headed out for Washington DC to an area called Mount Pleasant. Once I arrived, Ashley guided me over to a very narrow area of grass where she had been sitting on a café-type table with her friend over a week earlier. The section of real estate was so small that I couldn’t believe that Ashley had not already found her precious heirloom.

Next, my client reenacted the whole event and I personally couldn’t figure out why Ashley and her friend were unable to locate the piece of gold and diamonds. It seemed so simple. My best guess at the time was that the family heirloom must have flung in an unlikely direction, far enough away from the table so that the two ladies just didn’t look outside the box far enough. Yet, the young lady said that she didn’t remember doing anything with her hand that would cause the ring to be hurled off her finger. I did ask if the ladies had been drinking out at that table and Ashley did share openly that she had a couple of beers. Sometimes in dealing with ring searches like this one, two beers could make a difference depending on how the alcohol affected that particular individual. In some situations, the client remembers a certain amount of alcohol consumed when the actual amount was really a whole lot more. You never can tell and so when you can’t easily find the item, your mind starts to wonder how much of the story was left out due to being under the influence.

From the description that Ashley had given to me over the phone, I was perplexed by the whole mystery because this particular ring was fairly large in size. It would not have disappeared that easily. Ashley described the ring as being a men’s style band that was wide and heavy. It was mainly white gold with yellow gold accents along the rims and within its inner band. There were stars all around it with little diamonds in the middle of the stars. It really sounded quite lovely! This ring meant the world to Ashley and it broke her heart that something as simple as playing with it on her finger could end up causing the ring to disappear into seemingly thin air!

The Search Site Where Detectorist Rudolph Recovered the Precious Ring

After I got the rundown about where Ashley sat and what had taken place, I began my search using my metal detector throughout the area where Ashley and her friend were sitting. There was mainly dirt with no grass in that search zone where the table was located. Therefore, it was pretty obvious where the eye would not have missed it. I checked a garden bed behind where she was sitting as well as locations along the side of the house. Nothing of importance was found and as time marched on I was getting more curious as to what could have happened with this ring. One of the last places I detected was closer to the wrought iron fence that overlooked the side of the property towards the Washington DC street. I moved a metal frame out of the way (which was the base for a hammock) and again I swung my coil over the ground and yet still nothing turned up.

I tried everything to recover this ring and still there were no substantial targets found except a bottle cap or two, a pull tab from a can and some other miscellaneous items discovered during the search. I even got down on my hands and knees and used my handheld detector in several places in order to work around metal infested sections of the property where I could not use my regular machine. Once again, I came away with no ring.

When nothing turned up, I stopped my search for a moment and rethought the whole event. I recounted in my head what Ashley’s recollection was of what happened a week earlier.  When I couldn’t find the heirloom anywhere, I realized that perhaps I was thinking too far outside of the box of possibilities. I also adjusted my detector which may not have been set properly for this type of ring search. Also, I thought that perhaps it was possible that I had missed the ring right from under my nose when I had been detecting at the beginning of the search near where the table was situated. I then resumed the investigation with a fresh perspective and a focused attack plan.

My new strategy was to metal detect over and around the same patches of dirt where I had initially began my search. I started scanning the area about three feet away from where the table originally sat.  Almost immediately I hit a fairly good signal with the exception of a scratchy tone that made the target appear to be more iron based rather than a precious metal. I really didn’t think the object could have been the ring because I was looking for a surface find, not an item completely buried below the ground.

Though I was pretty certain that the target below was not what I was looking for, it truly got me curious as to what this object actually was and so I started to carefully dig the object up with my hand digger. Just as I brought the chunky piece of metal out of the ground, the mystery began to be unraveled little by little! I caught a glimpse of a smooth rounded shape, then I saw stars engraved into the side of the object. Next, I observed some sparkles coming from what appeared to be a men’s ring! Finally, as I cleared off the rest of the dirt from the silver-like halo, there before me was the very culprit that I had been searching for for the past hour or so! It had been completely buried in the ground! I concluded that because it was completely dark outside at the time of the ring’s disappearance, Ashley must have gotten up out of her chair and had accidentally stepped on the ring. This caused it to completely disappear beneath the soft dirt where the eye would not have had a chance to spot even a glimpse of the piece of metal! Ashley’s simple account of her fidgeting with the ring without any force to cause the ring to go very far from the table, perfectly matched up with where I actually found the heirloom!

It all made perfect sense once I extracted the handsome band from below the dirt! I then realized where my obstacles existed in dealing with finding this piece of jewelry. First, my detector was incorrectly set at the time. Secondly, the ring was buried on a particular angle which made it more difficult to accurately assess the iron-like scratchiness sound that I was hearing in my headphones coming from the target. Thirdly, I wasn’t anticipating the possibility that the ring could have been fully pushed down into the ground where no metal was exposed at all! I learned a valuable lesson (even as a seasoned metal detectorist). Though I have had several searches where the item was recently lost and then found below the earth due to a shoe or foot that had pushed the jewelry down into the ground, I have at least been able to still see a slight “halo” of the ring peeking through. This particular search was definitely a first for me!

I was so happy for Ashley and I couldn’t wait to do the reveal! When I surprised her I could see her countenance light up with an expression of happiness and also great relief! Her beloved family heirloom had returned to her finger once more and she was so grateful that I could help solve this simple but yet seemingly more complicated mystery!

I truly love what I do for people like Ashley and returning rings and other cherished items is such a fulfilling and thrilling experience for me every time!


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Metal Detecting Lost Diamond Ring in Arlington, Virginia…Found on Soccer Field

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Mary’s Elegant and Most Sentimental Family Heirloom Dinner Ring!

Mary and Chris Show Off Their Priceless Diamond Ring That Had Gone Missing for Over Three Days!


Mary was out near a soccer field in Arlington, Virginia when she lost her very special white gold diamond dinner ring that had once belonged to her mother 10 years earlier. It had been in the family for nearly a hundred years! The ring held a 2 carat center diamond surrounded by 16 smaller diamonds (8 on each side) equaling approximately another 2.5 carats.

As Mary was putting on her soccer gloves on the grass while leaning up against a tree, she noticed that she was wearing her mother’s beloved dinner ring that meant so much to her. She inherited the sentimental keepsake a decade earlier and didn’t want to lose it.

Not wanting to wear the ring while playing her favorite sport, Mary took off her jewelry and placed the ring in her soccer bag that was on the ground beside her. Then, not feeling comfortable with her decision, instead, she chose to give the dinner ring to her coach for safekeeping. Mary reached into her bag, pulled out the ring, squeezed it between her gloved fingers and proceeded to walk 40 feet up a small hill in the direction of where the coach was standing.

Just as Mary was about to give the ring to the coach, she realized that the ring was no longer between her fingers. The perplexed woman searched everywhere but she couldn’t find her cherished piece of jewelry anywhere. After the other soccer players had finished on the field, she called her teammates over to help search for the missing ring. 10 players in all got down on their hands and knees with the hope of finding the family heirloom, but sadly no one was able to bring relief to this terribly upset woman.

Over the course of the next three days, Mary, her teammates, friends and husband all searched over 8.5 hours and nothing turned up. Chris (Mary’s spouse) tried finding the ring with a metal detector. His idea was to test another white gold ring before taking it out to the field to search for the missing ring. Once he recorded the numbers on the detector screen, he used a rented Garrett Ace 300 in his quest to uncover the family heirloom. Unfortunately, when he came to the field to search for the ring, he just couldn’t find it anywhere. He said he was getting “a lot of false alarms”. The target numbers were jumping all over the place and he couldn’t make any sense of what he was hearing and seeing on the machine’s screen. Chris gave up after hours of detecting and discovering nothing but frustration.

This is the part of the story when I come in to the scene. While I was diving for a lost ring in Baltimore, Maryland, I received Mary’s phone call requesting help in finding her lost ring. She found my information while Googling “how to find a lost ring in the grass”. She found The Ring Finders website which pointed her towards my metal detecting service in Arlington, Virginia. I was on a break when Mary went over all of the details with me and I told her that I would be happy to help her in any way possible. She told me that she would continue searching for the ring during the night and if she still couldn’t find it, she would request my assistance. Well, as it turned out, Mary and Chris had no positive news for me and so I scheduled with the couple to meet them out at the Arlington, Virginia soccer field later that night.

As soon as I arrived at the park sometime around 10pm, I immediately had the couple walk me through all of Mary’s steps from start to finish. Then, I got my gear out of my vehicle and began the search. I gave Mary and Chris all the confidence in the world that if the ring was still out there in the grass, I would surely be able to find it for them.

I first started near the sidewalk and grid searched the section where Mary put her gloves on. There were a lot of opposing signals due to all of the metal just below the surface, so I swung my coil slowly and methodically. The ring wasn’t anywhere in that particular area.

Next, I searched the section of grass leading up the hill in the direction of the soccer field. Still, there was no diamond ring to be discovered – just a lot of trash. My next plan of action was to detect the area where the soccer field sideline was located. I gridded back and forth, hoping to get the signal that would point me down towards the ring. Still, nothing turned up.

My last area to search was a section that was a bit farther away from where Mary and Chris had pointed out all of the possible places where the ring may have gotten lost. It really was the last piece of turf for me to scan before having to do a perpendicular grid and start the search process all over again.

Though I didn’t use my traditional grid line method with special markers, I knew that my imaginary lines were accurate and precise. These were small sections of property where Mary may have dropped the ring so I really didn’t need the cones or tapes.

As Mary and Chris made additional comments and suggestions in the background, I continued swinging the 15 inch coil at the end of my machine until I hit a really good sound and number on the detector. I had analyzed many different targets prior to this one, but this particular one got me excited! There’s nothing like the moment when you hear a familiar signal from past searches, then kneel down to investigate further and there the little guy appears between the blades of grass, stacks of leaves or granules of sand! That is what was about to happen once again at that particular moment! I took my pinpointer out to ‘question the “suspect” ‘ and zoom in on the excellent signal. And yes, there deep in the grass, my handheld detector led me right to the most beautiful piece of white gold and spectacular diamonds! I couldn’t have been happier for my client! I found the jewel! It was approximately 10 to 15 feet farther over from where Mary pointed out her original whereabouts. Thankfully, the ring had not been spotted by a stranger and taken away! The family heirloom was still there after 3 days, settled at the bottom of the grass and desperately waiting for its rescue!

I carefully picked up the ring, placed it in my pocket for safe keeping and then excitedly made my way towards the couple to surprise them with the most wonderful news! Believe me, Mary’s excitement was completely off the charts! Chris was in a state of disbelief! The two of them celebrated with me the return of this incredible piece of jewelry that had an irreplaceable story attached to it! I’m sure that that soccer field never witnessed such a cheer from the three of us on that unforgettable summer night as we all embraced and gave thanks to the Lord for the return of such a priceless heirloom!

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Lost ring Warwick NY… Found

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from a very upset woman who had lost her wedding ring in the parking lot of the Ford dealership in Warwick, NY.  She said that it was in a grassy area not too close to the cars, so I hoped that on arrival I would be able to detect the area.  When I arrived, I was happy to see that there were no cars in the area where the ring was lost, and I was able to search the area with no problems!  After a quick 5 minute search, I got lucky and found the ring.  It really helped that the woman had an excellent idea of where the ring had been lost which really narrowed down the search area!  It’s always an amazing feeling to return a ring to the owner!  So happy I could help out!

Lost Gold Diamond Ring! Royal Gardens Neighborhood, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Ken emailed me last evening requesting my service to locate his ring which he had lost a week ago at a pickleball court. I emailed him back to have him call me to get more information on his loss.

Ken told me the ring was handed down to him by his mother and had been his father’s ring.  As it was very sentimental to him, Ken spent hours looking for the ring with no luck and had even put a poster up along the court hoping that someone would find it.

Six days had passed and it had still not been found. A friends wife suggested that he contact me through the Ring Finders website.

She told him if someone could find the ring it would be Norm.  At first Ken was reluctant to call but a day later decided that he had nothing to lose. Ken contacted me and we agreed to meet at 4:00 pm today at the court.

At the pickleball court Ken explained to me that once they came off the court,  there was a table set up with hand sanitizer. The sanitizer was very oily and he had walked onto a patch of grass while rubbing his hands together.  This is the area he thought his ring had fallen off, he searched for it and  even had the maintenance man cut the grass with no ring in sight.

With all the players at the court that day and all the gatherings around the table Ken’s ring had been stepped on which made it impossible to see with a naked eye.  It took me less than three minute to have Ken’s ring back on his finger.

Thank you Ken for entrusting me to find your late fathers ring.

Another Very Very Happy Client.

Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Gettysburg, Pennsylvania…Found

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Toni’s 14 Karat White Gold, 1 Carat Diamond Family Heirloom with Surrounding Diamonds Engagement Ring

Toni’s Beautiful Family Heirloom Diamond Engagement Ring!

After Searching for Toni’s Engagement Until 1 A.M., Brian Rudolph Returns the Elegant Keepsake to Its Happy and Overjoyed Owner!


It was a busy day on the farm for Toni and her fiancé Clay. They were working on all kinds of tasks at the homestead before having to head out to do some errands in their town near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Because Toni didn’t want to damage or even possibly lose her precious white gold, 1 carat diamond engagement ring, she gave it to her soon-to-be husband for safekeeping. Clay took the band and carefully placed it in his shirt pocket. Then, the couple partnered together to carry a few chicken coops and load them into the back of Clay’s pickup truck so that they could drop them off somewhere later that afternoon. Next, while Toni was inside doing some house work, Clay hopped on his riding lawnmower and cut the grass in the front yard and on the sides of the house.


After a few other loose ends were taken care of on the property, the engaged couple jumped into their pickup truck and headed down their long driveway towards town. As they were nearing the edge of the property to turn onto the main road, a United States Postal Service truck was coming towards them and ended up striking Clay and Toni’s vehicle. Immediately, they pulled over to the side of their farmland driveway and exchanged information with the postal driver. Then, both vehicles drove towards the farmhouse where Clay and Toni gathered some additional information for the USPS delivery man and for their insurance companies. It was around that point in time when Clay realized that the engagement ring that Toni had given him to hold was missing from his shirt pocket. Immediately a search ensued for the rest of that afternoon. Unfortunately, they could not find the ring anywhere on the property. They even checked the pickup truck just in case the ring flew out of his pocket when the collision occurred with the postal service truck. Still, nothing turned up. Eventually they left the farm to drop off the chicken coops and then returned back home to continue their search. The couple spent all of their time looking on their hands and knees across their entire lawn, searching every inch of the driveway and inside Clay’s pickup truck. They also searched everywhere in the house just in case the engagement ring came out of Clay’s pocket when he might have leaned forward to pick something up or possibly when he tied his shoes. Neither one of them had any luck finding Toni’s beloved family heirloom engagement ring in and around the farmhouse. The two of them were completely dumbfounded by the disappearance of this ring. The original purpose for giving it to Clay was for safekeeping and neither one of them thought that the ring that they were trying to secure would actually go missing! The only other place that the ring could have ended up beyond their property was the location where the couple dropped off the chicken coops later that afternoon. Clay hoped that the ring did not fall out of his truck when he opened the door to climb out. He reached out to the people who owned the property where the coops were delivered, but they didn’t find the ring upon checking their driveway. The whole ordeal was quite perplexing.


Hours of searching turned into a couple of days of the same unsuccessful attempts to find the missing gem. Still no engagement ring to be found anywhere. Clay resorted to using a metal detector to help in their search efforts, but nothing turned up except coins, soda can pull-tabs, pieces of scrap metal and miscellaneous trash. That’s about the time that Clay’s beloved fiancé, Toni, reached out to me after learning about The Ring Finders directory online. She read some of my success stories on the directory’s website, as well as viewed a few of my search videos. Ironically, Toni watched me recover a ring for a young lady who she went to high school with a couple of years back. What a small world! They both currently live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I had found her friend’s ring out in the Atlantic Ocean just two weeks before she was getting married in Gettysburg, very close to where Toni and Clay resided!


Once Toni was convinced that I could provide the best service in helping the couple find their sentimental keepsake, she immediately called me and we talked on the phone for a while, reviewing all of the backstory of the ring’s disappearance. She said that if her fiancé had no luck in finding her engagement ring by the end of the day, she would call me back and we would set up a time for me to come out and try to find it for them. As it turned out, I did receive another call back from her. The next evening I was on my way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to search for her beloved diamond engagement ring!


As I drove to Gettysburg, I had plenty of warm feelings within as I reflected on my recent trips to the same area. I attended the wedding of Toni’s two classmates, Hannah and Derek Bush in the middle of August. Hannah is the one that I found her engagement ring for, 40 yards out in the Atlantic Ocean during her bachelorette party weekend in Ocean City, Maryland. After finding it for the relieved bride, the couple was kind enough to invite me to their wedding! I then returned a couple of weeks later to Gettysburg to be a part of a local television news story on channel ABC27 regarding the ring search and successful recovery. Now, I was driving back to the area for a third time, just a week after that television interview! Those were happy moments and with this new search, I was hoping to add to my successes by finding this couple’s ring for them, as well!


After traveling down old country roads and through a lot of farm country, I finally arrived at Clay and Toni’s farm. As I pulled into their long driveway, I saw the silo in the distance, along with barns and animal pens. There was a large cornfield on one end of their large property and the couple’s farmhouse was off to the other side. It was a lot of fun hearing the sounds of the cows and some other animals that were outside and tucked away in the barn for the night. What I really enjoyed was seeing all of the cats that lived on the farm! They were walking here and there, sitting and sleeping on this and on that! Every so often I heard a few sweet “meow” sounds off in the distance! Also, with my headlamp powered on, I would constantly see pairs of glowing eyes under the vehicles, by the trees, bushes, as well as a few felines peeping out of some crevices next to the farmhouse! They were adorable kitties and they kept me coming throughout the night!


Once I parked, I met the couple who were desperate to get Toni’s ring back. They showed me all of the spots where Clay had been working in the yard and the truck that he was driving on the day that Toni’s prized possession disappeared. I encouraged the couple to keep searching inside the house, pulling up couch cushions and looking under furniture just in case the ring popped out of Clay’s shirt pocket in the house on the day that it went missing. They had already spent a lot of time searching their place, but I still encouraged them to keep an open mind about continually looking around the inside of their house. Once we covered all of the possible places where the ring could have disappeared, the couple returned to the home while I went back to my car and pulled out all of my metal detecting gear to start the search.


The time was around 9:30 p.m. by the time I was ready to start detecting. With my headlamp on and my metal detector in hand, I began roaming the area of the yard where Clay and Toni were picking up the chicken coops and bringing them over to the truck. I wanted to see if the ring had fallen out of his pocket when he leaned forward to pick up the coops. Though I found some potential targets, there was no ring in that location. Next, I metal detected the backyard and side yard where Clay was mowing the lawn. I checked around the seat and the floor of the mower but there was no ring in sight. As I moved around the property, I could hear the cows and roosters in the background! It was a lot of fun knowing that I was searching for something missing right there on a genuine farm with animals and crops! Next, I began metal detecting in front of the house, conducting a grid search back and forth across the lawn. Still, I couldn’t find Toni’s ring. I was then hoping that I might discover the diamond heirloom in the pickup truck or in Clay’s work vehicle which he gave me permission to search, but they too checked out negative for the precious piece of jewelry that I was looking for.


The couple mentioned to me that after the accident took place with the USPS truck, the mail carrier once again caused a second collision. This time it happened closer to the farmhouse, next to the barn. He was reversing his truck to leave the property when he ended up smashing the rear end of his vehicle into one of the fence posts which caused it to lean off to one side. Clay had to walk over and inspect the damage. That is when the two interacted for a while before the carrier finally left the premises. I thought that it was a possibility that perhaps the ring fell to the ground during that second ordeal. I immediately detected that area, but there was no white gold ring signals showing up on my detector screen.


The warm night hours were getting later and later until it was nearing midnight. Eventually my headlamp grew dim and it was time to switch to another one to resume the search. Without using this helpful tool, I would never be able to effectively conduct the many night searches that I schedule.


I continued my detecting in areas located near the spots where the couple had generally parked their vehicles. I wanted to make sure that the ring did not bounce from the blacktop over to the grassy areas. After checking all of the surfaces on the concrete right up to the edges of the adjacent lawn sections, once again I came up empty handed. There was still no ring to be found. At that point I started scratching my head, wondering where this little one could have ended up. It was quite possible that it was lost in the house but it was too late at night to offer my services to check inside their furniture using tools like my endoscope. Also, they were pretty certain that the engagement ring was not lost in the house because they could not find it anywhere after checking their place quite thoroughly.


My only conclusion for not finding the missing family heirloom at that stage of the game, was that I must have overlooked the beloved piece of white gold and missed the signal during my earlier grid searches on the property. That was my only conclusion as to why I had not found the ring thus far. Sometimes the reason that I don’t easily find someone’s ring at first has more to do with alternative locations that the person was not thinking about when they try to recall all of the facts of where they were and what they were doing before and after the ring had disappeared. In this particular case, it should have been a no-brainer as to isolating the probable locations of where the ring fell out of Clay’s pocket. The reason that I could come to that conclusion was because Clay realized the ring was gone before they left their property for the afternoon, just after the postal service truck struck their vehicle. The ring had to be on the property or in their house.


I resolved to go back and start grid searching the places that I had already covered, beginning in one section of the yard and then moving to the next. I would slow my swings down a bit and work more carefully to observe even the lightest of signals that would register on my Equinox 800 detector. Because I was dealing with white gold, if the ring was on a particular angle in the grass, it was quite possible that the detector could have initially hit the ring signal, but perhaps I may have missed the sketchiness of the signal that the detector was showing on the screen and perhaps I continued walking passed the gold.


My first attempt to re-grid the lawn took place over by the edge of the cornfield that was adjacent to the far side of the front lawn. It turned out to be completely clear. Then, instead of detecting the backyard all over again, I decided to search the front lawn because it was a smaller section to cover. My thought was that if I did find the ring in front of the house, I would not have wasted all of my time re-gridding the larger places in the yard that had more square footage to detect. Since it was nearing 1 a.m., I resolved to make that my last attempt for the night. I had a long trip ahead of me and I knew that I needed to wrap things up soon enough.


I carefully grid-searched the front lawn, moving the coil of my detector consistently from left to right and moving it much slower this time around so that there wasn’t any doubt in my mind that I hadn’t missed the ring signal. That night, I was picking up all kinds of coins, bullet shells, aluminum pieces, little parts and gizmos that were registering similar numbers to what a gold ring would look like on my detector screen. Yet, I still was not able to find Toni’s jewel. Almost at the end of the lawn search, I had about two more passes to go before I could rule out any possibility that the ring was lost on the front lawn located in front of the farmhouse porch. When one is detecting for this many hours, your mind starts working against you and you sometimes get tempted to believe that in the final seconds of your search you’re most likely not going to find the target based on the odds. However, I have learned to never discount even an inch of property because you might find what you’re looking for in that final backstretch of your search.

Brian Finally Discovers the Lost Engagement Hiding Between the Blades of Grass, Waiting Patiently to Come Home!

And believe it or not, just as I was starting the second to last grid line, I hit a signal that was very weak, but one that resembled a possible white gold target. I moved the detector coil in a different angle over the target and to my surprise the piece of metal was still giving off possible gold numbers! At that point, I was not going to advance passed the target, but I decided to spend more time checking out this potential piece of precious metal. Next, I knelt down on the grass which was located almost directly in front of the house, adjacent to the sidewalk that led to the front steps. I pulled out my pinpointer to isolate the area of where the small object was being detected and I focused in on the very spot where the handheld detector was telling me where the object was located. All of a sudden, I saw what appeared to be the band of a ring that was leaning on its side in between blades of grass!

Brian Rudolph Showing Off His Excitement After Finding Toni’s Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring!

I looked a bit closer and there it was! The very piece of jewelry that I had been looking for during the past 5 hours was finally discovered right there in front of the house! I found the ring! Yes, there it was, buried in the grass! I had obviously detected right passed the ring earlier that evening. I concluded that with the combination of the ring being white gold, resting on a certain angle in the grass, and moving the coil too quickly over the ring, caused me to miss the target all together!


Though I was regretful that I had wasted quite a bit of time because of overlooking the weak signal that the ring was giving off, I was just happy that I had successfully completed my search and that I was able to soon return this gorgeous white gold and diamond engagement ring back to its proper owner! This find would also prove to be helpful in freeing Clay from “being in the doghouse” for losing what his fiancé had entrusted him with when she gave him the ring for safekeeping!

Toni and Brian Celebrating the Discovery of the Bride-To-Be’s Stunning Engagement Ring!


If you would like to view the search video and the moment that I revealed the ring to Toni late that night, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will be notified when the video is uploaded in the next few months.


I could not have been happier for the couple that evening! I was exhausted and almost ready to pack up my gear as I was nearing the end of my search when the beloved ring was discovered! I was nearly out of search area at that closing moment of the night! And yet, the ring was there – found almost on my last grid pass! What a fantastic finish! I got all excited about soon presenting the ring back to Toni that night! After packing up my things and taking some pictures of the ring, I prepared to share the happy news with the bride-to-be! She was beyond surprised! What an incredible moment! The look on her face was worth all of the hours of searching and persevering in order to bring this very special family heirloom back to the finger that it was meant to be secured upon!


What a wonderful feeling I had saying goodbye to Toni that night! I told her to congratulate Clay for me when he would arise from his sleep later that morning! It was like living a dream knowing that I had found what was so very difficult to detect! As I walked to my car in order to prepare for departure, I heard some of the farm animals in the background, including a couple of friendly cats that had kept me company during my search. It was almost as if they were congratulating me on a job well done and wishing me well as I started down the driveway to the main road and then headed off on my long journey towards home!


“Thank you again Brian for everything! I can’t thank you enough for finding the ring for us. My heart is just pounding with enjoyment. Thank you again!!!! Clay and I are very grateful to have found a guy like you to come out in the night looking for my engagement ring. Brian you have a positive outlook especially bringing some positivity and commitment on finding my ring. I would highly recommend you to anyone who would be in need of the services that you do. Thank you for everything!”

– Toni and Clay of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


If you would like to watch the SEARCH VIDEO and RING REVEAL pertaining to this story, the YOUTUBE link will be provided shortly. To receive the notification letting you know when the video is uploaded to YOUTUBE, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to BRIAN’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL by typing: THE RING RETURNER.











Lost Wedding Band at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland…Found!

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Paul’s Palladium Wedding Band

U.S. Air Force Officer, Paul, Beyond Excited to be Reunited With His Palladium Wedding Band!

Paul’s Palladium Wedding Band Still Showing Chocolate Cream Pie on the Rim!


Just after I finished a search for a missing ring in Annapolis, Maryland, I received a call from an Air Force officer who lost his palladium wedding band at a military fundraiser earlier that day which was hosted by his battalion at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Paul is a high ranking officer who had participated in a pie fight during the afternoon festivities. He went on to explain that the peaceful picnic ended up with the officers throwing pies at one another and he went on the rampage to take revenge on some of his men for smacking him good with a creamy pie to the face! As the battle ensued out by the picnic tables located under a park pavilion, the messy chocolate and cherry cream antics extended out towards an open grassy area. These men had the time of their lives while the family members were watching, laughing, clapping and getting quite entertained by the childlike behavior of these Air Force officers. Paul was throwing one of the pies at another guy when he noticed his wedding band fly off of his finger and land somewhere in the grass approximately 15 or 20 feet from where the pie crust and filling was being smothered all over the men. When the game finally came to a conclusion, it was all about hunting for Paul’s handsome palladium wedding band. Eight officers including other family members joined in the search but no one could find the ring. Even after everybody had left the park area, Paul and his wife continued to search for the missing ring for another few hours, but all of their efforts led to no avail.


This is where THE RING FINDERS directory came into play. Paul looked online to see if he could find any tips on how to recover a lost ring. THE RING FINDERS website came up on his Google search which led this desperate military officer to contact me.


I assured Paul that I would do everything in my ability to recover his missing wedding band and I told him that I could meet him out at the air base the following day since it was already late in the evening. He was quite happy that I could fit his need into my schedule and that I was so positive regarding the recovery of his ring (if it in fact was still there in the grass).


The next day, Paul and I agreed to meet at a restaurant nearby to the air base so that I could follow him to the entrance of Andrews. There was very tight security, and I had to provide all kinds of identification to be granted approval to enter the base. Paul had to explain to the guards what my purpose was for entering and eventually I was given access after they did a search of my vehicle and checked out all of my credentials and paperwork.


Once I was through the gate. I continued following Paul and his family over to the picnic pavilion where the big party was held the day before. Lots of people were out playing ball and eating lunch at picnic tables. It was such a beautiful day with sun shining so happily above the perfect blue sky. As I observed all of the military families enjoying their time of recreation, I had to feel so grateful for all the sacrifices that these people have made for civilians like myself. This feeling within led me to thank Paul and his family for their awesome service for our country!


Before Paul took me over to the area where he believed he saw the ring fly off his finger, I got all of my gear out of the car and set up my metal detector so that I would be ready to start the search once we observed the grassy area where the pie fight had eventually reached its conclusion. Paul introduced me to his wife Marie and their son who were both carrying their picnic basket of lunch and plenty of other things to keep them preoccupied since they thought that the search could take a few hours to find the ring (as she experienced the day before but without a happy ending).


In recounting the story of how Paul’s ring slid off his finger, we both concluded that the chocolate mousse pie filling most likely lubricated his finger enough to cause the palladium wedding band to slide off and “fly away” in the midst of the action-packed moments during the pie fight.


Once he finished showing me the basic area that I needed to search, I put the headphones on and began my grid, swinging the detector back and forth in a straight line and then moving back in the opposite direction. At some point I felt that I had covered the suspected area well enough to conclude that the ring was clearly not in that section of the grass. I did have a few potential targets but none of them were directly on the surface of the grass, so I had to eliminate those possibilities. As soon as I moved away from the parameter where Paul thought the ring must have settled on the ground, I went outside of that area (as I commonly find rings beyond the places where people think the item ended up), and I began searching perhaps 10 yards past the suspected hot zone. It took no more than a minute before my detector sounded off a signal that was in the range of Paul’s type of ring. The numbers that were coming up on my machine were exactly what I was looking for. Almost at the same time that the target signal could be heard in my headphones, I looked down and saw something circular and silver-like in the midst of the grass! The wedding band was still there, patiently waiting for me to find it and have it returned to this very kind military man! I couldn’t have been happier for Paul and Marie and they could not have been more surprised when I revealed the good news that the search was over! Believe it or not, there was still some chocolate cream residue leftover from the pie fight, still stuck to the rim of the handsome palladium band!


If you would like to see the video of this search and the ring revealed to the family, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking on the link below and you will receive a notification when the video is uploaded.


The moment that I unveiled the ring to Paul, the couple was simply overjoyed with happiness and relief that Paul’s wedding band had been found! He gave me a hug, a handshake and thanked me over and over again right up to the time that I started packing up my gear! I was so honored to help such a patriotic family. Marie was quite surprised that I had found the ring within five minutes of starting the search! She had just settled down when I returned the wedding band back to its rightful owner! And like I said above, because so many people had been searching for such a long time the day prior, she didn’t think this would be such an easy find! The biggest decision of their day was no longer how to go about discovering the missing ring, but rather whether or not they would stay at the park or head back to their house located somewhere on the base!


Once my things were packed up and I was ready to head off to my next search site, the four of us said our goodbyes and the family thanked me again for my successful efforts. It meant a great deal to me that I could help such great Americans! There’s nothing like leaving a military family with smiles on their faces, knowing that every day they are making sacrifices for people like me. I would never be able to help others recover their missing items if we did not have men, women and children like this family supporting America’s efforts to preserve our freedom and democracy!


May God bless Paul and his family and may God continue to bless our great United States of America!


Revealing the ring to Paul and his family was a blast! If you would like to view the RING REVEAL  and the reaction that followed, feel free to subscribe to my YOUTUBE VIDEO CHANNEL to see all of the latest and previous ring recoveries. This story and more will be posted over the next couple of months and you will be notified when it’s uploaded to the video channel!