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Forestdale Mass Gold Band Recovered for Goalie

I received a call from Tom on Cape Cod about a White Gold Band, he lost it the night before. He was practicing with his boys on a soccer field, and when he tried to stop a goal, the ball hit his hand, and there went the ring. They searched for a couple hours with no luck. They had two other detectorists try to locate the ring, and again no luck. That’s when he called me. I met up with Tom at the area, and within about ten minutes he was reunited with his Gold 14K Gold Band. Experience helped out in this case, with what tone to listen for, and overlapping the search area. Congratulations Tom.. So happy I had a hand in this one.

Metal Detecting Lost Diamond Ring in Arlington, Virginia…Found on Soccer Field

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Mary’s Elegant and Most Sentimental Family Heirloom Dinner Ring!

Mary and Chris Show Off Their Priceless Diamond Ring That Had Gone Missing for Over Three Days!


Mary was out near a soccer field in Arlington, Virginia when she lost her very special white gold diamond dinner ring that had once belonged to her mother 10 years earlier. It had been in the family for nearly a hundred years! The ring held a 2 carat center diamond surrounded by 16 smaller diamonds (8 on each side) equaling approximately another 2.5 carats.

As Mary was putting on her soccer gloves on the grass while leaning up against a tree, she noticed that she was wearing her mother’s beloved dinner ring that meant so much to her. She inherited the sentimental keepsake a decade earlier and didn’t want to lose it.

Not wanting to wear the ring while playing her favorite sport, Mary took off her jewelry and placed the ring in her soccer bag that was on the ground beside her. Then, not feeling comfortable with her decision, instead, she chose to give the dinner ring to her coach for safekeeping. Mary reached into her bag, pulled out the ring, squeezed it between her gloved fingers and proceeded to walk 40 feet up a small hill in the direction of where the coach was standing.

Just as Mary was about to give the ring to the coach, she realized that the ring was no longer between her fingers. The perplexed woman searched everywhere but she couldn’t find her cherished piece of jewelry anywhere. After the other soccer players had finished on the field, she called her teammates over to help search for the missing ring. 10 players in all got down on their hands and knees with the hope of finding the family heirloom, but sadly no one was able to bring relief to this terribly upset woman.

Over the course of the next three days, Mary, her teammates, friends and husband all searched over 8.5 hours and nothing turned up. Chris (Mary’s spouse) tried finding the ring with a metal detector. His idea was to test another white gold ring before taking it out to the field to search for the missing ring. Once he recorded the numbers on the detector screen, he used a rented Garrett Ace 300 in his quest to uncover the family heirloom. Unfortunately, when he came to the field to search for the ring, he just couldn’t find it anywhere. He said he was getting “a lot of false alarms”. The target numbers were jumping all over the place and he couldn’t make any sense of what he was hearing and seeing on the machine’s screen. Chris gave up after hours of detecting and discovering nothing but frustration.

This is the part of the story when I come in to the scene. While I was diving for a lost ring in Baltimore, Maryland, I received Mary’s phone call requesting help in finding her lost ring. She found my information while Googling “how to find a lost ring in the grass”. She found The Ring Finders website which pointed her towards my metal detecting service in Arlington, Virginia. I was on a break when Mary went over all of the details with me and I told her that I would be happy to help her in any way possible. She told me that she would continue searching for the ring during the night and if she still couldn’t find it, she would request my assistance. Well, as it turned out, Mary and Chris had no positive news for me and so I scheduled with the couple to meet them out at the Arlington, Virginia soccer field later that night.

As soon as I arrived at the park sometime around 10pm, I immediately had the couple walk me through all of Mary’s steps from start to finish. Then, I got my gear out of my vehicle and began the search. I gave Mary and Chris all the confidence in the world that if the ring was still out there in the grass, I would surely be able to find it for them.

I first started near the sidewalk and grid searched the section where Mary put her gloves on. There were a lot of opposing signals due to all of the metal just below the surface, so I swung my coil slowly and methodically. The ring wasn’t anywhere in that particular area.

Next, I searched the section of grass leading up the hill in the direction of the soccer field. Still, there was no diamond ring to be discovered – just a lot of trash. My next plan of action was to detect the area where the soccer field sideline was located. I gridded back and forth, hoping to get the signal that would point me down towards the ring. Still, nothing turned up.

My last area to search was a section that was a bit farther away from where Mary and Chris had pointed out all of the possible places where the ring may have gotten lost. It really was the last piece of turf for me to scan before having to do a perpendicular grid and start the search process all over again.

Though I didn’t use my traditional grid line method with special markers, I knew that my imaginary lines were accurate and precise. These were small sections of property where Mary may have dropped the ring so I really didn’t need the cones or tapes.

As Mary and Chris made additional comments and suggestions in the background, I continued swinging the 15 inch coil at the end of my machine until I hit a really good sound and number on the detector. I had analyzed many different targets prior to this one, but this particular one got me excited! There’s nothing like the moment when you hear a familiar signal from past searches, then kneel down to investigate further and there the little guy appears between the blades of grass, stacks of leaves or granules of sand! That is what was about to happen once again at that particular moment! I took my pinpointer out to ‘question the “suspect” ‘ and zoom in on the excellent signal. And yes, there deep in the grass, my handheld detector led me right to the most beautiful piece of white gold and spectacular diamonds! I couldn’t have been happier for my client! I found the jewel! It was approximately 10 to 15 feet farther over from where Mary pointed out her original whereabouts. Thankfully, the ring had not been spotted by a stranger and taken away! The family heirloom was still there after 3 days, settled at the bottom of the grass and desperately waiting for its rescue!

I carefully picked up the ring, placed it in my pocket for safe keeping and then excitedly made my way towards the couple to surprise them with the most wonderful news! Believe me, Mary’s excitement was completely off the charts! Chris was in a state of disbelief! The two of them celebrated with me the return of this incredible piece of jewelry that had an irreplaceable story attached to it! I’m sure that that soccer field never witnessed such a cheer from the three of us on that unforgettable summer night as we all embraced and gave thanks to the Lord for the return of such a priceless heirloom!

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