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14K White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned Myrtle Beach S

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an e-mail from Mandy F. asking if I might be able to help her find her engagement ring that she lost in the surf on Saturday during her Bachelorette party. In her e-mail she stated they stayed in North Myrtle Beach but the resort she mentioned was located in Myrtle Beach. I e-mailed her back asking her to call me so I could get additional details and confirm whether the resort she had been staying at was in Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach.  While I was waiting for her call, Matt Fry TRF Myrtle Beach called and asked if I had seen the listing on Craigslist about a lost engagement ring in North Myrtle Beach. After some discussion we concluded that my e-mail and the Craigslist ad was one in the same lost ring. Shortly after we hung up, Mandy called and gave me all the details which included the address for the resort which ended up being in Myrtle Beach (Matt’s area).

I called Matt back and we arranged to meet and do a combined search. We worked about 2 hours doing both north/south and east/west grids and leap frogging each other working our way north along the beach. In Mandy’s description of her location she said she was staying in one of the resorts but when her mother, friends and her went out to the beach they moved farther south because of the large crowds behind her resort. Unfortunately there were 3 or 4 resorts in a row that were associated with each other and had the same name in some variation. As a process of elimination we wanted to make sure we covered as much as we could before the tide came in and hampered our search areas plus it started pouring down rain. As Matt was moving ahead of me he was working the surf line with the incoming tide and I saw him walking up the beach with a scoop of sand, look at me and nod his head, I knew instantly that he had the ring. He had the ring cleaned off by the time I got to him. Matt and I stopped for a late lunch and called Mandy. She was ecstatic and couldn’t believe we had found it. She said she thought it was lost forever. I took a picture of her ring and sent it to her and got the following text back “Omg!!!! That’s my baby, God bless you so much!!!! You guys are truly Angels”. How can it possibly get any better than that, getting someone’s treasure back to them. Wow!!!

I’m putting the ring in the mail tomorrow so she can get it in time for her wedding in less than 2 weeks.

Mandy and James, Matt and I wish you the very best on your future and pray all your dreams come true.

Matt, as always you came through again. Many thanks for your help on this one and getting the job done!!!!


Mandy F. Mandy F.'s Ring

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Man’s 14K White Gold Wedding Band Lost in Surfside SC – Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a text message about 8:30 this evening from Laura M. asking if I could help find her husband’s wedding band that he lost in the surf. I called her right back and got the location and description and was on my way.

I got there an hour later and met both Laura and her husband Chris and they showed me the part of the beach where the ring had come off Chris’ finger.  They went on to tell me this was the first day of their big family vacation and were here from Anchorage, AK. Chris had lost the ring roughly 1.5 hours after high tide and by the time I got there it was low tide so I was in luck of finding it without getting wet. I started my grid search about the mid tide line and worked towards the surf for about 30 minutes with no luck. I then started working the grid from the mid tide line towards the dry sand. About 15 minutes later and 3 grid lines I had a great shallow signal. One scoop and I had his ring in my hand. I cleaned the ring off, put it back in my scoop and walked back over to Chris and his wife and asked him to describe his ring. As he’s describing it I turned my headlamp on, pointed it in the scoop and asked “does it look like this”. Bam, I think all 3 of us dropped a tear or two.

There’s just no words to explain the feeling of returning someone’s treasure that they thought was gone forever.

Chris and Laura, you’re a beautiful and awesome couple and thank you so much for trusting in me to find your lost treasure and for the very generous reward. Have a great vacation and a very safe trip home.


Chris and Laura Mosher Chris' Ring

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Sentimental Crucifix LOST, FOUND and RETURNED – North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Thursday, April 14th, I made contact with Joseph D. after receiving a referral that he had lost a very sentimental Crucifix and gold chain the previous weekend. I found out Joseph was down on a mini-vacation with other students from Wake Forrest and lost his item in about a 50 ft radius from the beach access ramp.

I arrived about 6pm and did a grid search for 3.5 hours with no luck finding the crucifix, although I found a ton of “items” that the college students had left behind. I showed up again on Friday about noon to see at least 300 plus students from Virginia Tech having their little vacation in exactly the same spot, so I went back home. By 5pm I figured most of the students were probably off the beach so I headed back to another ton of “items” on the beach. Luckily I ran into a couple who asked me the typical questions about metal detecting and I told them what I was there for. The female spoke up and said that someone from their group had found a crucifix Thursday afternoon, what’s the chances, uh?? I found out a student by the name of Chris had possession of the crucifix and the male of the couple text him to come to the beach. Chris showed up in about 5 minutes and I matched it against a picture that Joseph had sent me. Perfect match!! Chris agreed to turn it over to me after he made sure no one in his group had lost it and that we’d talk the next day.  About 12:30 on Saturday I get a text from Chris that no one in his group had lost the crucifix and he’d turn it over. I had taken a picture of the crucifix the day before and sent it to Joseph letting him know about the situation which he didn’t have a big problem with. So after Chris gave me the crucifix I called Joseph and told him I’ve got it and it’ll be in the mail on Monday to his house. He was ecstatic!!!

Fast forward to this weekend when Joseph finally made it back home from college and had the crucifix back in his hands. Unfortunately his gold chain wasn’t found but he had the thing he wanted the most.

Joseph, best of luck to you and thanks for trusting in me to find your crucifix.


Joseph D. Joseph's Crucifix

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Man’s Wedding Band Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned at Sunset Beach NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I saw and responded to a posting on Craigslist about a Man’s lost wedding band. Not hearing anything back and having some spare time I decided to go ahead and conduct a couple of searches hoping I’d find it to return. Two days later I received an e-mail from Aimee saying her and her husband Steven would love my help. After exchanging e-mails and her telling me that Steven had been skim boarding in a 2 block area instead of the smaller area described in the CL posting I knew I’d need some help.

I contacted my son-in-law Donnie, who had helped me on a few other searches, and asked him if he wanted to help me again. About 3 hours later we were on the beach to catch the 2am low tide. I sent him south to cover one block while I headed north to cover the second block. Because of the full moon and the higher than normal tides my calculations of the general area of the beach the ring should have been were off by a number of yards. After a little more than 2 hours of searching Donnie started waving his flashlight to get me attention. I walked the block to catch up to him and I asked him if he’d found it. His response was “I think so” and handed me the ring. Bingo we had a match between the ring in hand and the picture of the ring in the CL post.

I contacted Aimee this morning and she couldn’t have been more excited that Steven’s ring had been found after being lost for 5 days in the sand. Luckily they were still in the area so I took the ring to them.

You can tell by the smiles on their faces that they’re one happy couple.

Steven and Aimee – thank you for trusting me to find and return your lost treasure. Good luck in your future endeavors.

A special thanks to Donnie for his help once again – he’s turning into one great partner!

Steve and Aimee LathSteve Lath's Ring

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Man’s Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned – Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a referral from my son-in-law on a lost ring he saw on Craigslist. I contacted Ruth, whose husband, Todd had lost his wedding band while they were here on vacation from North Carolina. After talking with Ruth she explained that the wedding band had originally belonged to her father and that Todd took a liking to it and started wearing it about 6 months ago. Ruth also said that Todd had lost the ring in the surf about 2 hours before high tide.

I got the description and location which I then learned was lost behind a resort in Myrtle Beach. Normally I would pass this off to Matt Fry the TRF member in Myrtle Beach but I didn’t want to further complicate this so I took the request.

I ended up at the location and searched extensively for the next 3 days during the low tides with absolutely no luck. By then I was convinced someone else had found the ring. After my third search, I contacted Jim Brouwer, President of our local MD hunting club, asking him if he’d put the description out to the other members to see if anyone had found the ring and if so, was willing to return it.  Jim replied saying he had found a similar ring around the same location. Wow, what’s the chances of this all falling into place? I contacted Ruth the next day asking if she could provide a picture of the ring and her husband’s ring finger size.  About 3 hours later Ruth sent me the information and I forwarded it on to Jim along with Ruth’s contact information. Bingo – we had an exact match. Jim got the ring in the mail and back to Todd and Ruth.

A big thanks goes to Jim Brouwer for his complete understanding, cooperation, and willingness to help return a treasure and put a smile on Todd’s face.

College Ring Lost in the Ocean FOUND 6 Weeks Later, North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Evan on Friday, Sept 11th asking if I could look for his ring that he lost Aug 7th while on vacation here from Texas. When he called I was on a little weekend vacation with my wife and at the time we were on a tour boat to Ft. Sumter SC. I told him I’d be glad to look and I’d call him back Sunday for the details.

I ended up texting and then calling him Saturday night and got a general vicinity of where he lost his ring. In our conversation he said that he and his wife were here vacationing with his Law school buddy but he wasn’t familiar with North Myrtle Beach and wasn’t real sure where they were. He told me that he is confined to an electric wheelchair and thought they were close to the Cherry Grove beach. He also sent me a video that his wife had taken that showed his friend Gary carrying him out into the surf and the point that both were knocked over by a wave causing the ring to come off Evan’s finger. Luckily the video showed Gary carrying Evan past 2 posts stuck in the sand with a sign attached to one of the posts to indicate the location of a drainage pipe. This helped narrow the search area but I still wasn’t completely positive of where Gary and Evan were. Early Sunday evening I went to the presumed area looking for the 2 posts with a sign and the drainage pipe. There were two possible locations about 3 blocks apart so I did a 360 degree video of both locations and sent them back to Evan and his wife, Summer to look over and see if anything looked familiar. Evan and his wife both were pretty sure the 1st video was the right spot. I returned later that evening and searched until just above low tide at 2:30 am. I went back again on Monday at low tide and I still wasn’t convinced I was in the right spot. Evan was finally able to get a hold of Gary and Gary’s father on Wednesday and confirmed I was in the right area.

Thursday I was back at the same spot and searched from the dry to the wet sand and out into knee deep surf. Still no luck except for totally cleaning the dry sand of every bottle cap and other piece of trash in a 25X75 ft. area!!! Meanwhile I was e-mailing back and forth with friend Jim Brouwer, and president of one of the metal detecting hunting clubs in Myrtle Beach to see if he knew of anybody in the club that might have found the ring. In one of the e-mails Jim asked me if I had found it yet and I told him no but was going back out on Saturday at 4pm and if he wanted to come out to come on.

Saturday, I got there a little early after studying Evan’s video over and over again. I tried to position myself exactly where I thought Gary had started walking into the surf. Then I estimated the angle Gary walked since he didn’t walk straight in. I counted the number of steps (38) and the length of each step Gary took. I drew out a square gridline dragging my scoop in the sand. I also drug the scoop at the angle I thought Gary walked from the spot I thought he started to the low tide line and then started my grid search. Jim showed up around 5 and started a grid to the south of where I was. My search was from North to South and Jim’s was from South to North, after a number of passes I had to stop because Jim’s machine was interfering with mine. Jim ended up moving a little further south and started working a North to South grid. Right at 6:15 I had a medium signal right under my angle line I had dug in the sand showing my estimated line Gary walked. Bingo I had Evan’s College Ring in my scoop. I couldn’t believe it.

After 6 weeks and a day of being lost I wasn’t sure the ring was going to be found. We’ve had a lot of sanding over here and there’s always the possibility of another metal detectorist finding it. I had my PI set at maximum sensitivity and it took 4 or 5 scoops to pull it out from a depth of at least 10-12 inches or more.

Evan had shared his story with me on just how important his ring was to him and it truly touched me. Every ring return brings me great joy but this has a very special meaning and one I’ll never forget!!!

I mailed Evan’s Ring Monday and he got it today, Wednesday. I got a text from him saying “WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE!!!! You have mail coming your way but will never understand how grateful I am for you and all of your tireless hours!!!!”

This is what this is all about and it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Evan – Thank you so much for the opportunity and your trust in me to find your treasure!!

Thank you for reading my blog.


Man’s 14K White Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Ocean – FOUND in the Sand at Litchfield Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call in the early evening on 8/19 from Kevin, who with his family, was visiting from Virginia. He told me he was body surfing and was knocked into his daughter by a wave when he felt his wedding ring slip off his finger. He said he pretty much gave it up as gone forever but then later saw how much difference there was between high and low tide and thought there might be hope. He found me through The Ring Finders site and asked if I could help try and find it.

He gave me the location and a description of the ring and after checking the tide tables, I saw that the low tide was at 5:33 am the next morning. So after doing the calculations of drive and search times I told Kevin I’d be there by 4:30 in the morning and that he didn’t have to meet me there that early and I’d call him when I found the ring. I set my alarm for 3 am, which is way to early and dark to start a search for a ring but it worked. I got there about 4:15 am and marched off the 75 yards Kevin said he paced from the dunes and added another 25 yards. Kevin also told me it was about 5-10 yards north of the stairs of the beach access and I made it 15 yards. Dragging my scoop behind me I made a nice little search grid that put me right in the middle of the mid-tide line. I’m thinking this is a good sign and there is hope in finding this ring.

After a north/south grid search and finding nothing, I started an east/west grid over the same area and on my first line I extended my search grid to the low tide line. Coming back on the 3rd line, I got the one and only signal I had and Bingo. The ring ended up being buried about 4-5 inches deep and about 105 yards from the dunes. Naturally my head lamp batteries were too weak to show enough light but luckily I had grabbed a flashlight out of the car before I hit the beach and what I had in the scoop matched his description. I texted him at 5:17 am saying “Good morning, does this look familiar?” and added a picture of his ring. Got a response in about a minute saying “Incredible”. I also told him I was going to go eat breakfast and I’d be back about 6:30, this would give him a chance to wake up. When I got back, him, his wife Kristi and 2 young daughters were walking towards the beach. We introduced ourselves and then proceeded out to the beach so he could see where I found it. He told me that since he was getting his ring back that it was such a great start to the day that he and the family would watch the sunrise. And what a sunrise it was!!

Total search time was 45 minutes.

Kevin and Kristi – Thank you for the very generous reward and the opportunity to help you get your treasure back.

Kevin did all the right things in ensuring he had the best opportunity in getting his ring back – he paced off the approximate location and had land marks to his lost ring.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Jim Wren/The Ring Finders/843-655-5889

Man’s 14K White Gold Wedding Band lost in the Ocean – Found and Returned in North Myrtle Beach

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On July 10th, 2015 I received a call from Scott stating he had lost his wedding band in the Ocean and wanted to know if I could help. I started asking Scott the obvious questions of what time he lost it, how deep in the surf he was, etc. There was no way I wasn’t going to help him but my dilemma was the fact that two days earlier I had had 3 separate surgeries at one time and the doctor had me on a lifting weight limitation of nothing heavier than a jug of milk and I could not get any of the areas wet and risk infection, so I was restricted to about knee deep water.

Scott and his family were headed back home to Charlotte, NC so they put me in touch with Scott’s parents Bud and Martha who were staying a few extra days on vacation. I met up with them on the beach and they showed me the area Scott lost his ring. Things weren’t looking good for me as far as the depth of water I needed to search. I searched out to about thigh deep water and started getting some bigger swells that were getting to close to my wounds.

After doing about as much as I could, I contacted my son-in-law who has never metal detected before and ask if he could help. He showed up in about 15 minutes and I started running him through the process of using my White’s PI Dual Surf detector, laying targets in the sand for him to interpret and showing him how to search.

About an hour of watching him search the surf and coming up empty I brought him back in and relieved him and started searching the low tide line towards the high tide line. At this point it’s about 10:30 pm, very dark and I’m thinking of calling it for the night and returning at low tide the next morning.

I was talking to Bud and Martha and decided I’d work a little further up towards the high tide line when my son-in-law spoke up and said “I’ll do it”. So I stepped back and let him go, at this point I’m thinking that I had created a monster. And what a monster he turned out to be, about his third pass in the grid I saw his face and watched him dig up a scoop full of sand. I walked over and showed him how to dump the sand out of the scoop, spread it with his foot and narrow his target area. Soon as he did the flashlight picked up a small round object and there was a ring. I verified the inscription that Scott’s wife Diane said would be inside the ring and we had the right one.

I called Scott and gave him the good news and his response was priceless, so was Diane’s which I heard through the phone.

Scott – Thank you very much for the gracious reward which I gave it all to my son-in-law.


Note from Scott:

Sooo Awesome!!! We cannot thank you enough!!! We will be back in August and give you a call. Thank You!!!

Thank you for reading my blog!!

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