Fred Stedtler

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis...That means you pay me what its worth to you and what you can afford for me come out and find your lost item.

If the item isn't found there will be call out fee of $25.00 to cover my gas expenses depending on where you are located...Call to discuss.

Search Types

Land searches- private yards with written permission,beaches,shallow water searches to 5 feet ( not equipped for scuba recoveries)

Search Locations

Mahwah and the surrounding areas, Northern NJ, Orange and Rockland Counties, NY

Fred Stedtler's Bio

I am married,age 63 years of age.Ihave been self employed for 26 years and still work,but consider myself semi-retired.

I have been metal detecting for 3 years and enjoy finding lost items and generally finding items of historic age.

If you have lost an item,I will use all my skills in a sincere,thorough attempt to recover the item.

I have 2 very good detectors, 1 detector is good for up to 10 feet of water immersion,so I can perform shallow water recoveries. If you need help,please contact me .

I look forward to finding what you thought was lost forever.

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    Jacob took his peddle boat out on the lake and his cellphone dropped in the water . The water was 4 to 5 feet deep, but he could not find the phone. He actually called in a dive team with scuba to search and they did not find the phone. I arranged to search the […]

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  • Runaway Men’s wedding ring found-Lodi, New Jersey (2021)

                       Anthony was sitting on the steps of his front porch when he heard the sound of his wedding ring falling off of his finger and hitting the step. He knew exactly where he was when the ring fell off. After numerous fruitless searches of the area […]

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              Jide had been helping a friend cut some trees and dump the branches in a nearby woods. He realized his wedding band had fallen off in the process. they searched the wooded area and could not find the ring. After searching the internet, The Ringfinders site was found and I was […]

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  • Found large man’s gold wedding ring-Suffern, New York (2021)

             Karen was walking around her townhouse yard wearing her husband’s large gold wedding band on her thumb. Much to her dismay she realized she had dropped the ring. She was sure she had dropped  it across the street from her house, but after numerous frantic searches, they could not locate the […]

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  • Lost gold with diamonds wedding band found- Oakland, New Jersey (2020)

    Phil and his wife were involved in a rather heated argument. She took her ring off and threw it from her deck down a steep slope. The ring was a gold wedding band with diamonds completely around the ring. She instantly regretted this and searched for the ring with her own metal detector, with no […]

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