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I-Phone Lost In The Snow! Starling Neighbourhood Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call from Kristopher requesting my service to locate his I-Phone which he thought he had lost in the snowbank when his car became stuck.   When I arrived I could see where Kristopher had dug himself out of the bank so I searched the area but I couldn’t find the phone.  He told me that he had also been stuck at the end of the alley. I could not find his phone there either and told him that somebody must have picked it up.  He was very worried and then out of nowhere, a lady came up to us and asked us what are we doing. We told her that we were searching for a phone, and she told us that her neighbour had picked a phone up off the side walk.  We knocked on the neighbours door and,  yes, he had picked up his phone.

Kristopher was very thankful to have his I-phone back in his hand.